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Contemporary Vintage Bride And Groom Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper

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In order to create the unique posesand impressive details, each porcelain figurine begins as aseries of separate elements. Much like a puzzle, the head,arms, flowers, etc. are carefully joined together by hand.Once assembled, the figurine is fired in a kiln. The extremelyhigh temperature permanently fuses the pieces together andconverts the clay into porcelain. Because of this, each figurinewill be slightly unique. Small variations from the images shownare simply unavoidable.

Barbara Binger Retired Teacher Fulton Mo

Collection 125 wedding cake toppers

Prized Possession A Kewpie bride and groom topper.

I found my first topper in 1983 at an antique shop in Joplin, Mo. This marvelous, fancy thing popped out at me. The couple stood under a decorated archway. The bride was in a light blue ribbon and lace dress with white roses and pearls. It was only $2. I fell in love with how pretty they were and couldnt pass it up.

Im fascinated by how different they are like couples, no two are alike. Some are so elaborate. Searching for these gave me something to do once I retired. They make me elated.

When I find one, there has to be an emotional connection because Im buying a piece of someones history that was once used when a couple were madly in love. These represent happiness, the looking forward to another stage in life together, and who the couple are. When I think about why someone threw it out or is selling it, that makes me sad.

My rarest is a Kewpie bride and groom topper, which are very hard to find. They came out in the 1920s. I paid $350 for it 15 years ago. It has probably doubled or tripled in value since. My granddaughters have already picked out the ones they want for their wedding cakes. They dont mind using someone elses. They feel like theyre getting a little piece of me.

Collecting Treasures From Weddings Past

From handkerchiefs to cake toppers, the hunt for vintage wedding curiosities, some collectors say, is not unlike the chase for an actual spouse.

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I was at a flea market in New York, she said. I found a bride and groom cake topper for $15. It had vitality and vibrated in my hand. It spoke to me.

A sculptor and the author of In Flagrante Collecto: Caught in the Art of Collecting, Ms. Gelfman Karp said that hunting for vintage wedding artifacts offers thrills beyond the sense of achievement when you find something youve been searching for.

As keepsakes from the day two people begin their new life together, these objects tell a story, they have a voice and represent a commitment a couple have made to one another, she said. These items are cultural artifacts and curiosities. They are part of a history that reveals information about a specific time and place.

Just what do avid collectors look for, and why? Three others offer a peek at their treasures and, in their own words, the story behind some of their finds.

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The History Of Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

Learn the origin story of these cute figurines.

The bride and groom stand arm in arm, ready to stride right off the cake and into their new life together-such is the symbolism of the vintage wedding cake topper. These little dolls, often created in the couples’ likeness, have appeared on the uppermost tiers of wedding cakes for centuries.

As for the history behind this confection accent? The tradition reached its height in the Victorian era, with cupid-adorned follies and other elaborate creations that capped the desserts at royal weddings. Today, since the wedding cakes of modernity are often minimal in design, these fanciful toppers often feel out of place-at the very least, they can be hard to find. But if the tradition is one you want to partake in, you can always dream one up yourself.


You may not have to start from scratch: Give a vintage bride and groom topper a new base and call it your own. Or take a look through all of the wedding cake toppers we’ve rounded up over the years. While some are obviously more contemporary than others, these little figurines definitely haven’t faded from the wedding scene. And for good reason. In addition to making for a lively top-tier, they serve as a welcome big-day keepsake. Long after the wedding, when the cake itself is just a yummy memory, you’ll still have your topper to remind you of your nuptials’ sweet romance.

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

Vintage Bride and Groom Cake Topper from 1970

After looking at some of the biggest wedding cake trends for this year: black beauties, single tier confections and some tasty alternatives to the traditional today Ive rounded up some of the most fabulous finishing touches! I am of course talking about the topper, the cherry of the wedding world. You see if these other trends arent for you, a sure fire way to wow your guests with your cake, is to finish it off with a creative topper! So I have rounded up 20 of the most fabulous ideas.

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Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

While I love more modern wedding cake toppers, theres something about vintage that is always a bit more fun. As much as I love vintage wedding cake toppers, however, there are some truly creepy ones out there once you start looking! So I decided to weed through the scary ones to find these adorable/cool vintage wedding cake toppers for all sorts of wedding themes. Having a garden wedding ceremony? The chalkware or Bavarian porcelain wedding cake toppers below could be perfect. Going for a more kitschy vibe? The wooden Folk Art or Kokeshi dolls could be right up your alley. The squirrels, below, are probably the biggest stretch but I love that you can actually use them as salt and pepper shakers after your wedding as a great keepsake!

Check out a few of my favorite vintage wedding cake toppers from Etsy, below.

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Frank Maresca Owner Of The Ricco/maresca Gallery In Manhattans Chelsea Neighborhood New York Ny

Collection 110 wedding cabinet cards

Prized Possession A cabinet card of what appears to be teenage bride and groom, taken sometime between 1875 and 1895.

Twenty-five years ago, I became fascinated by wedding cabinet cards, which typically cover the years 1880 to 1915. These were taken by mom-and-pop studios and are usually 5 by 7 and adhered to a heavy mounting board, which often contained the name and city sometimes the address of the photography studio.

They were formulaic, which is why they look similar in how the couple are posed and the background that was used. The camera didnt move, the lighting didnt change, and you knew exactly how to stand. One of my favorites struck me by how young this couple was. Clearly in their teens. The look on their faces says, We dont have a clue what we are getting into, but here we are.

These portraits are a window into the beginning of a new life when two individuals become one. Each is a different couple, produced by a different studio, so its not like a baseball card. As different as they were, the same moment was frozen. When I put them all together they tell an incredible story. In 2017, I did a show at my gallery highlighting the entire collection called I Do I Do.

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Vintage Cake Toppers For The Vintage Couple

Who doesnt love those cute old miniature bride and groom cake toppers? From simple porcelain figurines to elaborate designs with bells and lace, these cake toppers are a vintage lovers dream. There is so much character in these designs that would make using one for your own wedding a big statement piece. Ive pulled together a few of my favorites that I think you all will really love! I hope one of you snags up these beauties! Which one is your favorite?

1950s floral arch cake topper from Elizabeth Caparaz

1920s bisque cake topper from WhimzyThyme

1920s flower arch cake topper from Gulden Brown Gowns

Bryce Reveley Owner Of Gentle Arts A Textile Conservator And Fabric Appraiser New Orleans La

Wedding Cake Topper – Bride Groom and Dog

Collection 275 wedding handkerchiefs

Prized Possession A 27-by-27-inch handkerchief from 1830 monogrammed with the initials ACF.

Handkerchiefs are very historical and tactile. Following an old wedding tradition, men used to pass these down and give them to the groom, who would give them to their new wife. Its something everyone wished they kept. I bought my first one in the 1950s for 25 cents at a thrift shop in Hot Springs, Ark.

They are beautiful heirlooms used to trace the genealogy of a family. Some were passed down through five or six generations. Each one tells a story they usually have two or three initials sewn on the cloth to show who it belonged to. The ACF on my favorite was beautifully monogrammed in red thread. I found it in a heap at a thrift store in England. I paid $2 for the pile.

Many were framed and, on the back, they would give the list of people who wore or carried it at the wedding. ECM, with love from her husband, JHP. With that little bit you can tell what was going on.

In New Orleans this is still a respected wedding tradition. My great-grandmother had one, so did my mother. Both were given to them on their wedding day. Clients give them to me now because they know I collect them.

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