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    Tube Pan/ Angel Food Cake Pan

    If youve got a tube pan in your cabinet youre in luck! They are typically used to make angel food cake or spongecakes. The tube pan is the closest alternative to the bundt pan. They have the same center tube as the bundt pans but a smooth, non-decorative bottom. A 10-inch tube pan holds 16 cups, which is a tad larger than the bundt. A 10-inch bundt has a 12 cup capacity.

    Generally, bakers prefer the bundt pans for the decorative top. If youve got a tube pan that has a removable base, dont worry, thats just a design feature for cooling down those lighter, airy cakes.

    If youve got a tube pan youre going to use, the only modification you need to make is to pay attention to volume, as you may have to adjust cooking times if you have a deeper tube pan or shorter for a shallower pan.

    If youre unsure of the cup capacity of your pan, there is an easy way to check the volume of your pan. For the amount of batter youre going to be using, you pour 1 cup of water in the pan at a time until its full. However many cups youve put into the pan is how many cups your pan is! You usually only fill the pans about 2/3 of the way with batter to make room for expansion to prevent overflow while baking.

    Cake Pan With Removable Bottom


    There’s a recipe I’d like to try for a citrus chiffon cake, which calls for an “angel food cake pan with a removable bottom.” I don’t have one of those. The instructions after baking are strange: it says, “invert the cake on the neck of a wine bottle let cool. Run a knife around the inside of pan and remove outer ring. Run knife around tube and along bottom and remove the tube.”I just have a “normal” funnel-type pan do you think that’d work? Thanks!

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    How To Use Cake Pan With Removable Bottom

    If you love making your own cakes, removable bottom pans are a handy piece of cookware to have in your kitchen.

    We love them because the removable base makes it so easy to remove your freshly baked cakes to the cake server.

    If you have just got your hands on this wonderful baking arsenal, read on to learn how to use cake pan with removable bottom to cook your favorite cake.

    Tube Pan Cake Recipes That Will Convince You To Get Yours Out

    Anodized Aluminum Round Cheese Cake Pan With Removable ...

    It’s no secret that Southerners love to whip out a pretty Bundt pan for stunning results, but the tube pan is the unsung hero of pound cake recipes everywhere. The two pans are often interchangeable, but if you don’t have a tube pan, these incredible recipes are going to convince you it’s time to add one to your kitchen collection. The hollow tube in the center of the pan conducts heat so even the densest cakes cook through. Unlike intricate Bundt pan designs, tube cake pans usually have straight sides, which makes them ideal for light and airy recipes like angel food cake. Whether you’re looking for a simple cake recipe like old-school pound cake or want to try something a little fancier like a new coffee cake, these recipes prove it’s time to dust of your tube pan.

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    Our Favorite Tube Pan: Chicago Metallic 2

    Ultimately, we ranked pans with removable bottoms higher because angel food cake is the quintessential purpose for these pans and its success relies on their unique design. Pound cake, on the other hand, can be made successfully in a loaf, Bundt, or cake pan. If you choose to make a pound cake in a tube pan with a removable bottom, we recommend either wrapping the exterior of the pan with aluminum foil or placing the pan on a baking sheet to prevent messes.

    Our winner was once again the Chicago Metallic 2-Piece Angel Food Cake Pan with Feet . Its removable bottom made releasing cakes fast and easy, and the snug fit of its base against the pans walls prevented leaking, even with denser pound cake batter. Cakes made in this pan were nicely browned and perfectly tall, and the pans feet made for sturdy cooling.

    A Baking Pan With A Removable Bottom How To Use

    These types of cake pans come in 2 pieces: the cake pan plus the base thats pushed out via the top .

    And theyre great for baking all sorts of cakes: apple cake, chocolate cake, vanilla pound cake, cheesecakes, crumb cakes, delicate name it.

    However, the design is not without issues.

    For example, the pan may leak cake inside the oven.

    Luckily, you can easily overcome such problems once you learn how to use cake pan with removable bottom.

    Here now are the steps and the tricks:

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    Chiffon Or Angel Food Cake Pans

    These cake are baked in tube pans with straight sides that are not sloped, and have little feet or metal fingers poking up from the top of the pan. Both cakes require hanging the baked cake upside-down to cool. This maintains the cell structure and the airiness of the cake. I remember walking into my grandmothers kitchen for a Passover Seder and seeing a magical collection of sponge cakes and angel food cakes balanced upside-down on glass Coke bottles to cool. Plastic soda bottles dont work, so either you have to MacGyver something, or you use the feet and place the cake upside-down on a cooling rack. As long as the pan has feet and is on an elevated cooling rack, you have enough air circulating.

    This is also why you should never use a nonstick pan for either angel food or sponge cakes. You cant turn a cake upside-down to cool if its nonstick it will slide down and out and flop, along with your cake-making dreams.

    A chiffon cake must be made in a tall pan four inches deep. An angel food cake can be a bit smaller pan three to three-and-a-half inches deep. The best bet is to buy a four-inch-side pan with feet that works for both cakes.

    Easy Ways To Make A Cake Without A Cake Pan

    Betty’s Quick Tip 21–How to Prepare a Cake Pan for Baking a Cake

    Go toHome » Easy Ways to Make a Cake Without a Cake Pan

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    Wheres your cake pan? Dont have one? Well, not everyone has the luxury of having a big kitchen with lots of space for all kinds of kitchen equipment.

    At the same time, even if you do have the space, not everyone wants their kitchen to be packed with tons of different cake pans and kitchen tools. Or maybe you dont have a cake pan because you just started baking and want to try it out before buying new pans.

    Whatever your reason, you dont have a pan. What now? Dont stop making that cake- there are solutions to your cake pan problems.

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    Nordic Ware Angel Food Cake Pan

    This great 18-cup capacity food cake pan is purely made from durable aluminum that distributes heat evenly when baking for those perfect results! The pan features a non-stick interior coating, so your cake doesnt stick but rather pop out when turned upside down.

    If you are looking for a versatile pan, then this fits in. Not only does it bake the best fluffy angel food cakes, but it also makes beautiful pound cakes with a rich golden crust. You can also bake a Bundt cake or that cake your heart desires with this pan.

    Nordic Ware pans are designed with handles that are quite handy in offering convenience when turning over your cake. By just holding the handles of the pan and turning it over, your cake slides right out! This pan, however, is not dishwasher safe.

    The pans premium non-stick coating ensures there is no build-up of cake residues on the sides of the pan. So with just some warm soapy water, you will have a clean pan within a short while! The manufacturers also offer a lifetime warranty on this angel food pan, which is enough reason it shouldnt lack in your bakeware collection.


    • Pricey

    How To Make Angel Food Cake Without The Pan

    I can clearly remember being at the local grocery store as a kid and happening across a funny cake, about halfway between the produce section and bakery case. This curious, spongey, and orange-y colored cake was always simply wrapped in a clear plastic bag with a twist-tie. Plus it had a hole in the middle!

    It was a rare instance, and with no particular occasion, that this mystery item actually made it into the cart and back to my kitchen. I even have one peculiar memory of this cake being baked at home. I can still picture in my mind that circle pan we never used, balancing upside down on the counter beside the stove. That silver cylinder really seemed to to hang there and cool for a very long time.

    Eventually I was allowed a slice, and with the first bite, the delights of Angel Food Cake came back to me, familiar from the last rare tasting. So light and airy in texture, a little tang, with a cherry flavor and a little sticky on my fingers.

    Living in Ireland now, I have not stumbled upon the sweet sponge in any store or bake shop. Was I missing the cake or home? Not sure. But one day, with a lot of eggs on hand, the idea came to me to figure out how to create one myself. As a bonus beyond the nostalgia factor, Angel food cake is a nearly fat free dessert. Before my recent in-home research, that was about all I knew for certain about the dessert that it is low-fat due to the absence of butter and its high egg white content .

    Got it, easy.

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    Gently Fold In Your Flour

    Now that you whipped up some beautifully fluffy egg whites, you need to add flour without deflating them.

    The trick to adding flour is to fold them into the batter with a gentle hand. If you were to stir it in, youd lose all that wonderful air you beat into the eggs.

    To fold in the flour mixture, add about 1/4th of it to the egg whites. Use a rubber spatula to cut the batter vertically towards you then fold part of the wet mixture over the flour.

    Add another part of flour then repeat. Keep doing this until all of the flour is added and is no longer dry. Any dry spots left will create air pockets or leave a weird streak in your cake.

    How To Store Angel Food Cake Overnight

    Angel Food vs Sponge Cake: What

    An angel food cake is more susceptible to drying out compared to other cakes due to its density. To maintain that heaviness in them, you need to store the cake in perfect conditions. Here is how you should store the cake overnight.1. Place the cake in an air-tight container. Ensure the cake is tightly wrapped. That way, it can last for up to 2 days.2. You can wrap the cake in plastic wrap then add aluminum foil then place it in the refrigerator.3. After baking, you can leave the cake inverted on the pan then remove it in the morning.4. Freezing is another great option as long as you cover the cake in plastic wrap and tin foil. To defrost it, leave it to sit for some hours at room temperature.

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    Instructions To Grease Your Bundt

    • Take one tablespoon of room temperature butter, spread it all over the inside of the pan, including the walls, accomodating for expansion during baking. If youre using margarine, do the same, and for the oil, you can spread using your hands or use a cooking spray such as Pam or Crisco.
    • Spoon about 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of flour in the bottom of the pan. Slowly rotate the pan so that the flour coats the butter evenly. Dump out any excess flour and youre ready to bake!

    What’s The Difference Between A Tube Pan And A Bundt Pan

    A tale of two cake pans.

    Confused about cake pans? Here is the lowdown: A tube pan is any type of round baking pan that has a hollow tube in its center. The tube conducts heat, which helps large, deep cakes bake faster, and it also helps the cake release more easily from the pan after it has been baked. A Bundt pan is a type of tube pan. But heres where things get a little confusingthese two pans cant always be used interchangeably.

    Bundt pans typically have fluted sides that give cakes a decorative sculpted shape that requires little embellishmentno fancy frosting techniques required. The pans can be ceramic, aluminum, and even cast iron. No matter the material, they are ideal for dense buttery cakes that have a tender, moist crumb, like butter, coffee, and pound cakes. The ideal Bundt pan is nonstick and has a light-colored interior. Dark gray or black pans tend to overbake or overbrown cakes because they conduct heat better.

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    What Is A Bundt Pan

    The name of the bundt cake pan was not just a weird idea for the name of a weird cake pan. The design of the Bundt cake pan was based on a traditional pan and the name came from the cake made in that pan. But first, notice I capitalized bundt the second time? That is because Bundt used to be a trademarked term for this type of cake pan.

    A bundt pan is a ring-shaped cake pan with fluted and scalloped sides. The design of it is based on centuries-old German cakes called Bundkuchen , or Gugelhupf .

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    Bundt Pan Purpose

    Bundt pans are meant for very dense cakes. In fact, the first cakes baked in these pans were more like breads than cakes. Originally, these cakes were made in ceramic or cast-iron pans. The fluted design helped the cakes bake, apparently, more quickly and evenly, since the areas where the pans were scalloped meant that heat could enter into the dough more quickly. Obviously, esthetics may have played a part.

    Yes, these cakes were made with a dough, not a batter, and the dough was traditionally yeast-leavened, although modern recipes exist using baking powder.

    Using Tube Pans in Place of Bundt Pans, but Not Vice Versa

    So, to sum it up: You should not substitute a Bundt pan for recipes that call for a tube pan but you can substitute a tube pan for recipes that call for a Bundt pan.

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