Opi Let Them Eat Rice Cake

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Alpine Snow In Your Bubble Bath Let Them Eat Rice Cakes

FUN French Watermelon Tip Nail Tutorial For Short Nails Using China Glaze, OPI

Oh gosh! Did everyone have a really great Easter Weekend or what? Most places are closed right now, especially financial institutions â but not the financial institution that I work at. Thats okay, I had a nice break and at least its sunny out this morning. Im totally going to load up on Cadbury Mini Eggs at shoppers, once I get off work if theyre on giant discount. Mmmm.

Remember my post about requesting a sheer pink/white nail polish? I found a few swatches online, and The Sephora Dear Diary really resembles China Glazes â Lavender Lingo. Mmm yeah. Pretty color, not for me. The same anonymous nail lady also did a swatch on what that her favorite sheer, pink/white nail polish by OPI was Bubble Bath and the seemingly discontinued OPIs Let Them Eat Rice Cakes. I also totally want to pick up Alpine Snow. I usually wear a bright white like that in the summers. I bought a black nail polish and only used it once. It made me feel weird.

For my finger nails I usually like it to be subtle/classic. Painting my toenails on the other hand I usually go a bit more wild. I usually get a pedicure quite frequently in the summer time, mainly because Im impatient and suck at painting nails on my hands or feet. So I get this little Asian woman to do it for me for very cheap in her studio at her house in the basement. The colors that look great, personally on my own feet are OPI â Purple With A Purpose and right now I have OPI â An Affair In Red Square.

Happy Monday!

Opi Infinite Shine Gloss

OPI has been revolutionizing the world of nail color and care since 1981 with our superior product quality, fashion-forward colors, iconic bottles and fun shade names! Our vast array of products comes in a range of colors to meet every mood and self-expression.

How do I properly prep the nail?

Begin by pushing back the cuticles and cleaning the nail plate – removing any hangnails or dead tissue. Cleanse the nails with OPI Expert Touch Nail Wipe saturated with N.A.S 99 Nail Cleansing Solution to get perfectly prepped nails.

Why do I get bubbles in my manicure?

For best nail art results, always allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat of Nail Lacquer. If the previous coats are still wet, they will continue to dry under the new coat of polish, resulting in air bubbles getting trapped in between.

Why does my Nail Lacquer get thick?

Nail Lacquer contains solvents which evaporate with use and cause your nail polish to get thick. Use Nail Lacquer thinner to replace the evaporated solvents and you’re good to go again!

How do I remove cuticle flooding?

Easily remove Nail Lacquer nail polish from the skin by dipping a brush or Q-tip into Expert Touch Lacquer Remover and cleaning around the cuticle to remove excess nail polish.

Why is my Nail Lacquer nail polish streaky?

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