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Mango Supreme Dedication Cake

Red Ribbon Mango Supreme – Filipino Mango Chiffon Naked Layer Cake From Scratch | Cooking with Kurt

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From AED 131.25

A creamy chiffon mango cake covered with mouth watering mango icing, topped off with mango pieces, cream.

Product images shown are for illustrative purposes only, and slight variations in the final product may occur.

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Red Ribbon Graduation Cakes

Celebrate graduation Red Ribbon style! The variety of cake flavors and designs make these cakes appropriate for any graduation celebration. The Chocolate Mouse and Black Forest cakes are especially decadent for this exciting occasion. The Rocky Road cake has room for lettering if customers want to put the name of the graduate or school on top of the cake.

Ranging in price from $20 to $26, depending on the season and selection at the local bakery, these cakes are good for a family on a budget who does not want to sacrifice taste or style. Families could also choose to serve one of the six cake rolls offered by Red Ribbon Bakeshop, which cost about $12 apiece.

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Red Ribbon Menu Prices

The restaurant has carved a niche for itself in baked goods and providing a homely atmosphere to its customers. It has a wide range of cakes which would be liked by everyone. Apart from that, it also serves pastries and bread. So you can also enjoy the Red Ribbon Breakfast Menu if you want to indulge your sweet tooth.

Here you can find the full menu of the restaurant.

Red Ribbon Delivery : Delivery Hotlines

Mango Supreme Cake ($20.99)

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Red Ribbon Mango Supreme – Filipino Mango Chiffon…
Red Ribbon Yema Salted Caramel Cake – Filipino Chiffon…
Mango Cake Recipe- Red Ribbon Bakeshop Clone
Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake – Filipino Favorite…
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Selection Of Pastries Offered

Besides cakes, Red Ribbon Philippines also sells an extensive array of delicious pastries which also includes local Filipino delights such as mamons, ensaimadas, and putos. These pastries require countless hours of dedication and practice to perfect, showing the level of expertise that the staff of Red Ribbon Philippines possess. The variety of pastries that are baked by the bakeshop include:


Mamon is Filipinos version of the sponge cake. The mamon is slightly sweeter and butterier compared to the typical American sponge cake. Red Ribbon Philippines mamons are available in a few flavors: 100% butter, cookies and cream, caramel, white chocolate and almond, cheesy, ube , and mocha. Its creamy and soft texture makes the mamon one of the favorite desserts amongst Filipinos.


The Ensaimada is a pastry that has Spanish roots as it was introduced to Filipinos during Spains rule of the country. The localized version is a brioche that is baked with butter compared to the original ensaimada that was baked using lard and topped with grated cheese. Red Ribbon Philippines recreates this Spanish classic by incorporating their own spin, adding toppings such as strawberry cream, sugar, and caramel for added flavor profile. The ensaimadas are available in cheese and ube flavors.





Macapuno Balls

The Different Varieties Of Cakes And Pastries Made By Red Ribbon Philippines

Red Ribbon Philippines has been satisfying the sweet tooth of Filipinos since its inception in 1979 with its wide array of cakes and pastries. The company is one of the fastest-growing bakeshop franchises in the Philippines with more than 300 outlets available nationwide. Red Ribbon Bakeshop is known for its great-tasting cakes and pastries that delight anyone who consumes them. With their prominent presence in the country, Red Ribbon cakes and pastries have been a part of every important occasion baby showers, birthdays, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

Spreading the love of cakes and pastries for the past 38 years, Red Ribbon Philippines is a home-grown bakeshop that is adored by many Filipinos. With their wide selection of mouth-watering cakes and pastries available, Red Ribbon Philippines is your go-to confectionery whenever you have sweet cravings. Read more about Filipinos favorite bakery brand, Red Ribbon Philippines below.

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Red Ribbon Bakeshop Opens Its 33rd Us Store Bringing Its Cakes And Signature Baked Goods To Milpitas California On September 25 2021

Bestsellers Mango Supreme Cake, Butter Mamon and Chicken Empanada pastries are a must try.

WEST COVINA, Calif., Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Red Ribbon Bakeshop Inc., a Philippine-based bakery brand known for sweet and savory baked goods inspired by Filipino flavors and ingredients, will open its doors in Milpitas, California, on September 25, 2021. With its many “taste of home” offerings, the new store will inherently cater to the city’s Filipino-American community. However, it will also provide curious newcomers a delightful opportunity to try something deliciously new.

The new store is located at 1535 Landess Ave, #124, Milpitas, CA 95035, in the Seasons Shopping Center and will be open seven days a week, from 8AM 9PM daily. While Red Ribbon is best known for its selection of mouth-watering, beautifully crafted cakes a special occasion “must have for many Filipinos” it also features an enticing line-up of pastries that can be enjoyed every day.

For those who want to indulge in a true taste of the Philippines, Red Ribbon offers several options that showcase the brand’s unique cultural heritage and culinary roots, including these best-sellers:

Snackable Pastries

For those who simply want to treat their taste buds to a unique twist on more familiar flavors, like chocolate and mocha, Red Ribbon offers several stand-out options for both special occasions and everyday enjoyment, including:

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Mango Supreme Cake ala Red Ribbon (No oven )

Our favorites, in order best first: Empanadas were pricy, but tasty filling and good crust. Rich mocha cake topped with sugar confetti, dots and stars. Junior 8×8 mocha dedication cake by red ribbon 1,064.00 1,064.00. Flavorful chicken and rice congee with shiitake mushrooms, egg slices, green onions and fried garlic. It then expanded in the philippines and in california, usa. The stores sell predecorated cakes in mango, ube, chocolate mousse, coconut, black forest, mocha, rocky road, coffee crunch, and sansrival flavors. Through the red ribbon hotline #87777, and red ribbon ria on facebook messenger. Moist, rich chocolate fudge bar. Classic soft bread buns rolled in bread crumbs. Please read the cookie policy for more information or to delete/block them. So here we bring you the red ribbon menu along with red ribbon prices. Assorted mamon pandesal.

Limit of 6 lines, max of 24 characters per line. Empanadas were pricy, but tasty filling and good crust. Moist and soft chiffon bursting with mocha flavor. Hi patrick, thank you for taking the time to review our business. Rich mocha cake topped with sugar confetti, dots and stars.

I grew up stuffing myself with red ribbon’s chocolate mousse. You know how things are nowadays. Our favorites, in order best first: So here we bring you the red ribbon menu along with red ribbon prices. Rich mocha cake topped with sugar confetti, dots and stars.good for 24 persons.

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Red Ribbon Bakeshop Opens In Bakersfield On Saturday

Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s signature product is the mango supreme cake, featuring three layers of white chiffon cake filled with white cream and sweet, mango-filled glaze. Mango lovers can try it for themselves when the bakery’s Bakersfield location opens Saturday.

  • Courtesy of Red Ribbon Bakeshop

When Red Ribbon Bakeshop opens in Bakersfield on Saturday it will have a number for treats including this ube overload cake, an iconic Filipino confection made with real Philippine ube halaya and covered with white cream frosting and bright purple ube cake crumbs.

  • Courtesy of Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Enjoy an international culinary journey when Red Ribbon Bakeshop opens on Saturday on Stockdale Highway. The Philippines-based bakery brand offers treats like this butter mamon pastry.

  • Courtesy of Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Enjoy an international culinary journey when Red Ribbon Bakeshop opens on Saturday on Stockdale Highway. The Bakersfield location of the Philippines-based bakery brand will serve dishes like this yema caramel cake, which is filled and covered with yema caramel custard filling and topped with toastedcashews.

  • Courtesy of Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Along with sweets, Red Ribbon Bakeshop serves savory items like chicken empanadas.

  • Courtesy of Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Enjoy a cheesy ensaimada at Red Ribbon Bakeshop when it opens Saturday at 5624 Stockdale Highway. This signature pastry tops soft, moist bread with butter, sugar, and cheese for the perfect sweet and savory flavor combination.

Best Seller Cake On The Red Ribbon Menu

Looking for a tita or lola approved cake? You can trust Red Ribbons Black Forest Cake to do the trick! Their signature flavor, Black Forest Cake, has layers of decadent, moist chocolate fudge cake layers with fluffy cream and chocolate cherry filling, topped with even more chocolates and cherries! You can try this out at a regular size for P621.50, or at a smaller size for only P390.50.

Red Ribbon Black Forest

There are other flavors of cakes that you may want to try, like their incredibly luscious Chocolate Indulgence Cake for P390.50, or their Ultimate Chocolate Cake for P352.50, which really packs a punch in how much chocolate it has! If you want to do away with the cake base, their creamy Chocolate Mousse is topped with cream and chocolate nibs. Its sure to give both the kids and the elderly a smile on their face! This can be bought for P374.00 in Junior, or P550.00 in Regular size.

Of course, you might not be a chocolate person. Luckily, they also have non-chocolate premium flavors, like their Tiramisu Meltdown , Ube Cake , Dulce de Leche Cake , or Caramel Crunch Cake .

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Red Ribbon Rewards Card

Red Ribbon has a rewards card under Happy Plus, which you can avail for P100. Whats awesome is you can use it in other establishments as well such as Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, or Mang Inasal!

You can earn points, get free food, and avail of so many other benefits! Find out more, and register with HappyPlus!

Red Ribbon Rewards

Red Ribbon Bakeshop Is A Go

Red Ribbon Mango Cake

Red Ribbons delicious cakes and pastries are what make holidays, family gatherings, and special occasions feel complete for many of our Filipino customers, said Agnes Briones, Business Unit Head, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Inc. We love knowing that our delicious treats play even a small role in bringing people together, and we are excited to bring our unique take on traditional Filipino bakery favorites to Tampa Bays close-knit Filipino community, as well as introduce curious newcomers to our delicious offerings.

While the Pinellas Park location features café-style seating for those who want to enjoy their Red Ribbon bakery treats right on the spot, customers can also enjoy their Red Ribbon baked goods through a variety of ordering options, including to-go, or through the following online channels: the Red Ribbon ordering app , the Red Ribbon website and the DoorDash delivery platform.

Founded in the Philippines more than 40 years ago, Red Ribbons sweet success story began with a single mission: to create delicious and beautiful cakes that make every family celebration truly special. Since then, the bakery brand has expanded its offerings to include both single-serve dessert items and an array of sweet and savory pastry treats intended for everyday snacking.

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Red Ribbon Wedding Cakes

Weddings are a special time, and the happy couple wants to serve their guests the best flavors, even when they need to keep costs down. Each Red Ribbon round layer cake serves 12 people, which makes the cost per serving about $1.67. The cake rolls serve 6 people, which makes the cost per serving about $2. On the Philippines Red Ribbon website, as opposed to the US website, you can find cake designs targeted specifically to weddings.

If a wedding planner expects to order more than a couple of cakes for the event, then they should call ahead of time to make sure there will be enough cakes to serve everyone. Remember that Red Ribbon wedding cakes must be picked up, as delivery is not available.

Treat Yourself To Red Ribbon Philippines Cakes And Pastries

Pamper yourself with Red Ribbon Philippines collection of beautifully-baked cakes and pastries. While you are at it, why not try out other sweet delicacies from Goldilocks, another proud locally-founded bakeshop? They are known for their classic polvoron that bursts a scrumptious combination of creaminess and sweetness in your mouth. Or perhaps, baked goods might not be enough for one party, you could order extra food and beverages from Foodpanda as well to feed more stomachs by using Foodpanda promo code!

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Red Ribbon Baby Shower Cakes

The Red Ribbon roll cakes make for a fancy presentation at any baby shower. The rolled swirls reveal bright yellow, deep purple, or chocolate flavor when the host slices and presents them to the mother-to-be and her guests. Special requests to write on the top of the roll the name either of the mother, her babies, or a sweet congratulation are possible. The flavor profiles are pre-determined by the bakery, which allows them to perfect their offerings, and consistently bring their best to all of their customers.

Average prices for the cake rolls are $12, and they are available for pick-up only. Hosts with larger orders should consider calling ahead of time to make sure the type of roll or cake they want is available. Mothers-to-be can also check out our tips on how to pick the perfect baby shower cake.

Red Ribbon Cake Price List / Fairviewterraces On Twitter: Make Mother’s Day More

Red Ribbon Mango Supreme

Red Ribbon Cake Price List / FairviewTerraces on Twitter: “Make mother’s day more …. Red ribbon rainbow dedication cake jr 8×8. Limit of 5 lines, max of 24 characters per line. Red ribbon black forest there are other flavors of cakes that you may want to try, like their incredibly luscious chocolate indulgence cake for p390.50, or their ultimate chocolate cake for p352.50, which really packs a punch in how much chocolate it has! Personalize with your own special message, by inputting in special instructions box. Junior 8×8 mocha dedication cake by red ribbon 1,064.00 1,064.00.

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Selection Of Baked Goods By Red Ribbon Philippines

A way of showing your love is by providing delicious food for others. Red Ribbon Philippines spreads its love by baking cakes and pastries that not only looks good but tastes equally scrumptious. They only use top-quality ingredients to ensure that their products are of the best look, texture, and taste. The bakeshop provides different kinds of cakes and pastries for their customers, which you can discover about below:

Popular Recipes

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