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Peanut Butter N’ Chocolate

Ice Cream Review: Baskin-Robbins Oreo and Cake

This ice cream flavor is a classic for a reason. The peanut butter and chocolate combination is a pairing that works in perfect harmony and there is, in fact, a scientific reason why that is the case. According to Mic, the two flavors provide sensory contrast that our taste buds cannot ignore. So it’s no wonder why Baskin-Robbins’ Peanut Butter N’ Chocolate is such a success. This flavor contains chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirled ribbon. Can you say “yum”?

The Ben & Jerry’s flavor equivalent is Peanut Butter World, and we’d argue that their version takes the cake over this one because due to the inclusion of chocolate cookie pieces. While Peanut Butter N’ Chocolate is lacking in crunch, this flavor is pretty dang good just the same. We would love to try it topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to really seal the deal on the peanut butter and chocolate flavor combo.

Bring The Holidays Home With Baskin

Guest favorite Winter White Chocolate® returns as the December Flavor of the Month

CANTON, Mass. The ice cream experts at Baskin-Robbins have unwrapped a lineup of festive treats that are sure to make the season merry and bright. Brand new for the holidays, the Rosette Christmas Tree Cake spruces up any dessert table with rosettes of creamy, sweet icing and colorful sprinkles. Guests can customize their cake by choosing their favorite ice cream and cake flavors at their local Baskin-Robbins or online at

Baskin-Robbins is also releasing a collection of ice cream flavors to deliciously enjoy the holiday season:

  • Decembers Flavor of the Month, Winter White Chocolate®. Swirled with a rich cherry ribbon and bursting with bits of sweet cherry dipped in a chocolate flavored coating with a white chocolate flavored ice cream, this scoop is sure to be on everyones wish list.
  • Guests can dig into holiday decadence with the seasonal return of Baskin-Robbins classic Peppermint, loaded with peppermint pieces in a pink peppermint ice cream. This seasonal flavor also makes the perfect shake!
  • Eggnog flavored ice cream with hints of rum and nutmeg and Butterscotch Crunch with butterscotch pieces and a toffee-flavor ribbon, are available in pre-packed quarts to-go.

For more information about Baskin-Robbins’ wide variety of premium ice cream flavors and frozen desserts, visit or follow along on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

But This Year When I Went To Blogher I Interacted With The Baskin Robbins Folks And Asked If I Could Potentially Work With Them In The Future

Does baskin robbins ice cream cake have cake in it. Tiramisu, maui brownie madness, strawberry cheesecake, lemon mascarpone cheesecake and black forest. Just pick a cake design, choose your favoriteflavors, add it to your cart and tell us when youd like to pick it up. Well craft a cake thats sure to be a hit at any event.

I received a $30 gift card to go online to place my customized order on baskin robbins website. Ralphs baskin robbins cookies n cream ice 14 fl oz. Baskin robbins baby shower cakes

How to make ice cream cake wheat by the wayside. Birthday cakes are available in a variety of sizes including round, square, rectangle , rolls, and specialty/customized shapes. So, lets explore baskin robbins menu usa with pricing as well as its latest promotions.

Vegan ice cream options at baskin robbins: The cake cone at baskin robbins is. Most of our flavors do not contain eggs except flavors containing cake bits, e.g.

The ice cream purveyor is giving away 1,000 free ice cream cakes on black friday. Now you dont need an excuse to celebrate, thanks to the exciting new range of ice cream cakes from baskin robbins. Besides ice cream, baskin robbins also has other dishes on their menu, such as ice cream cake, sundaes, and smoothies.

Carvel ice cream cake chocolate and vanilla serves 24. Feel free to visit the official website for any changes or updates. Ice cream cake baskin robbins parlor cold stone creamery.

Cake Gallery Cake Decorating Ice Cream Cake Cake

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are arguably the best candy ever. Case in point: Reese’s created a giant 3.25 pound peanut butter cup for Thanksgiving that sold out within hours . Regular, mini, Reese’s Pieces, even stuffed with potato chips, this peanut butter and chocolate combination always wins! Of course, that includes being paired with ice cream.

Baskin-Robbins Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup starts with vanilla ice cream and packs it with crushed pieces of the flavor’s namesake candy. And while simple, there is nothing wrong with this incredible flavor combo. It’s a classic for a reason, right? Upon our first bite, we were pleasantly reminded of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup version of the Dairy Queen Blizzard. The only thing that is not raising this flavor to the top of the ranks is the lack of innovation. We know it. We love it. But we already know we love it.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Toppings

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake

Since they have so many flavors, Baskin Robbins does not really bother with many elaborate toppings. For a few cents more, you can get rainbow sprinkles added to any soft serve or scooped ice cream. Some stores will also allow you to get chocolate or caramel sauce on your ice cream for just a little more, but some places may make you purchase a sundae for $3.50 if you want sauce on your ice cream. Ice cream typically comes in a bowl, but you can pay between $0.99 and $1.49 for a cone.

These cones come in cake, waffle, sugar, and chocolate dipped varieties.

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How To Store Ice Cream Cake

This ice cream cake should be stored in the freezer. It will melt quickly if not kept in the freezer. It will stay good wrapped carefully with plastic wrap, or in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 7 days. Ice crystals will form on the cake and lower its quality after that amount of time. I recommend serving the cake within 24 to 48 hours after making the ice cream cake.

If you have any leftover ice cream cake, you can store the leftovers for up to 6 or 7 days in the freezer after serving. Store the leftovers by placing the remaining cake in an airtight container. Or by slicing up individual pieces and wrapping them first in plastic wrap, then in a freezer safe bag.

Where To Find Baskin Robbins Ice Creams

You can order Baskin Robbins ice cream at any one of their shops, so use the store locator to find the shop nearest you. You can contact Baskin Robbins through these methods if you have any questions about Baskin Robbins ice cream prices and flavors.

Baskin Robbins Phone Number: 800-859-5339Baskin Robbins Address: Baskin Robbins Corporate OFfice130 Royall StreetCanton, MA, 02021

With tons of flavors to pick from and a variety of tasty toppings, Baskin Robbins is one of the most popular ice cream shops around. They have many types of desserts, at relatively affordable prices. Comment below to let us know what you think of Baskin Robbins ice cream prices.

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Tips For Making The Best Ice Cream Cake:

  • You can use any flavors of ice cream that you prefer. Instead of chocolate and vanilla try mint and chocolate, or try cookie dough and cookies and cream, you name it, just pick two flavor combinations that mix well together.
  • Dip the knife youre using to cut the cake in a glass of hot water, then wipe it clean with a towel in between cutting each slice.
  • The cake melts pretty fast, so make sure to slice it up and serve it quickly after bringing it out of the freezer. When youre not slicing and serving, keep the cake in the freezer.

This homemade ice cream cake is as good or better than Dairy Queen, or Baskin Robbins. Its the perfect ice cream dessert, with creamy smooth layers of ice cream and the crunchy fudgy chocolatey Oreo cookie middle. Its heavenly, delicious, and so perfect served up for a birthday, summer party, or any occasion.

Does Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake Have Cake In It

How to Make a BASKIN-ROBBINS COOKIE ICE CREAM SANDWICH! Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Cookie Dough!

Baskin robbins cake prices include licensed character decorations including monster high, spiderman, and more.Baskin robbins cakes are the perfect choice for any birthday, especially the birthday of a child who loves ice cream.Baskin robbins cakes s delivery the ultimate ice cream glossary a to z baskin robbins have vegan ice cream dark chocolate cake roll baskin robbins waterloo ontarioBaskin robbins ice cream cakes transpa png.

Baskin robbins is an american chain of ice cream and cake specialty shop restaurants.Baskin robbins red velvet roll cake with cream cheese ice.Birthday cakes are available in a variety of sizes including round, square, rectangle , rolls, and specialty/customized shapes.Check out some of our favorites below, and browse our full menu to discover yours.

Choose from a variety of designs, flavors, and characters, including frozen cakes and star wars cakes.Cream, nonfat milk, confetti swirl ribbon [powdered sugar , refined peanut oil, maltodextrin, nonpareils , white coating (sugar, palm kernel oil,.Deck the halls with delicious desserts this holiday when you order the classic baskin robbins fudge yule log ice cream cake online.Featuring red velvet cheesecake ice cream with red velvet cake pieces coupled with brownie batter ice cream and brownie pieces.

The classic ice cream turkey cake.We require 3 working days to process your cake.We think this easy ice cream cake recipe can beat them all!You can customize your online orders, too.

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Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake Baskin

Birthday cakes baskin robbins homemade whipped cream frosting and a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream how to put an edible picture on a cake ice cream cake and decorating tutorial.Brownie bunch 6 / 9 *heightened covid 19 restriction lead time:Burt baskin and irv robbins began making ice cream in 1945.But then this was the 70s.

Cakes of this type can be prepared for many different situations, with use as a birthday cake being one of the most popular applications.Check out some of our favorites below, and browse our full menu to discover yours.Choose one of the packages listed.Clic chocolate vanilla ice cream cake eat live run baskin robbins ice cream cake recipe how to make chocolate oreo cookie ice cream cake olive mango neapolitan ice cream cake roll recipe by tasty clic chocolate vanilla ice cream cake eat live run

Even if it isnt your birthday.Extra pizza, fruit platter or slushies Finally, for the first time since aprils boston cream pie we have a new baskin robbins flavor of the month.Find 765 tripadvisor traveller reviews of the best ice cream and search by price, location, and more.

For years and years, i always ordered a single scoop of strawberry on a sugar cone.From cherries jubilee to baseball nut, baskin robbins has some of the best ice cream around!Gather your folks and dig in.Goodbye strawberry and vanilla, hello cake and salted caramel.

What Are All The Ice Cream Flavors At Baskin

  • A chocolate ice cream made by OREO®.
  • Ice cream made with Americas Birthday Cake®.
  • Ice cream made with baseball nuts.
  • A black walnut ice cream flavor.
  • A classic ice cream made with Cherries Jubilee.
  • Icing with chocolate almonds.
  • A classic chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
  • A classic chocolate chip ice cream.
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    The Perfect Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

    Ice cream cake is the perfect dessert for warm weather, and this chocolate ice cream cake is the perfect dessert for chocoholics. It starts with a thick brownie base, then theres cold and creamy chocolate ice cream on top. Its then topped with fudgy chocolate ganache and a little chocolate frosting around the edges to add even more chocolate and give it a truly impressive look.

    The recipe itself takes very little effort, but you need to plan in advance so that the ice cream has enough time to firm up. I typically make the brownie base and assemble the chocolate layer the day before I plan to serve, and then do the toppings the next day.

    How To Make An Ice Cream Cake


    First youre going to want to prepare the pan for your ice cream cake, youll want a tall pan because we want thick layers of ice cream. Line the pan with plastic wrap to help you with removal of the cake later.

    Get the bottom layer of ice cream out to soften for about 20 minutes, once it is softened enough to scoop and spread add the ice cream to the prepared cake pan and spread the top evenly to level it. Place the pan in the freezer to freeze this layer for about 30 minutes.

    Crush up your Oreo cookies by finely chopping them, or place them in a bag and smashing them with a hammer.

    Spread the hot fudge sauce over the top of the chocolate ice cream layer . Then sprinkle the Oreo cookie crumble evenly over the top. Freeze the ice cream cake again for about 2 hours.

    About 20 minutes before youre ready to add the top ice cream layer bring the ice cream out to room temperature to soften. Add the vanilla ice cream over the cookie crumbs and spread it evenly over the top. Freeze the ice cream cake again for at least 3 hours, or until it is firm.

    Whip the heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla extract together in a large mixing bowl and use a mixer on high speed to form stiff peaks.

    Carefully remove the ice cream cake from the pan and place it on a cake stand or serving plate

    Remove the cake from the freezer about 5 minutes before serving and slice it up and serve.

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    Baskin Robbins Frozen Treats

    In addition to classic sundaes, cones, and cakes, Baskin Robbins also sells soft serve parfaits. These are a layered mixture of Baskin Robbins vanilla soft serve, sauces, candies, and fresh fruit served in a cup. They come in banana, strawberry, Oreo, Reeses, Snickers, and M& Ms flavors.

    Parfaits are $2.19 for a mini and $4.99 for a regular-sized serving. Another popular frozen treat at Baskin Robbins are the 31 Below cups. This is a cup of soft serve blended together with candy bars. They are $2.19 for a mini, or $5.98 for a large, and you can choose between Reeses Pieces, M& Ms, Snickers, Heath Bars, or Butterfingers.

    How To Make Delectable Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake

    This layered chocolate-vanilla ice cream cake is a bittersweet treat. Think of it as a customized Baskin Robbins birthday cake from your favorite ice cream store. Serve this to your loved ones for their special day to make it more memorable!

    1 hr 30 mins 30 mins

    • 1pkgchocolate cake mix
    • ½gallonchocolate ice cream,softened
    • 1qtvanilla ice cream


  • Prepare the cake according to the package’s instructions.

  • Bake in a 9 x 13-inch baking dish. Allow the cake to cool properly.

  • Remove the ice cream from a rectangular carton and cut the ice cream in half using a long string. This will ensure that the ice cream is cut straight.

  • Place the two blocks of ice cream that were cut side by side on waxed paper.

  • Place the cake over the ice cream and trim the edges.

  • Place a board over the cake and while holding onto the waxed paper, flip the ice cream cake over, in which the cake will be at the bottom and the ice cream on top.

  • Remove the waxed paper and smooth out the cake.

  • Cover with waxed paper and freeze until firm.

  • To add frosting, mix a quart of vanilla ice cream in your mixer until it is smooth.

  • Apply frosting to the cake and put the cake back in the freezer until frozen again.

  • Nutrition

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