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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too bookkeeping course interview with Tiffani Higgins

Now my knowledge of this course is based on others experience with it and what my research turned up. Many bookkeepers love this course as well. She has quite a few courses available to you for a price a little as $6 to $8,000! The $8,000 is access to EVERYTHING so you decide.

Again this is self-paced, for those who are looking to start their own business and does NOT end with certification . I could find anything about a refund policy so if you are looking into this and are on the fence, you might want to dig a little deeper.

I have heard great things from those who have taken some of her courses. Those who have implemented what she is teaching and have seen success. She offers a free as well for those interested but there is a membership fee for the insider Facebook group. Like I said before there is value in having access to others experiences and knowledge as they are on the same path as you. So again you have to decide how much you are willing to invest and if this is worth it to you.

The Problem With Traditional Bookkeepers

Now you know more about how beneficial bookkeepers can be. At this point, you may be asking yourself: why should I go with a remote bookkeeper instead of a local one?

First of all, local bookkeepers may not have the experience and training necessary to help you and your business. With remote bookkeeping, you can find someone who is perfectly qualified to help you out.

Second, local bookkeepers may command too high of a price. Spending too much on bookkeeping defeats the purpose of saving you money. And it hurts your budget even more to put a bookkeeper on a full-time salary. With remote bookkeeping, you get the best prices without having to pay someone a regular salary and benefits.

Finally, local bookkeepers tend to do things the same way. But being successful means bringing in new ideas, and you can get plenty of innovative ideas and breakthroughs with remote bookkeeping.

Downfall In 3 Acts: Taking A Look At The Events In October 2018

On October 10, the company informed the market that management had been notified of accounting irregularities that would have a significant impact on the companys cash position. Moreover, Chris Marsh, the CFO, had been suspended from his role. The company requested that their shares be suspended from trading. Losses for the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the largest shareholder Luke Johnson were estimated to be £100 million. Later the same day, it was announced that the company owed HRMC £1.4 million in tax.

On October 11, the company announced that there was a material shortfall between the reported financial status and the actual financial status of the business. Without an immediate injection of capital, the directors were of the opinion it wouldnt be possible for the company to continue.

On October 12, the Hertfordshire police issued a statement that a 44-year-old man is arrested on charges of fraud as a result of counterfeiting company accounting. Turns out it was the companys finance director Chris Marsh and an investigation was launched.

Why did nobody speak up at Patisserie Valerie?

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How Much Money Can I Expect To Make

How much you decide to work will determine how much money you ultimately make, but Tiffany states in our interview that most businesses pay on average $300 a month for bookkeeping services so if you want to have 10 clients or 3 it is up to you! She replaced her full-time 9-5 within a few months of starting her own bookkeeping business.

Everything You Need To Know To Start A Home

Easdowns Accountants &  Advisers

Donielle Showvay, Owner/Designer/Coach at Knitting Knicely

“On August 30, 2019, I made the decision to start working for myself and purchases my LLC. One year ago, I launched my bookkeeping practice to the world. In one year’s time, I’ve made more than I made at my last job working for Amazon. Having freedom to stay home full-time with my son, work at my own pace and not feel guility for calling out or taking time for myself and my family has been life changing!! If you are on the fence about starting a business, DO IT NOW! I promise you won’t regret doing what you are passionate about!”

– Vanessa Butler, Founder and Owner at Butler Bookkeeping Services

– Chelsea Green Stewart, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 19th of September 2019

“I love this course, you hook us up with everything we need to be successful.”

Terri Wilmot Rock, Founding Member at YEP Tribe

– Casey James, Founder and Owner at CenterState Bookkeeping

“I still can’t get over how much value your course and support has. It goes above and beyond!!! Best investment ever!!!”

Stacie Anderson, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 8th of October 2019

“I just wanted to say that I love you! I finally got my butt in gear, and I’ve done $5k in billing this month, and I’m feeling good about the work I have to get done! Thank you SO much!!! “


– Nichole Fielder, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 8th of August 2019

– Cindy Dement

Renee Crowther

– Michael Post

– Katelynn

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What Type Of Tasks Does A Bookkeeper Do

Every business requires someone to manage the financial aspects. Since this job can be done virtually anywhere, it makes it the perfect work from home position. Once you have been trained, you can choose if you want to work for small businesses, bloggers, or even non-profits!

Some of the common job responsibilities include:

  • Tracking Accounts Payable
  • Monitoring the petty cash

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too Bookkeeping Reviews

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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too 272 Photos Consulting Agency

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too 272 Photos Consulting Agency

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too Bookkeeping Course Interview With

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too Bookkeeping Reviews

Stay At Home Book Keeping


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No Catch No Secret Just A Goal

Our Mission: To make the accounting process as quick and simple as possible for parents, so you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love.

We do that by understanding where you are today. Once weve defined your goals and freed up your time, we can forecast your tomorrow, taking practical steps towards your ideal lifestyle.

It all starts by figuring out what stage youre at right now.

What Does The Course Teach

Learn how to work from home as a Bookkeeper with an interview with Tiffany Higgins.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about Accounting 101, balance sheet basics, income statements, and the software you use. In addition, Tiffany has a Facebook group set up for coaching calls and a place to get your questions answered right away! You can work this course at your own pace and decide how big you want your business to be.

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Its All Too Easy To Get Trapped In A Cycle Of Guilt

Guilty when youre not at work hustling, guilty when you dont feel youre being truly present with your loved ones.

Remember, your business was built to facilitate your dream, not get in the way of it.

Were parents in business too. We know what its like. Sometimes youre so busy being busy you lose track of why you went out on your own in the first place.

What Is The Difference Between Bookkeeping And Accounting

Accounting requires a Bachelorss degree and certification, while Bookkeeping does not. Bookkeeping while it falls under the same category as accounting, is more focused on daily operations like tracking expenses and income. While it is important to have high attention to detail and accuracy, bookkeeping requires less responsibility.

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World Of Investing : Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

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Let’s be clear. The best place for long-term investors to put their money is a diversified portfolio of stocks. Period. Still, these are frightening times, and investors are searching for sensible alternatives. Here are several decent choices and, at the end, a spectacular one that lets you have it both ways:

the safety of a no-loss guarantee plus the chance for big gains when the stock market takes off again.

Bonds. If you are so worried about terrorism, accounting scandals and the economy that you want to get out of stocks, then you should probably stick to Treasury bonds. Even in a disaster, the government will meet the interest payments and give you the principal back at maturity.

Cash. This, in investment terms, is very short-term debt typically, checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, money-market funds and Treasury bills. The returns are not inspirational. History shows that a T-bill usually pays just a half-point to a full point more than inflation. But, for fearful investors, returns are not the point. If you crave safety, cash provides it.

Precious metals. In turbulent times, especially when the dollar is weakening, many people turn to gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals and gems as a store of value that is, an investment that will be worth something when currency, bonds and stocks are not.

It’s hard to think of a better stock investment for people who are scared of the stock market.

Backup All Financial Records

Cashbook: Bookkeeping that lets you have your cake and eat ...

While technology has certainly changed the world and made everyones lives a little easier, its not without its faults. Dont keep all your bookkeeping info in one place! If your computer were to die, youd have to start over. How much time would that take?

Another benefit to automating bookkeeping processes is that it uses cloud-based technology, which means that its not computer dependent. All information is stored in the cloud and instantly backed up. If the computer dies, no problem. Just log back in from your new computer and keep on running your business without missing a beat. Keeping a personal hard drive isnt a bad idea either. The more backups you have, the better.

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Cpa Accounting Institute For Success

Kenneth only runs through four courses, however, each of these courses provide you with a certification once you have completed it. Just as a reminder, you dont need a degree or certification to work as a bookkeeper. On the flip side, if you are wanting to advance your career, seek a promotion, or provide your bookkeeping business with some credibility then you will want to give these courses and any others that provide certification a good look.

How To Work From Home As A Bookkeeper

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If you enjoy numbers and have a detail-oriented mind, working from home as a Bookkeeper could be the career path for you! Some of the pros to starting your own bookkeeping business are low overhead and start up costs as well as a high hourly pay rate! It is the perfect job for a work from home mom as your schedule is flexible and you still are able to contribute money to your household.

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Have Your Layer Cake And Eat It Too

The best cakes have layers and layers of different delicious flavors to enjoy. Stacked on top of one another, each layer is baked separately and becomes part of the whole. Like a layer cake, your business expenses have layers of meaning to them. When you can understand how expenses play a part in profit, you can manage them better.

Heres how to make a layer cake of your business expenses. Lets start with the most direct expenses.

Direct Costs

If you have inventory you will have a balance in the Cost of Goods Sold account. It should represent how much you paid for product or inventory that you are selling. It is the most direct expense of all the expenses if you dont spend this money, you would not have a product.

If you sell services, you should not have a balance in Cost of Goods Sold, but you will have direct expenses that are tied to performing your services. These might include labor from wages of the employees who carry out the services for clients. Any supplies directly involved with delivering services should be included as well.

You may also have other direct costs related to selling specific products or to servicing specific accounts.

Indirect Costs

The next layer includes indirect expenses. These expenses do not make up your product directly and might contribute to several different lines of products. Indirect costs might be attributable to a group of products or projects and can be apportioned accordingly.


Assembling the Layers

A Bookkeeper Can Transform Your Business

Have your cake and eat it too!

We have focused much on what bookkeepers can do for individual entrepreneurs. But its also important to know what a big help a good bookkeeper can be for your business.

Bookkeepers are great for helping you improve your budgeting. And better budgeting throughout the year may seriously help your business.

With a bookkeeper by your side, you dont have to sweat so much as tax season draws near. And having all of your finances detailed from month to month will help you avoid an unwanted audit.

Ultimately, a bookkeeper helps you discover how the different seasons impact your business and what your exact KPIs should be. And this is utterly invaluable if you want to transform your business even further.

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Solving A Cupcake Reconciliation Riddle

As bookkeepers and accountants, were often asked to solve some complex riddles. While our clients just want to see a single number at the end of the day, we need to dig deep and find out where that number came from and ensure that its accurate. If our clients are going to have their cake and eat it too, were the ones who need to figure out the recipe. This can be especially tricky when it comes to e-commerce clients.

One of the biggest challenges with e-commerce bookkeeping comes from multi-channel selling and the use of multiple payment platforms. Often, these payments hit the bank in net form and can be tough to match with the gross amounts provided by the e-commerce software. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

A client came to us recently, looking for help. She was a single mother running a cupcake business online and in desperate need of a cleanup. Her last accountant had charged her, but left her books in disarray, so we wanted to help her get everything back in order. It turned out to be a more daunting task than we expected.

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