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How To Make A Diaper Cake For Baby Showers

How to Make a Diaper Cake
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The next time you’re hosting a baby shower, create a baby shower centerpiece that doubles as a highly appreciated gift for the mom-to-be. Making a so-called diaper “cake” will take less time to put together than an edible cake, and it will stay fresh until the new baby arrives. You can also have as much fun decorating this cake as you would the edible variety. While cute baby animals are memorable stand-alone gifts, perching one on top of a diaper cake will look even cuter in the nursery.

Follow this simple tutorial to make a diaper cake. Even if you’ve never turned on an oven in your life, you’ll find a diaper cake is as easy as pie.

Add The Finishing Touches

Finish the diaper cake off with the topper of your choice. A stuffed animal, like a teddy bear, is always a great standby, but you could also opt for something that coordinates with the theme of the shower or the baby’s nursery.

For example, a stuffed monkey would be a great topper if the baby’s nursery will be jungle-themed, or a stack of board books is perfect if the parents have requested shower guests help build baby’s reading library.

Why Make A Diaper Cake

Whether you are hosting or attending a baby shower, making a diaper cake is thoughtful idea. Diaper cakes make for an adorable baby shower centerpiece, but they’re practical, too.

New parents can’t have too many diapers around, so these cakes can be a useful gift for the mom-to-be to take home when her baby shower is over. It’s common to sneak other diapering supplies into the cake, too, such as wipes and diaper cream.

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How To Make A Diaper Cake Centerpiece

One of the creative things people often make for a baby shower decoration is something called a diaper cake, a cute centerpiece thats made to look like a 3 tier cake, but its constructed out of disposable diapers. And after the shower, the mom-to-be gets to go home with all those helpful diapers too.

I recently helped to plan a baby shower, and when the subject of decorations came up, I suggested it might be fun to have a diaper cake and volunteered to do the crafting. Yes, I said, lets make our own diaper cake!

Amazons Mama Bear Brand

Pin on Baby shower!!!!

This is another great plain white diaper option because it is cheap. The only issue that I see is a yellow wetness indicator on the front as well as a tiny logo right near the waistline. In fact, these are just a tiny bit more expensive than the Earths Best brand, so if the indicator strip isnt a big deal for you, then these might even be the better deal for you.

As a diaper, these are pretty well rated and Ive personally had no issues with them. You will be able to tell that they are not a premium diaper when you get your hands on them though, because the softness cant compare to the most expensive diapers.

Here are the design features:

  • All white material
  • Yellow wetness indicator on the front and bottom of the diaper
  • Small logo on the front waistline
  • Cheap

If you want to check out this brand, you can check them out here .

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How Many Diapers Do You Need To Make A Diaper Cake

The main component of your diaper cake is of course, the diapers. I decided to use Size 1 disposable diapers as these were not the very smallest newborn size, yet they were still small enough to be helpful for getting started with a new baby.

I ended up using 50 diapers for my diaper cake and would suggest that as a minimum amount you would need. You could certainly make a larger cake with more or bigger layers, but using 50 diapers will give you a diaper cake thats about 14 tall which is a nice centerpiece size.

The one small frustration you may have with the 50 diaper amount is the way diapers come packaged. The size 1 diapers I purchased came in a 44 pack, which meant I had to buy 2 packs and had several diapers left over. I just brought my extra diapers along to the baby shower and made sure to send them home with the mom-to-be.

Ways To Make Charming Gender

Diaper cakes are not only a great baby shower gift but also a gorgeous party centerpiece!

Diaper cakes look adorable. They may look dainty and complex, but they are actually quite easy to build. You dont have to buy ready-made diaper cakes because you can just make them yourself. All you need to do are diapers, some rubber brands, your preferred decorations and accessories, and then assemble them together.

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Tricycle Diaper Cake #1 Baby Blue Tricycle:

This tricycle diaper cake is made up of solid white diapers and features only shades of blue in its decorations. Sticking with just baby blue colors is a great way to keep your diaper cake minimal in appearance while still providing a high-quality gift packed with extras. Even the included baby bottle headlight on this diaper cake is blue, and it works on the front of the tricycle cake to tie everything in together.

Diaper Cake Instructions For A 4th Tier:

  • Cut out a larger size base from cardboard
  • Hot glue a toilet paper roll to the center.
  • Align the diapers in circular layers around the toilet paper roll
  • Secure with clear tape all the way around
  • Hot glue the top of the toilet paper roll to the center of the base of the previously assembled 3 tier cake

There you have it! A stunning 4 tier diaper cake base ready for decorating.

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Choose A Base For Your Diaper Cake

Youll want a sturdy foundation to build your diaper cake on, especially if you plan to transport it to a baby shower or if you want to be able to send it home with the mother-to-be. Here are a few diaper cake base ideas you could use:

  • Metal Pizza Pan from Dollar Tree Spray paint it, leave it silver, add a circle of scrapbook paper or hot glue some trim around the edges.
  • Charger Any plastic or melamine charger would make a great base for a diaper cake. They sell these at almost any craft store and they have them at Dollar Tree as well.
  • Cake Board Check in the cake decorating aisle of the craft store for pre-cut cardboard rounds used for building actual cakes. They are perfect for building diaper cakes too!
  • Tiered Cake Stand This option is best paired with a cake board if you want to be able to transport the diaper cake in one piece, but it definitely makes for a pretty presentation at the party.

Earths Best The Best Deal

This is the first and best option for finding a plain, white disposable diaper in my opinion.

Not only are they the cheapest brand on the list they are also almost completely white, have no wetness indicator strip, and only a small logo on the adhesive strip. The strip can be easily tucked in on a diaper cake. This makes them the most affordable and effective white diaper on this list that you can buy for diaper cakes or photos. Since you will probably need a bunch of diapers for a cake these are the best option!

Heres a quick rundown of the design:

  • All-white material on the diaper
  • No wetness indicator strip
  • Small logos on the adhesive strip
  • Cheap

By the way, many users of this diaper reported that you should probably buy a size up from your normal diaper if you choose this brand. Side-by-side comparisons show that the sizing is about one-off from other major brands and if you get the wrong size the waist will likely be too snug. Since many people making a diaper cake use newborn or size 1 diaper so that the new baby can use them right after birth you might want to consider getting a size 1 or 2 for the cake.

If you want to try these out you can find them right here .

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How To Make A Tricycle Diaper Cake: Easy Nappy Trike Tutorial

Learn how to make your very own tricycle diaper cake with videos in our easy how to make tricycle nappy cakes tutorial.


***EDITOR’S NOTE: Be sure to check out our baby diaper giveaway sets for a diapers gift set for that next shower. Otherwise, please enjoy this post!

What is a tricycle diaper cake?

Do they make a great baby shower gift?

Is it a good idea to learn how to make one?

A tricycle diaper cake is a diaper cake that is shaped like a tricycle. This option incorporates several disposable diapers as well as a onesie, pacifier, pair of baby socks, and several other items you might choose to add and give as part of your gift.

These diaper cakes, like most diaper cakes, are ideal gifts to give at a baby shower. However, you might find other uses for this type of diaper cake as well. If youre looking for a high-quality and exciting baby shower gift, though, you cant go wrong with a tricycle diaper cake.

In this article, well show you all the materials and equipment youll need to put together this type of diaper cake. After that, well walk you through the steps required to complete the process so you can create the best possible tricycle diaper cake for your next baby shower or other baby-related gift-giving milestone.

Find out more about how to make a tricycle diaper cake in the article below.

What Diapers To Use

4 Tier, Pink Elephant Diaper Cake for Baby Girl, Diaper ...

Obviously, youâll need diapers to make a diaper cake. We recommend using Swaddlers, Pure Protection, or Cruisers 360° Fit.

The diaper size is entirely up to you. It may make sense, however, to buy a bigger size, which can be easier to work with when making the cake.

Keep in mind that using just one size of diapers may help you make the diaper cake levelâas you wonât be juggling diapers of different widths and heights â but you might also like to use a different size to create each tier of the cake. That way, the parents-to-be will have a variety of sizes on hand for their baby.

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Best Diapers To Use For A Diaper Cake

There are so many different diapers available that it can be overwhelming to choose some for a diaper cake. My first suggestion is to get a larger size of diaper babies grow out of newborn and size 1 diapers so quickly and mothers often receive these sizes as gifts. I say buy size 2, 3 or 4 diapers.

My second suggestion is to look for plain white diapers or to find a patterned diaper and pick one that will match your color scheme. There are some really darling diapers nowadays with trendy patterns printed on them and these diapers can really jazz up a diaper cake. Here are a few of my favorite diaper brands to use for diaper cakes:

1.2. 3. 4.5.6.

How To: Make A Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Last month I got a text from my friend Kristen that said, I have the best post for your blog! I told my husband multiple times that I was going to be at Kristens house working on a diaper cake and it wasnt until about the tenth time that he finally asked, So explain to me how this workslike, do people know theyre eating diapers, or is it like.. a trick cake? I tried to control my hysterical laughter and explained that a diaper cake isnt for eating, that would be weird. Its a darling you can use at a baby shower! The actual cake is constructed with diapers and then its accessorized with cute baby things. It looks great as a centerpiece at the shower and then the Momma-to-be gets to take it home with her and use all of the items. Its actually super easy, and it doesnt take very long, especially if youve got a helper!

Supplies Needed:Diapers I love Target diapers because they dont have lame pictures on them. I think the blue and green polka dots are so cute, and as youll see below, they totally work with a girlie cake too. But use whatever diapers you want, this is what we used and one box was the perfect amount for the size of cake we made. If youre looking for plain white diapers, Ive heard that Whole Foods 365 brand are white, and Seventh Generation are off white. You can also make this with cloth.

The first step is to wrap ribbon around your tiers to cover up the rubber bands. We just secured the ribbon with tape.

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How To Make A Diaper Cake: Easy 2 3 & 4 Tier Options

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Welcome to this ultimate tutorial on how to make a 2, 3 or 4 tier diaper cake! I will teach you how to make a diaper cake the parents-to-be wont stop raving about. These gorgeous cakes are always a total hit!

In this guide youll find a complete list of DIY diaper cake supplies as well as step-by-step diaper cake instructions that set you up for success.

Diaper cakes are unique and thoughtful gifts that dont completely break the bank. It doesnt get better than a practical gift you know the parents-to-be will need and use.

Alright, lets get to it.


How To Make A Diaper Cake

How to make a Cloth Diaper Cake

Babies go through about 2,700 diapers in their first year . And as any new parent knows, diapers can quickly become the focal point of your home when you have a newborn. So, why not make them the centerpiece of your baby shower? Not just a big box of diapers, but a “cake” made out of them.

Diaper cakes have become a popular baby shower trend. And although they look complicated, diaper cakes are a lot easier to create than you might think. Here, everything you need to know to make a unique centerpiece that the mom-to-be will love.

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Which Diaper Brands Are All White

With all of the new diaper designs available these days, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a diaper that is plain white and doesnt include prints of any kind . Luckily, some brands have chosen to keep their diapers simply white over the years because they have chosen to avoid dyes in their products to avoid potential sensitivities. Other brands do offer a plain white option, but it must not be that popular because it is normally much harder to find that option actually available in a store.

This list also includes diapers that are nearly all white because it is rare to find an all-white diaper. All white would mean white material all over, no wetness indicator, and no designs or prints. I will mention any areas of each diaper that arent white or other things that you would need to know about them before using them for crafts.

The nearly all-white diapers might have wetness indicators or small logos and designs that prevent it from being totally white. Still, these could work well for you depending on your needs, so Ive included them here.

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