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F***ing Finally Wedding Topper

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We all have a set of friends that took a decade to tie the knot finally. Everybody goes at their own pace, but those that come in dead last should receive a humorous, honorable mention of some kind. This wedding topper is the perfect piece for the job.

Stating fucking finally in fancy cursive gold-plated calligraphy, this hilarious cake topper is a funny way of saying its never too late to the lucky couple.

Mutual Weirdness Forever Wedding Cake Topper

You know youve found a keeper when you feel free enough to be as weird as only you can be around them. You can let your freak flag fly on your wedding day as well with this funny topper that states mutual weirdness forever.

You can choose from 21 sparkly colors to adorn the lettering, and with a thin lolly-stick attachment, you can remove it for a more aesthetic viewing of an untarnished cake surface.

Raccoon Wedding Cake Toppers

This whimsical set of boat-faring raccoons will undoubtedly be a wedding topper none of your guests have seen before. The set consists of a veiled bride raccoon and a groom raccoon with a top hat, each in their own canoes made from bright green leaves with a stemmed leaf paddle.

This two-piece figurine set allows you the freedom to place the raccoon couple rowing towards each other, alongside each other, or bow to bow. Whichever way theyre rowing, these creative figurines are bound to bring joy and authenticity to your wedding festivities.

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Guinea Pig Wedding Toppers

If you and your betrothed are lovers of cute, fat, furry rodent friends, then these guinea pig wedding toppers are the perfect addition to your wedding or grooms cake. They are two separate pieces: a groom guinea pig with a top hat and a bride guinea pig with a veil and diamond ringed paw.

Because they are separate pieces, you can place them in any position you like. They can be affectionately touching snouts or looking straight ahead as if posing for a picture. Whichever way you pose them, theyll remain a family keepsake for as long as you both shall live.

There’s Tons Of Different Games To Choose From Including Call Of Duty Fifa Gta Destiny Madden And More

Bride Dragging Groom Custom Wedding Cake Topper

The default hair color shown on the pictures for both the bride and groom is brown but they can be changed to any color for free. The cans, consoles, TV, and the game are also as shown in the pictures but they can be changed or customized to your liking. Every item on the gamer wedding cake toppers is handcrafted with a lot of care and love.

There are additional couple details for every topper which cost $10 each and can be found in the drop-down menus. Every wedding topper comes as pictured and most of them stand at 6 inches tall and between 4-6 inches around at the base perfect for most wedding cakes.

If you have a gamer friend, spouse, family or anyone close just figure out their favorite game and surprise them on their big day. The idea might seem obvious but not every gamer will think of it. Some gamers might be afraid of bringing their gamer side to the wedding so you bringing it up might be a very good gesture.

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Bride Dragging Golfer Cake Topper

For golf lovers wanting to get a quick 18 holes in before they say I do, think again! This silly wedding cake topper pictures a bride dragging her golf-capped groom by the coattails as he grasps for his flying golf club. This comical scene lies atop a customizable Mr. & Mrs. sign under which the couple can place their newly married surname.

You can further customize the color of this wedding cake topper from a selection of either sparkly or matte colors.

Bride Dragging Fisherman Wedding Topper

Avid fishermen can pass days on end searching for the perfect catch, content to spend hours sitting back with their fishing buddies waiting for fish to bite. Were sure a fishermans wife has accepted his hobby, but not on their wedding day!

Another excellent wedding topper from Plasticsmith features a black silhouetted picture of a bride dragging her groom by the suit collar away from his daily catch, toting a fishing pole pulling a large squirming fish. At least he got one last bite in before the big day!

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These Gamer Wedding Cake Toppers Are For Brides Marrying Video Game Addicts

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A gamer wedding is supposed to be fun, intriguing, and out of the box just like the gamers themselves. The wedding cake is usually the highlight of the wedding and the peoples memory of the wedding will be around the cake. If youre an ardent gamer, you should consider giving your gaming lifestyle a perfect sendoff with an honest touch of wedding cake toppers that resemble your favorite game. The designs of the game wedding cake toppers are unique and all of them are hand-made with love and by experienced artisans.

These gamer wedding cake toppers are a perfect fit for wedding cakes and they can be kept for display many years after the wedding. The toppers are designed exactly to the customers wish, right down to the color of the eyes or hair. The level of detailing in them is incredible and it’s almost as if youll be having miniature versions of yourself at your own wedding.

The gamer wedding cake toppers are a lovely and impressive way of taking the cake decoration game a notch higher while celebrating your gamer culture. To make sure that the cake toppers are exactly as you want, the more details you provide the better because the artisan has more information to work with.

Custom Bobblehead Wedding Cake Topper

Bride and Groom Cake Topper Tutorial | Bride Cake Topper Tutorial | Groom Cake Topper Tutorial

These silly bobblehead lovebirds come in 10 different skin color/racial combinations, all with the same pose. The groom stands flashing his undershirt printed with his favorite sports team, and the bride lovingly caresses his shoulder while kicking one stiletto heel behind her from under her dress. Thats not all, though!

The brides pulling a sneaky, placing her other hand on her newly betrotheds backside. This humorous cake topper is customizable so that the groom can choose his favorite sports teams logo to don, and you can even add on a beloved pet to sit between their newly hitched owners.

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Bride Wears The Pants Wedding Cake Toppers

Brides may wear wedding dresses, but everyone knows they wear the pants in the marriage dynamic. The artists at LoveandLuxeHandmade bring this metaphor to fruition with this comedic depiction of a pants-less groom seemingly shrugging in acquiescence as his wife stands clothed in a short wedding dress and his missing slacks.

Youve known it all along, buddy, and its better to laugh about it anyway!

Drunk Bride Wedding Topper

For the ultimate party couple, this drunk bride wedding topper may be a foretelling of the wedding reception shenanigans. And, why not? After all, its your special day. You decide if you want to remember it or not!

Another gem from Etsy artist, Plasticsmith, this topper is a black plastic silhouette of a groom catching his bride mid-fall as she holds a wine glass high with one hand and a large bottle in the other. You can never have one too many on your wedding day!

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Bride Dragging Groom Wedding Cake Toppers

I had no idea how popular the idea of a bride dragging the groom was until I wrote this post on funny wedding cake toppers. I kept finding them everywhere!

Not only do they keep coming up in all kinds of searches for funny wedding cake toppers, but there are zillions of variations of location, weather, and what, exactly, the bride is dragging the groom away from.

I decided it was worth devoting any entire post to the cake toppers that has this theme. I hope you can find one that perfectly fits your own unique personalities!

Heres the traditional bride, in her white dress, dragging the groom, who is dressed but apparently not quite ready to go. This polystone topper is just over four inches tall, just over six inches long, and it weighs nine ounces.

Amazon reviewer Jennifer Roberts describes this as great for a funny, whimsical wedding and says:

Ordered this for my mother for her wedding, she picked it out and I got it for her. It arrived quickly and was the bell of the ball at the wedding. My mom was so very happy with it, it made lots of commentary on the funny and cute aspects. if you want a fun and whimsical wedding this would make a great topper.. if you are more serious and traditional, this probably isnt topper for you. This was well made and shipped well with no damage and received in good time with lots of room to spare for the wedding definitely cute. and worth the cost.

Or, on the flip side

Wedding Cake Topper Personalized Groom Dragging Bride Cake Topper Funny Groom And Bride Cake Topper Funny Runaway Bride Wedding Cake Topper Funny Topper Custom Cake Decor Cake Top Party Decor La297

Bride Dragging Groom Personalized Wedding Cake Topper
  • Material: High Quality Acrylic Material,Meet your quality needs,durable and reusable Size: the width cake toppers is approx 6″,Height varies according to style.If you need to change the size, please contact us immediately after placing the order
  • Special personalized design: you can customize the color and text of the product. If you need to change, please contact us immediately after placing the order. Note: Please refer to the picture for the color.If you need fast delivery, you can choose the material and color of attached picture 1.
  • Wide Occasions: cake toppers are suitable for decorating many cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, deserts, absolutly they are perfect for birthday party. Unique Design,Perfect for Birthday Party Decorations,Birthday Cake Decor,Anniversary Party Decor,All Party is Perfect.
  • Multifunctional use: used as elegant props or decorations for taking photos for birthday celebrations they are also a good way for you to express love to your lover. Suitable for decorating cakes, desserts or other pastries, adding more joy to your party and creating a very romantic atmosphere.
  • Quality service: made in the United States! If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible!

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Football Couple Cake Topper

Football lovers will score a touchdown with this silly football-themed cake topper. This single-piece figurine features a strapping groom hugging a football to his chest with one arm while giving his new bride a piggy-back ride. By the looks of his smiling face, hes game for the tackle!

The detailing on this custom cake topper is exquisite, and you can customize the hair color on the playful couple.

Bride Dragging Groom Wedding Topper

If a grooms devotion to his bride is anything as steadfast as his devotion to all-night video game tournaments with his buddies, then you know the marriage is bound for success! This black silhouetted gamer cake topper pictures a bride dragging her groom, game controller in hand, by the suit collar away from a flat-screen TV.

Any avid gamer will appreciate the humor of this comical cake topper. If not, see it as a warning sign from bae to get with the picture! This fun topper is made of lightweight yet sturdy plastic material with a stake attached to ensure a secure mounting.

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Fun Glazed Bride Dragging Groom Cake Topper

Hand painted and glazed resin bride dragging groom. This fun wedding cake topper is ideal for wedding cakes as a centre piece.

A fun Bride and Groom cake topper with the bride taking no chances and pulling the groom to the alter.

If you’re a wedding cake maker it’s handy to have a bride and groom handy as retro is best and on trend right now.

The bride and grooms hair can easily be altered on these models with either permanent marker pens or acrylic paints. Blond hair can easily be painted brown, black or red and details can be added to the clothing the same way.

These toppers are great for a bride and groom at a wedding for a wedding cake topper, but also ideal for wedding anniversary cakes toppers too.

Made from food approved polymer resin, they can last for years so make an ideal keepsake to remember the special day or occasion.

  • 15cm x 5½cm x 13cm
  • Non edible

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Funny Wedding Cake Toppers For The Comical Couple

Kawaii Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper Tutorial | How To | Cherry Toppers

Weddings are joyous celebrations of love wherein a happy couple proclaims their mutual devotion in front of teary-eyed family and friends. Crying is par for the course during the ceremony, but by the time the reception rolls around, everyones ready to celebrate with dancing and laughter.

What better way to get in a festive and silly mood than comically defacing an elegant wedding cake with a funny cake topper? Below, weve listed the best funny wedding cake toppers you can find to put a smile on everyones face.

No matter your sense of humor, marriage dynamic, or favorite hobby, one of these wedding toppers is sure to poke fun at it and help you express your silly side to friends, family, and your partner for life.

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Weightlifting Groom Wedding Topper

This awesome cake topper takes the term power couple to a whole new level! This black silhouette of a muscular groom hoisting a giant barbell above his head with his spritely bride perched comfortably on the bar. The image of the power couple stands atop a customizable Mr. & Mrs. Smith base.

Any fitness lover will enjoy and take pride in this unique wedding topper that represents their shared passion for physical strength and the strength of their marriage.

Couple With Their Dachshund Cake Topper

Its hard to find a cuter and funnier breed than the dachshund, aka wiener dog. This adorable wedding cake topper puts a canine twist on the traditional wedding topper.

This comical wedding cake topper features newlyweds standing face to face in the traditional marriage embrace while their dachshund puppy stands on his hind legs at their feet, holding a customizable heart in his front paws.

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