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Tall Cake Box With Extenders

Tall cake box / Two tier cake box / three tier cake box/ DIY cake box

A tall cake box will be the perfect size for a single-tiered cake. If you need more height for your cake, you can purchase a tall cake box with extenders. These boxes will give your cake a little extra height. These boxes can also be used for cupcakes. However, the lid of the box is removable. If you prefer cupcakes, you can choose a smaller version with a lid that opens at the top.

You can also get a cake box with extenders that will give your cake the height it needs. These extenders can help you make your cakes taller and more beautiful. This extender will also allow you to store larger items, such as candles and jars.

Tall Cake Boxes For Wedding Cakes

Tall cake boxes bulk are a great option for a wedding cake. They are usually made from sturdy cardboard and are ideal for large cakes. A side window allows you to display the cake and its toppers and is a great design feature.

If you are buying a custom cake box for a wedding, make sure it fits the size of the cake and any additional decorations you have. A tall box will also give you more space for the toppers. It also keeps the toppers safe and secure.

Furthermore, they have a side window so that guests can see the beauty of your cake. The sides of the box are designed to allow for extra room for a topper. The bottom of the box is the perfect place for a wedding invitation or a wedding gift.

What Do You Need To Consider While Buying A Cake Box

When choosing a box, consider the size of your cake. The size of the box is important. It should be sturdy enough to prevent the cake from falling out. If you are planning on using these fancy bakery boxes for a large cake, you can get them in a wide variety of sizes. If youre not sure how many, you should choose cake boxes wholesale with different compartments.

Most boxes are designed to hold a single-tiered cake, but you can also purchase a set of 10 that holds a two-tiered cake. Some are made for a larger, more decorative cake. To find the perfect box, check out our wide selection of boxes. Youll be able to find the perfect one for your next event.

When buying custom cake boxes, make sure to choose those that are appropriate for your special occasion. There are several different sizes to choose from. For example:

  • A large size box will accommodate a four-tiered cake.
  • A medium-tiered box is ideal for a three-tiered cake.
  • A small size box will fit a two-tiered cake
  • The smallest one will hold a single-tiered cake.

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Tall Cake Boxes For Multi

If you have a large cake, tall cake boxes are great choices. They have a side window that allows you to display the cake to its full extent. They also come in sets of 10 pieces, and the tall ones are 12 inches tall. These bulk cake boxes can fit one or two-tiered cakes as well as a ten-inch cake drum.

Tall cake boxes are not for everyone. Some are too tall and will require trimming. We allow you to use the same cake box with a shorter height. This way, youll get added height, but still, be able to fit a larger cake in your packaging box. It will be easy to assemble, and you can use it time again.

New Product: Tall Cake Boxes

Tall Tiered Window Cake Boxes With Handle

Introducing Tall Cake Boxes! We are excited to now offer corrugated boxes for layered and tiered cakes. These boxes have been designed to give your cakes the best protection and presentation possible.

The tall cake box is a lock corner, 2 piece box made from B flute corrugated board, which is sturdy enough to hold a cake securely, while remaining light weight. The corrugated material also helps keep cake at their chilled temperature. It can old 65+lbs cakes, and has strong side handles for easy carrying, and locking side tabs for extra security.

These 2 piece boxes are delivered flat, making them ideal for storage, and take just a few minutes to assemble. Loading the box is simple. The front panel drops down, allowing cakes to easily slide in and out . This means you can easily keep your cake level and not worry about damage caused by lifting or lowering the cake.

We offer 5 sizes and each box has adjustable tabs on the bottom that allow for 3 different cake circle dimensions. This flexibility reduces the number of boxes youll need to store if you work with several sizes. Additionally, the top tabs on the box can extend the lid another 2 inches.

The cake box is white on both sides, to emphasis the cakes design and make its colors pop. However, we can easily custom print the box with your graphics or logos. Contact us for a quote!

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Benefits Of Tall Cake Boxes

A tall cake box is the best choice if you need a box for a celebration where you want to show off the cake. It can be a great way to display the beautiful cake and make it stand out. These cake boxes with windows are ideal for displaying a large cake. And they will give your guests a great look and will help protect the toppers.

In addition, they are hygienic and provide a secure place to store the cake. A good quality cake box will also be durable and hygienic. The best cake boxes are made from high-quality milk boards and come with a lid.

Theyre lightweight, easy to assemble, and are available in a variety of sizes. If you have a tall cake that will not fit, you can always trim the sides of the box a little, but youll have to cut the tabs that hold it together.

Moreover, a tall cake box will also make your cake look elegant. They are ideal for small cakes. They are a practical choice for gift-giving as well. You can choose a packaging box with the right shape and size to fit the size of your recipients cake. If you need to send several cupcakes, the cheap cake boxes are a perfect choice.

Extra Tall & Stacked Cake Boxes

Cake Boxes are a true cake maker’s essential . . . professional presentation is important and good quality boxes always help the cake look great, are hygienic and help protect all your hard work from any mishaps.

Cake Stuff also stock STACKABLE cake transportation boxes for tiered and larger celebration cakes. Each extra high box contains a clever insert to hold the cake safely away from the sides of the box. These boxes are supplied with square and round inserts. Great value!

Cake Stuff source all our cake boxes from the UK’s top manufacturers… we do not import cheap cake boxes. Our cake boxes are manufactured to British Standards in fully licensed, hygienic UK factories and are cut from white poly-coated food-approved board. Please note, however, that due to the nature of manufacture occasionally the shade of lids and bases may vary slightly and sometimes even the texture of card can vary.

A great little item to add is a set of Cake Box Corner Extensions, which fit in the corners of the cake box and lift the lid to approximately 12″ . . . fantastic for taller cakes or for cakes with sugar flowers etc and a fraction of the price of buying an extra-tall cake box.

The price of paper / card has increased dramatically in the past year but we’ve held prices as low as we possibly can.

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How A Tall Cake Box Is Perfect For Your Tiered Cakes

A beautiful tall cake box makes a good amount of difference. Especially when you craft tiered cakes for weddings and big occasions. The box needs to be perfect in terms of design and safety.

Cakes are delicate and when it comes to tiered cakes, you need to make sure that they are well in place during delivery. And none of the bakers will want their worst nightmare of a messed up cake come to life.

Either they are difficult to insert the cake, hard to open, or are not sturdy enough to carry the cake. Many bakers also try to DIY a tall cake box that isnt durable, looks flimsy, and not ideal for delivery. Also portrays a doubtful brand image.

But now there is no more struggle to fit in those tall cakes in boxes that accommodate them perfectly well!

Here are some features of the heightened cake box which will make you want them for your sweet creations!

Tiered Cakes: A Guide To Boxing And Transporting

Tall cake box/Two tier/Three tier box tutorial PART-2

Picture this: You’ve just spent hours and hours finishing off your latest sugar masterpiece, and what comes next? Possibly the most stressful part of caking: boxing up the cake for delivery or transport. Most traditional cake boxes aren’t meant for cakes over 6 inches tall, so what’s a caker to do with any cakes that are taller? Heck, even some of my single tiered cakes have toppers that make them impossible to fit into a regular box.

Enter the corrugated cardboard box. I came up with this solution years ago. I don’t really remember if I read it somewhere or if my brilliant mind just devised this method, but it TOTALLY works! The boxes are reasonably priced and come in multiple cake friendly sizes.

Here’s how it goes:

I find that most of my cake boards are 12″ or smaller, so I purchase plain white 12x12x12 boxes in bulk here. I like that I can keep them on hand. It’s also nice that there’s not anything printed on them, except for on the bottom. The few times a year that I need a bigger box, I simply purchase a single, basic moving box from the hardware store or Walmart.

Scenario 1: Let’s say that my cake is a tall 7.5″ cake on a 10″ board. Using a small square of non-skid cabinet liner under the board, I turn the box on it’s side and slide the cake in. Tape up the flaps and you’re good to go!

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