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There Are Only Two Flavors Offered

How to Price a Cake | CHELSWEETS

You can either order a chocolate cake, or what Costco refers to as a white cake, which is basically just vanilla flavored. The chocolate version of cake contains chocolate mousse filling and has chocolate buttercream icing.

The vanilla version of the cake has a vanilla cheesecake mousse filling and is iced with white buttercream icing.

Wedding Cake Delivery Fees

The cost of the cake usually doesnt include delivery fees. Choosing the most sought-after baker in the city is going to add to the expenses if they have to deliver it all the way across town, and itll be more than a regular delivery fee. Why? They have to keep it at the right temperature and theyre responsible for making sure it stays completely intact.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Ordering A Cake From This Pastry

The Cake Boss lobster tail pastry is the most popular pastry available, according to TLC. This pastry got its name due to its shape like the crustaceans hindquarters.

Cake Boss products can be bought straight from their site at At this time, just baked products can be delivered.

$30 million cake

You should know that a lot of people have actually noted that they needed to wait as much as a year to have the pastry shop make them a cake.

Despite the fact that the initial pastry shop is no longer at its initial address, the bakeshop has locations at the Mall of America in the Willowbrook Mall in New Jersey in the Venetian Palazzo in Las Vegas Morristown, New Jersey Orlando, Florida Ridgewood, New Jersey Westfield, New Jersey Red Bank, New Jersey The Woodlands, Texas and at the Discovery Times Square Exposition in Times Square, New York City.

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The Dinosaur Design Was Part Of A Scandal

In 2015, a story by The Inquisitr broke about a woman who had complained that the dinosaur design on her childs birthday cake only had three legs which each resembled the number 6.

The woman claimed that the bakers had purposely hidden this demonic 666 message in her childs birthday cake .

However, after some research, it had been found that the article had been written by the mothers boyfriend, and the Costco location that had been mentioned in the story confirmed that there had never been a complaint regarding the cake.

Buttercream Custom Cake Pricing

Wedding Cake: How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost?
Examples of custom frosting CakesCompletely Custom Designs in our famous buttercream frosting. Preorder only Some cake designs can ONLY be completed in fondant, in which case we will let you know. Unlimited flavor combinations. Fillings can cost extra.Because our pricing is linked to our time, if you let us know what your budget and serving requirements are, we can work with you to design a cake to meet your needs.Please visit ourFAQ page for all custom cake informationThe exact cake pricing is dependent on designs, size, and detail. The pricing here is a general guideline! There is a minimum of 14 days notice for all custom work, based on availability. Deposits must be paid 10 days in advance. We are small shop and do book up quickly on weekends/holidays. Please plan advance notice for all custom orders!We require a 50% deposit to hold and confirm custom cake orders.Buttercream Frosted Custom CakesHandmade Fondant accent pieces/figurines/toppers at an additional cost. Fondant accent pieces and figurines are priced at an additional rate of $75 per hour of work.ROUND CAKES1/4 Sheet Single $44.951/4 Sheet Double $84.951/2 Sheet Single $84.951/2 Sheet Double $114.95Full Sheet Single $124.95Full Sheet Double $179.95For a list of cake flavors and fillings, please visit our cake menu page.

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Holiday And Every Day Treats With Costco Cakes

During the holiday season, cooking tends to be was of the biggest stresses. In addition to hosting a holiday meal or party for families and friends alike, many people attend various parties at other peoples homes, and this usually requires guests to bring an item.

Instead of spending hours in the kitchen baking and cooking for these various events, Costco cakes can help to make your life that little bit less stressful during the holiday season.

Costco sells a variety of holiday-themed cakes which can be purchased and taken away on the day of the event, or they can even be ordered in advance.

Costco cakes are a delicious treat for everyone, and they wont set you back too much money either. The reasonable prices that Costco offer on their cakes allow families and friends to enjoy a restaurant-quality dessert at a very small fraction of the cost.

Each Costco offers a wide variety of options. You can choose from different flavors including a white cake with berry compote, or a chocolate espresso cake.

All of these cakes are ready made in the bakery and can be picked up at any time thats convenient for you. This makes Costco cakes a great option for those who are busy and are also perfect for someone who needs to pick up a last-minute dessert.

You Do Not Want To Be The Cheap Cake Lady

Another older chart:

So in 2012 , I had to change my thinking on How to Charge for Cakes. After evaluating everything I was doing, I increased my prices and started to take fewer orders. Im proud to say Im finally making good profit on a regular basis.

I still don’t charge as much as some nearby bakeries , but since raising my prices, I regularly pay myself and it feels great! I’m also not undercutting local bakeries/bakers and stealing business with “cheap” cakes. PS – if you do that, you will make enemies!

I think that it’s fine to have lower prices if you’re new and trying to get established but once you’re experienced, you should be making a profit. Especially if youre doing quality, comparable work.

Obviously, I cant answer that question for you some bakers/cakers just do better work than others, but you have to be honest with yourself and set your prices accordingly.

If you live in a big city where the average price for an intricately decorated cake is $7 per serving, and you know that your work is as good or better than theirs, then dont sell yourself short compete with those prices!!

If your work and the quality of decorating is more along the lines of what theyd find at a grocery store bakery, then you may want to gear your prices more toward what theyre charging .

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The Costco Birthday Cake

Most of Costcos designs for sheet cakes are great for larger birthday parties. Basic celebratory designs like rainbows, balloons, and roses work for birthday guests of all ages and genders.

Children can also enjoy themed designs, like clowns, pirate ships, surfboards, and caterpillars.

For adult birthdays, there is a humorous Over the Hill cake featuring the Grim Reaper which if you can pick if the birthday boy or girl is not sensitive about their age.

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All decorated Costco sheet cakes are just $18.99, and they serve almost 50 party guests. If you are having a smaller birthday party, you may want to consider a specialty cake option, such as pound cake topped with fresh strawberries or a carrot cake.

These are very tasty even though the decorations are not personalized.

Costco Cake Prices Designs And Ordering Process


by | Aug 27, 2019 | A F Cake Manufacturers |

Costco cakes are known for being family-friendly choices for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and any other special occasions. Costco birthday cakes are actually customizable they are available as Costco sheet cakes, which can be easily tailored to match the memorable event about to take place.

Costco wedding cakes are just as sought-after, as well as the adorable Costco baby shower cakes.

In our guide here, you will learn everything you need to know about Costco cakes, from Costco cake designs to Costco cake prices, and much more.

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The Costco Graduation Cake

There are a few different graduation options to pick from when ordering a Costco sheet cake. One of these Costco cakes is specifically designed for graduation, and it shows a graduation cap next to some balloons that contain the year of graduation.

There are also several generic celebrations and special occasion cakes that can be decorated in the graduates school colors, and you can ask Costco to include a message congratulating the person on their graduation.

A few other Costco cake options work if the graduate has special interests. Costco has a baseball, football, basketball, or soccer design you can choose if the graduate played a sport at their school.

Graduates who are going into the military after school may appreciate the American flag-themed cake.

How Much Does An 8 Inch Cake Sell For

The minimum price for an 8 round with 24 servings is $96 . The price of tiered cakes typically starts at $4 per cake. If you serve two tiers, the price will increase by $ per tier. A 4 tiered cake would cost at least $4 per tier, which is 25 cents per tier. For difficulty/design, please specify a price per serving.

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How Much Does A Custom Cake Cost

I will start by saying this: there is a lot that goes into cake pricing, and no two bakers will be the same. So, thats why you should consider getting pricing information from more than one baker when looking for your dream cake.

Every baker is going to have its own pricing. However, the typical price for a custom cake will land you anywhere between $3 and $5. So, if youre looking for an enormous wedding cake with multiple tiers and flavors, its likely going to set you back a few hundred.

Lets take a closer look at some of the things that will cause the price to go up or down when ordering a custom cake.

Costco Baby Shower Cakes

Wedding Cake: How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost?

Baby on the way? Celebrate the upcoming event with a mouth-watering and affordable Costco custom cake. The best design for baby showers is the carriage one, which is available for a boy or a girl.

Balloons, rainbows, and smiling suns are also great designs to choose from for a baby shower cake from Costco. Dont forget, the Costco half sheet cake serves 48 people, so you dont have to worry about there not being enough cake to go around.

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Costco Cakes Prices Models & How To Order

The Costco warehouse club is one of the most popular warehouse retail chains in the nation because their prices are so convenient, and their product quality is so high.

Just like most other items at Costco, Costco cakes are delicious and very budget-friendly. They come in a few different basic styles and flavors, and even some of the most expensive Costco cakes are only about $20. Costco may not have a huge variety of cakes, but they do have quite a few different decorations to pick from.

In this article, we will tell you more about the cost for all of these designs, Costco cake prices in 2019, and their best models for birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, and more.

Dimensional Sculpted Fondant Cakes

You must be very interested in custom cakes if you made it this far in our custom cake college course! =)

3 dimensional cakes are almost impossible for me to provide basic pricing for. They will feed a minimum of 20 people.

Lets us this liquor bottle cake as an example. This cake design is one of the most basic designs for a 3d custom cake. This cake to feed approximately 20 people would cost $300.

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How Much Do Cake Pops Cost

Best Wallpaper Ideas website. Search anything about Wallpaper Ideas in this website.

How Much Do Cake Pops Cost. There is a range of 95 cents to 3. Salted Caramel or Birthday Cake Pop.

One cake flavor two colors-start at 33 per dozen- 3 per additional color per dozen- 2 dozen min. – fondant bigger decoration special themes animals bodies 1cake pop. Please contact me for a custom quote.

Can You Freeze A Costco Cake

How much should I charge for a cake? | Pricing Help for Bakers, Treat Makers

You can freeze a Costco cake to keep it fresh in the days leading up to your special occasion. Costcos half sheet cakes are standard layer cakes that can be frozen and defrosted for later use. However, freezing buttercream frosting for an extended period may affect the frostings consistency.

Costco keeps their cakes frozen before putting them on display, so you shouldnt have anything to worry about when freezing your Costco cake.

For the best results, transfer your cake to the freezer as soon as you bring it home to preserve the frostings firmness.

If you have enough room in your freezer, store your cake in a box to avoid crushing it.

If youre shopping for a specific design and you cant find it on your bakerys cake display, you can ask a Costco bakery team member to check the freezer in the back.

However, if youre shopping for a cake on the same day that youre planning to eat it, keep in mind that youll need to set aside a few hours to defrost a frozen cake.

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What Cakes Are Available At Costco

Although Costco offers endless options for customization, the retailers cakes are only available in two flavors: white cake filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse topped in vanilla buttercream frosting or chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse topped with chocolate buttercream.

In recent years, Costco has cut back significantly on their available cake flavors. In the United States, Costcos carrot cake sheet cakefilled with apricot mousse and topped with cream cheese icing and almondsused to be a customer favorite.

Internationally, Costco offers an even more impressive selection, with warehouses in Australia offering customers the option to mix and match different types of cake to create their own custom flavors.

Despite Costcos limited flavors, customers still praise Costco cakes quality, freshness, and taste, making them a popular option for birthdays, grad parties, and even weddings.

How Did I Come To My Per Serving Price

I came up with my price list based on three things:

  • Consider what other local bakers/bakeries are charging. Call them and ask if you can. Sometimes at home we have to charge less, but not much. Bakeries do have the added expense of paying for their building, extra utility bills, commercial equipment and maybe paying other employees, etc. But you want to be competitive. Charge $3-3.50 per serving if theyre charging $4 not you charging $1 per serving when theyre charging $4!
  • The cost of your ingredients and other expenses. This will take some time and math but you have to know what cakes are costing you. Add up your ingredient costs , cake boards, tape, boxes, gas for deliveries, business cards, even consider the electricity . All of these things matter!
  • Your time. This is most important! As a homeschooling mommy of 6 kids, I have to really value my time. I dont want to be spending my 5th hour on a cake knowing Im only going to make $20 profit on it that really stinks! When I first evaluated my money and profit, I was only profiting about $2 per hour. That was NOT acceptable. You need to know or be able give a really good guess on how much time youre spending on cakes. Yes, there are times when youre going to make a big mistake and something is going to take way longer than you anticipated, but generally speaking, you should have a fair idea of your time involved and decide how much you want/need to make per hour for it to be worth your time and energy!

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