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How To Make Oreo Ice Cream Cake Recipe:

How To Make The Best Ice Cream Cake!

STEP ONE: First, soften the ice cream enough so you can spread it. Then scoop all of the ice cream into a 9×13 dish, spreading it evenly in the pan.

STEP TWO: Next, put 3/4 of Oreo cookie crumbs over the ice cream layer. After spreading the cookie crumbs, pour hot fudge over the cookies.

STEP THREE: Then spread the next container of ice cream over the cookie layer. Spread it carefully.

STEP FOUR: Spread the cool whip over the ice cream.

STEP FIVE: Top with remaining Oreo cookie crumbs. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and foil and freeze for at least four hours.

STEP SIX: Finally, slice and serve. Serve with more hot fudge and maraschino cherries.

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What You Need To Make This Recipe

Ice cream I recommend using real dairy ice cream. Sometimes youll see ice cream labeled as frozen dessert, which might seem confusing. Ice cream is made from milk fats, while a frozen dessert uses vegetable oil fats instead. I find that frozen dessert does not soften as evenly and doesnt refreeze as nicely.

Chocolate cake you can use my favorite chocolate cake recipe and freeze the two extra layers in the recipe or a box mix. Its up to you!

Hot fudge again, feel free to use my hot fudge recipe or buy it from the store. The hot fudge sauce is not just to decorate the cake with but to help the Oreos stick to the cake layer. Using a substitute like chocolate syrup wont work as it wont firm up the same.

Second Roll: With Ice Cream

The second roll is the ice cream roll. First, take your ice cream out of the fridge to let it soften up a bit. It should be soft but not melted. You will use the full 1½ quarts of ice cream for this recipe.

Before unrolling the cake, get your tools ready. Youll need large pieces of parchment and aluminum foil to wrap the cake after rolling, as well as a rubber or offset spatula to spread the ice cream evenly.

Next, unroll your cake on parchment paper for easy clean-up. Youll need to work quickly as the ice cream will melt. Cover the full surface of the cake with ice cream, all the way out to the edges.

Tip: Ive found the easiest way to spread the ice cream is to put large dollops of ice cream across the cake and then spread the dollops together.

Now roll the cake up as smoothly as you can, following the same roll pattern as the first time.

Note that some melted ice cream may ooze out the ends as you roll no worries. Just keep going. Finally, wrap the ice cream-filled cake in the parchment and aluminum foil and freeze.

Before glazing, trim the ends for better presentation , and slice the cake with a serrated knife to minimize crumbs.

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More Ideas For Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipes:

  • Vanilla sandwich cookies with cherry cheesecake ice cream
  • Chocolate mint Girl Guide cookies with mint chip ice cream
  • Get inspired in the grocery aisle! Or let your Birthday boy-or-girl select the combination!

Fast, cheap, easy and delicious. You dont get all of those together very often. Dont bother waiting for a birthday make this easy Oreo ice cream cake recipe today and celebrate whatever holiday is closest!

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Celebrate Your Next Birthday With One Of These Ice Cream Cakes

Neopolitan Brownie Ice Cream Cake

June 21, 2021 by Emily Catalano

If youre celebrating a birthday this summer, theres only one way to do it with an ice cream cake from a Pittsburgh scoop shop, of course. These ice cream shops offer a variety of specially-made ice cream cakes that you can order any time of year.

ScoopsIf youre looking for a truly beautiful cake, Scoops has got you covered. The ice cream shop offers an All Ice Cream option , or an Ice Cream + Cake option , all decorated in your choice of colors and style. Find out more online.

Sarris CandiesCanonsburgs Sarris Candies has a full menu of pre-made ice cream cakes available for purchase, including their Hardcap version , Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Vanilla, and Pretzel, made with chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream, and topped with their chocolate-covered pretzels. Order online.

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Trader Joes: Soy Creamy And Coconut Milk Non

Trader Joes Photos by PETA.

This one is old news, but its certainly worth mentioning. Especially since Trader Joes has kept these non-dairy frozen desserts around for quite some time.

Our Tasting Notes for Trader Joes Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts

They have discontinued one of their soy-based flavors and one of their coconut milk flavors, but they still have one of each left. Both are staples for many households and do have a a very creamy mouthfeel. The Soy Creamy does have a slight beany aftertaste and the Made with Coconut Milk does assert itself just a bit in the chocolate flavor. And all of the Trader Joes Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts contain carrageenan, which could be a sticking point for many people.

The Facts on Trader Joes Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts

Available Flavors: Soy Vanilla Ice Cream, Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream

Ingredient & Allergen Statement : organic soymilk , organic crystallized cane sugar, oleic safflower oil, brown rice syrup solids, natural flavors, carob bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan, organic vanilla extract. Contains soy. Certified Kosher Parve.

Ingredient & Allergen Statement : coconut milk, water, sugar, cocoa powder, corn maltodextrin, dextrose monohydrate, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, locust bean gum, guar gum, carrageenan, salt.

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Ferrero Roche Ice Cream Cake

I then added a layer of half the vanilla no churn ice cream, then the Ferrero Roche Ice Cream and the remaining vanilla no churn. Be sure to cover it an air tight container or freezer bag, and freeze the cake until firm. At least 3-4 hours or better still over night.

Before serving I drizzled the cake with melted milk chocolate, but you can use whatever chocolate you prefer, white, dark or milk. Then I topped the cake with a few more whole chocolates and why not add a drizzle of more melted chocolate!?

I mean it is a birthday cake!

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Where Can I Find Vienna Ice Cream Cake In Toronto


The Heartbrand logo means its from Unilever manufacturer of Viennetta

In 2005, Glidat Strauss received special permission from Unilever to export their brand of ice cream to the United States because of the strict kosher certification the products in Israel have. Under terms of the agreement, Strauss ice cream and krembo may be sold only in kosher supermarkets and import shops. It is distributed in North America by Dairy Delight, a subsidiary of Normans Dairy.


Raggie wrote: The price of the item you linked is 1.65 Pounds per 100 ml. The total size of the package is 650 ml. So no, its definitely not cheaper in UK.


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Where To Buy Carvel Ice Cream Cakes

Havmor icecream cake. How to impress loved one. #havmor
  • Its possible that youre thinking Where to Buy Carvel Ice Cream Cakes if youre seeking for a flavor that reminds you of your childhood.
  • In addition to being the perfect dessert, Carvel Ice Cream Cake also makes a fantastic birthday cake.
  • Purchasing one ensures that your visitors will have a delicious sweet treat following their meal or as part of a celebration, and it saves the host or hostess from having to spend hours in the kitchen making and icing a birthday cake for their guests.

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Best Ever Vegan Ice Cream Cake

This is THE vegan ice cream cake recipe to make for the summer! Super fun and easy to make, this homemade ice cream cake is like no other cake: layered with fudgy rich chocolate cake, creamy dairy free ice cream, and decorated with decadent dairy free buttercream and ganache, this is the ultimate ice cream cake for any summer birthday or party!

Filling The Cooled Cake

Take a box of ice cream out of the freezer and open it completely so it looks like a square of ice cream.

Start slicing the ice cream in 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices with a large knife. You really want to be able to cut through it in one motion.

You can also allow the ice cream to soften slightly and just spread it on. I prefer to slice and place.

Once the Cake is full, stop slicing. You may have ice cream leftover, just pop it back in the freezer and eat it later.

I usually start by filling the tight curl at the end of the cake.

This part has never wanted to unroll for me, so I just go with the flow and stuff some ice cream in there. I cut one of the ice cream slices into smaller pieces and pack it in.

Once that is filled, start lining up the ice cream slices along with the cake.

Lay the pieces as close together as possible. You can start at either end.

You can leave an inch or so on the sides empty, ice cream will fill that area as you roll it back up.

Some of your pieces may be thicker than the others, this is OK too. We are going to let this sit for 10 to 15 minutes until it is slightly softened.

Do not walk away during this waiting period, if you forget you have sliced ice cream sitting on the cake, it will begin to absorb and melt over the edges running onto the towel and the countertop.

If you arent quick enough to remember you left it on the counter you may find yourself mopping the floor. Ive done this.

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Celebrating With Ice Cream Cake

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Ice cream cake offers the best of two popular desserts. Creamy, cold ice cream combined with moist, fluffy cake makes a great dessert for special occasions. When you cant decide which dessert to purchase, an ice cream cake is a surefire crowd-pleaser. This dessert has paved the way for todays dessert creations and continues to be one of the most popular treats in the United States. Since the origin of ice cream cake, it has undergone many changes and now comes in a variety of flavor and shape combinations.

How To Cut An Ice Cream Cake

Neopolitan Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Once youve built a gorgeous ice cream cake, learn how to slice it into beautifully, crisp pieces. Heres a biggie tip: if youre serving your cake to guests, slice the cake ahead of time, leave it on the plate, and put it back into the freezer.

  • Remove it from the freezer 10 minutes before serving. You want the ice cream cake to soften every so slightly to make your job easier but not melt!

  • Dip the blade of a large metal chefs knife in a tall glass of warm water. You know how people dip ice cream scoops in warm water to help them glide through a pint of ice cream? Dipping a chefs knife will help it slice through your layer cake neatly. Just make sure to dry off the blade completely with paper towels.

  • Place the tip of the knife into the center of the cake first. Then press the back of the blade downwards to make an even slice.

  • Dip the blade in water and dry it. After every cut youll want to re-dip the blade in water and dry it off. Otherwise, you risk messy results.

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    Storing Ice Cream Cake In The Freezer

    After having had an ice cream cake for a birthday celebration or other special occasion, you undoubtedly understand why someone would want to keep any leftovers from the event.This frozen dessert is excellent for a special event or even simply as a personal treat on a hot summer afternoon.Here are some suggestions for preserving your ice cream cake in the freezer, as well as information on which components and equipment are most effective in this situation.

    How To Make A Vegan Ice Cream Cake

    • First, prep your springform pan by tracing a circle around it onto parchment paper. Cut on the inside of the circle, about a centimeter from the line. Trim as necessary to fit inside the pan. One trick I learned from my grandmother is to crumple the parchment up into a ball , which will make it sit nicer at the bottom of the pan.
    • At this point start softening the ice cream. Take the lids off and let them sit while you do the next part.
    • Next, pulse the cookies in the food processor until theyre mostly crumbled. Stir if you need to and add about a tablespoon or two of melted coconut oil, just enough to get it to pack easily. The oil isnt necessary, but its a lot easier to make it into a crust this way and it will be less messy later. Pulse it one final time so everything is mixed and add the contents into your lined springform pan.
    • Using your hands start to press out the cookie mixture so it fills the surface of the pan, and then press it up the sides. It doesnt need to reach the top, more like about an inch from the top, but it doesnt have to be super precise. What were going for is a relatively even thickness all the way around, and concentrate on really packing it in, especially on the bottom and the corner area where the bottom meets the wall of the pan. You can use a straight glass or jar to help you do this, but I made my husband help me and he just preferred to use his knuckles.

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    Most Popular Cakes Ingredients

    • Please verify with your local Shoppe when placing your purchase because the ingredient list is subject to change and may differ from one Shoppe to the next. View the complete list of ingredients tastes of ice cream Strawberry, chocolate, blue raspberry, cherry, lemon, mango, fudge, cotton candy, watermelon, and peach are some of the flavors available.
    • Toppings are a type of garnish Cake mix batter
    • mini M& Ms
    • White
    • Fudge
    • Colors of Piping Blue raspberry, watermelon, lemonade and strawberry are just a few of the flavors youll find in the grocery store.

    Perfect Swiss Roll Cake

    How to Make a Homemade Carvel Ice Cream Cake

    My Reeses Ice Cream Cake was all for peanut butter lovers, and my mocha ice cream pie was all for coffee lovers and this Snickers Ice Cream Cake is for caramel lovers. But this ice cream cake has something for every taste. The Swiss roll cakes make up each cake layer and in between we have strawberry ice cream, strawberry ice cream topping, vanilla ice cream, marshmallow topping, chocolate ice cream and chocolate ice cream topping.

    The assembly of this dessert is simple, it just takes time. I cut my rolls in half and arranged them cut side up. I spread a generous amount of strawberry ice cream over top followed by the strawberry ice cream topping. I then place this in the freezer to set, I would give it at least an hour. Then top with the next round of halved cake rolls. I would freeze this again for about 10 minutes. I found it easier to spread the ice cream over frozen cake. Repeat the process with the vanilla ice cream layers and the chocolate ice cream layers. Your top layer will be cake rolls halved, but set cut side down. Place the cake in your freezer for several hours . My frosting is Cool Whip, which I spread on top. I allowed the entire cake to freeze before serving.

    The Swiss Rolls cakes make the perfect cake layer, they stayed tender and soft and held the ice cream layers together nicely . This summertime treat is easy and holds something for everyone for some that something might just be a bit of nostalgia.

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