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Bake My Day Bakery Mobile Alabama

Southern Pound Cake 101: How to make the BEST Classic Pound Cake

Imagine all the classic fruitcake ingredients baked into a cookie! The family-owned, award-winning Bake My Day Bakery has packed candied cherries, pineapple, dates, and pecans into cake-like fruitcake cookies bursting with holiday color and flavor.

Reviewers were charmed by these delightful cookies that delivered all the pleasure of a slice of fruitcake in such a convenient and satisfying size. These cookies will be the highlight of your dessert table or holiday gift giving.


Want to up the surprise factor? Consider sending the 3 pound Heavenly Trio Fruitcake selection which is available on Amazon. The trio includes Beatrice Bakerys Classic Fruit and Nut Cake , the Amaretto Fruitcake , and the Pineapple Macadamia fruitcake .

4.5 pound Classic Fruitcake from Eilenbergers Bakery in Texas

In May of 1898, 21-year-old German immigrant F. H. Eilenberger opened a bakery in Palestine, Texas to begin producing an old German family recipe for fruitcake. Today, Eilenbergers bakery is the oldest operating bakery in Texas. Their multi-award winning fruitcakes continue to be handmade and sell nearly 50 thousand fruitcakes per year.

What Alcohol Is Fruitcake Typically Soaked In

Rum is the most popular liquor for soaking a fruitcake and can also be used for soaking the dried fruits that stud the cakes. The most common kind of rum used is dark and unspiced. But fruitcakes are also known to be soaked with brandy or sherry and even bourbon occasionally. If you buy a fruitcake that hasnt been pre-soaked, you can easily soak it yourself by drizzling the fruitcake with your liquor of choice and letting it soak in for a few hours to a few days. The longer a fruitcake rests with the liquor, the more the flavors will meld togetheralthough the potency will remain the same. You can also heat the liquor of your choice to boiling to cook off the alcohol and soak the fruitcake with it for a less potent but equally flavorful cake.

Our Pick: We Take The Cake

Claim To Fame: Fort Lauderdales most legendary custom-cake shop.

We Take The Cake is visited often by celebrities and luxury caterers. Their famous key lime bundt cake is one of Oprahs Favorite Things.

Image: We Take The Cake

About We Take The Cake Cakes:Quality and attention to detail are what sets this cake shop apart from the competition.

They use ingredients like whole buttermilk, fresh eggs and real butter just like grandma used to make. Experienced bakers mix every batter and frosting by hand.

This bakery knows that shipping a birthday cake is all about presentation. They go the extra mile with hand-decorated cakes and custom-designed packaging to make sure your birthday cake delivery is perfect.

They offer a variety of layer cakes as well as bundt cakes in classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry and raspberry.

Gluten-free and vegan cake options are available.

The iconic American company that offers gourmet cookie tins, baskets and gifts for shipping nationwide.

Image: Mrs. Fields

About Mrs. Fields Cakes:Not everyone is a cake fan. We can respect that! Thats why we included Mrs. Fields Giant Cookie Cakes in our list.

Each giant chocolate chip cookie cake measures 12 inches in diameter. These colossal cookie cakes are moist, chewy and made with real butter, whole eggs, and pure vanilla.

For ease of ordering, there are a variety of pre-set Happy Birthday designs. However, you can also customize your message and frosting colors.

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Are Walmart Cakes Good

If you are planning a kids birthday party, Walmart is definitely the one-stop-shop.

You can purchase your presents, party supplies, decorations, and yes, even your cake at Walmart.

Talk about convenient!

But how good are their cakes? Good is really subjective, but for clarity, Im assuming we can agree that moist cakes are better than dry cakes. Lets also assume that frosting that hurts your teeth is too sweet.

Walmart does not have a terribly wide selection of cake flavors. The following are available at most stores:

  • White cake

Yellow cake is available at select stores.

Most enormous slices of cake at this grocery store

Elizabeth West

I found several reviews of Walmart cakes that have similar themes. Reviewers say they do not have a wide selection of cakes, and they sometimes dont look like they are supposed to.

Generally speaking, I find the frosting is too sweet, but the cake itself is moist and tasty. As an added bonus, Walmarts cakes are very affordable. Just like pretty much everything else at Walmart.

So if you arent looking for anything fancy, and just want inexpensive cake, Walmart is probably a good option.

If this is your childs first birthday, theyll even give you a free smash cake with a cake purchase of at least $15.

A smash cake is a cake specifically for the birthday boy or girl to smash and play in without getting their kid germs all over the big cake.

Its actually pretty fun to watch your new 1-year-old dig into their very own cake!

Why Is Pound Cake Called A Pound Cake

Delicious Pictures

Have you ever wondered where Pound Cake gets its name? Im going to give you some fun trivia. You never know when this information might come in handy 0)

Pound cake first originated in 18th century Europe. The original classic recipe was a delicious, easy cake recipe that called for a pound of each ingredient: a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of eggs, and a pound of sugar.

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Claxton Fruitcakes Claxton Georgia

The Claxton Fruitcake, which is proudly made in Claxton, Georgia, has the advantage of being carried by grocery stores across the country, giving them a top-of-mind familiarity at the holidays. Seeing their retro red and white holiday striped boxes stacked in your local grocery is the surest sign that the holiday season is unquestionably upon us. Bright candied red and green cherries top a dense pound cake that binds together California raisins, pineapple, Georgia pecans, cherries, walnuts, almonds and lemon and orange peel. Available on Amazon in 1, 2 and 3 pound options.

How To Prepare A Bundt Pan For Baking

How to prepare the pan: I used a Bundt pan, and I knew that Cindy has had issues with the cake sticking. I really like a Wilton product for this.

Its their Cake Release. Its not the spray kind it comes in a bottle with a flip-top lid, like the old Bactine bottles, if you remember.

  • Squirt some Cake Release into the bottom of your pan
  • Use a pastry brush to brush it evenly all over the interior of the pan.

I am truly convinced that the Cake Release is the Best Product Ever for making a cake come bounding out of a pan, and using a pastry brush really helps to get it in all the nooks and crannies in a Bundt pan.

If you dont have any of this magical product, other options include:

  • pan sprays with oil and flour in them
  • fat and then flour

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Faqs Regarding Costco Cakes Menu 2022

When it comes to ordering cakes, most people think they have to go through a specialty bakery. However, did you know that you can also order cakes from Costco?

Here, we will provide you with a guide on how to order a cake from Costco. So, whether you are looking for a birthday cake or something for a special occasion, read on for tips on how to get the perfect cake from Costco.

Does Walmart Bake Their Own Cakes

BEST POUND CAKE RECIPE EVER! Old Fashioned Southern Pound Cake

Sadly, no.

Walmarts sheet cakes come in frozen from Pillsbury. Their round cakes come from Best Brands based in Minnesota.

So if you like Pillsbury products, including their boxed cake mix, youll probably like Walmarts cakes.

Theyll also do their best to customize it how you want it, and theyll write pretty much anything on it, as long as its not offensive.

But dont get too fancy. Walmart is all about cheap products and low labor costs. Youre not likely going to find a talented cake decorator on staff.

Fun fact a Costco sheet cake fits perfectly into an IKEA shopping bag. Its sacred geometry.

Lori Dziurda May 1, 2020

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Most Festive: Milk Bar

  • Only two cake options

Are you looking for a cake that delivers the ultimate birthday essence? Check out Milk Bars birthday cakes. There are two choices: birthday cake, chocolate birthday cake, plus gluten-free versions.

But what Milk Bars menu lacks in breadth it more than makes up for with depth of craft. The website describes how the Milk Bar team worked for more than two yearsled by founder and James Beard award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosito achieve the perfect nostalgic birthday funfetti flavor. With that kind of commitment and attention to detail, it is no wonder that Milk Bar has garnered heaps of positive press and hundreds of enthusiastic customer reviews.

Prices start at $52, plus shipping for the 6-inch birthday cake. Milk Bar also offers birthday gift sets that include additional items such as cake truffles, cookies, Milk Bar pie, and Christina Tosis book, “All About Cake”. You can order ahead and even select a specific delivery day up to 30 days in advance.

Pound Cakes Are Made With The Creaming Method

Im sure youd recognize the method, even if you dont call it by name.

Its the one that starts out, Cream together butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well between each addition.

Heres a video I made to show you how to do the creaming method. I hope you find it useful.

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You Order A Costco Cake Online

Most asking question:can I order a Costco cake online? The Answer is No You dont order Costco cakes online.

We at Costco bakery want you to know that they dont offer online cake-ordering options. This is because of their strict two-day notice requirement, and order forms need for bakers needs all to ensure your satisfaction!

Best Splurge Gift: Harry & David Christmas Gift Basket With Wine

A Glorious Pound Cake for the Holidays
  • Great gift for large group of people

  • Not very customizable

  • More expensive option

Fruitcake is terrific, but it isn’t an incredibly flashy gift. If you’re looking for a special edible gift this year that includes a traditional fruitcake but with a little more pizazz, the Christmas Gift Basket with Wine from Harry & David has got everything you need to please every palate on the list.

Along with a 1-pound traditional fruitcake, this gift basket includes chocolate truffles, dark-chocolate peppermint bark, and chocolate-covered cherries. Savory treats include yogurt-covered pretzels, almonds, and popcorn. A bottle of wine for those who prefer their treats in liquid form is an especially nice touch and will pair well with the fruitcake. It’s all arranged in a beautiful holiday tin container.

Shipping Information: This particular gift basket is available to ship in early November. Multiple shipping options are available, including overnight , 2- or 3-day express, and standard 4 to 7 business day shipping. Cost of shipping not included.

  • Attractive cherry and pecan decoration

  • Czech-style recipe

  • More expensive for a smaller size

For a beloved fruitcake that’s as unfussy as it is nice to look at, Gladys’ Bakery Czech Pecan Fruitcake Loaf will please just about everyone. Gladys keeps it simple. This is primarily a pecan cake that’s been studded with bright red and green candied cherries. And, that’s it.

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How Much Is A Costco Sheet Cake

When it comes to cakes, you get the best deal at Costco. Costco half-sheet cake costs about $20 and has servings for 48 people thats cheaper than any other store!

You can also compare this price with other famous stores that charge around 25$ per sheet of paper-thin sliced stuff.

It doesnt matter if your birthday boy/girl wants an elegant tall fruit plentitude type dessert because weve got both options available here in our marketplace

together cost virtually nothing after promotion discounts, thanks largely due to increased volume sales regulars bumps up product prices just enough so everyone wins.

Costco Cakes For Birthday

Costco is an excellent option if youre looking for an affordable and delicious birthday cake. They offer a wide selection of cakes, and you can choose from several different flavors and designs.

Plus, Costcos prices are usually much lower than those at other bakeries. So if youre looking to save money on your next birthday cake, be sure to check out Costco!

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Ferns N Petals Provides Midnight And Same Day Delivery Across Cities

Ferns N Petals has been dedicated to the sprawling online gift delivery services over two decades. In any kind of special occasion, you have always found Ferns N Petals by your side. The number of cities & towns we deliver worldwide is more than 70,000 and in India, the number is 350 plus. Whereas apart from cake delivery in India, we also cater to 106 countries Like USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, India, Canada, etc. on the world map. And that means, for each friend or relative of yours located anywhere in the world, you can send a cake to them using our cake shop. You may use midnight cake delivery or same day cake delivery services and surprise them in a better way. Book cakes online and leave the rest on us as we would never disappoint you in terms of quality and perfect delivery timeline.

Next time when you have to go away from the country and cannot be a part of your sweethearts special day, use our website to get theonline cake delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, etc. and have a lovely celebration.

What Our Customers Say

The BEST Pound Cake

Four years in a row I have sent my son a birthday cake for him to celebrate while he is out of state at college. He loves this cake – and so does his friends. My son would love one of these cakes more often. Thank you to the team at We Take the Cake for delivering happiness and delicious cakes.

I have ordered several times from We Take The Cake, and each time it is a hit. The cakes are DELICIOUS, fresh, and arrive in perfect condition. This is the only on-line bakery I can completely recommend!

I shipped this to my mother in Florida for her birthday, and she was thrilled with the quality of the cake. She said it was one of the best cakes shes ever tasted, and arrived in perfect condition. Well definitely be ordering from this bakery again!

I don’t know how they do it but the cakes always arrive perfectly packaged, with no damage, fresh and ready to enjoy. I’m so glad I found a cake to send to people I love when I can’t be there to make it myself. The chocolate flavor is a can’t miss choice. Everyones favorite!

I had this cake shipped to my mother since I couldn’t be with her on her birthday to bake her a cake. She called me to say that it was the best chocolate cake she’d ever had. I also had flowers shipped to her. She thanked me for the flowers, but it was this cake she kept raving about.

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