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Where To Buy Canine Celebration Cakes And Treats

Homemade Healthy Dog Birthday Cake Recipe (easy and simple to make)

If you dont feel like making your own dog cakes, here are some sites that are user-friendly, have attractive products with nutritional information and customer reviews.

Birthday Cake Biscuits If you want something that wont spoil as quickly and can treat your dog the entire month, consider these Birthday Cake Biscuits. Bocces Bakery sent us these treats to try out in exchange for an unbiased review. They smell exactly like birthday cake, have few ingredients, and are wheat-free.

The Barkery Online This site has all kinds of bakery items for dogs and they specialize in dog birthday cakes. With four main flavors and four shapes, you can specially design the cake to meet the needs of your special occasion. You can even get a photo of your dog put onto the cakes decorations for an additional five dollars.

Posh Pet Glamour Boutique Although the Posh Pet Glamour Boutique specialized in designer clothes and accessories, they have a bakery section that has a really nice selection of cupcakes and cakes. This is a fun site to browse and get some great ideas for pampering your pup.

Bonne et Filou Macarons If luxury is what youre searching for, try these handmade gourmet macarons. We were sent a sample in exchange for an unbiased review.

Joeys Kitchen With Mmbb

Joeys Kitchen with MMBB isnt as active on social media as some of the other bakeries listed here. But from what we can tell, Joey puts a lot of love into every cake order and customers love her for that. Pups love her cakes and to us, thats the most important!

Order here.

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Best For Allergies: Bubba Rose

Bubba Rose

Why We Chose It: If your pup has a sensitive stomach, Bubba Rose offers cakes that are free of gluten, corn, soy, and wheat.

  • Wide variety of cakes, cookies and treats

  • Only free shipping to certain locations

Based in Miami with a retail store in New Jersey, Bubba Rose ships its healthy dog treats all across the U.S. Its user-friendly website offers a wide variety of cakes, biscuits, and cookies. The shop offers personalized cakes starting at $24.95 made with banana and peanut butter. You can pick from a wide variety of designs and customize it with your dogs name and other text.

Your order will ship within two business days and Bubba Rose offers a money-back guarantee if you are at all dissatisfied with your purchase. The company’s adorable cakes and cupcakes look so good it may be difficult for you not to sneak in your own bite.

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Pumpkin Banana Dog Cupcakes

Not only will your dogs love pumpkin banana pupcakes theyre a great breakfast item for you as well. Using oat flour, honey, banana, peanut butter, and a little pumpkin pureee, its actually a delicious cupcake with a healthy twist. If your dog has a sensitive tummy, overweight, or still a puppy then exclude the honey and frosting from this recipe.

Picture: Love From The Oven

Creamy Fluffy Cupcakesfor Your Pup

Dog Shaped Cake intended for Party

Taking the social media world by storm is the one and only Auckland-based, Pupcakes. Well-known for bringing barking good treats to Kiwi canines, these guys believe that us as humans shouldnt be having all the fun. So, their vision: to create special moments and celebrations for Kiwi fur babies and their human pawrents. Just a tad cute, right?! Their mini packs of pupcakes come in boxes of 4, 6 or 12, ranging from anywhere between $16 and $44. Delicious mini treat sized cupcakes made with human grade, health beneficial ingredients including locally sourced products such as Pics Peanut Butter and New Zealand honey, these pupcakes will have your dog begging for more. And with Louie, the teams number one pupcake taste tester on hand, you can be assured each batch of pupcakes that goes out the door, tastes as good as the last. These treats are available for pick up from Beach Haven, Auckland or better yet, can be delivered to your home every Saturday.

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Specialty Dog Cakes In Toronto

Your dog is a part of the family, so you may choose to celebrate their birthday or other momentous occasions with a personalized dog cake that is made to order when you contact us. Our dog cakes arent just safe for your dog to eat, but also for you to try too . Choose from a 6-inch or an 8-inch round dog cake for birthdays, holidays or any special event youre hosting for your dog. Our dog cakes are made with all natural ingredients and are available in 4 flavours: Beef Liver, Peanut Butter, Sweet Potato and Banana. You can also choose your dogs favourite colours for the cake. We can make the all natural yogurt icing either Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, or Purple. You can also choose from the same colours for the writing. For Example, you can have Pink icing with Green Writing or Yellow icing with Blue writing, etc. We just need a minimum of 3-4 business days notice since all of our cakes are made fresh to order.

Coconut Honey Dog Mini

Have a pint-sized pooch on your hands? This mini dog cake from Brown-Eyed Baker is one of the best picks for small dogs. This cake is made with just a handful of ingredients and has a sweet honey base.

To make this cake, a coconut oil and flour base is mixed with some honey and is baked in standard ramekins for about 20 minutes. The cake is then topped with plain yogurt making it an absolutely delicious dessert for your dog.

Your dog will love this tiny cake and youll be able to whip it up in no time at all. The cake itself is only made with four ingredients.


  • Eggs

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Dog Carrot Cake Recipe

Who doesnt love carrot cake? This dog carrot cake recipe from Recipe Tin Eats is complete with a fluffy potato frosting that you pipe for a truly decorative doggie cake.

This dog cake is essentially made in the same way as traditional carrot cake, just without the cream cheese frosting or added sugar. Youll mix the peanut butter and carrot base with the flour mixture and bake the cake for about 30 minutes. The cake is then covered with potato icing and ready to be served.

This multi-layer cake is well-suited for larger breeds and will make any dog birthday a truly special celebration.


  • Vegan yogurt

Easy Homemade Dog Cake

Raw Birthday Cake For Dogs | HEALTHY

This Easy Homemade Dog Cake recipe by Crazy For Crust can be whipped up in just half an hour. The peanut butter cake is topped with unsweetened whipped cream, giving the cake a super festive look.

To make this cake, youll simply mix peanut butter, unsweetened applesauce, and your whole grain or grain-free flour base and pop the mixture into the oven.

Finally, coat the cake with homemade, unsweetened whipped cream. You can even put the cream in a piping bag for some added flair, though your pooch will likely love the cake regardless.

This cake can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days which can be helpful if you want to break up Fidos treat consumption.


  • Grain-free or whole grain flour
  • Baking soda
  • Heavy whipping cream

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Dog Birthday Cake & Cupcake Homemade Recipes

Whats that? You say your dog is spoiled? Perfect, youve come to the right place. Because we dont think your dog is spoiled enough!

Which is why we have the most incredible birthday cake recipes for your dog. Theyre delicious , and a great way to celebrate another year with your BFFF .

We believe the best dog foods are the ones made at home with love. So when youre done making pupcakes learn how to make homemade dog food with a crockpot.

Picture: Moms & Munchkins

For A Quick Doggie Snack Head To Smack Bang

Whilst Auckland shows off its expertise in the dog cakes department, Wellington sure has what it takes to come out on top with their pup bakery and pet supplies store, Smack Bang. Not only a good looking shop selling human homewares with a pet twist, but a cute little bakery selling treats baked fresh for your pup with dog friendly, human-grade ingredients. Located on College Street in Te Aro, Wellington, Smack Bang finely creates personalised bone biscuits for those extra special pups. Made up of coconut oil, rice flour, free-range eggs and honey, these biccies are stamped with a personalised name, making them totally unique to your furry friend!

If you began this article having never celebrated your four-legged friends special day, wed think by now you might be feeling a little bit guilty. Whether its exploring nature together, going on new adventures or even binge-watching movies on the couch side-by-side, our furry friends truly are our best pals. So why not spoil your pup this coming birthday? No matter if theyre one year old or ten, we know theyll appreciate and adore whatever you do for them. And we can guarantee, a dog friendly cake is sure to keep them loyal.


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Puppy Cake Seeks To Provide A Healthy And Satisfying Treat For Dogs And A Fun Experience For Their Owners

Puppy Cake seeks to provide a healthy and satisfying treat for dogs and a fun experience for their owners. We use only human grade and natural ingredients in our products because we believe that Puppy Cake is held to a higher standard. Customer service is a top priority that we take very seriously.

  • Puppy Cake Mix – Peanut Butter
  • Puppy Cake Grain-Free Cheesecake Mix
  • Puppy Cake Mix – Pumpkin
  • Puppy Cake Mix – Red Velvet
  • Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix
  • Smart Scoops Goat’s Milk Ice Cream Mix
  • Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix
  • Classic Personalized Dog Birthday Cake
  • Specialty Personalized Dog Birthday Cake

Best Dog Cake For Pups With Stomach Sensitivities: Grain

Pink quilted cake with black Labrador

If your doggo has a sensitive stomach, this grain-free dog cake from Cotter Crunch is the perfect way to praise your pooch. This cake is made with chickpea flour and mashed strawberries for a naturally slightly sweet treat for your favorite pooch. Its also made without peanut butter, so its great for pups who dont fare well with peanuts.

This cake is made by mixing the chickpea flour base with fresh strawberries. The cake is made without eggs and is topped greek yogurt or coconut cream.

You can top the cake with sliced strawberries or serve it plain. Either way, your doggo will be happy to devour this tummy-friendly cake.


  • Plain Greek yogurt or unsweetened coconut cream

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Dog Birthday Cake Types

Our fun cake designs include single-tier and three-tier options. Choose a round cake or a square one. Some of our most popular designs on cakes for dogs include paw prints, party balloons, balls and party banners. Once you decide on the perfect design, you can even include a personalized message. Shop for a standard 2-inch-by-4-inch cake, a big dog 2-inch-by-6-inch cake or a square 4.25-inch cake.

Homemade Dog Cake Recipes

If you really want to spoil your dog, why not learn how to make a dog cake? Celebrate your furry friends birthday, adoption day, or any other day!

Here are 10 great dog cake recipes, including layer cakes, cupcakes, and gluten-free options. These recipes all use dog-friendly ingredients, but keep in mind that your dog could have food sensitivities or different dietary needs. Talk to your veterinarian if youre not sure which recipe will work best for you and your dog!

Lets get started! Scroll down to find a delicious and healthy dog cake recipe:

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Best Customizable: The Dog Treatery

The Dog Treatery

Why We Chose It: The Dog Treatery lets you customize nearly every aspect of your dogs cake, with plenty of fun flavors and colors to choose from.

  • More options for customization than other bakeries

  • Option to use allergy-friendly recipe

  • Tons of other birthday treats available

  • Warm weather shipping pack highly recommended

  • Limited options for adding a message on the cake

If you want to create a cake thats as unique as your furry friend, were big fans of The Dog Treatery. This bakery offers cakes in four flavorspeanut butter and carob, peanut butter and banana, pumpkin, and bisonand has more than a dozen options for icing and text colors. Any cake can be ordered in a grain-free version for an additional fee, and the bakerys standard circular cake is available in 2×4-inch and 2×5-inch sizes. Additionally, The Dog Treatery has a massive big bone cake thats over two pounds and serves eight to 12 pups, as well as a wide assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and even frosted pretzels.

The Dog Treaterys cakes start at $19.99 for a 2×4-inch circular cake. Note: Because each cake is frosted, the business highly recommends upgrading to a warm-weather shipping pack during some parts of the year to avoid melting. This will add $8.50 to your order.

How We Chose The Best Dog Birthday Cake Delivery Services

HOW TO MAKE A DOG BIRTHDAY CAKE Easy Recipe DIY | Snacks with the Snow Dogs 31

When it comes to dog birthday cake services, some companies will deliver to your door anywhere in the country. To pick the best ones, we looked for mostly independently owned bakeries that specialize in made-to-order cakes. Those that received the highest rankings such as Okra and Molly and The Dog Treatery feature affordable prices and multiple options to customize your cake.

We also ranked companies that offer add-ons for a one-stop-shop to buy all of your pups birthday needs. Lastly, companies that offered a variety of flavors for picky pups ranked highly.

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Best Value: Happy Dog Barkery

Happy Dog Bakery

Why We Chose It: Happy Dog Barkery features handmade cakes starting at just $11.99.

  • Three cake flavors to pick from

  • Affordable options for budget-friendly birthdays

  • Fewer add-on options to purchase

  • Shipping can take longer than some competitors

Happy Dog Barkery is a small business that specializes in custom cakes for your dogs big day. We love that all of its more than 20 designs can be shipped across the country. You can pick from peanut butter or carob, and each cake comes with a custom message. The most affordable option, a 4-inch jumbo cupcake, starts at just $11.99. There is also a wide variety of affordable cookies and other treats to spoil your dog.

All of Happy Dog Barkery’s cakes are made fresh and will arrive at your door within 10 days, so be sure to order ahead of your furry friends big day.

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