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So I’m already in love with this ingredients list because it’s very, very short, and contains many familiar words that I can pronounce. It’s usually a very big red flag if the ingredients list is super long, and filled with words that you’ve never seen before or that you would need a chemistry degree to pronounce that usually means that it’s being made with junk.

So Im pretty familiar with all these words, but there are a few that I figure some people might not know if youre not into digging in ingredients lists. I found additional sources you can read up on to learn more about them for yourself.

So considering everything I’ve looked at today, I would say that these pancakes are a

Are Kodiak Cakes Healthy

Well, thats up to you! If you want to lose weight, then yes. Kodiak Cakes are healthful! But remember, its not just about eating low-cal food to shed pounds.

It is very important to exercise so the calories you burn can outweigh how many calories you ingest in Kodiak Cakes!

Remember, weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise! No matter what diet you follow, if you dont make time to work out, your body wont be working as hard to lose fat.

Kodiak Cakes are very healthy if you make sure to control portion sizes and avoid snacking! If you eat these pancakes in moderation, then it is a healthy meal!

Kodiak Cakes are also good for weight loss because theyre high in Protein and Fiber. Fiber helps you stay full for longer while decreasing your appetite and calorie intake.

The Kodiak Cakes Team Has Great Morales

I wouldnt be writing this Kodiak cakes review if they were killing thousands of animals a day. Weve all seen The Lorax, and know-how that plays out.

The team behind Kodiak cakes actively supports grizzly bear reservations. FACT: They raised $10,000 by doing a 5K trail race for grizzly bear protection.

Keeping these bears helps the ecosystem survive. Additionally, they also live in a beautiful mountain range. The wilderness is stunning, and they dont want to ruin that.

Also, all of their products are Non-GMO. So if youre against genetically modified organisms, here is the perfect product.

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From Nutritionists To Fitness Influencers Everyone Seems To Love Kodiak Cakes These Days

As I scroll through social media, I often see nutritionists and fitness influencers talking about the pancake brand Kodiak Cakes, claiming they’re a healthier, protein-packed alternative to a traditional pancake breakfast.

“You can use their mix to make waffles and pancakes because they are higher in protein, higher in fiber, so they leave you satisfied for a lot longer than something like the Eggo’s brand,” Kylie Sakaida, a registered dietitian, told me.

Andy Bellatti, another registered dietitian, said the brand is a better option than typical mixes in some ways.

“Kodiak Cakes are made with whole-grain flours, so they are healthier than mixes made with refined flours,” he said.

However, there are 8 or 9 grams of added sugar per serving in some of the flavors that’s typically higher than other mixes. So just because Kodiak Cakes are higher in protein, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a better option, Bellatti said.

One morning, I decided to find out if Kodiak was worth the hype.

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Wait What Are Kodiak Cakes

If the name sounds familiar but youre not quite sure what this product is, let us break it down for you: Kodiak cakes is a brand that started out by making high-protein mixes for typically high-carb foods like waffles, flapjacks, muffins and even cornbread, cookies and brownies. Recently they also branched into frozen toaster waffles and flapjacks to make enjoying them easier, and even offer a line of Kodiak cups for eating protein-packed goodies on the go.

Flavors range from dessert-approved chocolate-peanut butter and pumpkin-dark chocolate to breakfast-friendly cinnamon-maple and mountain blueberry. The offers depend on which product youre looking into, though the widest flavor variety is offered through their line of Kodiak cups.

How Do Kodiak Cakes Fit Into This Equation

Kodiak Cakes products are lower in sugar and saturated fat and are protein-packeda match made in heaven!

For example, here are a few products broken down:

Buttermilk Power Cakes:

  • 5 SmartPoints for ½ cup
  • 2 SmartPoints for ¼ cup

Flavored Flapjack & Waffle Mixes :

  • 6 SmartPoints for ½ cup, 3 SmartPoints for ¼ cup

Bear Bites :

Homestyle Power Waffles

  • 6 SmartPoints per 2 waffles

Numbers aside, no one wants to commit to creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves if it means having to give up things they love. Im a firm believer that you shouldnt give up anything during a weight loss journey that youre not willing to give up forever.

Kodiak Cakes products have played a huge part in helping me find healthier alternatives for foods I love. In the beginning, I remember making silver dollar pancakes out of Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk Power Cakes almost every morning. Since then, Ive become more creative in the kitchen to mix up my routine. I am always looking for hearty, make ahead options like the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Flapjack Bake recipe below. If anything, I learned you can have your pancakes and eat them, too!

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Did Kodiak Cakes Get A Deal On Shark Tank

The co-founder and COO of Kodiak Cakes, a natural food brand that makes whole grain, protein-rich breakfast options, went on the show seeking a $500,000 investment for 10% of the business. Though the Sharks all liked the taste and nutritional benefits of these pancake mixes, none of them agreed with the valuation.

Are Kodiak Cakes Good For Weight Loss: Amazing Nutrition Fact

Kodiak Mug Cakes – WW – Weight Watchers – 3 SmartPoints

Are Kodiak Cakes good for weight loss? Thats the question many people are asking nowadays. Yes, it can be beneficial if consumed in moderation and paired with a healthy diet.

This article will go over what they are, where to buy them, how to make them even healthier than they already are, and some recipes that include them!

Kodiak Cakes are a relatively new product to the food industry. They have been advertised as being low-carb and high protein.

But do they live up to their claims? In this article, we will explore whether or not Kodiak Cakes can aid in weight loss efforts.

Kodiak Cakes are a type of pancake that is made with whole grains and fruit. While they may be good for weight loss, its important to remember the importance of moderation when consuming them in large amounts.

If you want to eat Kodiak cakes while trying to lose weight, make sure you dont overdo it! Its also important to remember there are plenty of other ways to lose weight without having pancakes every single morning.

For example, if one person eats 3 Kodiak cakes per day, they will still have room for some eggs or oatmeal on top of their pancakes!

So long as you manage your portions correctly and exercise regularly, eating these delicious cakes can help aid your journey towards losing weight!


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Will Protein Pancakes Make You Fat

Protein pancakes wont make you fat. According to Harvard Medical School, protein, by itself, wont make you fat. Its the total amount of calories you consume in a dayprotein, fat, and carbohydratesthat determines your weight. Its recommended that you consume 0.8 gram of protein for every kilogram of body weight. So, if you weigh 60 kgs, youd want to eat 48 grams of protein each day. In perspective, a 10 oz T-Bone steak has 26 grams of protein. So, as long as you eat the right amount of calories every day, youll be fine..

How To File A False Advertising Lawsuit

If you paid more for Kodiak Cakes products based on published Kodiak Cakes nutrition facts, but didnt get what you paid for, you could be eligible to file a false advertising lawsuit.

Misleading marketing that provides consumers with incorrect information, including false claims of all natural ingredients in a healthy pancake mix, can amount to state or federal charges based on the alleged false advertising.

If you bought Kodiak Cakes merchandise because you believed the food was a healthy and/or all natural alternative to other similar products on the market and you paid a premium because you thought you bought a superior product, you could be eligible to participate in this class action lawsuit investigation.

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Krusteaz Protein Pancake Mix Vs Kodiak

Ive personally used both. I grew up with my dad cooking Krusteaz pancake mix as a kid and upgraded to the protein pancake mix as I grew older.

Truth is, just skip the Krusteaz protein mix. Kodiaks pancake mix is 100x better. It not only tastes better, but fills you up more, and has way better ingredients and nutrition.

Krusteaz just turned into this mass of chemicals and sugar, but Kodiak tastes better and wont ruin your body.

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So Are Kodiak Cakes Healthy

So, are Kodiak cakes healthy, and should I be worried that calorically theyre about the same as Bisquick? First, calm down. Theres room in a healthy, balanced diet for both Bisquick and Kodiak Cakes if you find both appealing for different reasons. And there really are some things going on for Kodiak Cakes that other generic grocery store brands of these mixes dont offer. But, we want to emphasize here, that means each one is well suited for a different situation, and doesnt necessarily make one a health paragon and the other a diet dont.

If youre asking, are Kodiak cakes healthy, here are highlights you probably want to know: This brand makes their mixes with whole grains and rolled oats rather than bleached white flour. Thats a bonus if youre looking to sneak more fiber into your diet, which can help boost satiety so you dont feel like downing the leftover flapjacks or waffles an hour later.

For these reasons, theres nothing wrong with opting for Kodiak cakes. But, and this is important, theres nothing wrong with Bisquick or other brands that use bleached white flour either. Yes, these use refined carbs, which hit your bloodstream sooner and can spike insulin levels. But you actually want that if youve just completed a hard workout and need to refuel your glycogen levels after lifting some heavy weights. Its all about timing, portion control and moderation even when it comes to moderation.

G Protein/fiber > 6 G Sugar

So these pancakes basically obliterated this test! I dont know if Ive ever seen such a drastically positive result. With such a high fiber and protein number, you would definitely be satisfied with 3, and probably stuffed if you ate 6. Foods high in protein and fiber are great for helping us feel fuller for longer, and can help to reduce the desire to overeat naturally.

Ok, so theres just one more section to check

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Do Kodiak Cakes Have Protein

No, Kodiak Cakes do not have any protein. They are sweet, high-carbohydrate pancakes. They are not recommended for weight loss or the maintenance of muscle mass, since they are low in protein, healthy fat, and fiber. Since they are high in carbohydrates, they are not recommended for people on low-carbohydrate diets like the Atkins diet..

Breaking Down Nutrition Labels


This spring a robin built her nest right in front of my living room windows. So, while I was cooped up inside my house for a few months, this robin and their babies became a major source of entertainment and education for me. The more I watched her the more fascinated I became doing my own research on various robin facts. For example did you know that robins build two nests a year? And that each baby robin eats about 14 feet of earthworms during the short two weeks spent inside the nest?

The point is, the closer we get to a topic, the more we want to learn about it. For example, as humans, we eat multiple times every day. So, it seems only natural for us to take interest in what were eating, dont you think? My goal with this blog is to help you learn more about what youre putting into your body by looking at nutritional labels.

Navigating a Nutrition Facts label can be intimidating at first, but lets use Kodiak Cakes Double Dark Chocolate Muffin Mix to break down a few steps together to help make it easier.

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Who Invested In Kodiak Cakes On Shark Tank

Cameron Smith and Joel Clark hope the Sharks flip over Kodiak Cakes, their line of hearty flapjack and waffle mixes, in episode 528. Kodiak Cakes uses Clarks grandfathers recipe for hearty, whole-wheat hot cakes. The business got started in 1982 when Joels mom put the dry ingredients in paper bags for sale.

Are Kodiak Cakes High In Calories

Thank you for your question. Kodiak Cakes are not high in calories. A single cake is approximately 2.5 servings, so each serving contains 130 calories. The ingredients are Wheat Flour, Isolated Soy Protein, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Cottonseed Oil, Titanium Dioxide Color, BHT for Freshness. Some components are high in calories, but they are being used in limited quantities. Therefore, if you are watching your calorie intake, you can have Kodiak Cakes every now and then without worrying about the calories..

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