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One: Make The Cake Crumbs

Milk Bar Truffle Crumb Cakes: Chocolate Birthday & Chocolate Chip Review

These are surpringly easy and can be made up to a week ahead of time. Just dont snack on them all week before you get to the cake assembly! Trust me it will take willpower.

Start by combining the dry ingredients- sugars, flour, baking powder, salt, and sprinkles

Then add the oil and vanilla. The mixture will become moist and crumbly.

Then spread the mixture onto a baking sheet. I lined mine with parchment paper, but you could use a silicone baking mat. You want to break up the crumbs with your hands.

Once during baking, and then once they cool you want to break up the crumbs a bit. The crumbs will still be soft when you take them out of the oven but will crisp up as they cool.

The cake crumbs can be stored up to a week ahead of time at room temperature in a container or frozen up to a month.

What Happens If Milk Bar Crumb Cakes Chocolate Birthday Truffle 2

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Ingredients Needed To Make The Momofuku Milk Bar Cake

Not gonna lie. There are also some specialty ingredients in this cake as well. I thought about taking some shortcuts, but I decided to go for it and see what the fuss is all about. Glad I did.

Cake Crumbs:

  • Sugars The crumbs use both brown sugar and granulated white sugar.
  • Cake Flour A little low protein flour to help bind the crumble together
  • Baking Powder To help give the cake crumbs so lift so they arent dense.
  • Salt I used table salt so I used less than called for since the original recipe used kosher salt. Kosher salt is bigger in granules so you need more.
  • Rainbow Sprinkles Of course, sprinkles. Because hello ultimate funfetti cake is what we are going for here.
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Clear vanilla extract this is what Christine recommends using because it gives it that classic boxed mix taste.

Funfetti Cake:



  • Milk I used whole milk, but I think a lower fat milk would be fine. Its used to soak the cake layers to help keep them moist.
  • Vanilla A little more flavor here. Nothing wrong with that. Really drives home the vanilla cake flavor.

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How Do I Assemble A Milk Bar Cake

When youre ready to assemble, you want to mix together the soak an easy combination of milk and vanilla. Heres how this is going to work:

Layer 1: 1 layer cake, 1/2 soak, 1/5 frosting, 1/3 crumbs, 1/5 frosting

Layer 2: 1 layer cake, 1/2 soak, 1/5 frosting, 1/3 crumbs, 1/5 frosting

Layer 3: 1 layer cake, 1/5 frosting, 1/3 crumbs

Got it? Ok lets break this down. Start by cutting out your cake circles. Flip the cake out of the sheet pan. Then using the 6 round cutter, cut two circles out of the cake. Like such

You will get two full perfect circles. And then use the cutter to cut TWO half circles out of the scraps. You will piece those together to make the final cake layer.

Its unconventional. Sure. But it works. Will there be scraps left? Sure. But this cake takes some time to assemble. Youre bound to get hungry

Then you want to start assembling. Using the same cutter, give it a wash. And then place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. And line with the acetate collar.

Note: The acetate collar I used had to be cut into two 3wide strips.

Place your first layer in the cake ring.

Then give it a good soak with your vanilla milk.

Then add 1/5 of the frosting.

Then sprinkle on 1/3 of those delicious cake crumbs. You want to press these down slightly into the frosting. Oh, and sneak one for yourself.

Then more frosting on top. Again, about 1/3 of the frosting. Its OK I eyeballed it as well.

Then repeat with the final cake layer and frosting

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Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow

But, I did try something similar with the Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow !

First, I tried it on its own and WOWZA. I could not get enough of the marshmallow flavor, which was like having ooey gooeyness goodness around the campfire without all the flame, char, and ash! The cookie dough ice cream base really complemented and brought out the mallow. The rest of the ingredients helped to seal the deal. There was great texture from the chocolate chips, which were more like rectangular chunks reminiscent of Ben & Jerrys inclusions.

Additionally, the cornflake crunch was not soggy but not a frozen flake either, so I considered it just right on the texture spectrum. And guess what? They tasted just like cornflakes. Said corn flavor was as comforting as my childhood cereal.

As Milk Bar also sells a grocery-exclusive version of their cookies in the same exact flavor, I decided I would also use them to make an ice cream cookie sandwich. This is not a cookie review, so Ill just concisely say that the ice cream MADE the sandwich the key again being the marshmallow goodness. Id prefer to eat it on its own, though!

Purchased Price: $5.99 Purchased at: Whole Foods Rating: 8 out of 10Nutrition Facts: 300 calories, 19 grams of fat, 11 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 40 milligrams of cholesterol, 110mg of sodium, 0 grams of fiber, 29 grams of carbohydrates, 20 grams of sugar, and 1 gram of protein.

What Is The Momofuku Birthday Cake

A funfetti cake thats light and fluffy. With sprinkles abound. Soaked in a vanilla milk. Slathered in a creamy dreamy vanilla buttercream frosting. And the best part

Cake crumbs. Dont worry we will get to the crunchy cake crumbs. And it all comes together into one blissful bite that I am still dreaming about. I actually made this cake months ago for my amazing Fiances birthday. He is a funfetti fiend and loves a good boxed mix. I wont judge. I still love him. But I wanted to make him one from scratch.

The cake is a bit different for a few reasons:

And this cake promised that it tastes just like those boxed funfetti mixes we all hate to love. It delivers. On so many levels. And then some. In fact, it blows a boxed cake mix out of the water. Yes I will be making this cake again.

Is it time consuming? Heck yes. Is it worth it? Every calorie laden, drool worthy bite.

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What Do I Need To Make This Milk Bar Cake

Ok yes heres the thing you will need a few things to make this cake that you may not have on hand. Ill be perfectly honest its got some unique tools and ingredients but its all worth it.

  • 6-inch cake rings You will use these to cut the cake rounds out and then to stack the cake. You might be able to try baking this in a 6-inch cake or 8-inch cake round but you would need to adjust the baking time.
  • Jelly roll pan You need to use a specific sized jelly roll pan so the batter fits. You need a 10×15 jelly roll pan.
  • Acetate Cake Collar This is used to wrap around the cake rings to create that look that is the Milk Bar cake.

If you dont want to get all these things but want to experience the wonder that is the Milk Bar cake you could try baking in a 6-inch cake pan and then frost without the cake collar. I havent tried this method, but I think it would work. It wont have the same look but no one will care once they take a bite.

How To Make This Recipe

Milk Bar Cake Review- Milk Bar Birthday Cake and Milk Bar Chocolate Malt Cake

First youll want to add the ice, banana, milk, protein powder, pudding mix, oat flour, vanilla extract, and almond extract to a high speed blender.

Blend it up for a total of ~5 minutes. First start on the low setting then increase to high speed after the first minute or so.

Once your high protein birthday cake smoothie is super smooth and fluffy fold in the sprinkles and ~½ of the granola with a spatula.

Pour your smoothie into a glass and top with the remainder of the Safe + Fair birthday cake granola and additional sprinkles if desired! And voila! A delicious cake batter protein smoothie! Enjoy!

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Cakes & Pies Calories

Cakes and pies often include high-calorie foods like wheat flour, butter, cream, and sugar, which can be viewed separately in the baking ingredients calorie chart. The nutritional value of baked goods tends to be low because the main ingredients provide mostly fats and simple carbohydrates, which can immediately cause rapid fluctuations in blood sugar level and over time lead to increased body weight. However, a portion of calories in pies and cakes can also be from healthy ingredients such as eggs, which contain proteins and nutrients. Many items commonly used when baking pastries like spices and vanilla extract are used in such a small amount that the calories are negligible, but other flavorful additions like tree nuts and dried fruit can boost both nutritional value and calorie density. Packaged cakes and pies, even those labeled low-fat, can include high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners. Although products marketed as healthy replacements can lower the total calories per serving, these are typically no better than the original recipe. Therefore, its recommended not to consume pastries on a regular basis and to check nutrition facts on pre-made cake mixes and pies to ensure they fit into your diet.

Calories In Phd Smart Bar Birthday Cake 64g

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Making & Assembling Ahead Of Time

While this cake does have a number of components, they all can be made ahead of time to varying degrees. Youll see at the end of each instruction section, I note how far in advance each component can be made, and how it should be stored. It really makes this cake much easier to tackle if you are tight on time most days!

Note On Vanilla Extract

We use two different kinds of vanilla extract, brown patisse brand and clear McCormick brand. Neither is of any fancy caliber, but we use these specific vanilla extracts on purpose because they are the flavor that most people relate to in their baked goods. Vanilla beans and fancy vanilla paste do not taste like home to me, but commercial vanilla extract does.We use brown vanilla extract in 90 percent of our baked goods. Its the extract that flavors nearly every homemade chocolate chip cookie. We use clear McCormick vanilla extract for the birthday cake, birthday cake crumb, and birthday cake frosting. It is vanilla in flavor, but not flavored by any actual vanilla beans. Its vanilla in more of a guilty tub-of-frosting, box-cake way. The two are not interchangeable in recipes. Both patisse brown extract and McCormick clear vanilla are available online.

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Birthday Cake Protein Shake

DISCLAIMER: This post was developed in sponsored partnership with Safe + Fair however, as always, all opinions are genuine.

This birthday cake protein shake is like drinking a cake batter milkshake for breakfast that is PACKED with 32g of protein to keep you full and satisfied for hours! Plus, it takes just 5 minutes to make!

How Do You Get Perfect Cake Layers

There are a few tricks that will help you get perfect, even layers!

First, you need good nonstick cake pans and pan spray. I use three 6×2 inch Fat Daddios* layer cake pans and I love them!! It’s super important to get actual layer cake pans because the sides are perfectly straight! It’s a little annoying because this means you can’t stack them, but your layers will have perfect sides! With just a tiny bit of pan spray, the cakes just slide right out and never stick! For pan spray, I love both Everbake Pan Spray and Baker’s Joy*!

Next, is trimming your cake. This can be a little tricky, but it’s super easy once you do it a couple times. Let the cakes cool completely to room temperature, then take a large bread knife and very carefully slice off the very top of the cake so that you have a perfectly even layer. I like using a big bread knife because it’s sharp, serrated, and long enough to go through the entire layer at one time.

And of course freezing the layers! So after you’ve let the cake layers cool completely and trimmed them. Wrap each layer tightly in plastic wrap in place in the freezer overnight. Don’t take them out until right before you start assembling the cake! This allows the frosting to slide on smoothly and prevents any crumbs from getting in the frosting.

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Special Ingredients To Make The Milk Bar Birthday Cake

  • liquid glucose: you may find it at Bulk Barn or your local bulk ingredients store, or restaurant/baking supply stores in your area. If not, you can Wilton brand glucose from .
  • citric acid: you may find it at Bulk Barn or your local bulk ingredients store. If not, you can order citric acid from .
  • rainbow jimmies: the sprinkles used for this cake recipe are rainbow jimmies, that kinda look like tiny coloured grains of rice. Your grocery store will most likely have rainbow jimmies that you can buy. If not, order them on .
  • cake and pastry flour: cake and pastry flour has a lower protein content than regular all-purpose, which will help you achieve a fluffier, more tender cake. You can find it on if your grocery store doesn’t have it.
  • grapeseed oil: grapeseed oil is a flavourless oil. If you don’t want to buy grapeseed oil, Tosi recommends using canola oil. If you feel like buying grapeseed oil, you can buy it on .
  • imitation vanilla: Christina Tosi recommends using artificial or imitation vanilla for many of her recipes because imitation vanilla tends to have a more pronounced vanilla flavour that is very nostalgic. Use a clear imitation vanilla extract if you can find it. You can also buy it on . You can also use real vanilla extract if you prefer, but the flavour won’t be the same.

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