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Quick Rice Cake Topping Ideas

HOW TO MAKE RICE CAKES TASTE GOOD | Rice cake recipes for weight loss

Bring plain rice cakes to a whole new level with these quick rice cake topping ideas! 6 easy and tasty rice cakes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack.

I hope to inspire you with these rice cake topping ideas so that you give some of them a go. They are pretty customizable so dont be afraid to try adding something more or omitting what you dont like.

Rice cakes are also naturally gluten-free and so are all these rice cake topping ideas.

What To Eat For Breakfast On The Keto Diet

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Health Benefits Of Rice Cakes

  • Post author Scientific review: Dr Heben’s Team

Still in the theme of health benefits, now we will talks about health benefits of rice cakes. Rice cake is one of the traditional foods that we often encounter in traditional markets. Did you know the example of rice cake? For example: Tteokbokki , glutinous tape, layer cake, and many more. With many variations, the rice cake is divided into two main ingredients: sticky rice flour, and rice flour.

The benefits of sticky rice flour is very good because it can add energy in a very large amount. Snack of sticky rice flour, is a traditional snack commonly found in markets in Southeast Asia. Consuming snacks made from sticky rice flour it offers various health benefits by increasing the intake of minerals and vitamins essential for the body.

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Nutrients in Rice Cakes

Rice cake that are made from rice flour or sticky rice flour, is has similar content nutrition with rice flour or sticky rice flour. While both rice flour and glutinous rice flour, both of which have almost the same content.Here are the nutrients found in the flour:

After knowing the nutrients in rice cakes, here are the list of health benefits of rice cake:

1. As Source of Energy

In addition, in the nutritional content of rice flour, there are compounds niacin and thiamine that serves as an energy source that is by helping the metabolism of food into fuel.

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3. Good for diet

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Sweet Rice Cake Toppings Recipes

Why Is Brown Rice Must For Weight Loss? 8 Reasons To ...

56. Smores

Try this sweet treat melted or cool. Add chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and crunched up graham crackers. A hit for adults and kids!

57. PB& J

Go the old-fashioned route and replace your bread with rice cakes. Add peanut butter and jelly and youre set.

58. Nutella & Anything

Have you ever met anyone who didnt love Nutella? If youre looking for something extra decadent, swipe some Nutella on your rice cake or add sliced strawberries.

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How Long Will These Puffed Rice Cakes Last

There’s nothing worse than stale rice cakes. Unfortunately puffed rice loses its crispiness very quickly once exposed to air, even quicker than biscuits or cereals out of their boxes.

Whether you are going for plain rice cakes or garnishing them with one of our vegan toppings above, we suggest you eat them within 2 hours of taking them out of their wrappings.

Luckily it takes only 2 minutes to prepare one of our rice cakes, so you don’t have to worry about batch-cooking them. Just enjoy them fresh on the go.

Unless you plan on consuming a full bag of rice cakes at once, you must store them properly to preserve their crunchiness. We encourage you not to keep them in their original bag once opened, but to transfer them to a proper air-tight container.

Rice cakes packaging is often flimsy and can easily rip once opened. If this goes undetected, or you don’t seal the bag properly, air can seep in overnight and spoil the product. If you transfer the rice snacks into zip-locked bags or food-grade boxes with an air-tight seal, you can be 100% sure they will still be crispy next time you crave them.

What Flavors Of Rice Cakes Are Available

A popular brand of rice cakes is Quaker Oats. According to their website, they offer the following flavors of rice cakes.

  • White Cheddar

View customer reviews and current prices of these rice cakes here.

Flavored rice cakes usually have more calories and added artificial ingredients and sweeteners than plain rice cakes, which is important to note if youre aiming to limit sweets or trying to eat in a calorie deficit for fat loss .

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What To Put On Rice Cakes For Breakfast

One of my favorite ways for how to eat rice cakes for a heartier snack to get me to dinner. This is also good for a breakfast.

The protein from the yogurt and chia seeds will keep you full for a while! The honey, dried fruit, and granola make it a delectable treat that will fill you up in the morning without guilt!

If you love Greek yogurt, youll love these sweet and savory greek yogurt toppings ideas!

Can Rice Cakes Regulate Appetite


Only rice cakes with 100% whole grains can regulate appetite, due to the high fiber content. A serving of whole-grain rice cake has about 1.3g of fiber. On the contrary, rice cake made from white rice have no fiber at all.

Fiber regulates appetite and keeps us full for a long time! Therefore, a diet high in fiber is beneficial for losing weight and improved body composition. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains are the best sources of dietary fiber.

You can combine rice cakes with other foods high in fiber, for a greater satiating effect!

Furthermore, rice is a great dietary source of GABA. This body chemical can regulate food intake, helping us lose more body weight!

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Dairy Rice Cake Toppings

35. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese can be made sweet or salty. For sweet, try pairing it with fruit like berries, peaches, apples or pears. Or try cream cheese with sliced grape tomatoes and baby cucumbers with a sprinkle of cracked pepper and dill.

36. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese topped with sliced strawberries, chia seeds, and shredded coconut is the perfect flavor combo.

37. Spreadable Cheese

Spreadable cheese is such a great, low-calorie option! Try it simply on its own or topped with your favorite vegetable. My personal favorite is sliced bell peppers.

38. Whipped Cream

Fruit plus whipped cream equals perfection. Add chocolate chips or cacao nibs for a sweet crunch.

39. Greek Yogurt

Plain or flavored yogurt is perfect with sliced fruit. Add granola, shredded coconut, or chopped nuts to make it a more filling snack. A dollop of Greek yogurt can replace sour cream for Mexican-style rice cakes, too.

40. Sliced or Shredded Cheese

Pair shredded cheese with scrambled eggs and diced bacon for a rice cake omelet. Make it a sandwich with turkey and sliced cheese. Or add a slice of mozzarella, a slice of an heirloom tomato, a basil leaf, and cracked pepper for a Caprese rice cake.

41. Bleu Cheese

Try shredded buffalo chicken, diced celery and bleu cheese for a low-carb twist on buffalo chicken wraps.

42. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese with fruit and honey is always a winner. Replace the fruit with some tomatoes and cracked pepper for a savory option.

43. Ranch Dressing

Greek Yogurt + Toppings

Greek yogurt is a great way to add in protein , calcium , and probiotics .

We love to buy a big tub of lower-added-sugar vanilla greek yogurt and pull from it throughout the week for snacks, including topping rice cakes. Siggis is great for this, or you can also find store-brand or other brand options.

If youre looking for a brand with very minimal sugar, Two Good is also a nice one to try its got 12 grams of protein and 2 grams of added sugar in the little containers. Its sweetened with stevia, so keep that in mind depending on your preferences. Ironically, Im not a huge fan of most stevia-sweetened products but I do really like this yogurt.

To further complete your snack, add toppings like:

  • Granola
  • Strawberries
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • White chocolate chips

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Bean Dips Or Refried Beans

In addition to hummus, you can also find or make! a variety of bean dips, like black bean dip or white bean dip. I tried this rosemary white bean dip on rice cakes a few weeks ago and it was incredible.

If you dont feel like topping your rice cake, you can break off pieces and just dunk em into your bean dip.

Or, try spreading leftover refried beans on your rice cake and then topping it with veggies or a fried egg.

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Are Rice Cakes Good Diet Food

Cake may not be the first food you think of on a weight-loss diet, but put the word “rice” in front of it and you have a staple food for many dieters. Rice cakes are light and low in calories, making them seem like a good food for dieting. It isn’t quite as clear-cut as that, however. There are a number of factors you need to consider before deciding to make rice cakes your go-to dieting snack.

What Are The Advantages Of Including Rice Cakes In The Diet

The advantages of including rice cakes in the diet may vary depending on brand and other artificially added flavors.

  • Rice cakes may be a great alternative to high-calorie and high-fat snacks.
  • Rice cakes have become a staple diet food. They are large, round, crunchy and bland. They promise a quick snack that can satisfy cravings without the guilt.
  • Rice cakes are a high source of carbs and are low in fat. To make them a tempting food for children, you can dunk rice cakes in milk and eat them with a scoop of ice -cream.
  • Rice cakes are also considered a good snack because they are usually cheap and easily available. They are easy to store and most people use them as emergency snacks or for desk lunches.
  • Rice cakes are a good calorie alternative to bread. When kick starting a weight loss program, rice cakes make for an easy bread alternative. Most people consider rice cakes to be a safe diet food because they do not have fat or many calories. They tend to be free from saturated fat. The total calories will vary based on the brand and type of rice cake. In general, one rice cake tends to have 60 to 70 calories. People on a diet often eat these cakes to fight cravings for crunchy foods, such as chips.
  • They are usually gluten free, so they dont cause bloating or indigestion. Rice cakes are an easily digestible food with the main component being starch.

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Make A Meal Of Rice Cakes

Why not? It’s a low-calorie starch to round out any meal.

29. Rice Cakes and Chili

30. Croutons

31. BLT

32. Peanut Sauce

Thai-inspired! Top a rice cake with a layer of peanut sauce. Add cooked, cleaned shrimp and chopped cilantro.

33. Ahi Poke

34. Loco-Moco!

Caramelize sliced Spam in medium-heat frying pan with shoyu . While you are heating the Spam, fry an egg. Assemble in layers of rice cake, Spam, and fried egg. If I were really making it correctly, I’d add gravy on top.

35. California Roll

Place crab mixture on rice cake and add some chopped avocado, a little grated carrot, a drizzle of sesame oil, and sprinkle with chopped nori .

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