Wilton 5 Layer Cake Pan Set

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Wilton 5 Layer Cake Pan Set

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Wilton 5 Layer Cake Pan Set

Everyone loves the look of a layer cake, especially if you are looking at a towering cake that showcases four or five layers instead of the more common two layer look. Layer cakes arent necessarily more difficult to bake than other types of cakes, but they do require a little bit more planning. You usually need more batter, which means that you might need to tinker with your favorite recipe to scale it to produce as many layers as you need. You also might need a few extra cake pans if you want to aim for five layers instead of one or two. Wiltons Five Layer Cake Pan Set is a set of baking pans that is designed to make baking those towering layer cakes much easier than ever before. The set includes five shallow cake pans each is just 3/4-inch deep that are perfect for baking thin, uniform layers of cake. The pans are scaled so that the set only needs one box of cake mix for the whole finished cake. This means that a homemade recipe for an 8 or 9-inch layer cake can also be used in the pans without any scaling required. It sounds simple, but this set manages to streamline the process just enough that youll find yourself making multi-layer cakes a lot more often!

How long should the cakes bake? The baking time for every cake recipe will be slightly different, but since these pans are so small and the cake layers are relatively thin, you can check your cakes after about 10 minutes in the oven and go from there.

How To Prepare The Cake For Decorating

When you take the cakes out of the oven they are unlikely to be perfectly flat. In order to get the best looking finished cake, I recommend levelling them.

I level cakes with a cake wire that you can set to the same height and use this for all of the cakes. If you dont have a cake wire I would recommend using a serrated knife.

Make sure you take your time and cut off as little as possible to create a flat cake.

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Can I Flavour The Cake

If you want to flavour the cake and or the buttercream you can do.

I prefer to leave it vanilla flavoured because this makes most sense to me. I dont know what flavour I would use for a rainbow cake to not make it confusing.

If you flavoured it with lemon I think this would be confusing when eating the colours that werent yellow. But maybe thats just me!

I would recommend adding any jam or curd between the layers as this would distract away from the coloured sponge layers.

Tips For Decorating The Cake

Wilton 5 Layer Cake Pan Set

When it comes to icing cakes I think it is definitely worth investing in a cake turntable. This allows you to smoothly turn the cake backwards and forwards when youre decorating it which is a huge help!

I also use a large off-set spatula to apply the buttercream to the cake holding it at a 90° angle. A spatula dipped in hot water and then dried is a great way of getting a smooth finish on your cake. There are lots of different techniques and ways people find help them, but this is what works for me.

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Dont Be Intimidated By The Rainbow

You may look at this cake and feel slightly scared, but there is really no need to be! You need to make sure you have the right equipment and then youll be fine.

To make this cake as easy as possible, I bought the Easy Cake Layer Pan Set by Wilton from Lakeland. Im sure there are plenty of places you can buy them online.

One tip if you do buy these cake pans do not believe them when they say they are non stick!

I stupidly believed that they were the first time I used them to make an ombre cake and ended up with some cake getting stuck to the pans.

I recommend lining the tins with baking paper to prevent this from happening.

Wilton Easy Layers Cake Pan Set

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Save yourself the trouble of torting your cakes to make a trendy tall, multilayer cake. With this set of 6 in. pans, you can make a five-layer cake with ease for a definite wow factor!

Set includes five non-stick pans, each 6 in. dia. x 0.75 in. high

  • Save yourself the trouble of torting your cakes with this set of 6 in. pans and make a trendy five-layer cake with ease.
  • One cake mix or a single batch of batter is enough to fill all five pans, and most ovens have the space to accommodate all five pans baking at once.
  • Ombre cakes, rainbow cakes, naked cakes, classic tortes and more these pans make tall trendy layered cakes easy to bake.
  • The pans in this innovative set are ¾ in. thick, the perfect depth for a multilayered cake non-stick coating means easy release and clean up.

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This Rainbow Layer Cake Is A Real Showstopper

How to Make a Halloween Candy Corn Cake | Wilton

If you are looking for a cake that is a real showstopper, this Rainbow Layer Cake is definitely it.

The different coloured layers will put a smile on anyones face! It is the perfect cake for birthdays especially for children.

You can keep the decorations simple to compliment the bright and exciting inside or go all out and decorate it however you like.

I was inspired by Kerry Cooks for this recipe and tweaked hers to come up with this Rainbow Layer Cake.

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Wilton 5 Layer Heart Cake Pan Set

Wilton makes some great products for cake bakers and decorators, whether you only bake during the holidays or do it on a daily basis. Theyre always coming out with interesting shaped pans that allow you to make impressive and fun cakes easily. Ive really enjoyed working with their 5 Layer Cake Pan Set, which allows you to easily make an impressively tall layer cake, so it should be no surprise that their new 5 Layer Heart Cake Pan Set also caught my eye. As the name suggests, this set includes 5 heart-shaped pans. The pans are all about 6 inches in diameter and are evenly sized so that the cakes baked in them will stack together neatly. While a 6-inch cake may not sound particularly wide, the appeal of this cake pan set is that it allows you to make a very tall layer cake out of one single cake mix or standard cake recipe. The batter is divided into the nonstick pans and baked , then the cakes are cooled and ready to be stacked up high with your favorite frosting. When it is finished, the cake will stand higher than it is wide!

Since these pans bake heart-shaped cakes, a dessert made from this set will be ideal for Valentines Day desserts or for any occasion you might want to celebrate with your sweetheart.

Wilton 5 Layer Cake Pan Set Silver


This Wilton 5 Layer Cake Pan Set will save yourself the trouble of toting your cakes to make a trendy tall, multilayer cake. With this set of 6 inch pans, you can make a five-layer cake with ease for a definite wow factor! One cake mix or a single batch of batter is enough to fill all five pans, and most ovens have the space to accommodate all five pans baking at once. Now, the choice is yours. Make an hombre cake, tinting the batter in five gradations of colour, or a rainbow cake, using a different icing colour to tint each layer. Bake a chocolate cake with different fillings separating the layers or mix different flavours into each layer for a taste sensation. Stack up a naked cake, one where the layering is the star because the exterior of the cake isn’t iced. Or, create a classic torte filled with whipped cream, mousse or fruit. This cake pan set lets you play with your options! The pans in this innovative set are 3 quarter inch thick, the perfect depth for a multilayered cake, and the non-stick pan coating means your cake will release and clean up with ease. Several recipes are included in the box. Set includes five non-stick pans, each 6 inch diameter x 0.75 inch high. Made in China.

Country Of Origin

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Which Size Cake Tins To Use

The cake pan set I use from Lakeland has five six inch cake tins. This creates a five layers of cake that are thick enough so that you will still see the colour when they are sandwiched with buttercream.

If you have six inch cake tins you can definitely use these. However I doubt you will have five unless you care a baker! So you might need to cake a couple of the colours and then wait and wash up the tins and bake some more.

If you dont have six inch cake tins you can still make this cake! Most people will have eight inch cake tins so you can use these.

This will make thinner, wider layers of cake. They will also cook quicker because they are thinner. I would recommend checking to see if theyre cooked after 8 minutes and cook for a couple of minutes longer if needed.

Which Food Colouring Is Best To Use


For something like this Rainbow Layer Cake, you need rich and vibrant colours.

I really wouldnt recommend using the liquid food colourings that you can usually find in supermarkets. They just wont give you the vibrant colours you need and youll probably use most of the bottle.

It is the gel food colouring that you need to look out for. A lot of large supermarkets have started stocking a few gel food colours.

I think the best place to buy these is online or in shops like Lakeland and Hobby Craft. I have used WIlton and Colourflair brands before and would recommend both.

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Tips For Baking A Rainbow Layer Cake

Before you start making the cake, weigh the bowl you will be using.

Once you have made the cake batter, weigh the bowl again and minus the weight of the empty bowl. Then divide this number by five and this is the amount of cake batter you need to spoon into each cake tin.

Some people may prefer divide the cake mix by eye, but I think it really is worth being as exact as you can. This gives the cakes the best chance to be even when they are baked.

How Tall Is This Rainbow Layer Cake

If you are using six inch cake tins then the cake will be quite tall! It is roughly 18cm tall when stacked so bear this in mind if you have to transport it anywhere!

If you use eight inch cake tins then the cake will be shorter. I havent made it with eight inch tins myself so I dont know what its exact height would be.

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Wilton 5 Piece Easy Layer Cake Pan Set By Wilton

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Item dimensions L x W x H 7.1 x 2 x 7.6 centimeters
Is dishwasher safe
  • Baking Layer cakes is easier than ever with the 6 inches Easy Layers!
  • One cake mix makes five perfect layers ready to stack and fill.
  • Create layer cakes with exciting rainbow or ombre color effects.
  • Serve a classic torte, filled with whipped cream, mousse or fruit.
  • Or, stack different cake flavors together for a taste sensation.

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