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An Overview On Meal Replacement Bars


Preparing a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for yourself or your entire family may not always be possible. You might wake up a little later than expected with no time to cook bacon and eggs, or you might need to run your 10-year-old from band practice to soccer camp without any time to stop for dinner. When life gets busy and you cant cook, theres always the option of utilizing a meal replacements bar instead.

Meal replacement bars are designed to be more than just a quick snack. They contain the nutrients you would have received if you had consumed a traditional plate of food. Some bars are marketed to help people lose weight, while others even promote an increase in energy after consumption.

While the United States does not have any specific regulations for meal replacement bars, there are a few things youll want to look for when shopping for one. The first is calories. Check to see that the bar has between 200 and 400 calories, as this is where youre going to get your energy. The PROBAR Meal Bar, for example, has 370, which will give you the boost you need to continue on with your day.

Next, review the meal replacement bars protein content. The higher the protein, the fuller youll feel for a longer period of time. Some bars have protein content thats as much as 30 grams per bar.

About Robert Irvines Fitcrunch

In September of 2013, Robert Irvine, a well-known chef, debuted his Fit Crunch baked bars. He did so in the Mr. Olympia Exposition in Las Vegas. Fit Crunch bars were established as a result of Roberts determination to find a method to provide a product that is beneficial for your body without sacrificing taste. He did discover a method to provide you food that is both beneficial for you and tasty thanks to his devotion, hard work, and innovative thinking.

What began as a simple idea for protein bars has grown into a firm that sells snack-sized bars, microwaveable brownies, protein powders, and other items. Irvines award-winning Fit Crunch Whey Protein Baked Bars were introduced in 2013. They had a fantastic flavor, as you would expect from a celebrity chef.

Microwavable brownies with fifteen grams of protein and only five grams of sugar hit the market in December of 2016. Irvine also introduced Whey Protein Powder in the flavors chocolate deluxe, vanilla milkshake, cinnamon twist, peanut butter, strawberry, and coffee in September of 2017.

Fit Crunch Bars Robert Irvines 12 Pack Pick Flavor 30 Grams Protein


Fit Crunch Bars


My Goal Is Simple I Want To Empower People Through Food And Fitness, To Thrive Each Day, Chef Robert Irvine. 30g Protein. 6g Sugar. Gluten Free. Whey Protein Baked Bar. The Only 6-Layer Baked Bar.


Contains Milk, Soy, Almond, And Peanut Products. Manufactured In A Plant That Processes Milk, Soy, Wheat Tree Nut, Peanut And Egg Products.

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Nutrition Facts Of Robert Irvines Fitcrunch Protein Bar

  • Whey Protein Mix
  • Vitamin A Palmitate
  • Beta-Carotene

This products ingredients are all of the highest grade. Obviously, depending on the flavor variety you select, there will be some variance in components. They all have a protein mix in them. Youll receive whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and soy protein isolate when you eat this.

Fitcrunch Snack Size Protein Bars

Robert Irvine
  • Now you can have your cake and protein too. The perfect snack bar made with unmatched birthday cake flavor and just 3g of sugar. FITCRUNCH is a truly-delicious baked protein bar created by celebrity chef Robert Irvine. Every FITCRUNCH Birthday Cake bar starts with a soft-baked cookie bar that’s then topped with some delicious layers of cream, naturally colored sprinkles, white chocolate, protein confetti pieces, and what we’d call the icing on the cake.
  • Perfect for the whole family: The 6 layers that make up a FITCRUNCH bar provide a perfect soft and crunchy combination. It’s one thing to get high quality protein in a bar, but to enjoy eating it too, is the real treat! FITCRUNCH is truly the best of both worlds when it comes to taste and nutrition.
  • World’s Only 6-Layer Baked Bar: Most protein bars have just one layer, where ours stands out with 6 delicious layers that all play an important part in our award-winning appearance and taste! It all starts with a soft-baked cookie bar.
  • Ideal Anytime Snack: Aside from having a 6-Layer protein bar, our bars are filled with 16g of protein and just 3g of sugar! This allows you to eat our bars throughout the day.
  • Country
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    Fit Crunch Bars Look Alright

    I think from a design standpoint these protein bars are pretty nicely executed. Robert Irvine himself has sort of a larger than life look himself, and since that is the case, I think these bars are the appropriate aesthetic to match the man behind the brand. The loud, bold colors, big fonts, and aggressive graphics really get in your face the same way that Chef Robert does when hes mad on an episode of R-I! I like that the Fit Crunch package shows the texture of each bar so that you know exactly what it looks like beneath the wrapper before you even open it. I really appreciate Fit Crunch Bars from an appearance standpoint. They did a good job and I will give them another A on the packaging.

    Robert Irvine Protein Bar

    * Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

    * Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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    Fitcrunch Birthday Cake Awarded 2017 Best New Product

    Now you can have your cake and eat it too with whey protein isolate, 6g of sugar, and an unmatched birthday cake flavor. Chef Robert Irvines FITCRUNCH Birthday Cake bar is a cheer to celebrating you and your fitness.

    Recently, the Birthday Cake flavor won the 2017 Convenience Store News Best New Product Award. Seeing a birthday cake protein bar when youre in a convenience store is like seeing a unicorn. Its a great grab and go item that breaks up the monotony of the go to flavors like Peanut Butter or Chocolate.

    To see a list of convenience stores and gas stations, visit Where to Buy or shop with Amazon Prime available.

    Side Effects Of Robert Irvines Fitcrunch Protein Bar

    Chef Robert Irvine FortiFX: Birthday Cake Fit Crunch Bar Review

    The only negative side effect associated with this medicine has been stomach problems. This is because it includes sugar alcohols, which can be difficult to digest for certain people. While this is the only one weve heard of from customers, it doesnt rule out the possibility of other side effects.

    Protein supplements have been linked to nausea, bloating, gas, and more frequent bowel motions, as well as exhaustion. These are all unusual side effects, but they are known to be associated with this type of supplement. The majority of the time, they are quite minor. If you discover that they are creating a lot of disruption in your regular routine, you should stop using them and talk to your doctor about the advantages.

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    Are Fit Crunch Bars Healthy

    It depends on how you look at things. If you are considering a Fit Crunch Bar or a double quarter pounder with cheese, than you are better off going with a Fit Crunch Bar. If you are considering a Snickers bar or a Fit Crunch Barwellyou might be surprised at my answer. You MIGHT just consider going with a candy bar. And heres why:

    • Calories: 380
    • Protein: 30g
    • Dietary Fiber: 2g

    Do you see the problem here? I think its pretty clear. 380 calories is just an enormous amount of food. You could literally eat this as one of your daily meals. But the thing is, I dont usually eat a supplement bar as a meal, but as a snack. And I just think the 380 calories you get from eating a Fit Crunch bar is a large amount for a snack. I mean. A snickers bar has WAY less calories , and also has less saturated fat. Granted a snickers has WAYY more sugar than a Fit Crunch Bar, but Im not a big fan of sugar alcohol and artificial sweetener eitherso its really not all that clean compared to a candy bar either. So. I guess that leaves sort of a weird taste in my mouth, pardon my pun. Sure, 30 grams of protein is great, but you just get a lot of everything else along with it. So Ill give Fit Crunch bars a B minus on the formula. Lets talk packaging.

    Calories In Robert Irvines Fitcrunch

    Each serving of these bars has 380 calories. This is true regardless of the flavor variation you select. As a result, theyre ideal as a meal substitute. Most people like snacks that are under 300 calories, so you can see how this will fill you up considerably more. Protein bars in snack size generally contain 200 calories or less.

    If youre not seeking to replace a whole meal, its essential to note that this brand does offer a snack-sized alternative. When youre on the road and youre hungry, this protein bar is a great option. The calories in well not only fill you up, but they also keep you full and help you feel more energized.

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    Disadvantages Of Robert Irvines Fitcrunch Protein Bar

    There arent any significant downsides to this product. It does include sugar alcohols, which might be difficult to stomach for certain people. When a product is difficult to digest, it may become useless owing to extreme stomach discomfort and cramping.

    Some may claim that this products long list of adverse effects is a significant drawback. We disagree since virtually every nutritional supplement comes with a list of potential negative effects. This brand has a long list of components, which may be worrisome to some individuals. Consumers are generally happy with this product and how it has improved their overall health and wellness.

    Flavors Of Robert Irvines Fitcrunch

    FIT CRUNCH Birthday Cake Protein Bars

    Most protein and/or healthy snack bars on the market are notorious for having either no taste or a terrible taste. When you consume a protein bar, you usually anticipate it to have a chalky flavor, a cardboard feel, and be difficult to bite into. They usually dry up your mouth to the point that youre urgently looking for anything to drink. But not with Fit Crunch. Taste and texture are both excellent in these bars.

    You may select from six delectable tastes. Caramel Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, Cookies n Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter, and Peanut Butter and Jelly are the flavors available. If you dont want to commit to a single taste, a variety pack is an option.

    When you bite into a Birthday Cake bar, youll feel like youre celebrating with your family and friends around your kitchen table. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough will fulfill your sweet taste while making you feel as though youre eating dough straight from the jar. With the Cookies & Cream taste, you can satisfy your cookie desire without feeling disgusting afterwards.

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    Advantages Of Robert Irvines Fitcrunch Protein Bar

    There are a number of obvious benefits to using a product like this one. It can help you stay on track with your diet, as previously said. This far has been extremely satisfying and has all of the nutritional nutrients youll require to keep performing effectively, regardless of activities.

    It will also assist in the support of your muscles in a variety of ways. Improving your recovery times can help you smash it whether youre jogging, lifting, taking a fitness class, or just keeping active in general. Your whole body will benefit from the increased muscle growth and maintenance that you will enjoy. Furthermore, the energy that this medication provides will aid you in completing your everyday tasks.

    My Fit Crunch Bar Review: Just Eat A Snickers Instead

    I love Chef Robert Irvine. So when I realized he has his own line of Protein Bars, I knew I had to get my hands on some for a review. So in this Chef Robert Irvine Fit Crunch Bar review, Ill tell you if his bars taste as good as his biceps look. I think there is a lot of ground to cover in this Fit Crunch Bar review, so I wont delay- lets jump right in and talk about these bars flavor-wise, but also formula-wise, packaging-wise, and of course Ill let you know if they are worth the premium price tag. Lets get started!

    If any of you out there consider yourselves foodies the same way that I do, you know that there are a handful of shows that just cant be missed. Chopped is number one since it has that consistent framework and competitive side that makes it almost like a cross between cooking and sports. But then after that, the show that I like best is Restaurant Impossible- where esteemed Chef and businessman Robert Irvine goes to various struggling restaurants and helps fix them physically, and gives them a boost with advice and expertise.

    Ive always loved watching Chef Robert do his thing. Hes kind, but also can be very stern and commanding when he needs to be. In many ways he is my dream man. So we know he can make a fantastic TV show. But were here to learn about his protein bar. So, how are they? Ill start with the most important part- the Flavor.

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    Robert Irvine Fit Elite Bars

    After reviewing nearly 40 different protein bars and over 10 different Oreos in Junk Banters short life, it doesnt take an Arnold Schwarzenegger to see that my fitness has reached an Elite level. My lifts have been insane. In just seven months, Ive added a whopping 20 lbs to my max bench at the expense of only 100 lbs of fat tacked onto my core. Fitness, people! It aint rocket science. Eat for abs, or something.

    My protein game needs to catchup to my massive gains in the gym, which means its time to go Elite. Lets see if Chef Robert Irvines Fit Elite Bars are a worthy snack for this Fitness God:

    Chef Robert Irvines Fit Elite Bars

    Unlike Chef Robert Irvines Fit Crunch Bars, which have the same macros as a full cow, Chef Robert Irvines Fit Elite Bars are only 180 calories with 20g of protein, 5g of fat, and 24g of carbs. To boot, they only use 2g of sugar. Excellent nutritional profile here. Chef Robert Irvines Fite Elite Bars are advertised as gluten-free soft-baked cookie bars made with whey protein isolate. They use isomalto-oligosaccaharides as the prebiotic fiber source for the 15g of dietary fiber crammed into into each bar, something that should make Quest Bar junkies nostalgic. But will they give me the strength to do an unassisted pull-up for the first time in my life? Tonight, we find out.

    The newest flavor that has Instagram abuzz is Chef Robert Irvines Fit Elite Birthday Cake bars, so Im going to make you wait until the end of the review to cover it.

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