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How to make a Gender Reveal Cake | Pinch of Luck

If you havent noticed yet, gender reveal cakes and gender reveal parties are a big hit right now.

Forget about phoning your parents or friends to announce that you have a baby girl or a baby boy or sharing a quirky gender reveal quote on social media.

Take it as an excuse to throw a party and show them all at once. Plus you get the chance to watch their reaction when they find out.

As with every party, it all starts with a cake.

Not just any cake, but gender reveal cake. There are many ways you can reveal the gender of your baby at the party and cutting the cake is one of the most popular ones. For some other ideas, you can check our article here.

I did all the hard work for you and PINned my heart out to find some of the best picks for your party.

Depending on your taste, and if youre making it yourself or ordering at your local bakery, Im sure you will find a great fit for your party among these almost 80 different gender reveal cakes.

Making This Gender Reveal Cake In Advance And Storage Tips

  • Make your cake layers in advance and freeze them. It breaks the process up and makes it more approachable.
  • Make your frosting ahead of time too or save any leftover frosting! Store it in an airtight container in the fridge for a month or the freezer for 3 months. Be sure to give it a good stir once it thaws to get the consistency nice and smooth again.
  • A frosted cake can last in the fridge for up to a weekor in the freezer for a month. The buttercream locks in all the moisture, keeping the cake fresh and delicious!
  • If you cut into the cake and have leftovers, use any remaining frosting to cover the cut section to keep it moist and store in the fridge for up to a week.

Rolling Smooth Cake Balls

Use a 1 tablespoon cookie scoop to scoop out one of the colours. When you scoop the cake out, use your thumb to press the cake into the scoop and get rid of the excess.

Release the cake pop into your hand and squeeze the dough together to further work the colour in. Roll into a smooth ball. Once your finished scooping and rolling one colour, wash the scoop and repeat with the other.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Baby

The words of a famous lullaby twinkle, twinkle little star how we wonder what you are were the inspiration behind this gender reveal cake. Since the lullaby is normally sung to put the baby to sleep, its so cute to put moon and star decorations on the cake. The blue color of the frosting doesnt mean that the family is expecting a boy, its only the color of the sky . Theres still a surprise inside!


How To Make A Gender Reveal Cake

Gender reveal cake

There are many different ideas on how to make a gender reveal cake, but this ombre cake is my favorite. Its so pretty and yet simple to make.

I made a vanilla cake, divided the cake batter into three bowls, and dyed each layer with a different amount of the same food coloring. I used this soft pink gel food coloring which is concentrated so a tiny drop of it was all I needed to get the color I wanted for the first bowl. Then I added a bit more food coloring to the second bowl until I liked the color, and did the same with the third bowl.

To make things even simpler, you can dye the entire batter using the same color and divide the batter into three. This will also make a gorgeous cake.

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Blue Or Pink What Do You Think Gender Reveal Party In

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The Easiest Way To Make Ombre Cake Layers

If you want to color the layers in an ombre fashion like I did, Im going to share my favorite way to do it!

Rather than dividing the batter into four bowls and making loads of dishes, you can color the batter right in your mixing bowl!

Add a small squirt of either pink or blue gel food coloring in the bowl and stir just until the batter is evenly colored. Scoop 440 grams of batter into one of the prepared pans.

Repeat this process 3 more times, creating increasingly deeper colored cake batter as you add in more gel food coloring.

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Question Mark Surprise Cake

The concept with this one is pretty similar to the previous cake, but instead of food coloring youll use pink or blue colored candy. Buy a lot of sprinkles and small candies that will be hidden inside! The cake is very easy to make for anyone hosting a gender reveal party. How festive!


Twin Gender Reveal Ideas With Cake

How to do a Gender Reveal Cake . How to do a Beehive Cake .Cakebossofchester also on Fb . Subscribe

Youve probably seen plenty of gender reveal cake ideas for one baby, but why not two? Here are some creative ways to make it happen.

The first one is simple: make a two-layer cake and have each layer represent a twin. One pink layer, one blue? Thats a little girl and a little boy! Both pink or both blue? I bet you can guess!

The other simple idea is to have two cakes instead of one . Each parent can cut into one and then show the other or smash it in each others face!

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Frosting Drip Gender Reveal Cake Idea

That frosting dripping down the sides is another important cake trend, and were here for it. To accomplish this on your gender reveal cake, simply alternate between pink and blue liquid-y frosting, creating a line around the very top and allowing it to spill over. This cake is topped with a buttercream swan, but you can take it in any direction that fits your fancy.

Amazing Gender Reveal Cakes

Weve rounded up 10 amazing gender reveal cakes for you. Revealing by cake is a great idea because of cravings , duh. We pulled together some of the cutest inspiration we could find, so when you go into the bakery to order you wont be at a total loss for ideas.

With these photos and some creative magic of your own to add a personal twist, youll be able to create the perfect cake for a super special day. Weve also thrown in some cakes and cupcakes that would be pretty simple to make on your own at home to keep your costs down.

Even if you have decided to reveal another way, like the many we listed in our Gender Reveal Guide article, you might still want to have a cake made for the occasion. Because hey, it will make for adorable photos to addition the baby album! Cake is for happy occasions and this is about as happy of an occasion as there is, so dont be afraid to let that sweet tooth come out.

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How To Make A Smaller Cake

To make a 6-inch cake divide the cake recipe by 2. If you make a three layer cake, start checking the cakes for doneness after 20 minutes in the oven .

I suggest making 3/4 of the amount of buttercream instead of 1/2 just in case, especially if you want thick layers of frosting like you see in the photos.

Dark Blue And Bright Pink Polka Dots Cake

Gender Reveal Cake

You can make this cute half and half cake by using dark blue and bright pink food coloring. Its certainly a nice touch when you add two colored dots in the middle. To complete this delicious surprise, create he and she blocks. These will serve as a perfect top decoration for this gender reveal cake.

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Eat Cupcakes With A Surprise

If youre a foodie and have a favorite shop in mind, heres one of the sweetest last-minute gender reveal ideas that are going to make for an unforgettable time. Get your family and friends together for an afternoon gathering and serve cupcakes with a filling that corresponds to your babys gender. Once your guests bite into the dessert, theyll be surprised by what the little one is going to be!

Let The Cake Do The Reveal

Here at Tantay Miami, we like the Cake baby reveal experience to be different. And since we are in the Miami cake industry, our reveal always involves a cake!This is how it works: The outside design will not reveal anything about the gender of the baby, is the inside where the surprise is.At the appropriate time, the couple will proceed to cut the cake together, revealing the color of the filling inside! This is the climatic moment of the gathering and we are glad to be part of it.For the cake filling we can use a single color or shades of the same color in different layers.We would also place a lovely topper for the occasion. The size of the cake will depend of how big the event is. If you are hosting for 10-15 people, a 64 standard size cake should suffice. Some couples have a particular cake designs in mind and all suggestions are welcomed. We always love a challenge!

If you are a couple and are soon to host a Baby Reveal party and need a cake, do not hesitate to contact us. Sometimes, a member of the family is the only designated person to know about the gender of the baby, please know we will keep the secret and we will be careful when we communicate with you. We offer cake delivery in Miami.

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Other Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

This fun gender reveal idea uses bubble gum each parent chews the color that corresponds to each twin and then blows a bubble. Of course, in this case, none get popped!

Another unique idea is to use golf balls. There are a couple ways you could incorporate them. You could use a colored golf ball for each twin, or you can buy golf balls with colored powder that explode when you hit them off a tee.

If either parent is a good golf player, you could even drive them into something, like a balloon, that would then explode with powder or confetti or whatever youd like!

The Best Gender Reveal Ideas For Twins: Cute Fun And Exciting Announcements

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So youre planning a twins gender reveal party first of all, congratulations! Having twins may be a challenge, but its a joyful one. If youre nervous, from one twin mom to another, I totally get it! And if you need more support, Ive got a great post on how to survive twin pregnancy. You got this, mama!

Announcing a babys gender is an exciting experience, and planning the big reveal for the gender of the twins is that much more fun! There are so many options just for a singleton. So there must be double the options for twins, right? Right!

If youre looking for cute, fun and exciting twin gender reveal announcements, then youve come to the right place. Lets dive into the best gender reveal ideas for twins, whether youre announcing two girls, two boys, or one of each!

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Best Baby Gender Reveal Cakes In Singapore

Finding out the gender of your baby is a magical time. It is something that parents wait for because it helps them make better plans for the baby. In recent years, there have been various trends related to gender reveals such as balloons and fireworks displays. Using cakes is one effective and delicious way to reveal your babys gender to your friends and family. However, it can be difficult to choose where to buy your cake for the gender reveal party. Here, we have researched and listed down some of the popular and trusted bakeries for gender reveal cakes in Singapore. Check them out!

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Choose A Cool Location On Peerspace

One of the easiest ways to pull off an exciting last-minute gender reveal is to celebrate at a spacious place with a verdant backyard! Or, if youre looking for a farm or even a pool area, you can find the perfect event space on Peerspace. The options are endless for your gender reveal party. And, since its quick and easy to book a Peerspace venue, its a perfect option for last-minute events! Well include photos of real Peerspace venues throughout this article that we think are perfect for a gender reveal event.

Search Peerspace in your location to see whats nearby. You can look at the venues beautiful photos, read reviews from past renters, and reach out to the friendly local host for any questions you may have. Once you found the perfect spot, you can book it in just a couple of minutes. Its easy, its fun, and its a surefire way to add even more excitement to the big reveal!

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