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Baby Shower Cake Wording For Twins

BABY GENDER REVEAL CAKE !! Baby shower cake | Cake decoration ideas

Twins can be really tough to have once theyre actually born. Make sure you play up the awesomeness of this uncommon pregnancy during the baby shower to take the future parents minds off of the chaos to come.

  • Double the Babies, Double the Love And double the stress, but lets not talk about that at the baby shower.
  • Due with Two If you didnt leave much room on the cake for a slogan, this is short and sweet.
  • Two are coming from above All the more for us to love! A subtle reference to heaven for religious or spiritual parents-to-be.
  • Twice the blessings, twice the fun. Two little miracles instead of one! Another with a religious vibe while still being very cute.
  • Double the diapers, double the grins, double the feedings, shes having twins! This is similar to the first quote but with a fun rhyming element.
  • Let the twins bake, just cut the cake! Because hopefully mom isnt going to pop during the party.
  • Everything double here comes trouble! If this isnt the truth.
  • Two Peas in a Pod Literally, the same pod!
  • Double the joy, its a girl AND a boy! I dreamed of having twins, a boy and a girl, when I was younger. But if that happens to be your situation, this phrase is perfect!

Four Teddy Bears Happily Playing

These four active bears are arranged on classic pastel baby colors. Each of the three tiers is covered with a different colored fondant. Daisies, gingham, and clouds in the sky adorn this cake design. The middle tier has space for a message. Themes, patterns, and colors planned well to work perfectly together.

Baby Shower Cake Messages For A Boy

Just like the girl messages above, a lot of these can be swapped to the opposite gender!

  • Little Prince Remember that book??
  • Love, joy, and wonderful dreams are the sweetest things a baby boy brings! Another very wholesome choice for the whole family.
  • King of the Castle No dad in the picture? Then your baby boy can rule!
  • Thank Heaven for little boys. Though Im not 100% sure thats where they all come from !
  • A giggle, a toy, a sweet baby boy! There are only so many words that rhyme with boy.
  • Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails thats what little boys are made of. As with the girl version, you could easily leave off the last half and people should still understand the sentiment.
  • Showers of joy, its a boy! A nice little play on having a baby shower.
  • Ahoy, little boy! This could go particularly well with a nautical theme.
  • Celebrate, everyone, here comes our son! I really love the idea of using the word son instead of boy, it makes it feel so real and personal.
  • Our Little Man One of my most frequently used terms of endearment for my son after he was born.

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Mostly Easy To Prepare & Heavenly Delicious Baby Shower Desserts

What is the best part of any baby shower other than the mom-to-be? The baby shower desserts, of course! Gender reveal parties are pretty awesome too but baby shower desserts tend to be the thing many people look forward to.

Why? Because they are often cute and delicate and delicious and if you are lucky, quite unique.

But, baby shower desserts are also good for us! In fact, according to WebMD and Neurology, scientists discovered that eating a dessert like dark chocolate , does protect us from strokes and it may also lower blood pressure. If thats not reason enough desserts also satisfy our cravings and it puts us in a good mood!

Below is a vast list of wonderfully delicious, mouthwatering baby shower desserts that would tempt anyone. Linger around, and find that one, two, or possibly three desserts that will make your baby shower so much sweeter.

Sprinkles Against Clean White Focus On Baby

Cakes by Joanna: Baby Shower

This classically shaped 2-tiered design is a study in contrasts. The stark white upper tier with a simple white bow is in contrast to the dense texture of nonpareils on the bottom tier. The word BABY that tops the white one is also covered with nonpareils. This is a very unique baby shower cake and is very striking.

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Funfetti Pony Pinata Cake

Simple on the sides, party on the top: Thats the thought process behind one of the funkiest baby shower cake ideas weve spotted. The brainchild of food writer Molly Yeh, the donkey pinata is decked out in M& Msdont smack him with a bat, but do bite his head off to see whats inside.

+ Cool And Trendy Baby Shower Cakes To Choose From

Cakes are the centerpiece at parties for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. At a baby shower party, the cake should reflect the parents style, the colors in the other decorations, the gender of the baby if known, or the date of the babys birth. The pink for girls and blue for boys is traditional. The cake should be the right size for the number of guests. Youll see from these 50 pictures that many are cute, sophisticated or funny and usually have a theme. A message can also be written on the cake. Most have a topper or main design focus on the top. Popular trends are elephants, woodland scenes, hot air balloons, monkeys and realistic detail are seen in cakes seen on the internet and in bakery advertising. Toys, storks and teddy bears are still pretty common too. Many of the cake ideas are tall with multiple tiers which makes a visual statement. Cake design is an art that has gotten more impressive with new icings and techniques being used. Take a look at our gallery and find the best ideas for 2018!

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One That Focuses On Animals

This cake comes in the neutral colors of yellow, gray and white. And though the colors are objective, it’s not boring or bland at all! Some branches and flowers line the bottom layer, a bow is wrapped around the next tier, polka dots make an appearance, and cute little animals sit atop of it all. If a parent wants an animal-themed shower or a cake that is neutral yet vibrant, this may be the way to go. Plus, the multiple layers give room for several different designs.

Funny Baby Shower Cake Captions

DIY Baby Shower Cake – Gender Neutral & Easy!

Not all parents-to-be have great senses of humor Nor do their families. Tread lightly when choosing to use one of these phrases!

  • Somebody get a mop, is ready to pop! If it were me, Id put a pregnant Barbie on the cake with a frosting puddle below her.
  • Ready or not, here I come! I mean, Im pretty sure its too late to back out now.
  • A lot of changes are coming your way! You MUST put diapers on this one for it to work. Chocolate poop optional.
  • The bottom is up, the head is down. Thats what happens when you fool around! Some moms still have heads poking them in the ribs until delivery date, so this might not work for everyone.
  • Little hands. Little feet. Hello baby! Goodbye sleep. It starts out cute, then slaps you with reality!
  • Congratulations on your new alarm clock! Youll be sleeping through the real one out of exhaustion.
  • Baby is so sweet. Mommy cant see her feet! So somebody bring the poor mom a footstool.
  • Good luck. Youll need it! Even with the best of luck, a newborn is challenging to care for.
  • To sleepless nights and dirty diapers! Weird toast but OK.

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Sleeping Like A Baby In The Clouds

This might be the best one yet! In the year 2018 creativity has no limits. This topsy-turvy, dreamy 2-tiered wonder takes your breath away. A realistic-looking baby tops this cake with an impossibly long blanket draped across both tiers. A crescent moon, stars, and clouds surround the precious sleeping infant.

Baby Shower Cake Inscriptions

It is indeed a wonderful moment for any family to have a baby shower. That is why the cake has to be delicious and gorgeous. Besides that, it is best to share a meaningful message. So with that, it is essential to have appropriate baby shower cake inscriptions.

Also, be it for a boy, girl, twins, triplets, or gender-neutral, everything must be perfect. That is why it would be ideal to choose cute wordings. Hence, select your preferred decorated cake.

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How To Pick A Baby Shower Theme

Picking a baby shower theme can be tough there are so many fun options! Think about what the parents-to-be are passionate about and let that come through in the theme. For example, if they love to travel, the shower might be inspired by their favorite locale. If they have a favorite show, movie or band, consider it for the party’s focus. Or, if the baby-to-be’s nursery already has a theme, you might center the shower around the same idea.

Need a little inspiration? We rounded up 35 creative baby shower theme ideas for a day the parents-to-be will remember forever.

Funny Baby Shower Cake Sayings

Baby Shower Cake

You can have a laugh and joke with the soon-to-be parents with these funny cake sayings.

  • A tiny baby, small and sweet. Mom-to-be cant see her feet!
  • Im ready for my great escape. Quick, somebody cut this cake!
  • Get a mop, somebody is about to pop!
  • Goodbye tummy, hello mommy
  • Bottles, booties, diapers and pins, this is where the fun begins
  • Save the drama for your mama!
  • Congrats, Sperm!
  • All it takes is one big push then life revolves around a tiny tush!
  • 50% Mommy + 50% Daddy = 100% Perfect

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Happy Baby Shower Cake For Boys

This 3-tiered airy design has a unique look to it. The flattened images will accommodate easier serving and the air theme is carried out well with the images. A little balloon toting, smiling boy sits atop it. Theres a nice place for babys name as well. This cake is so happy and such a breath of fresh air!

Mother Bird Tends To Her Baby

This cake is beautiful. Every color of the rainbow is in it. The topper is a pink mama bird next to her baby in a nest. The giant green bow seems to be tied where the cake meets the plate. baby GIRL is written on the front with colorful flowers and a cute little ladybug. Non-stop color!

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Cute And Ruffly Baby Girl Cake

Pale pink and blue dominate this cake. Its topped with pink baby girl shoes and the bottom tier of this 2-tiered cake is all pink ruffles. Blocks with letters spell out babys name and theres a silver ribbon and bow encircling the middle. This one is definitely a baby shower cake for girls!

Simple Elegance And Shine

Baby shower Cake [ A super tall modern baby shower cake ]

The rings of grayish-silver hues on the bottom half are repeated on the upper tier by the gray umbrella-toting elephant cake topper. Well-thought-out color choices include the yellow fondant on the upper tier repeated by the yellow umbrella which is tied with a silver ribbon. This is a very sophisticated elephant baby shower cake design.

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One That Honors A Favorite Song

Are there parents out there who are already singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to their bump? Are there those who have decorated nurseries with moons and stars? Are their expecting parents who are really into music or who, perhaps, even teach music to their own students? If so, then this cake could work for those like-minded parents. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is a classic in the parenting world and for children, and this cake honors that tune well with fluffy clouds, shining stars, and a pretty moon. All of these cute details on an edible cake would totally make any baby shower elevate to the next level.

Adoption Shower Baby Shower Cake Wording

The whole point of a baby shower is to help a family welcome their new baby and offer gifts, which can help with the expensive job of being a parent. Adoption showers are a unique experience, but stay true to the underlying message of a shower. A traditional sheet cake or a tiered cake can help celebrate the occasion. There are many fun ways to express your joy for the new family in an adoptive baby shower cake:

  • Puzzle Theme: Our Family is Now Complete, We Found Our Missing Piece
  • Tree or Garden Theme: The Seeds of Love Have Grown Our Family Tree
  • Global Theme: Even From Across the World, We Always Knew You Were Our Little Girl
  • Sea Theme: An Ocean of Water Couldn’t Keep Us Apart, Our Little Boy Has Always Held A Place in Our Hearts
  • Heart Theme: Even miles apart, we found the of our heart!
  • Nursery Rhyme Theme: This sunshine is lighting up our gray skies.
  • Moon Theme: Over the moon about the addition to our family.

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Religious Shower Cake Sayings

If the parents are religious then you can use one of these faith are cake sayings.

  • An Angel sent from heaven above
  • Hell soon be here for us to love, a sweet baby boy from Heaven above!
  • Children are gifts from God
  • Straight from the Heaven up above, here is a baby for you to love
  • Planes, trains and tonka toys, thank the Lord for little boys!
  • Gods Most Precious Gift
  • God Bless Baby & you!
  • Heaven is losing an angel and sending him/her to us
  • All of Gods Grace in one tiny face
  • A Baby Is a bit of stardust fallen from the Hand of God

Baby Shower Cake Sayings For A Boy

Pin on Easy Peezy DIY

Its time for you to welcome a baby boy. Be creative and add an interesting phrase to the cake decoration. Here are some captivating cake wordings that would bring a joyful smile to your face.

  • Oh, Joy, Its a Bouncing Baby Boy!
  • Dance and sing! Make way for a cute little prince.
  • Sent from heaven above, a baby boy for you to love!
  • A giggle, a toy, a sweet baby boy!
  • Little toy train and tiny toy van, here comes our little man!
  • Mommys Little Prince!
  • Love, joy, and wonderful dreams are the sweetest things a baby boy brings!
  • Celebrate everyone, here comes our son!
  • Tiny suits and cute bow ties. Thank you, Lord, for the baby boy
  • Its going to be a son. Congrats, and well done!

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