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Dairy Queen makes custom ice cream cakes for any occasion

Most Popular Dairy Queen Dish Ratings & Reviews Chicken Sandwich Double Cheeze Burgers Great burger. Flame broiled. Double Cheeze and meat. Blizzards hungerbuster strawberry shortcake Bredded chicken breast strips served with fries, and gravy or dipping sauce. Onion Rings 4 Piece Chicken Combo 1/2 lb. Flame Thrower Grillburger. Two thick 1/4 lb.

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Prices

Serving a Dairy Queen ice cream cake at your event is a great way to surprise and impress your guests. Dairy Queen Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices. Round Cakes. 8â³ Double Layer. $18.99. 10â³ Double Layer. $24.99.

Mini Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard Cake. A base layer of chocolate soft serve, a middle layer of DQs signature fudge and crunch, and a top layer of Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard treat, topped with choco chunks, choco brownie pieces, and cone coating. $14.99.

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How Many Servings Are In A Dairy Queen Cake


. Furthermore, how many people does a Dairy Queen ice cream cake serve?

Whatever the occasion â birthday, retirement, anniversary, welcome home â there is a DQ®Cake thatâs just right. Serves: 20-25.

Likewise, how many calories are in a DQ ice cream cake? There are 240 calories in a 1 slice serving of Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.

Keeping this in consideration, how much is a Dairy Queen log cake?

Dairy Queen Menu Price Categories


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Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes: Prices Flavors Ratings And More

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Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes prices range from $14.99 to $31.99 . They offer 8 and 10 round cakes, 11×14 sheet cakes and some non-traditional options.

All DQ cakes and cupcakes include a fudge and crunch center surrounded by chocolate and vanilla soft serve. Customers can add designs to the round cakes, sheet cakes, and the heart cake.

Cakes can be ordered online, in person or by phone and can picked up at the local Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen offers a large variety of cake designs for birthdays, weddings, holidays, seasonal and more.

Dairy Queen Took The Cake With A Guinness World Record

Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

Few may know that Dairy Queen actually holds a Guinness World Record for the largest ice cream cake in the world. In 2011, a team of Dairy Queen Canada employees got together to build a 10.13-ton cake , measuring 14 feet and 7 inches long, 13 feet and 3 inches wide, and 3 feet and 3 inches tall. The cake was created using sponge cake, vanilla soft serve, buttercream frosting, and Oreo cookie crumble. The cake was created in celebration of the Dairy Queen ice cream cake concept’s 30th birthday, according to Bake. Onlookers were able to enjoy a piece as patient ambassadors from The Hospital for Sick Children collected donations for the hospital.

“We’ve been working around the clock to get the cake finished and now to see so many people enjoying a Dairy Queen treat on a gorgeous spring day while supporting our favorite charity, the work has all been worth it,” Executive Vice President of Operations at Dairy Queen Canada Peter White told Bake. Ten years later, the franchise still holds the record and it doesn’t seem like anybody plans on beating the massive ice cream cake accomplishment anytime soon.

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What Does Dairy Queen Have For Valentines Day

Its basically an ice cream version of a chocolate-covered strawberry with vanilla soft serve, Ghirardelli chocolate chunks, and strawberry topping all blended together for Dairy Queens Valentines Day treat. In restaurants, you can also order the Dipped Strawberry Cupid Cake, which is perfect for two people.

Dairy Queen Baby Shower Cakes

Ice cream cakes are growing in popularity with baby shower hosts. Since food is one of the most important aspects of any successful baby shower, having a quality cake is extremely important. Dairy Queen cake prices make it a budget friendly way to serve a cake that is a highly recognized brand at the baby shower. Also, any guest of honor who is craving a certain fruit or ice cream will love being able to enjoy ice cream cake at her shower.

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Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

September 27, 2021· by Whisk Together·

Hello Everybody!!! I am so excited to share this scrumptious recipe with you! As you can see, I havent been posting much. A lot has been going on with the Missouri Baptist Counseling degree and transferred to a slightly different job at work.

But this cake was soooooo good! I was very surprised how easy and delicious it was. So here is how to make your own DQ Ice Cream Cake! You can use your favorite flavors, you can make it for about a third of the cost and you dont have to worry about it melting on the way home!

The trick to those DQ crunchies in the middle that stay crunchy? Toss the oreos in the oven with a little bit of butter! Voila oreos that stay crunchy. We dont care for the fudgey center, so I left this part out on purpose.

Some tips for the best DQ copycat cake ever:

-use your favorite ice cream! I think Edys classic vanilla is amazing. My daughter wanted cookie dough ice cream, so we used that and paired it with Targets Good Day chocolate ice cream.

-you cant go wrong with too much whipped topping! 3 cups or 1 tub will JUST cover the cake. So if you want lots of added piping, use two tubs

-the first layer is crazy to get down, but once you have it frozen, everything else was super easy to do


How Do You Make Ice Cream Cake From Scratch

Food Review #47 – DQ Ice Cream Cake

Place a cake layer in the bottom of the pan. Top with Softened Ice Cream . Spoon 3 cups of softened ice cream on top of the cake layer. Spread Evenly. You should have a thick, solid layer of ice cream . Add Crunch. Add More Ice Cream . Spread Out. Smooth Evenly. The Second Cake Layer. Remove Cake from Freezer.

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Add Fudge And Cookie Crumble

Lauren Habermehl for Taste of Home

Next, pour a generous layer of the chocolate ganache over the chocolate ice cream layer. Smooth with an offset spatula before sprinkling the ganache with the chilled cookie crumbles. Gently smooth out the crumbles to form an even layer. Freeze the chocolate ice cream, fudge and cookie crumble layers for 20-30 minutes until firm.

Milestone Years In Dairy Queen History

With nearly 80 years of history, there are a lot of milestones in the Dairy Queen story. But some of them are particularly memorable, especially their best-known treats.

The first foray beyond cones, sundaes, and tubs of ice cream were malts and shakes in 1949. Those were followed by banana splits in 1951, still one of their most popular menu items.

The world-famous Dilly Bar was added in 1955, and the Brazier locations that started selling burgers and other food followed soon after in 1958.

Dairy Queens Mr. Misty slushies came on the scene in 1961 and the Buster Bar later that same decade, in 1968.

If you were a kid in the 1970s you might remember the word scrumpdillyishus. If you said the magic word when you ordered, you could get a Peanut Buster Parfait for only 49 cents.

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Dairy Queen Cake Related Question Answer

How long does dairy queen cake last?

dairy queen cake will stay fresh for about one day after it is made due to dairy queen ice cream cones. Their cakes are not the same as dairy queens soft-serve ice cream because cakes contain ice cream pieces of cream while dairy queens soft ice cream serves to contain ice only.

Does dairy queen do custom cakes?

Yes. Dairy Queen provides a custom cake. They have opened an option to add customized photos and images showing on the cake. DQ can make any design cake as per your wish. They offer cakes for all occasions.

How do I get a custom cake from Dairy Queen?

If you want to get a dairy queen custom cake, you need to call them at 414-962-9440 and place an order.

Dairy Queen Menu Prices

Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

Dairy Queen is an ice cream store and fast food restaurant chain with locations throughout the United States and the rest of the world. The chain serves a variety of products such as American fast food favorites, its signature soft-serve ice cream, as well as other frozen products. The establishment refers to its food as fan food, not fast food. The restaurant started out in the 1940s with a newly introduced dessert treat, and soon expanded into a successful fast food franchise. The chain has been in operation for over seventy years.

Dairy Queen is also known as DQ®. Its franchise systems recipe for success is a combination of the hardworking people who own and operate restaurants along with delicious food and desserts served at the DQ establishments. The companys mission statement is to create positive memories for all who touch DQ®. Its vision statement is the worlds favorite quick service restaurant. The establishment has always been a great place for families to get together and celebrate with each other while enjoying great food. The restaurants satisfied customers have led to the success of the chain. Today, DQ is one of the largest fast food systems in the world.

Pick Your Meal, Side, Drink & Treat $4.29

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What Is The Price Of A Dairy Queen Soft Ice Cream

For example, the classic soft serve cone from Dairy Queen starts at just $1.89 for a small, with a large available for $2.69. Another quintessential Dairy Queen ice cream is their famous sundaes. Available in a number of flavors, prices for these start at just $2.29 for a small, with a medium costing $2.78 and a large $3.39.

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Price List Philippines

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You Heard It Here First These Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Sundaes Taste Just Like The Famous Cake Without All The Assembly

One of the first exciting things I remember throwing together while I was starting on my foodie journey was an ice cream cake for Matts birthday.

I was modeling it after a DQ cake but used bourbon ice cream instead of chocolate and vanilla. Even though he doesnt even remember it now it went over swimmingly, as did these Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Sundaes!

I fully expect him to remember this recipe though because he raved about everyone that would listen. For good reason! These sundaes have all of the best elements of a DQ cake, the chocolate fudge, the crispy chocolate clusters, and the creamy whipped cream but without the layering, freezing, layering, re-freezing, etc.

If you have a birthday coming up or even a fun labor day party, these Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Sundaes NEED to be on the menu!

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes Prices 2021

Dairy Queen inspired ice cream cake for under $15

Known for selling ice cream shakes, smoothies, hot dogs, and hamburgers, Dairy Queen is also an ideal place to get cakes from.

Founded in 1940, it serves a variety of frozen treats such as soft serve Ice Cream, as well as food.

Dairy Queen also offers a selection of cakes for your special time while you are out for dining.

Dairy Queen cakes hold a yummy mixture of ice cream, cookies, candy, cake, and frosting that makes any party even more special.

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes Prices in 2021 range between $20 to $35 depending on the size and style of the cake you select.

In this article, I will tell you Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes Prices for various types of Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes suitable for baby showers, birthdays, graduation or small wedding parties.

Keep reading to find out the cost for any specific type of cake found at Dairy Queen.

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Dairy Queen Contact Details


Dairy Queen Near Me

Where is the closest Dairy Queen to me? Locating a Dairy Queen restaurant near you has become very easy. You can search on the website for a locator option or visit Here you need to give your address details. It shows the addresses of Dairy Queen Restaurants located near you. You can also know whether there is Dairy Queen Drive Thru option near your location or not.

You can also get a map and directions to avoid any confusion. The process is quite quick and straightforward. You can also locate a Dairy Queen restaurant with the help of the chains mobile app.

Dairy Queen Hours

Most of the Dairy Queen restaurants open at 10 a.m. They close by 10:00 the evening. The actual timings are different for each restaurant located at various locations. Dairy Queen provides Happy Hours for its guests every day at 2 p.m. To 4 p.m.on weekdays is considered as Happy Hours. There are no happy hours for the weekend.

Does Dairy Queen Ice Cream Have Sugar

Even though they have a lower butterfat content, that doesn’t mean Dairy Queen products are fat-free or sugar-free. Dairy Queen doesn’t currently have any sugar-free or fat-free options on its menu, although there are a few no-sugar-added options. Here’s a look at the nutrition information for DQ treats.

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A Dairy Queen Manager Refused An Lgbtq+ Request

One Dairy Queen manager received backlash when they refused a decoration request. Summer Gibbon and her sister Gracie had requested “Happy Birthday, Lesbian” to be written on a DQ cake. At first, the employee at the front counter said it was fine at least, until her supervisor hit the brakes. They told her that the location was a “family establishment,” and the word was apparently inappropriate for young eyes, per Global News. When Gibbon’s family followed up with the said supervisor, they were told that it was “sexual in nature” to put the word on the cake.

Obviously, it was a letdown for Summer in particular, though her family came to her support. “It was upsetting watching her feel that especially on her birthday and I was worried about her,” Gracie said of the incident. “She felt embarrassed and ashamed and she should never have to feel that for who she is.”

The franchise owner, Tim Morrison, released an apology, stating there’s no place for discrimination in his restaurant. He further noted that his intent is to create custom cakes that are inclusive and nondiscriminatory. “e have a policy that custom cake orders only can include inclusive and nondiscriminatory language. After talking with fans and employees, I acknowledge we did not properly follow our policy,” Morrison admitted. Gibbon acknowledged and accepted this apology and was able to get the cake she wanted from a different Dairy Queen location without any issues.

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