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How to make a Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Sugar Free Cake

You may have already guessed the answer since baking soda is used to make baking powder, and you need more baking powder per cup of flour. But Ill tell you anyway.

Baking soda is four times stronger than baking powder.

Thats why you will more often than not see recipes that only call for baking soda rather than recipes that only call for baking powder.

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  • Pastry enthusiasts, moms who want to master gluten, lactose and sugar free cakes. You want to find out how to make original gluten, lactose and sugar free cakes, learn new recipes and delight your family with your creations
  • All level pastry professionals looking to make gluten, lactose and sugar free cakes. You want foolproof recipes for gluten, lactose and sugar free cakes. You are looking for new techniques, guidance and support from a professional instructor
  • Coffee shop, pastry shop or home bakery owners. You are looking for gluten, lactose and sugar free cakes that will enrich your pastry showcase, increase sales and please every customer who tries them


This beautiful cake consists of a tall fluffy sponge, delicate cottage cheese cream and an apricot confit. The chef has developed a special kind of cream for frosting the cake – it is pure white and perfectly stable. The cake is decorated with fresh apricots, berries, mint and a pinch of dried basil. The combination of apricot and cottage cheese creates a very fresh taste, with both a pleasant sweetness and sourness.

Chocolate and Date Cake

Honey Cake

This sweet treat tastes just like a real classic honey cake, but doesn’t contain any gluten, lactose and sugar. Simple yet extremely delicious, this cake consists of two textures: a silky cream that boasts a pleasant sourness and a delicate honey sponge. This cake is topped with a delectable honey crumb that seduces with its appetizing golden brown color.

How To Make Dairy Free Buttermilk

The first tricky thing is that the recipe calls for dairy free milk and apple cider vinegar instead of buttermilk.

I’ve always made my own “buttermilk” instead of purchasing it.

All you need to do is add the vinegar to your milk and let it sit for a few minutes.

Since there really isn’t a dairy-free buttermilk on the market, this makes it easy to make my red velvet cake dairy free or vegan.

If you handle dairy, you can also use regular milk with the same results.

The vinegar is essential to getting your cake to rise, and it will rise a lot. Almost double!

The vinegar reacts with the baking soda and cocoa powder, just like those volcanos you made in grade school.

Except for making a volcano and a mess, you get a slice of dairy free red velvet cake.

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Top Tips For Making Dairy Free Cake

  • Measure Correctly: In order to make sure you have the right amount of flour for your cake, youll want to measure it right! Firstly, youll want to fluff up the flour with a spoon or fork in the container you keep it in. Next, gently scoop the fluffed flour into a measuring cup. Once filled, gently level it off.
  • Dont overmix: Once everything is just combined, your batter is ready to be put into the pans and go into the oven. Overmixing can cause dryness in the cake which you dont want!
  • Use room temperature eggs: This will improve the finished result of your cake. Room temperature eggs will allow the cake to bake perfectly, whereas if you use cold eggs it may throw off the baking time.
  • Measure liquid in liquid cups and dry ingredients in dry cups: Dont try to measure liquids in dry measuring cups or vice versa. If the ratios of ingredients are thrown off, the cake wont bake like its supposed to!
  • What Does It Mean To Bloom The Chocolate

    Gluten &  Dairy Free Chocolate Cake!

    When you get to the step about boiling the dairy free milk and coconut oil together, you may be tempted to skip that step, but dont. Its very critical to do so in order to make this perfect dairy free chocolate cake.

    You add the boiling milk mixture in order to help the cocoa power bloom. When cocoa powder it mixed with a hot liquid it allows the powder to dissolves and release flavor particles. Essentially, it brings out all the flavor in the cocoa powder, ensuring you have the best dairy free chocolate cake ever.

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    Can I Make This A Top 8 Allergen Friendly Vanilla Cake

    There are a few ingredients that we are looking at for Top 8 allergens, but it is possible to make these Top 8 safe.

    To start, use a gluten free flour . Please note that you should allow the cake to cool and keep at room temperature.

    Then, use a safe for you dairy free milk. We like oat, but you could use hemp or flax or pea milk for a top 8 free milk.

    And finally, the melted coconut oil can be swapped with another oil like canola or you can use a soy free, dairy free butter like Earth Balance soy free in the red tub.

    How To Measure Gluten Free Flour

    How you measure your gluten free flour is also very important.

    To accurately measure your flour, use the fork, spoon, knife method.

    First, mix your gluten free flour with a fork to ensure it is aerated and evenly mixed.

    Then carefully spoon it into your measuring cup.

    DO NOT scoop the flour with your measuring cup, youll compact extra flour into the measuring cup and then your gluten free baked goods will be dry and crumbly because they’ll have too much flour.

    Finally, level off your measuring cup using a knife.

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    Reverse Creaming A Cake

    Traditionally, most vanilla cake recipes start by creaming the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. In reverse creaming, the dry ingredients with the sugar are whisked together to create air and break down any of the larger sugar crystals. The next step to reverse creaming is adding the butter bit by bit which coats the flour and helps inhibit gluten formation. Less gluten means a softer spring-like crumb.

    After the butter and dry ingredients have been creamed together and have formed a sand-like texture, the wet ingredients get added in two separate stages. First, goes in the milk and oil. Next, the milk, eggs, and of course, the vanilla. This is a vanilla cake after all!

    Carrot Cake Frosting Tips

    How to Make Gluten-free and Dairy-free Chocolate Cake | Waitrose

    I topped it off with the dairy-free cream cheese frosting recipe that I created for Allergic Living magazine, but this recipe is also quite delicious. To maintain the thickness of the frosting, start with just 1 cup of powdered sugar and only add as much as needed for your tastes. I find that adding the full amount can make it a touch runny, depending on the brand of dairy-free cream cheese alternative.

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    How To Store And Freeze

    • The cakes can be made ahead of time and tightly wrapped and stored for up to a day before frosting. Before storing, make sure the cakes are completely cooled. If you wrap them while they’re still warm, the extra humidity and heat could actually make the cake spoil faster.
    • Whether kept at room temperature or in the fridge, the cake must be completely sealed from other foods and will keep for two to three days. They will keep in the freezer for up to a month.
    • If freezing these cakes, be sure to thaw them gradually. Frozen cakes should be thawed in the fridge and then set out in a cool room to reach room temperature.
    • After the cake has been frosted, it still must be covered, but it will keep a little longer as frosting helps lock in moisture. Cake that has vegan buttercream or fondant icing will keep for three to four days in the fridge.

    Store Ingredients In The Fridge

    If flour and sugar are stored in the refrigerator or freezer rather than in a cupboard or pantry, they are better protected from humidity.

    As an added benefit, keeping these ingredients cool also helps keep them fresher longer, in addition to helping them stay bug-free.

    For best results, let them warm to room temperature before using.

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    How To Measure Flour And Other Dry Ingredients

    Using a dry measuring cup, scoop ingredients from the bag or spoon them into the cup.

    Next, level off the ingredient by removing the excess with an upside-down butter knife.

    The one exception to this is brown sugar. Brown sugar should be packed down and then any excess should be scraped off as well.

    Whipped Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

    Dairy Free Simple Chocolate Cake

    Im not going to lie, everything within my bold flavour loving heart told me to pair these delectable vanilla cake layers with a fun and funky buttercream. It took some serious restraint on my part to whip up a delicious dairy-free vanilla buttercream and then just leave it. But you know what, dang, it was so darn good!

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    How To Assemble A Dairy Free / Vegan Lemon Cake

    Take one layer of cake and place it on a cake stand or plate.

    You can either just spread on about half of the frosting with a spatula or you can load a piping bag with a nozzle and pipe blobs around the edge. Continue for one more row just inside that then pipe a snail to fill out the middle.

    Now spread the lemon curd on top of the other cake layer. Take it almost to the edge but not quite.

    Carefully turn this layer over and place straight on top of the frosted bottom. Then spread a layer of frosting over the top of the whole cake and pipe pretty blobs around the edge for decorative effect.

    And thats it! All thats left for you to do is serve your dairy free / vegan lemon cake to your friends/family and wait for the praise. Also dont tell them its dairy free/vegan before they try a slice and I bet they wont believe it when you tell them!

    Dont need to go dairy free / vegan? You might also like this beautiful lemon bundt cake recipe.

    How To Make This Cake Sugar

    Easily make this cake sugar-free, by replacing the sugar with one of the following-

    • Monk fruit sweetener Granulated monk fruit sweetener can be used, and is the best alternative to white sugar. You can cut back on this by 1/4, as it is super sweet.
    • Swerve Similar to monk fruit, swerve uses erythritol to keep the sugar out and calories low.
    • Baking zero-calorie sweeteners Baking Splenda and baking aspartame can be used, but Id recommend cutting back, as it is twice as sweet as table sugar.

    TIP: Be sure you enjoy the taste of the sugar-free sweeteners, as the flavor can be very evident, once the cake is baked.

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    Vanilla Crazy Cake Recipe

    This Vanilla Crazy cake often referred to as a vanilla wacky cake and vanilla depression cake is the vanilla version of this crazy chocolate cake.

    Like its chocolate cousin, the vanilla crazy cake gained popularity during the depression era when staple ingredients were hard to come by.

    Just like the chocolate version, it is made no hard to find ingredients. Its cheap to make, super simple and requires no fancy kitchen gadgets.

    There are no eggs in it, no milk and no butter needed, but youd never tell.

    It tastes JUST like your favorite vanilla boxed cake mix- Moist, sweet and fluffy at the same time.

    It also happens to be naturally vegan and gluten-free, thanks to the gluten-free flour used.

    BONUS- See my tips below for how to make it sugar-free, too!

    How To Make Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

    How to Make a Vegan, Lactose Free, Chocolate Rose Cake
    • In a large bowl cream butter until smooth with a stand-up or hand mixer.
    • Add the pure vanilla and almond extract to the butter. Mix until fully combined.
    • Add the cocoa powder and mix until fully combined.
    • Add the powdered sugar one cup at a time to the butter mixture and mix until fully combined.
    • Add the milk to the frosting and beat until smooth and spreadable.
    • Place the first cake with the shiny side down on a plate or a cake plate.
    • Frost the top of the first cake. This will be the frosting in the center of your cake. I like a good amount of frosting in the center.
    • Place the second cake on top of the frosted first cake the shiny side down.
    • Frost the top and side of the cake with the remaining frosting.
    • I decorated the top with chocolate shavings and frosting flowers using a Wilton 1M tip.

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    How To Make A Cake Flour Substitute

    If you don’t have cake flour on hand and need to make a cake in a hurry, use the following swap:

    • For every 1 cup of cake flour, use 1 cup minus 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour and add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.
    • Sift together and proceed with the recipe as written.

    Arrowroot starch or arrowroot powder will also work in place of the cornstarch but may shorten the baking time for your cake as well as produce a moister result. Arrowroot is a popular ingredient in gluten-free baking and can be used as a thickener similar to cornstarch.

    Storage And Freezing Instructions

    The cake can be stored covered at room temperature for 3-4 days. I store mine in a cake carrier.

    When possible, wait until close to the time you want to serve the cake to frost it.

    To freeze the cake layers, let them cool completely, then tightly wrap them in plastic wrap, then aluminium foil. Freeze in ziploc bags for up to 3 months, then let them thaw at room temperature.

    Leftover buttercream can be stored in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 2 months. Thaw it in the fridge then mix it up using a handheld or standing mixer before using it.

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    What Is A Vegetarian Cupcake

    On February 8, 2022, a new ballgame will take place in Gambrenas, Cuba. Cupcake batters can substitute bananas for eggs if they have bananas in them. Unlike most other cakes with animal products like dairy and eggs, vegan cupcakes contain none of those things. To a conventional cupcake recipe, substituting ingredients non-vegan makes them seem healthier and easier to produce.

    Dairy Free Chocolate Cake From Scratch Q& a


    Why Vegan Buttermilk? The vegan buttermilk creates a deliciously moist crumb. The acid from the lemon juice in the buttermilk also reacts with the baking soda to give the cake rise. You can use either soy milk or almond milk to make the vegan buttermilk but soy milk gives better results.

    Can I use a different oil? You can use any vegetable oil. We used canola oil, but olive oil also works great, as does melted coconut oil.

    What can I use instead of applesauce? You can use flax eggs instead of applesauce if you prefer, you would use two flax eggs to replace the applesauce in this recipe.

    What can I use instead of coffee in this cake? If you dont want to use coffee then you can just use boiling hot water instead.

    Can I make this into cupcakes? Yes, this will make 24 cupcakes. If youre looking for a perfect cupcake recipe that makes a perfect 12 cupcakes, then check out our classic vegan chocolate cupcakes recipe.

    How to store this Dairy Free Chocolate Cake? Store this cake covered at room temperature where it will stay good for around 4 days. You can also keep it covered in the fridge where it will stay fresh for up to 7 days.

    Can I freeze this Dairy Free Chocolate Cake? Yes, its freezer friendly! Thaw it in the fridge overnight when youre ready for it.

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