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How To Store Homemade Fruit Cake:

Whole Grain Sourdough Fermented Fruit Cake, made with freshly milled Khorasan flour

After the cakes have cooled, weâll wrap them tightly in cheesecloth soaked in medium sherry or triple sec. Have I mentioned that this cake is boozy? Because it is.

This step contributes additional moisture, as well as allows the flavors in the cake to meld and deepen over time. The alcohol cuts sweetness and makes this cake so fragrant and delicious!

Some people recommend aging fruit cake for at least a month prior to serving or gifting, but this is not required for this fruit cake. I recommend at week at minimum. However, even just a few days make a huge impact!

These fruit cakes can be stored in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 weeks . I recommend re-soaking the cheesecloth every week or so, or whenever it is dry.

Shipping And Delivery Dates

Keep in mind when ordering a fruitcake that shipping and delivery dates will vary with each supplier. Most of the fruitcakes in this round-up are shipped nationwide, several days a week, although some bakeries have cutoff times for weekly shipments. Some of the larger operations ship every day during the business week and offer several different shipping speed options. Its best to plan your delivery well in advance of when you think youll need it to ensure itll arrive on time. You can take comfort in knowing that most fruitcakes will hold for an extended time.

The Story Behind The Worlds Best Fruit Cake:

This fruit cake recipe has been passed onto me from my mom. It was first inspired my British grandmotherâs recipe. My mom has tweaked and perfected it over the years.

At one point, my mom even attempted a very short-lived fruit cake business that is until she realized that it is one of those expensive desserts to make and she would have to charge a fortune to break even.

With that said, this fruit cake is absolutely worth it!

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Red Truck Bakery Fruitcake Virginia

Our best advice is to order this fruitcake now and schedule it for delivery in December. If you wait, you will miss out. This fruitcake sells out every year. Red Truck Bakerys Havana Fruitcake is approximately 3+ lbs. and is filled with pineapple, almonds, pecans, raisins, coconut and spices and is soaked for months in dark rum. Note, this is the only fruitcake we tasted that had a pronounced taste of alcohol, rum in this case, and it was very good. The secret to the fruit cake according to Virginia Living Magazine is the Cuban fruitcake uses a light hand on the spices and gives the cake enough time to age in rum. And no colored or candied fruitthis is the real deal! Order fruitcake online from Red Truck Bakery via Goldbelly.

What Is The Best Fruit Cake To Purchase

Where Can I Buy Claxton Fruit Cake Near Me
  • Fruitcake from Ackroyds Bakery. Image: Ackroyds Bakery.
  • Fruitcakes from Assumption Abbey
  • The original gourmet bread from Giusto Sapore.
  • A fruit cake made by Claxton.
  • A spiced fruitcake from Williamsons.
  • The DeLuxe recipe for the Collin Street Bakery FruitCake
  • A fruitcake from Gethsemani Farms
  • Fruitcake from Trappist Abbey.
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    The Story Of Our Famous Fruitcake

    Our recipe dates to 1917 and has been a beloved tradition ever since. The handmade goodness was first introduced to the public in St. Louis, Missouri by two German immigrant brothers. The Lantz brothers owned and operated a bakery where they discovered a family fruitcake recipe in their grandmothers cookbook. The recipe took off, and the Lantz brothers soon found themselves searching for a bigger facility to produce their grandmothers recipe. In 1964, their search took them to Beatrice, Nebraska, and the current facility, nestled in Americas heartland.

    The Nebraska bakery changed names and ownership several times before becoming nationally known as Beatrice Bakery Co in 2002. Despite the changes, the original fruitcake recipe remained the same.

    We have been featured on QVC, Food Networks UNWRAPPED Holiday Favorites episode, A& E Biographys The House that Santa Built, on ABCs THE VIEWs Holiday Candies, Cookies and Cakes segment and received editorial recognition in Midwest Living magazine. Grandmas Fruitcake has been a tradition for many generations!

    What Are The Green Things In Fruit Cake

    The Paradise Green Candied Cherries also known as Glace Green Cherries have been part of candied fruit recipes for generations. The green candied cherries are sweet and chewy, and they complement the red candied cherries in a variety of recipes, making them a more colorful and tasty baked treat.

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    Worlds Best Fruit Cake

    Lauraon549privacy policy

    Classic fruit cake made with soaked unsweetened dried fruit. A festive, flavorful, and moist fruit cake to enjoy all holiday season. This family recipe will make you a fruit cake convert! This post is sponsored by All-Clad.

    If you recognize todayâs dessert, you deserve a pat on the back!

    As hard as it is to believe, I first shared this fruit cake recipe back in 2013. It has been a holiday staple in our household for as long as I can remember. Christmas isnât Christmas without several slices of my momâs famous fruit cake!

    Nearly six years have passed and since then, it has become one of the most popular holiday recipes on A Beautiful Plate.

    If youâre a fruit cake cynic, hear me out! This is the best fruit cake in the world and the only fruit cake that Iâve ever loved and enjoyed.

    While this recipe has received rave reviews and become a staple for many readers, Iâve teamed up with All-Clad to showcase their new Pro-Release Bakeware Set and Silicone Tools, and give this fruit cake recipe a new and improved update for the holiday season.

    This fruit cake recipe features their All-Clad Pro-Release Loaf Pan. All of the All-Clad Pro-Release bakeware pieces feature oversized, easy-to-grab handles, and a nonstick finish that releases baked goods effortlessly.

    If youâre looking for durable and high-quality bakeware for yourself , I highly recommend checking out the full All-Clad Pro-Release Bakeware Set! You can get more information here.

    What Is The Difference Between Dark And Light Fruit Cake


    Molasses, spices, and sometimes strawberry jam are all added to dark fruitcake to give it its dark color, which is caused by the molasses, spices, and sometimes strawberry jam. There is a light batter in this light fruit cake, which gives it a pop of jewel tones. There is no doubt that it is the most colorful of the two cakes.

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    Southern Supreme Fruitcakes Bear Creek North Carolina

    Youve heard the expression nutty as a fruitcake right? It is a phrase coined in the south where nuts are grown in abundance and used liberally in baked goods like fruitcake. As you would expect, the Southern Supreme fruit cake uses nuts as a star ingredient. Made in North Carolina, it is a moist and chewy cake, featuring walnuts and fresh pecans mixed with golden raisins, dates, pineapple and candied cherries. The one pound fruitcakes measures 6 1/2 in. x 2 in x 1 1/2 in. With a bright red cherry decoration, this is a classic to add to your holiday dessert table.

    Available at Amazon Southern Supreme Fruitcake

    Best Fruitcakes To Buy For Christmas

    When you hear the word fruitcake, what comes to mind? Christmas? A delicious, traditional treat? A dry loaf of something thats frequently given as a Christmas gift? A very odd person? Whatever youre thinking, were here to tell you that there are real fruitcake options that can be taken seriously in the comestible department, or with a grain of salt in the comedy department. But we are here to help you find the best fruitcake to buy. We dont wanna sound defensive, but there are legit fruitcakes out there!

    As a professional eater, I will tell you that fruitcake really does deserve respect. Its full of terrific ingredients: candied fruits, raisins, cinnamon, walnuts, sugar, eggs, butter, flour, etc. You cant argue with that. However, once all the ingredients are baked together, and the fruitcake emerges from the hot holiday oven, thats when skepticism can enter the conversation. Some people dont like the texture, some dont like the taste. We urge you, this holiday season, to open your heart and try. Perhaps youre going to a Christmas party take a fruitcake!

    One other recent starring role for fruitcake: in 2003, a man named Morgan Ford shared his familys prized heirloom fruitcake with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. The fruitcake then was 125 years old.

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    Best Organic Fruit: Frog Hollow Farm Holiday Fruitcake

    • Baked with beautiful dried plums and peaches

    • Nicely wrapped in cheesecloth and a reusable tin

    • Expensive for small size

    Frog Hollow Farms is beloved by chefs and fruit lovers alike for the incredible flavors and nearly perfect organic fruits it produces throughout the year. Frog Hollow Farms is known for the highest-quality organic fruits, from deeply-hued stone fruits in summer to vibrant citrus in winter.

    You won’t find any brightly-colored candied cherries here. This holiday fruitcake is filled with Frog Hollow Farm’s own organic dried plums and peaches, candied orange peel, and walnuts. Finally, the cake is soaked in rum for an extra holiday kick. Made almost entirely of organic ingredients, this 5.5-inch fruitcake comes at a premium but is well worth it for those who want the most naturally delicious fruitcake on the market.

    Shipping Information: Located in Brentwood, California, Frog Hollow Farm ships nationwide via UPS on Mondays and Tuesdays, and orders arrive within 1 to 2 business days. Orders may be placed on Wednesday for the same week if shipping is upgraded to Next Day Air. Cost of shipping not included.

    Best Splurge Gift: Harry & David Christmas Gift Basket With Wine

    Where Can I Buy Claxton Fruit Cake Near Me
    • Great gift for large group of people

    • Not very customizable

    • More expensive option

    Fruitcake is terrific, but it isn’t an incredibly flashy gift. If you’re looking for a special edible gift this year that includes a traditional fruitcake but with a little more pizazz, the Christmas Gift Basket with Wine from Harry & David has got everything you need to please every palate on the list.

    Along with a 1-pound traditional fruitcake, this gift basket includes chocolate truffles, dark-chocolate peppermint bark, and chocolate-covered cherries. Savory treats include yogurt-covered pretzels, almonds, and popcorn. A bottle of wine for those who prefer their treats in liquid form is an especially nice touch and will pair well with the fruitcake. It’s all arranged in a beautiful holiday tin container.

    Shipping Information: This particular gift basket is available to ship in early November. Multiple shipping options are available, including overnight , 2- or 3-day express, and standard 4 to 7 business day shipping. Cost of shipping not included.

    • Attractive cherry and pecan decoration

    • Czech-style recipe

    • More expensive for a smaller size

    For a beloved fruitcake that’s as unfussy as it is nice to look at, Gladys’ Bakery Czech Pecan Fruitcake Loaf will please just about everyone. Gladys keeps it simple. This is primarily a pecan cake that’s been studded with bright red and green candied cherries. And, that’s it.

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    Bake My Day Bakery Mobile Alabama

    Imagine all the classic fruitcake ingredients baked into a cookie! The family-owned, award-winning Bake My Day Bakery has packed candied cherries, pineapple, dates, and pecans into cake-like fruitcake cookies bursting with holiday color and flavor.

    Reviewers were charmed by these delightful cookies that delivered all the pleasure of a slice of fruitcake in such a convenient and satisfying size. These cookies will be the highlight of your dessert table or holiday gift giving.


    Want to up the surprise factor? Consider sending the 3 pound Heavenly Trio Fruitcake selection which is available on Amazon. The trio includes Beatrice Bakerys Classic Fruit and Nut Cake , the Amaretto Fruitcake , and the Pineapple Macadamia fruitcake .

    4.5 pound Classic Fruitcake from Eilenbergers Bakery in Texas

    In May of 1898, 21-year-old German immigrant F. H. Eilenberger opened a bakery in Palestine, Texas to begin producing an old German family recipe for fruitcake. Today, Eilenbergers bakery is the oldest operating bakery in Texas. Their multi-award winning fruitcakes continue to be handmade and sell nearly 50 thousand fruitcakes per year.

    Commonly Asked Fruit Cake Baking Questions:

    When should I starting baking fruit cake?

    Since this fruit cake only improves in flavor as it sits, the sooner the better! I recommend wrapping it with cheesecloth for one to two weeks, at minimum, for best flavor before serving or gifting.

    Can I substitute or use other types of dried fruit?

    Iâve included my favorite ratios in the recipe below as they offer a good balance of tart and sweeter fruits but you can adapt it to make it your own. If making substitutions, I highly recommend measuring by weight to avoid any issues.

    Can I make this fruitcake without alcohol?

    While the flavor will not be the same or as originally intended, you can try soaking the dried fruit in orange juice . I havenât personally tested this variation, but functionally it will plump up the dried fruit in the same way. You will need to skip the soaking of the cake as well, which is absolutely fine, but will result in a less complex flavor, slightly drier cake and will reduce its storage life slightly.

    How many servings does this recipe make?

    This cake yields two loaf cakes. Perfect for keeping one to yourself and another for gifting .

    Since this cake is very dense and rich, one loaf cake goes a long way. We use a serrated knife to cut it into thin slices or cut regular slices in half. It tastes fantastic on its own or with a smear of salted butter!

    Can I bake this fruitcake in a smaller loaf tins, round cake pan, etc.?

    Thank you All-Clad for sponsoring this post!

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    Beatrice Bakery Based In America’s Heartland

    Beatrice Bakery Company bakes some of the best fruitcake and dessert items in the world. While we bake a variety of artisan cakes, liqueur cakes, breakfast breads, and coffee cakes, our old-fashioned fruitcake is by far, our most popular.

    Grandmas Original Fruitcake is a traditional holiday fruitcake that demonstrates our commitment to baking handmade fruitcake with only the finest ingredients. The traditional grandmas fruitcake is made with the rich flavors of ripe cherries, succulent pineapple, plump raisins, crunchy almonds, English walnuts, and pecans. These ingredients are mixed into a batter enriched with the perfect amount of bourbon, rum, and brandy. No citron or orange peel!

    What Makes Deluxe The Best Fruitcake

    Jamaican Fruit cake | Christmas Cake| How to make Fruit cake

    Our DeLuxe® Fruitcake is the absolute best for a number of reasons. The first being our cakes are always made with the finest ingredients nature can grow. Native Texas pecans, Costa Rican pineapples, ripe Oregon cherries, golden California raisins, and sweet Burlseon honey are the stars of each and every cake.

    Secondly, every single one of our fruitcakes is dutifully mixed and beautifully hand-decorated right here in our very own bakery. There is not a machine in the world which can replicate the love and hard work poured into each of our cakes.

    Thirdly, unlike most other producers of fruitcake, our cakes are baked year-round. This way, we can ensure every detail of our cakes are upheld to the highest standards of quality and freshness. Regardless of the time of the year, when you purchase a fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery, it will be guaranteed moist, delicious, and ready to serve. For more fun facts about the history of the DeLuxe® Fruitcake, check out our article, “”.

    Additionally, the DeLuxe® is known around the world, having been featured in countless magazine articles and TV broadcasts, including Texas Monthly Magazine and Food Networks The Chew. Our list of extensive media debuts is featured in our article, “.”

    Perhaps most importantly, our customers and connoisseurs of fruitcake truly believe that the DeLuxe® is the BEST tasting fruitcake money can buy.

    Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about it on Facebook:

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