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So youre thinking about ordering a decorated cake from us!

Below is information about how to do this. We have tried to make it as easy as possible! The best way to place an order is through the website.


Because then well have your order and especially the Special Instructions in your own words, not ours, so we can be sure to prepare the cake exactly the way you want it. Because then well have your order in our system and well be able to look it up in the future if you or a friend want to order the same thing.

What if I hate computers or dont want to deal with ordering through the website?

Then feel free to email your order to Jenny at and she will place it through the website for you, or come into the bakery and well place the order on our computer for you. Just promise us that youll look at the emailed confirmation to be sure we got everything right. If we didnt, please or call us at 240 388 9989.


Youre done! The price on the confirmation will reflect just the base price and will not reflect the extra charges for decorating or special fillings or tiered cakes.


How much advance notice do I need for a custom cake?

Almost always, a weeks notice is enough. But sometimes we can prepare a cake with less notice. It just depends on how busy the week is.

When can I pick up my cake?

What size cake should I get?

Bakeries In Ottawa That Do Custom Gender Reveal Cakes

Youve finally arrived at the 20-week mark, and youre ready to start the next chapter of your pregnancy and find out the gender of your baby! Whether you want to celebrate this moment with family and friends or more privately, a gender reveal cake is the perfect way to reveal the surprise, or, to celebrate with. Here are 3 bakeries in Ottawa that do amazing custom gender reveal cakes.

Artistic Cake Design

Artistic Cake Design is a family business in Ottawa that is run by three generations of cake designers. They do incredible work with fondant and deco. They can work with any inspiration and colour scheme. The family does all of their baking on-site, and their years of experience can bring any theme or inspiration to life.

Carlas Cakes

Carlas Cakes does everything from custom cakes, cake-pops to cupcakes. They are an incredibly versatile company that can provide nut free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan and halal cakes for any order. They also offers customizable options on their website for both the inside and outside of the cake, making it super easy to order online. All their work is done by hand. Gender reveal cake pops, anyone?

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What To Know

Custom Cake Costs

How much should you expect to pay for a gender reveal cake in Ottawa? It depends on how big and elaborate you want it to be. You should expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $200 .

Things To Decide

How To Make A Smaller Cake

To make a 6-inch cake divide the cake recipe by 2. If you make a three layer cake, start checking the cakes for doneness after 20 minutes in the oven .

I suggest making 3/4 of the amount of buttercream instead of 1/2 just in case, especially if you want thick layers of frosting like you see in the photos.

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Bakeries That Do Gender Reveal Cakes In Cornwall Sd& g

Youve finally arrived at the 20-week mark, and youre ready to start the next chapter of your pregnancy and find out the gender of your baby! Whether you want to celebrate this moment with family and friends or more privately, a gender reveal cake is the perfect way to reveal the surprise, or, to celebrate with. Here are 3 bakeries in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry that do amazing custom gender reveal cakes!

Fairy Sweet

Fairy Sweet are a team of Master Cake Designers & Chocolatiers that have been creating amazing custom baked goods since 2013. They specialize in fine chocolates, custom cakes and pastries. They are known around the world for holding the record for the worlds largest ferrero rocher, weighing 25 lbs, and the worlds largest man made Cadbury Cream egg weighing in at 12 lbs! Theyve also placed in the top 3 in a 2018 World Wide Caking competition. This team is perfect fit for anyone looking for something fancy, elegant, custom and delicious for their gender reveal cake!

Ingleside Bakery and Gourmet Foods

Are you looking for a bakery closer to Long Sault, Ingleside or Morrisburg? Ingleside has been blessed with a brand new gourmet bakery that does amazing custom and quality cakes and a ton of baked goods. The team at Ingleside Bakery and Gourmet Foods can do everything from multi-tiered, fondant cakes to custom cupcakes and cake pops for your gender reveal.

Cakes & More Cornwall

What To Know

Custom Cake Costs

Things To Decide

How To Make A Gender Reveal Cake

Gender Reveal Cakes

There are many different ideas on how to make a gender reveal cake, but this ombre cake is my favorite. Its so pretty and yet simple to make.

I made a vanilla cake, divided the cake batter into three bowls, and dyed each layer with a different amount of the same food coloring. I used this soft pink gel food coloring which is concentrated so a tiny drop of it was all I needed to get the color I wanted for the first bowl. Then I added a bit more food coloring to the second bowl until I liked the color, and did the same with the third bowl.

To make things even simpler, you can dye the entire batter using the same color and divide the batter into three. This will also make a gorgeous cake.

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The Best Way To Find Out The Gender Of Your Child Is With A Gender Reveal Cake From Dorothy Ann Bakery

How does a Gender Reveal cake work?

*Bring a sealed envelope containing the ultrasound from the doctor to Dorothy Ann Bakery.

*We will fill your cake or cupcakes with pink or blue filling depending on the gender, pink=girl or blue=boy.

*Choose a decorating style and let the suspense begin!

*Invite friends and family over to watch you cut into the cake to find out pink or blue!


Having twins?

A cake works best for this gender reveal. We will do two layers of filling , one for the gender of each child .

Trying to decide between cake or cupcakes?

Cake- everyone watches YOU cut the cake!

Cupcakes- everyone finds out the gender on their own, taking the attention off yourself!

How do I order a Gender Reveal cake?

1. Please place your cake/cupcake order a minimum of 3-4 days in advance of your Gender Reveal party.

2. Drop off your sealed envelope to Dorothy Ann Bakery. *For same day cakes, bakery must have envelope by 1pm , same day cakes not available on Sundays* We will try to accommodate customers with shorter time constraints based on our cake decorators schedules. If you are unable to physically get to the bakery before 1pm with your envelope, you can also request to have your doctors office call the bakery before 1pm as well.

3. All custom fondant or tiered Gender Reveal cakes require 48 hours to assemble and decorate once gender envelope is dropped off at the bakery- so plan your party accordingly!

What should I write on my Gender Reveal cake?

How Do You Make Gender Reveal Cupcakes

First of all, let me tell you that these arent just any old cupcakes. These gender reveal party cakes are infused with white chocolate, then filled and topped with buttercream. Sugar overload! So good.

Making these gender reveal cupcakes is a piece of cake! The cupcakes are baked like regular cupcakes, and after cooling slightly, youll use a sharp knife to cut out a plug of cake from the middle, about 1 deep. Reserve the plugs for after!

Use a piping bag to fill in the empty cavities with your preferred colour, then place the plug back on top of the coloured icing. Once the little cakes are adorned with the final buttercream, no one will be able to guess what colour is hiding inside!

Oh and dont forget the SPRINKLES!!

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Bakeries Get In On The Big Reveal

Carol Angrisani | Apr 01, 2019

When a pregnant woman approached a Dillons supermarket bakery department holding a sealed envelope, pastry chef Randy Stratton knew exactly what to do. He carefully documented the note and protected the secret it revealed inside.

Its all part of Strattons protocol when taking orders for so-called gender-reveal cakes and cupcakes. For most gender-reveal orders, expectant parents do not know the sex of their baby, so they have their doctors office write down the gender and seal it in an envelope. They then bring the envelope to a cake decorator, who will fill the cake with pink or blue frosting. Parents find out the sex of their baby once they cut into the cake, typically part of a celebratory gender-reveal party with family and friends.

Many people will come straight from their doctors appointment to us, said Stratton, who works at a Dillons in Wichita, Kan.

To make sure the gender isnt accidentally revealed when the expectant parents pick up the cake, the sex is never written on the order form, Stratton said. Rather, each order form is given a special number so that the decorator knows the gender.

Its very exciting to know that youre the first person who knows the gender, he said. Its an honor that people trust you with such important information.

Baby boom

After customers pick up the cake and enjoy it, many return to the bakery with thank-you cards and gifts and additional bakery orders.

Its a surprise!

Its A Girl Its A Boy And For The Gender

How to Make Gender Reveal Cupcakes | Easy DIY | HelloHannahCho

A decade on, this food phenomenon has spawned videos, bakeries and some resistance, as gender issues grow more complicated.

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By Kim Severson

Cake is asked to do so much, what with all the weddings and birthdays and office parties for colleagues headed off to greener pastures. And thats not even counting more modern pressures, like looking good on social media and starring in Supreme Court cases.

But heres a reveal that will likely come as good news to cakes everywhere: They may no longer have to announce the sex of an impending baby.

The gender-reveal cake first gained traction around 2009, when reality TV stars and everyday couples alike began cutting open cakes dyed pink or blue and broadcasting the event on network morning shows or, which then was all of four years old.

Rebecca Gruber, vice president of branded content at the media and technology company PopSugar, noticed her first gender-reveal cake in 2010. She was then the parenting editor, searching for baby-shower trends, when she came across a charming bee-themed celebration on YouTube, featuring a homemade blue cake covered in brown icing and a sign that read, Whats it gonna bee? She wrote up a post, but neither she nor other close observers of popular culture could have predicted the madness those early cakes would unleash.

Cake, meanwhile, has been pressed into service to break all manner of news, including college acceptances and vasectomies.

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Does Nothing Bundt Cakes Do Gender Reveal

Nothing Bundt CakesBaby Gender Reveal CakenothingbundtcakesNothing Bundt Cakesmakereveal

For most genderreveal orders, expectant parents do not know the sex of their baby, so they have their doctor’s office write down the gender and seal it in an envelope. They then bring the envelope to a cake decorator, who will fill the cake with pink or blue frosting.

Beside above, how much does a gender reveal cake cost? For many couples, the actual gender reveal is done with a cake that has blue or pink icing in the middle. Once it’s cut, the cake reveals the surprise you’ve all been waiting for. To save even more, you can have the reveal cake be a miniature cake that runs around $15 at most grocery store bakeries.

Beside this, do Nothing Bundt cakes deliver?

They deliver but won’t ship Review of Nothing Bundt Cakes. Description: Nothing Bundt Cakes in Houston is a bakery that combines the warmth of nostalgia with a fresh, modern approach.

What is a reveal cake?

This gender reveal cake is made of three layers of a moist and delicious vanilla cake that are dyed with food coloring, and frosted with easy, creamy vanilla buttercream. For a simpler cake, make a two layer cake instead of three, or dye all the layers in the same color instead of making an ombre cake.

Gender Reveal Cakes Put The Party In Breaking Big News

While baby showers have been around for decades, gender reveal parties are gaining traction as way to announce whether an expected baby will be a boy or girl.

Once expectant parents have news from the doctors office, an announcement can be made, often in a fun way, involving cake. Local bakeries have even had their own experiences with gender reveal cakes.

Peggy Shurtz, an employee at Extraordinary Cupcakes, located on Richmond Road in Williamsburg, said the bakery does a lot of cakes for this occasion.

A lot of times, our parents dont even know whether its a boy or a girl, said Shurtz.

Shurtz added that sometimes the couple may bring in an envelope from the doctors office, which they have not yet opened themselves. In a case like this, the parents will be surprised along with the party guests when the gender of the coming baby is revealed.

A gender reveal cake can have many variations, but the exterior of the cake will have decoration indicative of both boys and girls, and the interior of the cake will hold the surprise, usually a pink or blue color in some form.

We have about half a dozen different flavors of our cupcakes that have a filling. What well do is well color the filling either the pink or the blue, said Shurtz.

She said the bakery has a few different filling options that could be colored: a fluffy white pastry cream, a coconut pastry cream and a vanilla custard filling.

Rosa is our baker who does all the gender reveal stuff, said Shurtz.

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Gender Reveal Cakes & Cupcakes

Baby Boy or Baby Girl?Red Rose Bakery Gender Reveal Cakes

You probably already know that one of the hottest trends in baby showers is the gender reveal. If you have not heard of them, a gender reveal is a specific type of baby shower or similar event, where the parents-to-be reveal the gender of their unborn child to their guests. Parents usually do this by incorporating color into their theme, relying on the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys. Ways to surprise guests with the babys gender include colorful balloons, smoke bombs, piñatas, and gender reveal cakes. Sometimes the couple knows the gender beforehand, but at the best gender reveals, a vendor, like a bakery, has worked with a trusted friend to create a surprise for everyone at the party, including the parents-to-be!

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