Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Cakes

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Different Signature Cakes Available:

Best Way to Cut a Cold Stone Creamery® Ice Cream Cake
  • Cake Batter Confetti: Layers of moist Red Velvet Cake and Cake Batter Ice Cream® with Rainbow Sprinkles wrapped in fluffy White Frosting
  • Cookies & Creamery: Layers of moist Devils Food Cake and Sweet Cream Ice Cream with OREO® Cookies wrapped in fluffy White Frosting
  • Cookie Dough Delirium: Layers of moist Yellow Cake and Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Cookie Dough and Chocolate Shavings wrapped in fluffy White Frosting
  • Midnight Delight®: Layers of moist Devils Food Cake, Fudge and Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Shavings wrapped in a rich Fudge Ganache
  • Strawberry Passion: Layers of moist Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Puree and Strawberry Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pie Crust wrapped in fluffy Strawberry Frosting

Every Cold Stone Flavor Starts With One Of Four Recipes

Going into a Cold Stone ice cream shop can be a little bit overwhelming. With at least ten staple flavors along with rotating seasonal and store-specific special flavors in addition to sorbet, the options are mind-boggling. And with flavors like French toast, cheesecake, coffee, and the ever-popular cake batter and sweet cream, there’s a delicious option for everyone.

But with so many flavors, along with the fact that the ice cream is made fresh in the store, it might make you wonder how exactly the company pulls it all off in those little shops. Well, Cold Stone certainly has a clever plan set in place.

Similar to what some bakery owners do when they need to make a huge variety of cookies, Cold Stone ice cream flavors all start with a base. The company uses four bases for all of its flavors, utilizing sweet cream ice cream, chocolate ice cream, sorbet, and yogurt to craft all of the rest of its flavors. Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream uses a base of sweet cream ice cream with cheesecake flavoring and strawberry puree added, while the peppermint mocha ice cream utilizes a base of chocolate ice cream with peppermint extract and instant coffee added to the mix. Talk about ice cream efficiency.

Does Cold Stone Sell Ice Cream Cakes

Ice Cream CakesCakesCakesCakescakecake

. Correspondingly, does coldstone sell ice cream cakes?

Just like our one-of-a-kind ice cream Creations, each of our Ice Cream Cakes is a handcrafted work of art. Made with the freshest ingredients, combining your favorite ice cream flavors and mix-ins, our cakes are the life of every party, event or special occasion and these Signature Cakes are our most popular by far!

Also Know, how do you serve a cold stone ice cream cake? Cut the ice cream cake with a large cake knife. Serve individual slices of the ice cream cake on sturdy plates. Slide a cake server to lift each piece to keep the ice cream well-formed as you transfer it to the plates.

Also question is, how much are ice cream cakes at Cold Stone Creamery?

Cold Stone Creamery Prices

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Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Has A Super High Fat Content

So, what exactly is the perfect ice cream? For Cold Stone Creamery founders, it was the ideal combination of traditional hard-packed ice cream balanced with just a touch of soft-serve ice cream. But it certainly isn’t as simple as mixing the two together and calling it a day. In fact, when it comes to Cold Stone’s signature ice cream, it all boils down to the fat content.

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream is considered “super-premium” ice cream. Sounds exquisite, right? According to the International Dairy Foods Association, in order for an ice cream to be considered super-premium, it needs to have a higher fat content in comparison to regular ice cream, along with utilizing incredibly high-quality ingredients. And what makes that fat content so high is all thanks to what’s in the recipe.

Cold Stone’s Sweet Cream ice cream is made using real cream, nonfat milk, sugar, corn syrup, and whey. And all of those ingredients amount to a whopping 21 grams of fat in the one-scoop size, Like It, which is approximately five ounces. A typical half-cup serving of ice cream often ranges from seven to 13 grams of fat. As delicious as this ice cream is, apparently, super-premium is another word for super high in fat.

How To Make Cake Batter Ice Cream

Cold Stone Ice Cream Cake 2015
  • Heat the cake mix in the oven for about 5 minutes.
  • Mix together heavy cream, salt, and sugar in a large stockpot.
  • Once the sugar has dissolved, turn off the heat
  • Add the cake mix and whisk in well.
  • Add heavy cream and milk into the pot and mix well.
  • Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
  • Mix again before putting it in an ice cream maker.
  • Freeze according to the ice cream freezers instructions.
  • Serve frozen.
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    Cold Stone Creamery Menu Prices

    Cold Stone Creamery prices Item 16 oz. Includes one ice cream and three mix-ins. $9.72 32 oz. Includes one ice cream and four mix-ins. $12.82 48 oz. Includes one ice cream and six mix-ins. $16.98 Cookie Doughnt You Want Some®French vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, cookie dough, fudge, and caramel. $6.99

    Preheat And Prep The Cake Mix

    Now that you have all of your ingredients, it’s time to get cooking. First, preheat your oven to 350 F. Then, take out the cake mix and a small baking sheet. Pour the cake mix in the baking sheet, place it in the oven, and set your timer for 5 minutes.

    Yes, it may seem strange, but the powdered cake mix is the only thing that goes in the oven. But stay true to the course, as this step will help to add some additional flavor to the final dish and will also keep any potentially weird raw flour notes out of the finished ice cream. Once your timer dings, take the now lightly toasted cake mix and move onto the next step.

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    Cake Batter Ice Cream

    Ice Cream in a BagNo-Churn Peaches and Cream Ice CreamNo-Churn 2-Ingredient Strawberry Ice CreamWhat is cake batter ice cream?What flavor is cake batter?What you will need to make Cold Stone Cake Batter Ice Cream Copycat

    • Mixing Bowl I like a variety of mixing bowls and prep bowls and this set has them all.
    • Whisk I have had this set for over 10 years and it is still as good as the day I bought it. With 3 sizes there is a whisk for every job.
    • Rainbow sprinkles

    Can I add extra ingredients to the ice cream?Fun serving ideaCan I make this Cake Batter Ice Cream dairy-free?How long can I store this ice cream?More fun recipes with sprinkles

    How To Serve Up The Copycat Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream

    Cold Stone Creamery: Ice Cream Cake

    Finally, here is what’s surely the best part of this recipe: enjoying the fruits of your labor. Well, in this case, you’d actually be enjoying the ice cream of your labor. Take the ice cream out of the freezer. Now it should look like legit ice cream rather than the soft mix you put away a few hours ago.

    There are plenty of ways to serve this ice cream, depending on everyone’s individual tastes and what you care to serve. Of course, there’s always the classic move of leaving it plain. This cake batter ice cream has more than enough flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth on its own, after all!

    There are other ways to dress it up that also play well with the look and flavor of the ice cream, of course. “I love classic rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sauce,” Carli says. We also think it would be good with brownie bits and a drizzle of caramel or chocolate syrup. The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination to create the ultimate cake batter ice cream dish of your dreams.

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    Celebrate Your Next Birthday With Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Cakes

    This post is brought to you in partnership with Cold Stone Creamery®.

    Although the boys birthdays are still 5 months away, they have already started planning their parties. Trevor insists on a Pokémon birthday party with a chocolate ice cream cake while Jonathan wants his party at the skating rink with a cookie dough ice cream cake. My husband and I may have had a slight influence on their love for ice cream cakes, if its up to us, wed choose an ice cream cake over a regular cake any day. I already have my eye on the Midnight Delight® from Cold Stone Creamery® for my next birthday, with layers of moist Devils Food Cake, Fudge, and Chocolate ice creamYUM!

    Cold Stone Creamery® is not just our go-to when it comes to wanting an ice cream treat, but theyre also our go-to when it comes to ordering an ice cream cake. Just like the one-of-a-kind ice cream Creations, their Ice Cream Cakes are a handcrafted work of art. Made with the freshest ingredients, and combining your favorite ice cream flavors and mix-ins, their cakes are the life of every party, event or special occasion.

    Chill The Ice Cream Mix

    Once you have added all the ingredients together, it’s time for the ice cream to chill. First, pour the mixture into an airtight container. Then, chill it in the fridge for at least 4 hours. You can also leave it overnight, if necessary.

    After the mix sits in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours, you can take it out of the refrigerator and move onto the next step the churning.

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    Cold Stone Has Been Around Longer Than You Think

    If you’ve ever visited Arizona, particularly the city of Phoenix or even Tucson, then you know it gets hot there. We’re talking really hot. And what could be better on a scorching summer day than the ideal ice cream cone?

    Founders Donald and Susan Sutherland opened the first Cold Stone Creamery in 1988. The first shop debuted in Tempe, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. The Sutherlands had spent time exploring the world for the perfect ice cream, but after years of searching, they just weren’t finding the ideal balance between hard-packed ice cream and the ever-popular soft serve. So, to solve the problem, they opened up a mom-and-pop shop of their own boasting the best ice cream they’d ever had.

    It definitely took a while for the idea of Cold Stone to catch on at the time, but the Sutherlands certainly held on strong. For 15 months, the couple saw very few customers until a local newspaper featured the ice cream shop and sang its praise. It was only a matter of time before customer visits and ice cream sales began to soar, launching the business into a success.

    What Makes This Recipe So Good

    Cookies &  Creamery

    Again its cake batter ice cream, enough said! Seriously though I have such a large affinity for cake batter, I am the one who still loves to lick the beaters.

    The first time I tried this Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter ice cream, was almost magical. One thing I knew without a doubt when I tried this ice cream for the first time, was that the cake mix was used Duncan Hines Butter Recipe cake mix. This recipe will not taste right if you use another type of cake batter. Usually, I dont recommend specific brands, but here I do.

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    Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream

    September 25, 2020 by Stephanie Manley, Last Updated May 21, 2021

    If youve never had Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream, what are you waiting for? This wonderfully creamy and delicious and has to be one of my favorite ice creams. Did I mention its cake batter ice cream?

    Cold Stone Ice Cream Is Made Fresh

    When Donald and Susan Sutherland set out to open the best possible ice cream shop, they wanted to be sure they were offering a premium product. And for them, that meant that the ice cream they were scooping up needed to be made fresh in their store every single day. And since opening in 1988, Cold Stone has upheld that promise, delivering ice cream that’s actually made in each of its individual stores.

    According to Cold Stone, the ice cream served up is made in small batches with a mixture of high-quality cream, sugar, and additional flavors. Staff members make the ice cream in the back of each store using an ice cream machine, ensuring that it’s fresh when a customer comes in to grab a scoop with their favorite mix-ins. And because they make the ice cream right in-store, it also means that you can request larger custom sizes to be mixed up for you to take home too.

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    Cold Stone’s Former Ceo Became A Governor

    It took a while for the concept of Cold Stone to catch on, but eventually, it did. But Donald and Susan Sutherland definitely had a bit of help along the way, and it just so happens, the CEO who led the company to growth and success later became Arizona’s governor.

    Doug Ducey, who worked for Proctor and Gamble earlier in his career, later moved on to help the Sutherlands get Cold Stone Creamery off the ground. He was brought on board in 1995, later becoming CEO in 2000. In 2007, Cold Stone Creamery sold to Kahala Group, and by that time, the company had more than 1,000 franchises under its umbrella.

    With his unique business background, Ducey left his ice cream days behind him, and he was elected Arizona’s state treasurer in 2010. Later, Ducey decided to run for Governor of Arizona. He won. He was first elected in 2014 and then again in 2018 to serve another term.

    Cnbc Documentary And Lawsuit

    Strawberry Passion Ice Cream Cake

    In December 2010 lawyers from Cold Stone Creamery threatened a lawsuit over some of the contents of a then-upcoming documentary by CNBC.

    Behind the Counter: The Untold Story of Franchising reported on the failures and successes of franchising. After several edits the program was broadcast on CNBC on March 21, 2011. Brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Five Guys were highlighted as successful franchise brands. Cold Stone Creamery’s executives and corporate lawyers were interviewed. The lawsuit was discussed with former franchisees and the litigation threats with CNBC. An apparently successful Cold Stone franchise was also featured. Another expose was not aired due to threats of litigation and stores that were closed for years appeared on search engines for some unknown reason.

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    Churn In The Ice Cream Machine

    Now, here comes the fun part, not least because you no longer have to churn the chilled cream base by hand like the ice cream makers of yore. Instead, simply take out your good old ice cream machine. You knew it would come in handy to use one day right?

    Add the mixture into the machine and churn the ice cream according to the instructions on the device, as each one’s operation will vary. Usually, it will take about 25 to 30 minutes for the ice cream to fully mix. You can either set your timer or eyeball the mix if you’ve made it before, though we recommend a timer if this is your first time or if you’re easily distracted.

    Once you’ve followed the directions on your ice cream machine and the mixture is fully churned, place it in your freezer overnight. Yes, you need to take just a little more time to get the ice cream ready, but don’t skip it! This step is pretty important because the ice cream is tastier when you let it sit overnight.

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