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Easy Cake Ball Recipe

CakePopFun – Covering a Cake Pop with Melted Icing

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, this is the recipe for you!

This is also a great dessert if you need a last minute treat to take somewhere. You can put this together in no time at all and it looks really pretty.

Plus, the kids love helping make these. They are just so fun and everyone loves them!

Everyone loves a bite size dessert and it works for so many different occasions. From birthday celebrations and holidays to just a fun baking day with the kids.

This dessert is amazing any time you want something fabulous but simple. Give it a try and see how wonderful it is.

They taste amazing and look so pretty when really they were super easy to put together! Dont you love recipes like that?

Print The Cakeball Pops And The Secret To Dipping Anything In Chocolate Directions Below

An FAQ is long overdue, and I hope to address all the concerns and questions I have received over the last year and a half so that my readers have somewhere to go to resolve their problems and get their questions answered. This post is solely meant to help you with the basics. Make sure you very gently heat your chocolateyou never want it to get hot but just barely warm enough to melt. The surest way to keep your chocolate from cracking is to place your styrofoam block in the refrigerator, or even better, the freezer, and place each pop on it after dipping. This is a pain, but if you have a lot of issues with cracking, this will prevent it.

Roll all of the cake into balls approximately 1 Tablespoon in size. Recipe Rating. In the fridge, they will stay fresh xake 3 weeks. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. I like to tilt my bowl.

I made them for a baby shower a few years ago and they were a pain in the butt cheeks with all that freezing and refreezing, dipping, twirling, decorating, and oh that texture!! It was soggy, grainy, and tasted like someone had chewed it up already. Something had to give! These cake pops are what I consider cake pop perfection!!! No need to keep refreezing and double dipping! The texture is fluffy AND moist and it was nowhere near as messy and time consuming as my first attempt at making cake pops. Sprinkles is as good as it gets over here :.

Before Christmas Cookie Season Hits Try These Pumpkin Spice Pops Complete With Melted White Chocolate And Crushed Pecans

Devils food cake mix . Melt the candy melts as directed and get the sprinkles ready in a separate small bowl. Place your candy melts in a glass or ceramic bowl . 35 adorable cake pops for every occasion. How to make cake pops! 2 teaspoons per 12 oz. For each cake pop, first dip the very end of a lollipop stick into the melted after coated, stand the cake pop up in the styrofoam block or shirt box and decorate with sprinkles before coating is set. Celebrate with cake pops all year long with these festive recipes. Easy homemade cake pops covered in a sweet chocolate coating. You can match the party color palette by choosing the candy melts and sugar to decorate them. Candy melts are not really good quality chocolate, but they are designed to skip the tempering process and be much easier for how can you prepare cake pops without candy melts? With a toothpick, use a small amount of candy melts to secure the eyes. This recipe for homemade cake pop frosting and coating is simple and straightforward.

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Cake Pop Icing Without Candy Melts

Cake Pop Icing Without Candy Melts. Vanilla candy melts would not either. You can use a spoon to fill in any gaps that you may have missed.

For making cake pops you will need box cake mix of your choice, baked and cooled, some creamy frosting, white candy melts, lollipop sticks, and candy push pops can either be ice cream or hard candy. They are just right for tiny hand and little party favors. Will they melt together nicely? I’ve used chocolate molds many times before with just never tried candy melts, even on their own, except to make cake pops. Which means melting and couling the chocolate without loosing its.

All Your Cake Pop Faqs Answered:

Cake pops recipe without candy melts

What Kind of Cake Should I Use?

I make my chocolate cake pop recipe from scratch and use my favorite gluten free chocolate cake recipe for the base of the chocolate cake pops. You can certainly use your favorite box mix.

Can I Halve this Recipe for Chocolate Cake Pops?

Yes, you can definitely halve all of the ingredients if you want to make less cake pops. For a half cake, follow the cake ingredients and directions in my Gluten Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cake recipe. Its already written out, so no extra math required on your part

Do I have to Use Gluten Free Chocolate Cake?

No. If you arent making these for somebody that eats gluten free, you dont have to use gluten free chocolate cake. Make these chocolate cake pops with your favorite chocolate cake recipe!

However, when making the chocolate cake balls, you might want to start with just 3 cups of frosting and add more as needed. You may need more or less depending on the chocolate cake you use.

Can I make these Dairy Free?

YES. Follow the dairy free subs in my chocolate cake recipe to make the cake dairy free. Then, use my vegan chocolate frosting. Last, youll use a dairy free chocolate for coating the chocolate cake pops. Enjoy Life Foods Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips melt really well and are great for dipping.

Do I need any Special Equipment?

Can Cake Pops be Made in Advance?

How to Store Cake Pops:

Just be sure to defrost them and let them come to room temp before serving.


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Do Not Be Intimidated By Making Cake Pops

Through all the years of my cake baking and decorating, I constantly had to remind myself its just cake. The world will go on if your cake pop falls into the coating, or if your stick pokes through the top of the pop, or your sprinkles dont stick in the prettiest way ever.

Practice makes perfect, and I still have mess ups here and there. And I used to get PAID to do this!

So put on some tunes, relax, maybe grab a little liquid courage, and get to cake popping. Youll be a pro in no time!

Tips To Melt The Candy Melts

Overheat When melting candy melts, be careful and make sure you do NOT overheat the candy coating. If this happens it will harden up too much.

Thin it out In order to get a smooth candy coating that will ensure that your cake balls have a gorgeous outer shell you need to thin it out. You can mix in Crisco shortening, coconut oil, or EZ-thin dipping aid for a runnier consistency.

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Coating Your Cake Balls

  • 1Melt your coating. Place your white chocolate candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave the melts for one minute. Then, remove them from the microwave and stir. Microwave the melts for an additional 15 to 20 seconds before removing and stirring again. Keep microwaving the melts in 15 to 20 second intervals until they’re fully melted.XResearch source
  • If you prefer a chocolate flavor, you can use chocolate candy melts instead.
  • 2Dip your cake pops in the coating. Even if you don’t intend to use sticks, it can help to at least use a toothpick to avoid getting the white chocolate on your fingers. Dip each cake pop into the white chocolate until it’s completely coated. Hold it over the bowl for a few seconds after dipping so excess chocolate can drip off.XResearch source
  • 3Set your cake pops aside to dry. Set your cake pops on a baking tray with parchment paper. Place them in a cool spot in your kitchen for a few hours until the coating dries.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Can I Use Frosting Instead Of Candy Melts

    How to Thin Candy Melts for the Perfect Cake Pops


    there is a good substitute for candy melt and that is white chocolate. You just need to melt it over water bath or microwave gently with a small amount of shortening or crisco and will work fine like candy melt.

    Additionally, can I use white chocolate instead of candy melts? TIP OF THE DAY: Use White Chocolate Instead Of Candy Melts. Many people use candy melts, a.k.a. candy coating, to make their confections. While they’re easy to use and come in many colors, frankly, candy melts don’t taste anywhere near as good as real chocolate.

    Additionally, can you use icing instead of candy melts for cake pops?

    Is there a way I can coat cake pops with frosting instead of candy melts? Yes. You could heat up the frosting in the microwave in 5 to 10 second intervals until it becomes less stiff and easier to stir.

    Can I melt store bought frosting?

    With store bought frosting . Just melt it in a jug in the microwave for 15 second blasts until the frosting is like lightly whipped cream. Now cool for a bit and start dipping your cupcakes or pour it over a cake. Once dry it should be shiny and it also tastes great.

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    Can I Use Chocolate Chips Instead Of Candy Melts

    Hi Jessie- I usually use the candy melts , but you can use chocolate chips . You do need to add some shortening to it , otherwise itll get lumpy. The candy melts already have oil added to them, chocolate chips dont have any oil added.

    Dip The Sticks For This Cake Pops Recipe

    Once the cake balls are formed for your cake pops, it’s time to begin assembly of this cake pops recipe.

    Start by melting the vanilla almond bark or candy melts for your coating. Break up the almond bark and put it in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave for 30 seconds. Stir the mixture, which will still be chunky, and then put it back in the microwave. Continue to heat the almond bark for ten-second intervals, stirring in between each heating until the almond bark is fully melted and smooth.

    Once the almond bark is fully melted, dip the end of a lollipop stick in the bowl. Then, push it into a cake ball, being sure that it only goes through to just the center of the cake ball, rather than all the way through. Repeat this step with all of the cake balls and lollipop sticks. Once all sticks have been dipped, place the full baking sheet in the freezer to allow the almond bark to fully set and the cake pops to chill for 15 minutes.

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    Supplies You Need To Make Cake Pops

    For cake balls When making cake balls all you really need is a baked cake made with cake mix, frosting, and candy melts to coat the outside of the balls. You can shape the cake balls with your hands or use a meatballer to get the perfect shape and size each time.

    For cake pops you will need the same ingredients here but you need to add cake pop sticks and a styrofoam block to keep the pops upright until they harden.

    These Cake Pops Are Insanely Moist And Extraordinarily Delicious

    Tinker Bell Cake Pops Recipe

    But you shoud have some chocolate tempering basics 24 oz meltable candy coating, in a flavor that compliments your cake. Put your candy melts into a microwaveable mug . Wait until the candy melts have fully hardened before you lift the cake off the setup board and move it onto your display board. Ice cream is a solid a cold tempertaures, but a liquid at room temperature (it is mostly milk. Cake pops are always a fun treat for a party. If you need a candy melt substitute, for most applications compound chocolate or almond bark will work best. These cake pops are insanely moist and extraordinarily delicious. Aren’t those tiny ice cream cones the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! This problem is called i need these for my husbands work on friday. They are just right for tiny hand and little party favors. Then, set pops on a cookie tray. You can do this in the microwave or in a heatproof bowl placed over a saucepan of simmering water.

    To take any sweet treat to the next level, consider tempering a good quality. A fun little cake pops which is tinker bell theme. Aren’t those tiny ice cream cones the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! For easy dipping of cake pops, cake balls, cookies and more, we suggest adding ez thin dipping aid to your candy melts candy. Mini cake pop ice cream cones ~ did you just see this photo and saw “aaawwwww “?

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    Cake Pops Without Candy Melts

    Updated 9 Jan 2012 , 7:56pmby jgifford

    Hi,I would like to do cake pops, but I can’t use candymelts as they have dairy ingridients in them. I was thinking of using a canned frosting, melting it a bit and dipping pops into it. Do you think it would work?Are there any other options besides candymelts?Thank you!

    Melted frosting would work, but it won’t give you the smooth finish that’s so easy to decorate. You can also use chips – chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, etc. – and they will give you a smoother finish.

    Thank you!would you just melt the choc chips or add something to them for smoother consistency? I find the straight melted choc chip have chunky consistency.

    You can also purchase regular chocolate and then temper it if you have a candy thermometer and it gives you the exact same results as candy melts, just takes a little longer. But would give you the snap when you bite into it, glossy texture that candy melts do, instead of melted frosting.

    Homemade Cake Vs Boxed Cake

    When you look for cake pop recipes online, the majority of recipes you will find are ones simply requiring box cake mix and readymade icing. I mean, sure, that is pretty convenient, but you will be compromising on the taste. Big time. Nothing beats from scratch cake pops. And, it’s still pretty easy to whip up a cake and pop it into the oven. The icing is also just 4 ingredients that you mix together. You can do it!

    Once you have your cake and frosting, the rest of the steps are all the same. You combine the two together and roll out little cake balls. No fancy cake pop tray required. Then, dip away into melted chocolate, decorate, or just leave them as is!

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