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Graduation cakes have become more and more popular in recent years, as a delicious way to celebrate completing an important chapter in a young persons life. If your son or daughter is getting ready to graduate, you can prepare a tasty and beautiful surprise for them on the big day.

Baskin Robbins cakes for graduation include the Cap and Diploma Cake and the Diploma Cake. Both of them look amazing and taste heavenly, so you can take them into consideration if you are planning this kind of event.

Cool Treats To Celebrate The First Month Of Summer

Beginning June 1, 2016 Baskin-Robbins is kicking off the first month of summer with a special lineup of frozen treats that will keep guests cool all month long. Enjoy the new June Flavor of the Month, Made with MILKY WAY® Bars, which features MILKY WAY bar flavored ice cream with MILKY WAY bar and milk chocolate pieces swirled with a caramel ribbon. Made with MILKY WAY Bars can be enjoyed in a cup, cone or in a Milkshake. To make the month extra sweet, guests can also enjoy an upgrade to a freshly-baked waffle cone when purchasing a double scoop of ice cream.

Baskin-Robbins is also celebrating Dads and grads this month with a creative and delicious lineup of ice cream cakes perfect for any seasonal celebration. The following cakes can be customized to feature a Dad or grads favorite ice cream and cake flavor combination and can be ordered in-store or through Baskin-Robbins online cake ordering website at .

The Cold One Cake: A unique ice cream cake shaped like a mug that celebrates Dad in a frosty and flavorful way.

OREO® Triple Chocolate Cake: Features a chocolate, OREO® cookie infused frosting topped with a mouthwatering waterfall of dark chocolate, a border of fudge and alternating goodness of OREO® cookies, frosting dollops and chocolate triangles.

For more information about Baskin-Robbins wide variety of ice cream flavors and frozen desserts, visit

You Can Even Get A Photo Printed On The Cake

Graduation season is finally here, just in time for folks to start gathering in person yet again. Thats cause for celebration if you ask us, and sometimes, celebrations call for festive ice cream cakeslike these new graduation-themed ones from Baskin-Robbins.

Nothing says you did it! like layers of cake and ice cream. The ice cream shop chain, which boasts more than 30 flavors, unveiled three graduation-themed ice cream cake options for you to make your own.

  • School Spirit Cake: This cold confection features a congratulatory message, piped icing in the colors of your choice, and a graduation cap to top it all off. Simple, to the point, and tasty.
  • School Spirit PhotoCake: Baskin-Robbins is offering a custom version of that same cake with a personalized photo of your graduate, their school, or really whatever you want.
  • Diploma Roll Cake: Last, but certainly not least, the company created a diploma roll cake which, as the name suggests, looks like a rolled up diploma. At least you can eat this one.

Each of Baskin-Robbins new ice cream cakes can be customized in flavor, too. You select the type of cake and flavor of ice cream you want and your local store will create it for you.

Congrats, grads!

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How To Order Baskin Robbins Cakes

Keep in mind that the cake options can vary slightly depending on location. Thus, you will need to make sure your desired cake is available in your local store before ordering. Holiday themed cakes are normally only available around that specific holiday. You can normally order by going into the store and talking to an employee. If you do not want to speak to any employees before ordering, you can just place an order online. To learn more about how the Baskin Robbins cake ordering works, call their customer support line at 800-859-5339.

Our Custom Cake Range May Vary Depending On Location


Baskin robbins ice cream cake gallery. Kindly verify the quality of the cake before leaving the outlet for self-collection. Please call your local Baskin-Robbins for more options. We offer a range of designs from fun and light-hearted to decadent and elegant.

Cake decorations are subject to change without prior notice. Its winter – and that can only mean one thing. Choose from a variety of designs flavors and characters including Frozen cakes and Star Wars cakes.

Want to know more. 289 Caramel Praline Cheesecake. Were talking warm velvety desserts and saucy hot sundaes paired with your favourite ice cream.

Cake Gallery Ice Cream Flavours. 207 Cap Diploma Cake. Our scrumptious ice cream cakes are made with your choice of Baskin-Robbins ice cream layered with moist cake.

Please be advised that products made or handled in this restaurant contain or may have come into contact with allergens such as. Choose Shape Size. 326 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Polar Pizza.

Store Hours may have been modified due to the COVID19 virus. Please order you cake in advance as it can take 3 days for custom cake creations. Were talking warm velvety desserts and saucy hot sundaes paired with your favourite ice cream.

RM155 Flavor-Jamoca Almond Fudge. A cereal-ously good flavor thats too tasty not to try. A wide variety of sizes are available for special occasions like birthdays anniversaries holidays and graduations.

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Cake Gallery Ice Cream Cake Desserts Yummy Cakes

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Baskin Robbins Order Ice Cream Cake


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Baskin Robbins Cake Models

At Baskin Robbins, the possibilities are endless, and they have cakes for all special occasions and holidays. Customers can combine chocolate cakes and white cakes with 16 different ice cream flavors and toppings like Oreo cookie crumbles, caramel, and fudge sauce. There are also a huge variety of cake designs and decorations. The ice-cream cakes can be shaped into many signature designs, like watermelons, insects, bunnies, ice cream floats, and even faces. With the cake customization options that let you combine a variety of shapes, flavors, and decorations, you can also make a unique Baskin Robbins cake.

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Baskin Robbins Baby Shower Cakes

How about a lovely round cake to celebrate a new baby? If you are planning a baby shower, Baskin Robbins cakes have got you covered. While you can select a Balloon Parade cake or a Flower Garden cake, what we really recommend are their special baby shower cakes.

The Baskin Robbins baby showers cakes come in two main colors , and welcome the baby into the world beautifully. You can count on Baskin Robbins cakes for sweet details, so get ready to appreciate wonderfully crafted icing roses and little shoes on top. Two suggestions we have are the Baby Shower Cake for a baby boy, and the Baby Shower Cake for a baby girl.

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Cap & Diploma Cake – Baskin Robbins Canada

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Celebrate Your Grad With An A+ Ice Cream Cake From Baskin

After supporting the grad in your life through all the ups and downs and standing by their side every step of the way, its finally time to celebrate their accomplishments with a one-of-a-kind treat! Graduation day isnt just for long gowns and rolled up paper, its a time to revel in how far your grad has come and indulge in an out of this world ice cream cake. Whether your celebration is a large virtual bash or a small family gathering, Baskin-Robbins has you covered with fun and customizable ice cream cakes for the perfect graduation celebration.

School Spirit Cake

Your grad deserves all the pomp and circumstance that graduation day brings! Our School Spirit Cake features a sweet Congratulations message, decorated with customizable school colors, a 2021 banner and fun traditional graduation cap to top it off. Customize with your grad’s favorite cake flavor and ice cream flavor inside for their own personalized graduation gift!

School Spirit PhotoCake®

Take the School Spirit Cake up a notch by adding a personalized photo of the grad, their school or a special memory from the past to show off how far theyve come! Baskin-Robbins School Spirit PhotoCake® will be adorned with the photo you upload along with a traditional graduation cap topper and 2021 banner to mark the occasion. Further personalize with frosting in any color you choose as well as your choice of cake and ice cream flavor.

Diploma Roll Cake

Baskin Robbins Wedding Cake

Baskin Robbins does not offer any cake designs that are specifically for weddings. However, you can still purchase one of their cakes if you want to celebrate a marriage with some tasty ice cream. The best options are the tiered sheet cakes, which consist of a full sheet cake with half or one third of another sheet cake stacked on top. This Baskin Robbins cake will serve many guests, and it has an elegant and festive appearance. For smaller weddings, consider getting one of the Baskin Robbins heart-shaped cakes to celebrate a romantic occasion. You can get a message to the happy couple written on the cake, or you can leave the cake blank and top it with your own wedding cake topper.

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Baskin Robbins Cakes Prices Designs And Ordering Process

by | Nov 14, 2017 | A F Cake Manufacturers |

If you havent already discovered Baskin Robbins cakes exist, you have been missing out on some mouth-watering treats. If you have a very special event coming up, you can count on a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake to make the occasion even more memorable. To help you get acquainted with Baskin Robbins cakes, we have gathered information about the Baskin Robbins cake prices, designs, flavors, and ordering process. Read, order, and enjoy!

Baskin Robbins Cake Designs

Made With Twix Bars Ice Cream Is Baskin

Baskin Robbins specializes in ice cream cakes, but the variety of Baskin Robbins cakes available is so wide that everyone is sure to find a treat that they will love. Baskins Robbins cakes are suitable for all sorts of occasions. You can find Baskin Robbins birthday cakes, celebration cakes, holidays cakes, as well as featured and customizable cakes.

The Baskin Robbins ice cream cake recipe is what really makes these goodies stand out. The ice cream cakes Baskin Robbins makes use top quality ingredients, perfectly blended for a rich taste that will leave your mouth watering.

You can get a Baskin Robbins frozen cake for almost any occasion. Birthdays are some of the most sought-after themes, but you can also find Baskin Robbins cakes for every season or holidays, such as: Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more.

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Baskin Robbins Celebrates Dads And Grads With Cakes

Baskin-Robbins is offering ice cream cakes for graduation and Fathers day throughout June. Ice cream cakes available include:

Tool Box Cake: For the Dad who is a handyman, this ice cream cake features decorative chocolate tools and blue icing, and can be personalized with a special Fathers Day message.

Ice Cream Float Cake: This classic roll cake is transformed into an ice cream cake float topped with scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry.

Cap & Diploma Cake: This sheet cake features a cap and diploma highlighted with rose buds, chocolate drizzle, a fudge border, and can be customized with any schools colors.

We know June is an important month for our guests, between graduations and Fathers Day, and celebrating the people you love in a big way, says Jeff Miller, executive chef and vice president of culinary innovation for Dunkin Brands. Thats why weve created a unique and customizable lineup of ice cream cakes to share with friends and family while celebrating these special occasions. Were also excited to launch our delicious June Flavor of the Month, Triple Chocolate, and fun new OREO Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches.


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Baskin Robbins Wedding Cakes

While Baskin Robbins doesnt offer traditional wedding cakes, that doesnt mean you cant have a Baskin Robbins cake at your wedding, if you really enjoy their flavor. There are plenty of designs that would fit a wedding theme, and you can even go for less traditional designs if you want to make your wedding celebration stand out.

Try the Rosette Tiered Cake to showcase your love with roses and a lot of icing, go for the Petals & Pearls Cake for a more classic wedding look, or choose the Aloha Cake to let everyone know where youre going for your honeymoon.

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Baskin Robbins Birthday Cakes

Baskin Robbins birthdays cakes come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. They have designs appropriate for adults, but also for children who love certain cartoon characters. A little boy that loves toy cars will adore the Thomas & Friends Coal Car Cake, while young ladies who have a passion for cartoons will be stunned to see the Little Mermaid Ariel & Scuttle Cake.

These are just a few examples of wonderful Baskin Robbins cakes designs. Other designs for birthday cakes include the Clown Cone Party Round Cake , the Celebration Party cake, the Happy Birthday Candles Neon Cake, the Balloon Parade cake, or the Too Cute Cupcake Cake, among others.

Brings Back Cap & Diploma Cake In Honor Of Grads This Graduation Season

Ocean Robbins Key Takeaways (Depression & Anxiety Secrets)

May 02, 2017 // // CANTON, Mass. – Baskin-Robbins, the worlds largest chain of specialty ice cream shops, is excited to celebrate moms of all styles with the new Polka Dot Cake and the returning Elegant Rosette Cake. The Polka Dot Cake is adorned with colorful polka dots and shows mom just how much she is loved in a fun and playful way. The Elegant Rosette Cake features a cascading bouquet of flowers. Both cakes are customizable with moms favorite ice cream flavor and her choice of white or chocolate cake, and are available for in-store or online at

In addition, Baskin-Robbins is celebrating moms all month long with its May Flavor of the Month, Moms Makin Cookies. This returning favorite features moms secret recipe of brown-sugar-flavored ice cream filled with chocolate chip cookie pieces, chocolate flavored chips, and a delicious cookie-dough-batter flavored ribbon. This mom-approved flavor can be enjoyed in a cup, cone, in a Warm Cookie Sundae for an extra boost of cookie flavor, or in a Mothers Day ice cream cake for double the fun.

Additionally, Baskin-Robbins is celebrating grads nationwide this graduation season with the return of the Cap & Diploma Cake. This full sheet cake is topped with a cap and diploma highlighted by rose buds, features a chocolate fudge drizzle border and can be customized with a grads favorite ice cream, cake and school colors!

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