9×13 Stainless Steel Cake Pan With Lid

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Best Ceramic: Emile Henry Modern Classics Large Rectangular Baker

Traditional Personalized 9×13″ Cake Pan & Lid

Emile Henry bakeware and cookware has been made in France since 1850, where they’ve perfected the recipe for high-quality, heirloom-worthy ceramic over the decades. The high-fired Burgandy clay heats quickly and evenly and retains heat well. That’s especially helpful when you’re taking this pan from the oven to the table and want second helpings to be as warm as the first ones.

It’s oven safe up to 520 degrees F , so you can use it for roasting or even broiling. And the clay is thermal-shock resistant, so you can go from microwave or oven to fridge or freezer without fear of flying debris. The ceramic casserole dish’s glazed finish creates an easy-to-clean surface that needs only to be rinsed and lightly scrubbed to remove even the most stuck-on food remnants.

And if all of those qualities weren’t enough to convince you that this ceramic casserole dish is one worth adding to your kitchen, consider that Emile Henry stands behind a 10-year warranty guarantee if your product shows signs of manufacturing defects during your years of use.

“I wanted to buy a baking dish that was free of chemicals like the non stick ones have. After some research, landed on a ceramic one and found this brand. It’s a great size, easy to clean and cooks food great. Good purchase!” one reviewer writes.

Best Baking Dish With Lid: Oxo Good Grips Freezer

If you loathe unrolling aluminum foil or plastic wrap to cover a baking dish, then you need one with a lid. OXO’s Good Grips Freezer-to-Oven Safe 3-Quart Baking Dish is on this list as the top-rated 9×13 baking dish, and the only way to make the best choice better is with a lid which is precisely what they did here.

The borosilicate glass pan can safely be used to bake a casserole and then to freeze it. The BPA-free lid will help protect the food from being smashed in storage, or it can lock in any sloshing ingredients before the pan gets to where you’re going.

A reviewer writes, “This is a great standard glass casserole dish, and the lid is easy to put on and remove, unlike some other dishes that I have had. It is also very easy to clean.”

Buy it: $20 or Bed Bath & Beyond

What We’re Testing Next

  • All-Clad Pro-Release 9-inch Round: The high-end cookware brand, All-Clad, makes a 9-inch round with a ceramic-reinforced nonstick coating. Similar to the Amazon Basics pan, the All-Clad has two oversize handles instead of extended full rim, which could make it a good option for easy baking.
  • GreenLife Healthy Ceramic Nonstick 9-inch Round: We didn’t test any ceramic pans for this update, but are intrigued by this aluminized steel pan with a fully ceramic nonstick coating. The GreenLife pans are more eco-friendly than traditional nonstick because the ceramic coating is derived from sand.
  • Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Pro 9-inch Round: We tested this line for our best baking sheet guide and noticed the gold surface promoted a shorter baking time. We’re curious to see how this material performs for cake baking.

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Best Overall 9×13 Baking Dish: Made In Porcelain Rectangular Baker

Made In Cookware is admired by professional chefs and home cooks alike for its high-quality finishes and appearance. The cookware is made in collaboration with some of America’s best chefs, after all. Their newest products are these porcelain baking dishes, which are available in three sizes .

The Made In Bakeware dishes are handmade in France with a 200-year-old recipe. Porcelain is considered a highly fragile material, but it’s actually quite durable, and it’s an excellent baking material for its even, consistent heating capabilities and non-porous nature. These dishes are also thermal-shock resistant, so you can take them from fridge or freezer to oven and back. They’re also oven safe up to 650 degrees F and can be used in the microwave.

The rectangle baking dish, like the other two pieces in the collection, are painted a pure white and outlined around the rim in either red or blue. The glaze finish makes the bakeware non-stick naturally, so a quick rinse will remove any baked-on food. It’s a classic style that is sure to be enjoyed, even cherished, for years to come.

Buy it: $79 Made In

Best Deep Baking Dish: Pyrex 9×13 Deep Glass Bakeware

18/10 Stainless Steel 9 X 13 Inches Bakeware Rectangle ...

This is Pyrex’s second time on this list of the best 9×13 baking dishes, but it’s because few pans can do what it can when it comes to high sides and a deep interior. Indeed, while some casserole dishes have higher sides than others, you need to seek out a true deep dish casserole pan if you’re really in need of tall sides.

Pyrex says this deep casserole pan is 50 percent deeper than the average pan, which leaves room for more layers of ingredients and cheese, and less mess if anything splatters while baking. And we all have that one 9×13 recipe that fills up every centimeter of space in our existing pan. Pick up one of these so you can have a little breathing room for any bubbling sauce.

“I bought this to make lasagna because the regular 9 x 13 just is not deep enough. This works perfectly as all pyrex does and the great quality has not changed over the years. I love that this keeps all of the juice inside and does not spill over. I make a 3 layer lasagna and this is perfect,” a happy Target reviewer writes.

Buy it: $14 Target

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Smaller Baking Tools And Accessories

Now that youve got the bigger pieces in order, youre sure to be needing some smaller baking tools and accessories as well. How else are you going to use your mixing bowls without whisks and spatulas? Or glaze the pastry or doughs in the tins without a pastry brush? Also, there wont even be a dough to set in the first place, without a rolling pin. And what about your cake decorating? If you want it to be spot-on, youll be needing a cake decoration set.

Now that youre all set with the most essential baking equipment, theres nothing stopping you on your way to pastry perfection!

How Do You Line A Cake Pan

There are a few common ways to line, or grease, a cake pan. You can cut a parchment paper round, or buy them pre-cut, to fit the bottom of the tin and either leave the sides untouched or coat them in butter. “To avoid cakes not releasing I use round parchment paper at the bottom of my cake pans along with using a high heat pan spray,” said Garrett. According to some manufacturer instructions, pan sprays can damage nonstick coatings, so stick with butter in nonstick pans.

If you don’t have parchment paper, you can grease the entire tin with butter and a light dusting of flour. Some cakes are meant to be baked in ungreased tins, so read the recipe carefully. If it says “prepare the pan,” that means you should line or grease it.

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Our 9×13 Pan Buying Guide

No kitchen is complete without a 9 x 13 pan. This versatile kitchen instrument is able to bake sweets and cook casseroles and side dishes. As you begin shopping for the best 9 x 13 pan, youll want to review everything from the construction materials to the extra features.

A great deal of 9 x 13-inch pans are made out of either stainless steel or aluminum. The OXO Nonstick 9 x 13-Inch Cake Pan goes a step further, using a commercial-grade heavy-gauge aluminized steel that wont stain or rust. Its also coated with two layers of nonstick material to keep foods from sticking to the pan.

Determine how well the pan cooks and what its temperature capacity is. For example, the Nordic Ware 9 x 13-Inch Covered Cake Pan has superior heat conductivity that cooks food evenly. Its also equipped with a reinforced encapsulated steel rim that wont warp in high heat. Most 9 x 13-inch pans have a heat capacity between 450 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consider how safe the pan is to handle. The Rachael Ray Nonstick 9 x 13-Inch Baking Pan comes with silicone grip handles that prevent the pan from accidentally slipping out of your hands.

Check for extras that make the pan stand out. Some models are available in a variety of colors, for instance. The Wilton Nonstick 9 x 13-Inch Pan comes with a lid, so the pan can go from table to fridge. Other models use micro-textured patterns on the bottom of the pan for added airflow.

Best Value Baking Dish: Wilton Recipe Right Non

Wolfgang Puck 13″ Stainless Steel Everything Pan with Lid

You don’t have to spend a significant portion of your weekly spending money to buy a new baking dish. Indeed, this 9×13-inch pan from Wilton is less than $10, so for what a few burgers at a fast-food restaurant would cost you, you can have one of the highest-rated baking pans on Amazon in your kitchen cookware collection.

The steel pan is coated in a nonstick lining so whether you’re roasting chicken, baking a cake, or cooking a cobbler, the pan will easily wash clean as soon as it’s empty. The pan also comes with a plastic lid reviewers say is “sturdy” and “fits tightly.” It will make transporting the dish easier and cleaner ! It can also protect any delicate cake decorations from being smeared or smashed by plastic wrap.

Like most nonstick cookware, this baking pan is approved to wash in the dishwasher, but hand washing will help you avoid any scratches or chips that could damage the nonstick lining ad render it unsafe to use.

Buy it: $9 or Walmart

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Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Baking Pan With Lid / Nonstick Cake Pan With Lid Rectangle

  • GOODIES ON THE GO: The cake pan lid makes it easy to travel, and preserves appearance and freshness
  • EASY RELEASE: Nonstick inside and out delivers great food release with quick cleanup
  • FARBERWARE STRONG: This cake pans heavy-duty construction resists warping and heats evenly to brown beautifully and help reduce hot spots
  • more
  • FARBERWARE STRONG: This cake pans heavy-duty construction resists warping and heats evenly to brown beautifully and help reduce hot spots
  • BRING ON THE HEAT: The nonstick cake pan is oven safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit

Best Stoneware Baking Dish: Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware Rectangular Covered Casserole

Stoneware is a type of non-porous ceramic cookware. The high-fire temperatures each of these pieces undergoes help to make them sturdy and highly durable for years of use. That’s why top-of-the-line cookware brands like Le Creuset use stoneware for their bakeware pieces and with good results. The Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware Rectangular Covered Casserole is a must-have item for many wedding registries and seasoned cooks, as it can withstand day after day of cooking and year after year of cleaning without so much as showing its age.

Plus, in true Le Creuset style, the rectangular casserole pan is available in many of the brand’s signature colors, so you can match your pan to your seasonal decor or your kitchen’s aesthetic.

The enamel-glaze finish on these casserole pans make the stoneware nonporous, so you don’t have to worry about stains or smells after use. It also makes the baking dish easy to clean and resistant to chips or scratches.

A reviewer on Williams Sonoma writes, “This product is wonderful. I loved the matte white color. It bakes casseroles, lasagnas, and cakes super evenly and the lid allows the moisture to stay in so nothing dries out. I would definitely recommend this product to others!”

If you’re looking for a casserole dish to gift to a friend or loved one, this is the one. Not only will the style remain timeless, it’s a piece of bakeware you can trust will never let the recipient down.

Buy it: $115 Williams Sonoma or Le Creuset

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Ayesha Curry 47004 Nonstick Baking Pan

Here is a unique option for you. This is a copper pan with a plastic lid. Lets be clear, though: this pan is copper in color but is actually made with high-performance steel and not copper.

We dont want you to think youre getting an official copper pan with this option, but fortunately, steel is a great material for a baking pan already!

The edges of this pan are extended which makes it easier to handle the pan and attach the lid or foil or whatever you may need to.

The bottom layer is textured with a diamond pattern inlay which helps with non-stick qualities and the durability of the pan.

This is a long-lasting pan made with high-quality materials. There are several other pans available in this series as well. The company promises a quality assurance guarantee for this pan. This pan is labeled as dishwasher-safe as well.

One final note about Ayesha Curry: all of their kitchenware sales help to support the No Kid Hungry program. Now thats something you can feel good about.


  • The copper coating tends to flake and scrape off easily.
  • The lid fits very snugly and can be challenging to get off.

Best Glass 9×13 Baking Dish: Pyrex Basics 3


This will be the first Pyrex appearance on this list of best 9×13 baking dishes, but it won’t be the last one. So what’s the difference between the OXO glass baking dish above and this one? Primarily the handle and the type of glass. The handle on this glass casserole dish is a little more tapered and narrow, which may be an issue for anyone with grip issues. Also, this glass is not made to withstand the thermal shock of going from oven to freezer or back.

However, everything else about this Made-in-the-USA glass dish is what you’d expect from a high-quality Pyrex baking dish. That includes clear glass the heats quickly and evenly and is oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

“I prefer the pyrex glass pans to the metal ones, you can see how the baking is going on the sides. Not only that, but they don’t scratch. So get this pan, you will like it,” an Amazon reviewer writes.

Buy it: $17 or Walmart

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