How To Make Sugar Free Cake

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Tips For Making Vegan Chocolate Cake

  • This recipe is very versatile and can be made into a cake or cupcakes.
  • Cooking times will vary with the size of the pan used. Cupcakes should take about 25 minutes and 8-9 pans will cook the cake in about 30-35 minutes. Oven temperatures vary.
  • When making this into cupcakes, an ice cream scoop with a trigger is perfect for scooping into muffin cups without having to scrape a spoon or fingers.
  • To check for doneness, insert a toothpick into the center of the cake or cupcake and remove. When it comes out clean, the cake is ready.
  • This cake recipe is not gluten-free, but Minimalist Baker has a great GF Baking Guide that can help convert this cake.
  • The frosting is already gluten-free.
  • For those not doing sugar-free, an unrefined sugar can be substituted. Measurements are included in the recipe card below.

Who Wants A Sugar

If youre focused on a sugar-free, low carb, or gluten-free diet, things like this sugar-free birthday cake are hard to find and come by. This is unless of course, you live in a major city where you can find a bakery that specializes. Not where I am!

This from-scratch recipe isnt at all difficult and can be frozen in advance. Yup, you read that right, bake up a few layers, toss them in the freezer and pull them out when you are ready to work with them. Win-win-win.

Just a quick note, when the ingredients are mixed together, the batter will feel a bit thick. This is perfectly fine. The cakes still bake up quite moist and tender.

How To Make Keto Chocolate Cake

Ive never seen a keto cake recipe thats so easy to make. To make sure your batter consistency is right, watch my quick step-by-step video showing you exactly how to make the best keto cake.

  • Make the coconut flour chocolate cake. Sift all the dry ingredients into a bowl to remove any clumps. This step is not essential but helps a lot with the final texture and makes the cake super fluffy.
  • Beat the wet ingredients with an electric mixer until the egg mixture looks frothy.
  • Combine the wet and dry ingredients and mix until a smooth batter forms.
  • Divide the batter between two 9 inch cake pans lined with parchment paper. Bake in the preheated oven until the top looks firm.
  • Remove the cakes from the oven and allow them to cool completely.
  • Frost the cake with my keto chocolate frosting.
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    A Sugar Free Birthday Cake

    It’s actually quite simple to make a no sugar birthday cake, whether you want to enjoy it for a birthday or any other celebration.

    All I did is replace the wheat flour with a mix of grain free flours – almond flour and coconut flour. And I replaced the sugar with powdered low carb sweetener.

    I swear, you will not taste AT ALL that this cake is sugar free and keto. The reason is that chocolate has such a strong, deep flavour. By making a chocolate ganache instead of a regular sugar free frosting with butter, cocoa and sweetener , any aftertaste you may normally detect from the sweetener is just not noticeable.

    One thing worth noting is that this is definitely a celebration cake for a more grown-up audience. Unless you have kids who are totally into dark chocolate!

    I’m going to post a sugar free vanilla birthday cake with cream cheese frosting soon, so watch that space. I have so many ideas for low carb cakes… it’s gonna be a celebration year!

    Sugar Free White Cake Recipe

    These 50 Sugar

    This is for those of us who enjoy a white cake but, without all of the added sugar. To be honest with you, I am one to not turn down a slice of cake either.

    White cake is a pretty basic cake in itself. I think of this cake as a happy medium that everyone can agree upon.Nobody does not like white cake, although it may not always be their first choice.

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    What Type Of Sweetener Is Best

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    Use your favorite 1:1 sugar substitute.

    In the frosting, you will need to use powdered, or else your creamy frosting will be quite grainy and unpleasant. For the cake batter powered is preferred over granular.

    If you dont have powdered erythritol or xylitol and only have granular, go ahead and give it a blast with a high-speed blender, or food processor. My favorite powdered sweetener by far is So Nourished Monk Fruit Blend, I find it has almost no aftertaste at all.

    Swerve and stevia will work perfectly fine here as well as does any powdered erythritol or xylitol.

    Just remember, xylitol is poisonous to dogs and cats, so if thats your choice and you have little furry friends running around, it can be deadly to them.

    How To Make A Beautiful Layered Diabetic Vanilla Cake

    To make the layers of this diabetic cake, I recommend baking 2 small vanilla cakes instead of slicing a bigger one. It means you repeat the entire low-carb cake recipe 2 times.

    This is the best way to create a lovely keto sponge cake with even layers and a decent cake height.

    Following are my top 3 tips to make a layer cake:

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    Sugar Free Orange Cake Recipe

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    This sugar free orange cake recipe is moist and flavorful keto orange pound cake with almond flour and whole orange and still very low in carbs.

    I love oranges, and as I live in Croatia, I cant resist and avoid making keto orange dessert! Especially when I get domestic, homegrown, organic oranges. As these oranges are organic, it was a wonderful opportunity to use one whole orange with the peel. So, I made this keto orange cake with whole, cooked orange.

    What Happens If You Leave Sugar Out Of A Recipe


    Less sweet treats are created with less sugar in the kitchen, of course. However, the absence of sugar also makes non-steeper treats a bit bland. In addition to salt, sugar also increases the flavor of food. You will notice butter, chocolate, and vanilla flavors less prominent after using less sugar in your chocolate chip cookies.

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    Sugar Free Pound Cake Recipe With Berries

    With this Sugar Free Pound Cake recipe with berries, you can serve up a dessert that is not only delicious but also has fewer calories.

    Who doesn’t love berry shortcake? Make it with homemade pound cake topped with juicy berries that soak through the cake, and you’ve really got a winner. For more lower calorie sweetness, you’ve got to see this list of Weight Watchers desserts and these Weight Watchers cookie recipes!

    Yum! Who’s hungry for something sweet?

    What I truly love about this Sugar Free Pound Cake recipe is that it uses the sugar substitute Stevia instead of sugar.

    I know some people have a problem with artificial sweeteners, but I have a dear friend who is a cancer survivor and she uses nothing but Stevia for sweetening. According to WebMD:

    Stevia is about 100 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, but has no carbohydrates, calories, or artificial ingredients. Stevia is natural, unlike other sugar substitutes. Itâs made from a leaf related to popular garden flowers like asters and chrysanthemums.

    There are all kinds of benefits to using Stevia instead of sugar, and we haven’t even discussed the calories!

    Do you know why this dessert is called pound cake? It’s because the original recipe contained a pound each of the four main ingredients, butter, sugar, flour, and eggs.

    A slice of regular pound cake is between 425-600 calories! That’s a lot of calories.

    In fact, if you are trying to trim down, that might be close to half the calories you are eating in an entire day!

    How To Make This Chocolatey Wonder

    This dairy-free and egg-free chocolate cake recipe is so easy, I know youre going to be amazed. I think its a great opportunity to get thosereluctant cooks and even the kids in the kitchen for this.

    Preheat the oven to 350°F and make some date paste.

    Date paste is super simple to make in a blender or food processor. One great thing is that once you make it, any leftovers will keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. It freezes well too!

    I have written an entire articleHow to Make Date Pasteif you want to take a look, but it is super easy. Just add dates and water to a blender or food processor and mix well.

    Once the date paste is ready, set it to the side to be added to the wet ingredients shortly.

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    Why Did My Flourless Cake Fall

    Since flourless chocolate cake is fudgy and rich, its on the flatter side. This cake should be about an inch and a half tall, and if it doesnt rise up a lot that means you are doing nothing wrong! The cake will rise a bit in the baking process and form that iconic crackly crust on top, but it wont expand all that much. After coming out of the oven the crust will even fall a bit, and give you a further crackle.

    This is exactly what you want. I actually think the over all look of my Easy Sugar Free Flourless Chocolate Cake is really sophisticated.

    How To Assemble Your Keto Vanilla Cake

    Sugar Free Lemon Bundt Cake #sugarfree #cake #holidays # ...

    First, make sure your low-carb cake layers are cool at room temperature to prevent the frosting from melting. Then, I recommend using a turning table and icing spatula.

    Add a tablespoon of frosting to the center of the turning table and place the first cake layer on it. This frosting is not cream cheese frosting and so will act like glue and stick the cake to the table.

    Next, add 1 cup of frosting in the middle of the cake. Spread the frosting with an icing spatula turning the table at the same time to spread evenly.

    The frosting will fall on the sides, and that is ok. Finally, add the second cake layer and repeat this process until you have covered all the top of the cake. Use more frosting to cover the edges.

    I hope you enjoyed my 36-year-old diabetic birthday cake recipe. Happy birthday to you if you try this recipe for your birthday today.

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    Why Do You Put Coffee In Chocolate Cake

    This cake recipe calls for a cup of strong, hot coffee. Coffee enhances the flavor of chocolate cake. It will not taste like coffee, so even if you dont care for coffee, youll still love this cake. Trust me! If you really dont want to use coffee, you can use water instead. It will affect the flavor slightly, but the texture will still be good.

    How To Make Swiss Meringue Buttercream

    Swiss Meringue Buttercream is a buttercream made by heating egg whites and sugar together over a double boiler, whipping them until medium-stiff peaks form, and then adding butter and flavoring.

    While SMB is a bit more involved than my usual American Buttercream, and can sometimes be a little tricky, once you master the steps to a Swiss Meringue Buttercream, youll love it. Its a lot lighter in texture and flavor than an American Buttercream, which is why I dont often use it. My family and I love the richness of an American Buttercream.

    And before we get into some of the key points for making Swiss Meringue Buttercream, I have to introduce you to Tessa Huff of Style Sweet. She is a dear friend and taught me everything I know about SMB!

    Tips for Making Swiss Meringue Buttercream

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    You May Be Wondering What Is It That Makes A White Cake Different Than Other Cakes

    Specifically, what makes a white cake not a yellow cake. Yes, there really is a difference between a white cake and a yellow cake.

    A yellow cake is a really basic cake that can be topped with about anything.This is the kind of cake that a mom may make for a birthday party or you have baked as cupcakes. It is a basic and easy cake to make. I should also add that this is a yellow cake meaning that it is yellow in color.

    How To Make A Sugar Free Cake


    Ingredients Youll Need

    • Lakanto sugar free monk fruit sweetener and powdered sugar version this brand is specifically important because there are fewer additives compared to other monk fruit sweeteners.
    • Unsalted butter
    • Sour cream
    • Grapeseed oil

    To make this Sugar Free Vanilla Cake, youll start by beating the butter, monk fruit, and oil together on medium-high speed until it becomes light and fluffy. Youll then add the eggs, one at a time, beating well between each addition and then adding vanilla.

    Youll then turn the mixer to low speed and alternately add the flour mixture and buttermilk, followed by folding in the sour cream.

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    Can You Decorate An Easy Sugar Free Flourless Chocolate Cake

    Flourless chocolate cake is kept really simple when it comes to decoration. Since the cake is so fudgy and decadent, it really needs no frosting or topping. I like to simply dust the top with powdered sugar or cocoa powder, which ever you prefer! I do like to serve the sliced cake with a dollop of whipped cream, though, because the bright white against the dark chocolate is one of my favorite sweet sights to see!

    To make a dairy-free whipped cream, I use coconut cream with the solid white cream that rises to the top of a can of coconut milk. All you do to turn this cream into whipped cream is whip it up with a hand or stand mixture into a light fluffy topping. As the fat content of coconut cream is pretty high, though, it can easily melt so I keep this whipped up in my fridge until its time to serve.

    What Is Red Velvet Cake And Where Did It Come From

    If youve never heard of Red Velvet Cake before, where have you been? Its one of those cakes that sounds like you should be buying it from a shop because its too complicated to make at home, but that just isnt the case.

    Red Velvet Cake is not just a red cake, it is a cross between a vanilla and chocolate cake, which happens to have beetroot added and typically with some kind of rich white creamy frosting. But where did it come from?

    After some digging around, I was actually surprised to discover that the red velvet cake is originally an American invention , and was the signature cake of New York Citys Waldorf Astoria in the 1920s. Beetroots were also used by bakers in the second World War to add colour to their cakes to make them look more appealing. Wow. A Cake with a lot of history. Im glad it made its way to Australia!

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