How To Do A Diaper Cake

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How Many Diapers Do You Need To Make A Diaper Cake

How to make a Diaper Cake

The main component of your diaper cake is of course, the diapers. I decided to use Size 1 disposable diapers as these were not the very smallest newborn size, yet they were still small enough to be helpful for getting started with a new baby.

I ended up using 50 diapers for my diaper cake and would suggest that as a minimum amount you would need. You could certainly make a larger cake with more or bigger layers, but using 50 diapers will give you a diaper cake thats about 14 tall which is a nice centerpiece size.

The one small frustration you may have with the 50 diaper amount is the way diapers come packaged. The size 1 diapers I purchased came in a 44 pack, which meant I had to buy 2 packs and had several diapers left over. I just brought my extra diapers along to the baby shower and made sure to send them home with the mom-to-be.

What Type Of Occasions Is A Diaper Cake Good For

The next baby shower youll attend, obviously!

Because once you create the cake and is done, its time for the fun to begin.

So start thinking about the accent colors you will use in the shower, for the nursery or moms favorite color combinations.

I give you in this article baby shower ideas if you lack of inspirations.

Also, the good thing about diaper cakes is that you can customize them to fit any type of baby shower theme.

For example, you can purchase ribbons showcasing jungle, baby, minimalistic, safari, and many other themes.

Youll find everything you need in craft stores and party stores as well.

Other options to tailor your diaper cake to the occasion:

  • If the mother-to-be is having twins, you can make a combo diaper cake.
  • If the shower is celebrated in winter or using a winter theme, you can also customize with the seasonal decor!
  • Is the baby shower gender neutral? You can ask the hostess or expectant mother to use the diaper cake as a fun game to reveal the sex of the baby.
  • Put your own twist in designing and making it unique for the shower.

The great thing about diaper cakes is that these are a unique, handmade addition to the baby shower that the guests will love.

Theyre made by hand and that is a total plus.

So what are the supplies you need to make a diaper cake ?

Discover it in next chapter.

How To Make A Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are easy to make, especially this no-roll diaper cake! Create this easy diaper cake in just minutes with these tips and tricks.

I like to give useful gifts when I go to baby showers, everyone loves buying newborn clothes but I’m a diaper girl-I give diapers because they are useful and something I know will get used. But I do like to dress them up a bit into a pretty little diaper cake, just because a gift is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be cute!

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Baby Bathtub Diaper Cake:

This bathtub diaper cake has been made by covering a market-bought bathtub with diapers, secured in place with a gift wrap as shown! Here the soap water has been mimicked using soft cotton, the shower hose has also been made by using rolled diapers in L-shape! Complete tutorial here by Building it on Pennies!!

Butterfly Diaper Cake With Teddy Bear Top Tier:

How to Make a Baby Diaper Cake  Fun

This lasting diaper cake has been done by loading the diaper rolls on round cardboard plates, raised to 3 tiers and is having a teddy bear gift at the top! Add custom embellishments as per demands of your selected decorative theme, here cool butterflies bring prominence to entire cake design! Click here for full details and instructions!

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Vintage Travel Diaper Cake

WOW! Look at that diaper cake! Amazing unique diaper cake for vintage travel theme baby shower. Loving it!

Globe, compass, charms, treasure chest, towels, diapers this gender neutral diaper cake from Tiers Of Joy By Us has it all!

It can be hard to take apart an awesome diaper cake but the items will look great in an adventure begins nursery.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Learn here to whip up a 3-tiered diaper cake in a brilliant way. This handsome gift will surely make you prominent in the entire party crowd. Make each layer of the cake by rolling up the diapers. Secure each rolled-up diaper in rolled form using a rubber band. Pick the cardboard cake rounds, cardboard tubing, hot glue, diapers, rubber bands, ribbon in complementary colors, silk flowers, adornments, and colorful construction paper to easily build this baby shower diaper cake. livinglocurto

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Diaper Cake Baby Shower Gift

It may seem to be a daunting task to make a beautiful diaper cake. But it is quite something simple and quick to make when you are provided with the right guides and directions that you will get here for free. Learn here to make the 3 tiered diaper cake without getting expensive. You need a large package size 1 diaper, baby rubber bands in assorted sizes, empty paper towel roll, cake plate or circle of cardboard, 1 ribbon, tape or adhesive, decorations for diaper cake and other babys stuff like booties, pacifiers, rattles, toys, and other items of this kind. allicrafts

Cool Motorcycle Diaper Cake Ridden By A Monkey Toy:

How to make a diaper cake!

Another highly praised diaper cake inspiration, diaper cake motor bike! Start rolling diapers and secure them with a rubber band, use a set of such a rolled diapers to create bike wheels and other parts of the bikes, make a gift-worthy toy sit over the bike and thats it! Full tutorial is here for all the details!!!

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How To Deal With A Base For Your Diaper Cake

Every cake needs a good base, even ones made out of diapers.

In this case, a sturdy, flat base that doesnt bend is crucial. You dont want the base to buckle or collapse under the tiers of diapers. Think of things like a large serving platter, an aluminum pan, a pizza pan, or even a thick plastic cutting board for the base.

Fortunately, you can find most of these items lying around your house. But in the event that you do have to venture out to a shop, most of these items can be purchased at a dollar store. Be on the lookout for a sturdy serving platter that doesnt bend or a low cost cake stand like this one.

Where Can I Buy A Pre

If you find yourself low on time or arent in a crafty mood, there are plenty of pre-made diaper cakes for sale on Etsy. You can check them out right here.

Thats a wrap, friends. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a diaper cake. Please leave any questions or comments below.

Happy crafting!

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Adorable Diaper Cake Ideas How To Make A Diaper Cake

The diaper cake ideas are endless. From traditional tiered diaper cakes to modern shaped diaper cakes there is the one that will catch your eye.

You can use diaper cakes as a centerpiece or give as a gift to one lucky mom-to-be.

Unique diaper cakes, small diaper cakes, round diaper cakes, rectangle diaper cakes, diaper cakes for girls, diaper cakes for boys, you can get a diaper cake to match any baby shower theme.

This article will not only show you how to make a diaper cake but also features 16 awesome diaper cakes with DIY tips.

So, whether you want to make a diaper cake or purchase one, these ideas will inspire you!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, Ill earn a commission if you make a purchase via my link. Thank you!

If you already know how to make a basic, modern, or rectangle diaper cake and want to jump to the featured diaper cakes just click here.

Diaper Cake Instructions For A 4th Tier:

DIY Diaper Cake Tutorial
  • Cut out a larger size base from cardboard
  • Hot glue a toilet paper roll to the center.
  • Align the diapers in circular layers around the toilet paper roll
  • Secure with clear tape all the way around
  • Hot glue the top of the toilet paper roll to the center of the base of the previously assembled 3 tier cake

There you have it! A stunning 4 tier diaper cake base ready for decorating.

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Plan Your Four Wheeler Diaper Cake Today

Did you find out everything you wanted to know about making a four-wheeler diaper cake? These diaper cakes can be a fun and whimsical addition to any baby shower. Although theyre often made for baby boys, theres no reason why you cant make one for baby girls or for a gender-neutral baby shower instead. Simply change the color from blue to pink, yellow, or green, and youll have the perfect alternative four-wheeler diaper cake for the adventurous parents in your life.

But what if youre still not sure what you want to make for the mom-to-be? Here are some images to give you more inspiration for your four-wheeler diaper cake:

Paper Flower Diaper Cake For Baby Shower

The diapers cakes are amongst the most special baby shower gifts to make at home. But most of us dont know how to make a diaper cake properly. So, learn to make a 3 layer diaper cake and rock the whole baby shower party table. It is loaded with paper flowers, and each layer of diaper cake is assembled in place using the decorative ribbon. Use the metal pizza pan, charger, cake board and tiered cake stand to build the whole sturdy foundation of the diaper cake. Use the 30 diapers for the bottom tier, 15 diapers for the 2nd layer and 5 diapers for the 1st layer to complete this diaper cake. It will take a total of 50 diapers to complete this project. thecraftpatch

Baby shower games: Here are fun, free, from the classic to the unique. Youll find games that are hilarious, serious, and touching.

Fall baby shower ideas: Pumpkins and fall colors work great for a fall themed baby shower. Get inspired with these unique fall baby shower ideas and custom decorations.

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How To Make A Tutu Diaper Cake

Feel free to duplicate this another 3 tiered tutu diaper cake, will surely impress all the baby shower party crowd. The cake may look intimidating to whip up but is fairly easy and quick to make with minimal crafting skills. First, roll up the diapers and make the 2-tiered diaper cakes. Wrap each layer in decorative ribbons and finish the top layer with custom accents or baby toys. Next, tie the colorful tulle lengths onto a piece of rope or string and then tie it around the bottom cake layer to make a tiered tulle diaper cake. The best gift for a baby girl baby shower.

How To Make A Jeep Diaper Cake

How to make a Diaper Cake for Baby shower DIY

Whenever you hear someone having a baby, it is a happy occasion. Whether it is a new family member or someone you know, you will want to gift the newborn baby and the new parents something. What is a better option than giving them useful things that they can use for the baby! To provide you with some idea of what to gift them, we will introduce you to something called a jeep diaper cake, and we will also be going to teach you how to make a jeep diaper cake. Check it out, If you are looking to make a crib diaper cake or snail diaper cake.

Now, if you have no idea what a jeep diaper cake is, then let us tell you it is not an edible cake. You will not have to bake anything. A jeep diaper cake is making a jeep with diapers, blankets, towels, etc. and it is not ediblethe reason for calling it a cake is because from far, you can mistake them like cake. Very humerus indeed!

These diaper cakes are very famous gifting for expecting parents and new parents. Especially if there is going to be a party somewhere, you will not want to meet the baby or the parents with an empty hand. And if youre going to make them happy, bring them this diaper cake, they will be over the moon. Also, these cakes are the best option for benefitting and spending money on useful things. After all, they will end up using them all for their child. So, without any further ado, lets begin on how to make a jeep diaper cake.

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Diaper Cake Supplies Needed:

Ok so youre ready to get creating. Here are the supplies you will need to craft a beautiful diaper cake.

  • Thick cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • Embellishments
  • Optional: cake stand or decorative charger for a base

The supplies needed are pretty basic, so its easy enough to get started. Your local dollar store & the Target dollar section will save you tons of $$ on things like the rubber bands, tape and ribbon. You can also get pizza pans or chargers to use as your base if you so desire.

How To Make A Cloth Diaper Cake

Materials Needed:

  • Roughly a dozen small safety pins
  • One Snappi diaper fastener, or additional safety pins
  • A receiving blanket or crib sheet
  • 1 baby shampoo or lotion bottle that is fairly tall
  • A cake platter

Instructions to Make a 2-Tier Cloth Diaper Cake

We used unwashed Bummis prefold diapers in this tutorial. If the mom-to-be plans to use another style of cloth diapers such as pockets or all-in-twos, you can also use cloth diaper inserts for a very similar look.

If you prefer to pre-wash the diapers before you make your diaper cake, keep in mind that they will fluff up more after several washings. Prewashing shouldn’t impact the construction techniques below – but your cake will definitely be puffier! Some diaper cakes are assembled using 2-sided tape, but this could be hard to remove from cloth diapers, especially if the cake is left assembled for a few weeks or more, so I prefer elastic bands.

Set aside 4 diapers which will be used to wrap the cake layers.One by one, fold 14 of the prefolds into thirds on the seam lines. Roll these diapers up

and secure each with an elastic band.

To assemble the top tier of your cake, group 4 of the rolls together and secure them with another elastic band. Next, take one of the diapers that was set aside. Fold this diaper in thirds on the seam lines, wrap it tightly around the 4 rolled up diapers, and secure with another elastic band. Your top tier should look something like the one below.

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