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Michaels Basic Cake Decorating Class Day 2

Wilton Cake Decorating Classes

Above is the cake I decorated for day 2 of my Michaels store cake decorating class, basic level.

This weeks class was much more hands on, as last week we pretty much just watched our instructor make icing and decorate a cake. This time we had to bring our own cake and 2 batches of homemade icing, along with our materials from our kits and instruction booklet. I also brought along some icing gel colours to make the icing different shades.

When I got to the class, the first thing we did was level the tops of our cakes and then flip them upside down, as the bottom of the cake was much sturdier to ice than the fluffy top. It was then optional to cut our cake in half and fill the middle with either icing, jam or pudding. I brought along chocolate pudding mixed with strawberries.

We then iced the cake with our icing and then learned how to create the cupcake design with clear piping gel. Im not a big fan of piping gel, as I cant see myself using it too often. I would much rather learn how to make flowers, which will be next weeks lesson when we bring cupcakes!

The cupcake was piped with a #12 icing tip and the top border was piped with a #18 icing tip.

Things I learned in tonights class:

1). If you stick the icing in the fridge, remove it more than 2 hours prior to your class. My icing was still a little cold and stiff, thus spreading it was a little difficult.

Best For Professionals: The Wilton School Of Cake Decorating And Confectionery Arts

The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionary Arts

Based in Illinois, The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Arts is a brick-and-mortar institution that has been teaching students how to make cakes and other desserts since 1929.

The Wilton Method has been coined to represent a specific set of techniques developed at the school that have since been adopted by generations of decorators worldwide. For those who cannot enroll in classes at the actual school, Wilton offers a variety of online tutorials and videos.

The Wilton Schools blog contains an archive of free, “how-to” cake decorating videos and articles covering tips and techniques for baking and cake decorating as well as recipes. Resources on the blog include Fondant Tips & Tricks, 9 Beginner Piping Techniques, How to Assemble and Ice a Cake, 10 Easy Buttercream Cake Decorating Techniques, Kid-Friendly Recipes and Projects, and more.

If you want to receive tips regularly, you can sign up for the newsletter, which sends free tips and technique videos directly to your inbox. The Wilton School’s website also sells bakeware, tools and accessories, ingredients, and display and storage supplies.

Reason : Cake Baking Can Be A Family Bonding Experience

You can get your kids involved in the cake baking process to bond with them. As they help you out in the kitchen, they will learn to appreciate all the food you prepare for them because they will see all the steps in the meal-making process. You never know, your children might suddenly become interested in cake decorating classes for kids. You might have a future baker on your hands who will soon be searching for cake baking college courses. As a plus, you can even bring up chemistry/science terms and how science works in cake making. It might make them see how science is actually applicable in real life!

As for your husband, get him involved too! Get him to go to the grocery to buy ingredients while you prepare the kitchen and clean up after you. Remind him that he will be the first person to eat what you make after your cake cooking classes. That should motivate him! And just like your kids, he might get interested in taking some cake-making classes. If that happens, then baking and cake making will be another way for you two to bond.

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Sculpted 3d Gift Box Advanced

Prerequisites: Buttercream Basics, Fun with Fondant, or have some prior experience of stacking, crumbcoating and working with fondant

Upcoming Dates: TBDMax Class Size: 6 peopleIndividual Price: $200Buddy Price: $190

Description: As a fun class for more advanced students, you will be stacking, carving, crumbcoating, fondanting and decorating a sculpted 3D gift box cake, with a slightly open lid, made entirely out of cake and sugar. All students in the class will sculpt the same shape box but will be free to decorate it to match their individual style. Students are welcome to bring their own reference photos to work from. Well discuss various cake carving and inner structure techniques as well as the process of creating a 3D cake from a 2D image. We will also explore using different texture effects along with food color painting to create a more realistic looking gift box. This class continues on with the skills and techniques acquired in our Buttercream Basics and Fun with Fondant classes, and thus has those classes as a prerequisite. All supplies are included, and students will get to take home their beautiful sculpted cakes !

Fun With Fondant Magical Unicorn

2020 Cake Decorating Classes in Greensboro

Upcoming Dates: TBDMax Class Size: 8 peopleIndividual Price: $100Buddy Price: $95

Description: Its Fun with Fondant, with a twist! This class is beginner-level where well show you how to make our homemade marshmallow fondant and then use it to create a magical unicorn pal. You will be given a pre-crumb-coated cake and shown how to fondant your cake. Unique to this class, you will also learn how to make the horn, ears and mane to finish your unicorn. Class is approximately 3 hours long and includes all supplies needed to create a rockin cake you can then take home to show off to your friends.

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Cake Decorating Classes Online To Take Now

Some you can sign up and take and others well, you just have to login to YouTube for. But, if youre having trouble with your skills in the kitchen, there are a lot of ways to fine tune whats happening when it comes to handling a baking pan. Below are 15 cake decorating classes online that you can take right now.

Fundamentals Of Cake Decoration

You Will learn proper piping etiquette, how to pipe boarders, butter cream roses, flowers and more! Dimensional decorating using butter cream, writing and cake assembly will also be taught. The last class will consist of combining all of your new-learned skills together to create and decorate your own cake to take home and enjoy! .

Date: June 11, June 13, June 18, June 20

Time: 6:00pm- 8:30pm

Cost: $200 per student

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Best For Beginners: Sugar Geek Show

Sugar Geek Show

Why We Chose It: Sugar Geek Show beginning tutorials not only cover the basics but also extensively address common troubleshooting issues, so you can start with a great foundation before you move to the more advanced stuff.

ProsSpecific tutorials and videos for common issuesLots of free tutorials and blog postsSeven-day trial membershipConsOnly one instructor

Sugar Geek Show is the blog and online school of Liz Marek, a Cake Master-nominated website with over 200 cake-making and decorating tutorials. A former graphic designer, Marek accidentally started her cake career by making cakes for her friends and family, and through word of mouth, her efforts turned into a business. After writing a successful cake decorating book, she and her husband started up Sugar Geek Show and closed down their bakery to focus on teaching.

Sugar Geek Show has tons of free recipes for cakes on Marek’s blog, as well as great tutorials on sculptural cakes in the paid section, but what makes it stand out even more are the troubleshooting and cake basics tutorials. Focusing on the fundamentals of cake making and decorating, Marek helps guide you through common issues that occur like creating airless space buttercream, leveling cakes, and how to stack cakes. There are even tutorials on how to box a cake and how to cut a cake .

Pupcakes And Doggy Treats

Modern Buttercream, Joshua John Russell’s FREE online cake decorating class on Craftsy.com

Do you love to give your fur baby yummy treats but arent sure what you are actually feeding them? This class will teach you how to take a few simple ingredients and make paws-itively irresistible treats for your pup! Pupcakes are a special treat and oh so easy to make and, you can eat them too! Come sit and stay in this class and you will fetch some great recipes and skills to make your pup roll-over and beg! Items being made in this class will consist of a variety of types of treats from hard and crunchy to frozen goodies and also grain-free options.

Pupcakes and Doggy Treats

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Reason : You Can Earn Extra Income From Making Cakes

Looking for a side hustle? As a start, you can check out the many free online cake baking lessons. For example, here at The Bailiwick Academy, we have a free video to make brownies. I know its not a cake, but the point is, its still a free video. So for sure, there are many cake baking classes on Youtube.

You can also learn from various cake baking classes online, such as the many ones Bailiwick has. Learn all that you can, from cake design, to cake decorating, to fondant cake classes. When you feel like you are ready, you can start selling your cakes online. Do something you enjoy and help provide for your family at the same time. That was my personal thought process when I started exploring baking. This gives you a future alternative to your day job, in case you get burnt out eventually. You never know, your cake business might get so big, you can resign to focus on selling cakes full time.

Cake Baking 101 From Brit And Co

With this class, youll learn how to decorate a 3-layer cake and how to bake it in the first place. Taught by pastry chef, Tessa Huff, by the end of this e-course youll have a gorgeously-concocted vanilla buttercream cake. Whats also great about this selection is that its only $9 and your access to the course will NEVER expire.

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To Sign Up Please Visit The Bakery Or Call 408

For questions, please e-mail the instructor at:

Welcome back, Cakesters!

The introduction of the Brush Embroidery Technique Class gave students a new set of skills to dress their cakes in elegance! Each student left the class with a beautiful fondant plaque, worthy of being displayed on their wall!

The Top-hat cake Project class in coming up in September, make sure you sign up NOW as space will be limited to only 5 students!!

Do you know how much fun the cupcake classes are?! I got to host a birthday party for Annes Bat Mitzvah at the Staybridge Suites in Sunnyvale. They were a great group of 15 fun, polite and well-dressed teenagers!

I had my handy-dandy and super efficient friend and fellow cake decorator, Ruhi, helping me to set up the many tools ,materials, cupcakes and frosting for each girl. I like to make sure that everything is set just right to give my students the best experience possible!

All of the girls decorated 4 summer cupcakes and had a great time being creative and adding their own personal touch to each design. Cake decorating is all about taking techniques, mixing it with creativity, and making new and different things! They all excelled at that concept!

If you are looking for new activities for your next birthday party or event, consider Cupcake Classes! Everyone has a good time and it is a good change from the traditional birthday parties.

Reason : Cake Baking Lessons Will Allow You To Soothe Your Sweet Tooth Cravings Your Own Way

Basic Cake Decorating  Give Me Some Sugar

If you have suddenly craved for, say, a salted caramel cake, you dont need to buy from the store anymore. Cake baking and decorating classes will allow you to make it your own way. Choose one of the many cake recipes that you can find online, and you can get to baking.

When you have more practice after studying many cake tutorials, you can start making different kinds of cakes too. Whether you suddenly crave for a pound cake or a three layer cake, one things for sure: you can say good-bye to the use of a cake mix!

And of course, when your family members suddenly crave sweets, they will appreciate your cake making and decorating classes. Imagine how much they will love having delicious cakes within reach, especially during their special days.

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Going Stir Crazy Take Our Cake Decorating Class For Free

Not sure about you all, but our pantry is quickly becoming one of our go-to besties while we’re all stuck at home. As someone who’s never been super into baking, l’ve definitely found myself considering all the different ways I can combine flour, butter, and eggs into delicious things. What better time than the present to learn how to make and decorate an epic tiered cake? And for a limited time, we’re offering all of our online classes for FREE through 3/31! Head to brit.co/learn, add the classes you want to your cart, then enter the code SELFCARE before you checkout, and voila, free classes.

In this fresh new take on Cake Decorating, Sugar Monster Ashley Holt will show you how to put together a show-stopping two-tier cake, packed with color, texture, and custom decorations. Oh, and sprinkles in the middle. That’s right. SPRINKLES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CAKE! See?! There are bright spots.

A little more info on your new fave teacher, Ashley Holt: Based in Brooklyn, Holt is a self-taught pastry chef and cake artist who left her previous career as a model to pursue her passion for artful dessert. Since shifting careers Holt has won TLC’s Next Great Baker, Food Network’s Chopped, The New York Cake Show, and placed second on Food Network’s Dessert Games and FYI’s Cake Fest. Suffice it to say, if you like baking shows, you’ve probably swooned over Holt’s tasty creations at some point.

The Perfect Buttercream Course

You Will learn proper piping etiquette, how to pipe boarders, butter cream roses, flowers and more! Dimensional decorating using butter cream, writing and cake assembly will also be taught. Learn how to achieve that smooth finish on ALL your cakes. The last class will consist of combining all of your new-learned skills together to create and decorate your own cake to take home and enjoy! .

Date: January 19, 26, & February 2, 2014

Time: 2:00pm-4:30pm

Cost: $185 per student

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