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Ordering a cake is one of the most important parts of planning a birthday party. The highlight of any birthday party is singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles placed on the beautiful cake. Sams Club cakes are the ideal choice for any budget-conscious birthday party planner.

Moreover, they also have a lot of licensing deals, so you can get Disney, Sesame Street, Marvel, and Spongebob characters on cakes for kids birthday parties. Childrens birthday cakes can also be decorated with plastic topper toys and figurines for just a few extra dollars.

First of all, character-themed birthday cakes are always an option for children or even young adults. Also, sheet cakes serving up to 96 people are available for large parties. Sams Club cake prices are based especially on everything you demand when you place your order. For this reason, you should pay attention to the number of decorations, messages, and of course the size of your cake.

The Secrets Sams Club Bakery Is Keeping From You

Sams Club shoppers love the warehouse store for their impossibly large bottles of condiments and super-sized packs of paper towels. The free samples also serve as a nice amuse-bouche on your way to the food court. Plus, you can even score some inexpensive, if not cheaply-made clothing at Sams Club, should you be in the market for such a thing. But we all know the number one draw of this big-box retailer sits towards the back of the store, lined with racks and racks of fragrant treats: Sams Club bakery.

If you think you know all there is to know about Sams Club bakery, think again. Yes, it was amazing when the minds behind Sams Club bakery introduced their hack for using a cookie cutter to create individual portions of their epic pumpkin pie. But, life isnt all about pumpkin pie, and these secrets bring more to the table than some simple single-serving desserts. Weve uncovered some of the best Sams Club treats to be had, as well as some things you should definitely be wary of, and a savings tip or two to make sure youre living your best baked good life every day of the year.

You Can Pick Up Wedding Supplies At The Same Time

Whether you realize that you need a last minute box of styrofoam cups or that you need chairs for your guests to sit on, you can pick your wedding supplies up when you pick up the cake. Sams club stocks everything from soda to furniture so you can usually grab whatever it is you need. Best of all, everything is priced low so you dont have to worry about paying too much.

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You Can Generally Choose From A Traditional Two Or Three Tier Cake Or Purchase Multiple Round Cakes And A Cake Stand To Display Each Layer Separately

Ended with their homemade lava cake which was chocolaty and delicious. See more ideas about italian wedding cakes, wedding cakes, italian wedding. Better still, sams club cakes prices are amongst some of the best in the market. Bush also opted to serve this cake at their inaugural balls. Providing great control to the customer, you can expect to find a delectable cake for almost every occasion, and you get to select almost every aspect of it! Our reception is at an italian restaurant, and my dad suggested that we have italian wedding cake. the recipe looks good, but i want your opinion it was soo yummy that is what we are doing instead of a traditional wedding cake. Big flop.but sam’s club might be different. I found two types of cakes. We were pleasantly surprised at the store. This cake was beyond the scope of my experience, so i went to the www to do a little research. Im thinking about getting my cake at sam’s club. Ccizoepoetry birthday cake birthday cakes at sams club. A decadent cream cheese frosting is spread between the layers as.

Sam S Club Birthday Cakes Themes


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Sams club cakes s designs and ordering process sam s club debuts mickey mouse cakes for his 90th birthday people friends theme cakes quality cake pany tamworth how to order a cake from sam s club

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Sams Club Cake Designs

Variety is key when it comes to describing Sams Club cakes catalog. For a super-fancy event, the tier cakes that sport Sams Club cakes designs at their finest are always a fantastic choice.

For semi-formal events, a Sams Club cookie cake or Sams Club sheet cake is simply perfect. Nonetheless, you can also venture into round cakes or cupcake cakes to celebrate in style.

Another awesome aspect of their bakery is that they list the ingredients for all Sams Club cakes, so you know what youre about to order. In terms of cakes, the main flavors include chocolate, white, and marble, while the icings are typically chocolate, white, whipped, and buttercream.

In addition to Sams Club bakery cakes, the clubs bakeries also sell fresh products like cookies, pastries, pies, brownies, dessert rolls, doughnuts, muffins, etc. We will discuss these choices a bit more in detail below.

How To Choose A Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake should be one of the last things you do. Once decisions have been made regarding the dress, venue etc., you will be much clearer about which style of cake is best for you. Putting off the decision regarding your cake also allows you to work off a finalized guest list.

When choosing your wedding cake, the first thing to consider is how many guests it will need to serve. You should also taste the cake first. Sams Club is super useful for this, as you can have smaller cupcakes made in a variety of flavours before committing.

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Sams Club Graduation Cakes

Graduation parties have become a right of passage, especially for those who are leaving high school and entering their college years. While many parents are worried about choosing the perfect theme for their quickly maturing child, no one is ever too old to enjoy a freshly baked cake.

So, the friendly staff at Sams Club can help you pick out the perfect cake design and flavor for your childs graduation party. Also, the cakes sold in the bakery come in a variety of sizes including a 10 inch round cake that is the perfect size for a small gathering of 10 to 15 people. Other sizes including full sheet cakes are available for those who would like to order a larger cake to accommodate a huge gathering.

Not to mention, Sams Club can top the cake with a graduation cap, the year of graduation, or a message saying congratulations. Also, decoration options include icing a cake in the graduates school colors or printing a picture of your choice.

Sams Club Desserts & Pastries

Sam’s Club Baby Shower Cakes

As weve already mentioned Sams Club doesnt only offer cakes, but also other types of sweets and desserts. One category we find particularly appealing is the Desserts & Pastries one, where you can find a variety of cookies, brownies, rolls, pies, doughnuts, etc.

These treats are only available in-store, and you should check if your local Sams Club carries the item youre interested in before visiting. Luckily, you can do that on their website by clicking on Select a club.

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Sams Club Cake Prices

One of the reasons their cakes are so appreciated is Sams Club cakes prices, which are far lower than those at gourmet bakeries, without compromising the taste and all-around quality.

Below, you can find a price list that can also be viewed at any store during Sams Club bakery hours.

Note: The prices in the table above are approximate. Prices may vary from store to store, so check the latest Sams Club cakes prices at your nearest location.

Reasons To Shop Sams Club Cakes For Your Wedding

If youre looking to save a little money on your wedding then you can consider buying Sams Club cakes instead of going to a bakery. While their cakes are not as affordable as those at Walmart, they do offer slightly better quality, better service, and more originality than Walmart does. While not every Sams Club offers wedding cakes, and many have limited choices, there are a lot of Sams Clubs in most areas so it is usually easy to find one within driving range. There are usually multiple bakeries in an area to choose from if you decide against a Sams Club wedding cake, but here are ten reasons you might want one.

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All About Wedding Cakes From Sams Club:

Yes! And awesome wedding cakes at that. Sams Club offers everything from personalized cakes, to tier cakes, and sheet cakes. For your wedding, you can order a 10 round cake, a 2-tiered cake, 3-tiered cake, a cookie cake, and a half sheet cake.

Pricing depends on the size of the cake you want. You can order a 10 round cake for $16, a 2-tiered cake for around $40, 3-tiered cake for around $70, a cookie cake, and a half sheet cake for less than $20.

Yes. Sams Club has great tiered cakes available for your wedding, or any event. They have a 2 tiered cake, with a 10 bottom and 5 top layer and a 3 tiered cake, with a 10 layer on bottom, 8 layer in the middle, and 5 layer on top, for you to choose.

A 3 tiered wedding cake from Sams Club cost around $70 and feeds around 66 people. The 2 tiered cost $50 and feeds around 46 people. And of course their sheet cake cost $ and feeds between people.

We think so! Sams Club has 2 options when ordering cupcakes. The vanilla and chocolate cupcakes have a delicious frosting and cost around 50 cents per cupcake. We especially love the gourmet cupcakes which come in the following flavors: The gourmet cupcakes are also HUGE, so they are a great portion if youre wanting to just do a cupcake for your guests.

Sams Club Cakes Can Be Personalized To Show The Gender Of The Baby Using Colorful Whipped Icing On The Cakes Exterior Or By Placing A Specific Icing Color Between The Layers Of The Cake

Jenni &  Eli wedding cake

How much is a sheet cake at sams club. I want to bring in pics that they would like put on the cake. I want to get a custom jb birthday cake from sams club. Our marble cake features delicious marbled vanilla and chocolate with a white whipped icing.

Common cake features may include. This site might help you. Ive seen it before.

Due to the special nature of this item we kindly ask that you place your order in club or over the phone 48 hours in advance of the expected pick up time. How do i order a cake. Our guide to the sams club prices will show you how much different types of cake will cost.

Considering it costs just 2198 its clear just how fantastic sams club cake prices are. I gave a very reasonable quote and the. Its nice to know that theres a place where you can get all your cake needs taken care of.

Sams club also offers cake designs that are baby themed making them an adorable center piece for your baby shower. Post 1 of 38 i was contacted for a quote on a full double layer sheet cake to easily feed 100 people for a large retirement party. A half sheet will only set you back 2198 and can provide a whopping 36 48 servings.

I would call your local store to get the correct pricing for that. Enjoy it on special occasions or just whenever youre in the mood for a treat. How much does a half sheet cake cost at sams club.

Sams club cakes prices. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the sams club prices.

Sam S Club Cake Book 2019 5

Sam S Club

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Sams Club Cake Options


  • 10 round cake
  • 1/2 sheet cake
  • full sheet cake
  • cupcakes
  • cookie cake
  • 5 cake/10 cupcakes
  • two-tier cake

Below is an example of icing colors but keep in mind that these colors look very different on a computer. It is best to visit your local store to determine what icing color you want on your cake.

They Have A Few Different Types Of Cake

Another consideration is that Sams Club offers a couple of different types of cake including classics. Different locations might have a different selection but expect at least a few differentvarieties of white cake and chocolate cake. You can also most likely order special additions to the batter, such as chunks of white chocolate.

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