How Can I Ship A Cake

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How To Create The Perfect Unboxing Experience

How to Ship a Cake

The primary goal of unboxing is to increase your customers value perception. The moment they receive your package, patrons evaluate its quality and whether it was worth purchasing. From the box you send it in to how you organize it, we explain how to create the perfect unboxing experience below:

  • Package your baked goods in branded boxes. It builds anticipation when customers can tell where their package came from as soon as it arrives.
  • Use attractive and sustainable packing materials.Customizing your internal materials ties your overall aesthetic together. If you use sustainable packaging, include an insert that shares this information with your customers. Environmental responsibility can earn respect and boost brand loyalty.
  • Thoughtfully lay out your products. Use dividers to manage your products’ placement. Consider the color scheme of the cushioning that you choose and how it compliments your items. Browse the social media hashtags #unboxing and #flatlay for inspiration.
  • Give free samples. Free samples encourage repeat business and introduce your clients to your other product lines. For example, if your customer ordered a shipment of your banana bread, consider adding a sample of your cake pops.
  • Personalize the package. From handwritten notes to customizable gift packaging, personal touches can go a long way in earning brand loyalty.
  • After December 27th We Will Resume Shipping On Monday January 3rd

    • We typically ship MONDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY each week via ups.

    • If you have any specific questions about our shipping service, please feel free to email us at . We are happy to help and we love spreading the joy of cake to our customers both near and far!

    • Though we are not able to write on or decorate our cakes that are shipped, we would be happy to include a special note inside of the box for the recipient.

    • Please order 3-5 days in advance so that we have ample time for packaging and freezing your items to travel safely.

    • Our baked goods freeze just fine so, eliminate the worry over delivery times with shipping and just order them a few days in advance of when you plan to serve them! That way you are in control of pulling them out to thaw in the perfect amount of time and you wont have to worry about them arriving on time!

    Did you know that our cakes are thoughtfully packaged with eco-friendly shipping supplies?

    Lets help each other be GREEN!

    How To Ship Bread

    Homemade bread is time-consuming to make but oh so delicious. Many would rather order bread from a premium bakery than try to make it themselves. However, not all loaves of bread ship as well as others. The best type of bread to ship is quick bread leavened with baking powder or soda such as pumpkin, zucchini, and banana bread. Unyeasted, “quick bread” is heartier and has a longer shelf life than yeast-risen dough. Your next best choice is bread leavened with sourdough. Yeast leavened bread has the shortest shelf life and is the most fickle, making it the most challenging type of bread to ship.

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    Use Frozen Cool Packs

    Frozen cool packs are going to be another imperative part of the process when shipping a cake. Even if you did freeze the cake that youre shipping, its still going to be important to keep the cake fresh during the shipping process.

    You can buy freezer cool packs that are meant to be inserted in mailers. Simply keep these in your freezer until it is time to pack the cake into the box and ship it out.

    Just grab the frozen cool packs directly from the freezer and place them right in the box with the cake. Try to position the cool packs all around the cake so that the cake will stay cool as evenly as possible.

    If all goes as planned, then these frozen cool packs should keep your cake fresh during the shipping process. This is a part of shipping preparation that you wont want to skip if you care about the condition of the cake when it arrives at its destination.

    Choosing The Right Shipping Method

    How to Make Ship Cake

    Obviously, you want your cake to get to your client as fast as possible. A longer shipping time only means a bigger risk of your cake getting damaged.

    Though the cake could probably last a one or two day shipping time, you should get same day shipping as often as possible. If you cant do this, your next best bet is overnight shipping.

    This will minimize the shipping time and make sure your cake stays in good condition for your client.

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    List Of Baked Goods That Dont Ship Well

    Just like certain baked goods hold up well in the mail, others lose their form and flavor. Dairy-rich sweets require low temperatures for safe consumption, and so they make poor shipping candidates. Items with delicate toppings often arrive smashed and ruined.

    Sticky sweets, like caramel and toffee, cling to packaging and other baked goods, ruining their presentation. This doesn’t mean you can’t successfully ship these items with the proper packaging, but it will be more expensive. You will also run a greater risk of product loss and customer dissatisfaction. Discover the riskiest baked goods to ship by their type below:

    • Bread – Yeast-leavened and crusty bread don’t ship well.
    • Frosted Cake –Frosting is a poor shipping candidate with whipped cream frosting and cream cheese frosting being the worst since you must keep them refrigerated. Carrot cake, strawberry shortcake, and icebox cake are some of the hardest cakes to ship.
    • Pies – French silk pie, lemon meringue pie, and key lime pie are very hard to ship.
    • Cookies – While they’re still relatively shipping-friendly, cookies with sticky ingredients like caramel, frosted cookies, and eggless cookies like shortbread are harder to ship.
    • Bars – Ooey gooey butter bars, chess bars, and caramel bars require careful packaging.
    • Cheesecake – Since cheesecake must maintain a low internal temperature, it is not an easy item to ship.

    Label The Outside Of The Box

    In addition to an address label, its smart to create both Fragile and Keep Upright labels. Whether youre shipping perishables, or breakables, the right label can help ensure carriers keep your packages upright and in a safe transport position. Because the last thing anyone wants is an upside down cake on their doorstep! Keep your cake safe from the moment you put it in the box with any one of our Fragile and Keep Upright-themed labels.

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    Seal The Box Properly

    Sealing the cake box properly is going to be the next big step before shipping it out. You need to use really good shipping tape to seal the box so that nothing comes loose while its being driven to its destination.

    Make sure that you are very thorough with how you seal the box. Tape all of the seams on the box and do your best to smooth the tape down so that it stays in position.

    If you dont smooth down the tape, then some of the tape could get snagged on something and come loose. Generally, its going to be better to use more tape than to not use enough, and this means that you should just try to tape the box the best that you can.

    When youre confident that the box has been taped properly, itll be ready to ship. Now you just need to find the right business to ship your cake to where it needs to go.

    How To Send Baked Goods In The Mail

    How I Ship Bundt Cakes | Preparing a Cake to Ship

    If youre sending sturdy baked goods locally, you can put pastries in priority mail. However, overnight shipping is the ideal way to send baked goods to preserve their quality. For fragile or temperature-sensitive items like cheesecakes, overnight shipping isn’t just beneficial, it’s required. Whether youre packaging your goodies for the mail or for shipment, follow our step-by-step instructions for shipping or mailing baked goods.

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    Consider Freezing Before Shipping

    Hedeman is a big proponent of freezing, both as a way to protect the baked good by making it harder and more solid, and to help it stay fresh en route. He recommends enfolding the treat tightly in plastic wrap or a ziploc bag before freezing. For cookies, he says, you could even wrap them on a plate with plastic, and then freeze them in the arrangement youd like them to present in.

    If going the frozen route, you dont need an insulated shipping container, says Hedeman just keep the cookies or baked goods in their plastic packaging and let them defrost as they travel. There might be some moisture due to the defrosting, but not so much that the package leaks, which would go against USPS rules. Still, just to be safe, Hedeman advises against using water-soluble packaging materials like biodegradable packing peanuts.

    Place A Label With Both The Return And Destination Address On The Bag In Case The Address On The Box Becomes Detached Or Unreadable

    How to ship a cake ups. Milk bar also offers birthday gift sets that include additional items such as cake truffles, cookies, tosis book all about cake, and milk bar pie. Fill a fitted styrofoam mailer halfway with the cake. You should also label the bag with the word cremated remains..

    Or you could hot glue the cake base to the bottom of the box. If you do not have an insulated cake shipping box, place the cake in a container that is close to the size of the cake to minimize how much it can move during shipping. Choose a cardboard box thats sturdy and corrugated to ensure a safe delivery.

    You will need to buy a box that gives you just enough room to fit the cheesecake and packing materials inside and a bigger box that can hold the first box and more peanuts. How to ship a cake uk. If its a cake youve baked yourself, be sure to let it cool down before wrapping.

    use a usps priority apo/fpo/dpo boxes to ship items overseas. Place the cake in a good solid corrugated cardboard box. Put it in a sturdy box and pack the tin with plenty of packing material so it’s a tight fit.

    either way, you should be unapologetic about the cost of shipping. Use shrink wrap for sturdy goodies like bundt cakes and pies, and wrap plastic around more delicate cakes by hand. Place the cake in a new sturdy cardboard box to ship it.

    Next take a second box, slightly larger and place the boxed cake into that box. How to ship a cake. In a strong cardboard box, place the styrofoam mailer.

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    The Sturdier Or Denser The Baked Good The Better

    When it comes to cookies, its no surprise that hardier varieties travel the best. Gingerbread and thicker chocolate chip cookies are two examples of sturdier types, says Alex Rush, a co-founder who handles all things packaging and shipping. Additional recommendations include hard cookies, like shortbread and biscotti, and bars, such as brownies and blondies, according to the Kitchn.

    Other softer cookies can potentially survive the trip, depending on how well theyre packaged, says Rush, but delicate cookies like sugar, pizzelles, or even thin and crisp chocolate chip cookies are likely to break in the mail, no matter how meticulous the packaging. Cookies with soft fillings also tend not to travel well, according to Jessica Vitak, who, with her family, bakes an average of 4,000 cookies of which approximately 1,000 are mailed out each holiday season. Vitak, an associate professor at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies, says that cookies with elements like caramel can be mailed, but they have to be packed carefully to avoid sticking to each other and causing a mess.

    Most Festive: Milk Bar

    Leafy Tree Tops: Pirate Ship Cake
    • Only two cake options

    Are you looking for a cake that delivers the ultimate birthday essence? Check out Milk Bars birthday cakes. There are two choices: birthday cake, chocolate birthday cake, plus gluten-free versions.

    But what Milk Bars menu lacks in breadth it more than makes up for with depth of craft. The website describes how the Milk Bar team worked for more than two yearsled by founder and James Beard award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosito achieve the perfect nostalgic birthday funfetti flavor. With that kind of commitment and attention to detail, it is no wonder that Milk Bar has garnered heaps of positive press and hundreds of enthusiastic customer reviews.

    Prices start at $52, plus shipping for the 6-inch birthday cake. Milk Bar also offers birthday gift sets that include additional items such as cake truffles, cookies, Milk Bar pie, and Christina Tosis book, “All About Cake”. You can order ahead and even select a specific delivery day up to 30 days in advance.

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    Can You Ship Baked Goods Internationally

    If youre asking yourself, How do I ship baked goods internationally for Mothers Day, then youve come to the right place. All the above couriers – USPS, UPS, and FedEx, will get your goods to international destinations across the world, including Canada, the EU, and Asia. You can even use USPS to send baked goods to military destinations.

    The US only allows the shipping of baked goods if they are going from one individual to another. It must be marked as a gift on the customs form. So, if youre shipping to a relative in the US from Canada, do keep that in mind.

    Some countries dont allow home-baked food items to be shipped at all. Australia, for example, only allows commercially-made and packaged goods with no raw parts through its mail service. Make sure you check that in advance. You may also need to consider taxes and duties if youre shipping cookies internationally. Dont forget, youll also need to fill out customs forms. Easyship can help you with this by automatically generating these for your shipments.

    Should I Freeze Cookies Before Mailing

    Freezing cookies before mailing them is an excellent way to protect them and help them stay fresh. Frozen cookies are more solid and less likely to break in transit. You can ship frozen cookies in their plastic packaging, saving you money on insulated shipping containers.

    Most cookies freeze and defrost without altering their flavor or consistency. You can arrange your cooled cookies on a plate as youd like to present them, wrap the plate in plastic, and freeze them together. Once frozen, your plate of cookies is ready for packaging. Typically, the moisture the cookies release as they defrost isnt enough to make their package leak. However, since leaks go against USPS rules, its advisable to use biodegradable packing peanuts or other water-soluble packaging materials

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