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Sweet by Holly is here for you, creating the ideal treat for your occasion of choice. From graduations to a gender reveal party, here at Sweet, weve got you covered. We have just what youre looking for at your gender reveal party.

There are so many ways that you can reveal the gender of your baby, from balloon colors to card games but the single best way is the surprise that comes from a gender reveal cake. When you cut into the cake for the first time , it will reveal whether youre having a boy or a girl to the surprise and excitement of all of your guests.

We can create a novel way to help you reveal the gender of your baby. Thats why we offer gender reveal cakes, and even gender reveal cupcakes!

You can even design your own combination! If you dont feel like going that route, you can always pick other options that we offer.

Heres a brief rundown:

  • 1 Dozen Mini Cupcakes
  • 6 Boy designs 6 girl designs
  • Cake = $55.00
  • 1 Dozen Custom Minis = $24.00
  • Package = $70

Do you want the best gender reveal cake or cupcakes? At Sweet by Holly, we have what youre looking for. Call us today or order online!

Including Your Distant Relatives

Not everyone can attend your gender reveal party directly so why not make a small addition to a handful of the gender reveal party invitations youre already making and send them to relatives who live far away so they can get in on the fun.

Write something nice a clue or a question and add the answer, but hide it behind a form of folded, but removable paper, so they have to guess to see if they were right.

They are sure to enjoy it I know mine did when I sent one to them.

They were very glad that I remembered them and Im sure your relatives would appreciate it too.

Gender Reveal Decor Gender Reveal Cupcake Toppers Wheels Or Heels Cupcake Baby Shower Cupcake 12ct Gender Reveal Party

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Gender Reveal Cake Topper

Wheels or Heels Cake Topper, Gender Reveal, Baby Shower, Boy or Girl, He or She, party decoration, decor, pink and blue themed, gold glitter This is for one Wheels or Heels gender reveal cake topper. Check out our stores feature section for matching items including NEW gold foil paper straws **Current processing times are 3-5 business days. This does not include shipping times. If your event is within two weeks please message me prior to ordering. *Order Instructions* 1. Please place any customization requests on Notes to Seller or in dropdown menu if provided. Including sayings, colors etc. 2. Please also put your event date

Wheels Or Heels Gender Reveal Banner Hot Pink Heels And

Gender reveal cake high heels or hot wheels

This Wheels or Heels gender reveal banner is made out of thick cardstock. Each flag measures approximately 6.5 X 5 inches. Each letter, as well as the wheel and heel, are placed to make a 3D effect. The Wheels lettering and wheel are made out of thick black cardstock. The Heels lettering and high heel are made out of a thick hot pink glitter cardstock. Here are some cupcake toppers that pair perfectly with this banner… https://www.etsy.com/listing/766963506/wheels-or-heels-gender-reveal-cupcake *All colors are customizable upon request *Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have

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We Are Having A Baby Boy

We couldnt contain our joy at that very moment!

God wouldnt give something we couldnt handle. It wasnt really in our initial plans to have a baby right away after getting married. Ideally, we wanted about 2 years of investing our time with each other, including building the business and our finances. But God has a different plan for us. He knows whats best for us. Based on what is God doing in our lives, His plan is for us to start a family now and embrace this season with Him at the center of it all.

Among the grandparents, my side was more emotional about this since its mom and dads first grandchild. Ask my mom, she has been wanting to have a boy in the family!

I strongly believe in the power of prayers. Thankful for people who consistently remembers to pray for our growing family.

So this is how it feels to know the gender of the baby? Imagination slowly comes to life thinking how we are going to raise a boy. The discussions between me and O have become more realistic about being role models to our little one, especially O who will be the number one role model of our boy. The shopping also begins with a mindset that our house is expected to get messier each day. Haha!

I cant wait to share more stories with you as I transition into a more family-oriented blog.

Stay updated and for Free!Pray, Eat and Love.

He Or She Balloon Idea

Next, we have a cool balloon idea. A black balloon has been placed on a board and it has been filled with pink paint. Once the balloon was popped, the pink paint revealed the gender. You can have a few of these and turn it into a game for the guests where all the balloons have to be popped at once. Use blue paint if you are expecting a boy.


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The 35 Best Gender Reveal Quotes

The first and most important part is finding the right quote to deliver the news in an original or creative manner.

Before I found out the gender of my baby, I used to have dreams about giving birth where Id finally find it out, so you can imagine I was very excited to find out whether I was carrying a boy or a girl. And so are your family and friends!

If youre already making a party out of it, the keystone of it should be good.

It should be something that sticks in the mind and something that invitees will remember other than the massive amounts of pink and blue paint.

Heres a few select examples to help get your gears rolling:

Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are.

Pink or blue, we love you.

Team Staches or Team Lashes?

He or she, what will this pumpkin be?

Wheels or heels?

Buck or doe, soon well know.

Girl or boy? We dont know.

Boots or bows?

Hair bow or bow tie?

Taco bout a baby.

One fish, two fish, pink fish, blue fish.

Waddle it be? Is our new duckling a he or a she?

He or she? What will the baby be?

A bouncing little he or a pretty little she?

Nino or Nina?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Supergirl/Superman!

A gentle flower or a tough tree? What will our baby be?

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Gender Reveal Cake Decorations

Gender Reveal Burnout Boy or Girl? Heels or Wheels? Poof There It Is will help them find out!

Baby shower cakes have become simply extraordinary. Theyve become edible art, and that art extends to gender reveal cakes too. As you will see below, gender reveal cakes are also quite spectacular. What sets them apart is that they are made with the very specific gender reveal theme in mind.

Then within the gender reveal theme, there are subthemes too, like:

  • Waddle it be?
  • What will it bee?
  • Ties or Tutus?
  • Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are?
  • Stashes or lashes?
  • Little Mister or Little Sister
  • Quarterback or Cheerleader
  • Mr or Ms/ He or She/ Little He or Little She
  • Riffles or Ruffles

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Wheels Or Heels Gender Reveal Wheels Or Heels Cake Topper

Cake Topper Size inches 8.25 inches wide 8.75 inches tall including the stick. This Wheels Or Heels cake topper is perfect for a gender reveal! This cake topper is made with high quality cardstock it is one sided. It is attached to a wooden skewer. If you like this Cake Topper but want it in different colors more colors are available, color choices are in the pictures. Please send me a conversation before purchase if you want different colors so that I can work with you for the perfect cake topper. I welcome custom orders. Cake not included. Other items that match this cake topper. Banner https://www.etsy.com/listing/746722855/wheels-or-heels-wheels-or-heels-banner Stickers https://www.etsy.com/listing/734197022/wheels-or-heels-wheels-or-heels-stickers Cupcake Toppers https://www.etsy.com/listing/739641688/wheels-or-heels-cupcake-toppers-wheels

Private Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt For Daddy And/or Siblings

A gender reveal scavenger hunt is a fun idea for a private gender reveal for an older sibling and/or husband.

This pretty gender reveal riddle is from Life With Tam & Khush. You can change it up a bit to fit your life.

In mommys belly is where I will grow.Girl or boy, wouldnt you like to know.Now is the time, the adventure begins.Your first clue is inside the game wins.

First Ill be in diapers, then Ill have to be trained.Big is a pro, but will I be the same?You will have to be patient and wait to see.Will I sit like a lady or stand up to pee?

Im still pretty small, just the size of a pear.I know loves fruits, but will share?Cookies and cupcakes, what about these?Head over to the place where the ice cream freeze.

Mommys confused on where I should sleep.Should I take my own room, or steal sheets? room is so but will I fit in?Time to decide which room Ill sleep in.

Parties and music and water gun games,But first its time to think of baby names.Youve made it this far daddy, dont give up yet.Go to the place where you like to get wet.

Whatever I am, it is meant to be.Daddy I love you and I know youll love me.To the , I want you to go.Am I what you think? Grab this and youll know. *

Did you really think Id make this easy for you?Walk over to the front yards highest view.There is where the real answer awaits.But first get your from behind the .

*You can end the gender reveal riddle here.

To end the gender reveal riddle at the door:

Note From The Author

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Wheels Or Heels Wheels Or Heels Banner Wheels Or Heels Gender Reveal Baby Shower Gender Reveal Decorations Backdrop Boy Or Girl

Banner Size is 100 inches and each Banner Panel is 4×6. This Wheels or Heels Banner is perfect for a Gender Reveal Party! Wheels is light blue lettering and Heels is pink lettering made with cardstock with a kraft cardstock background. The Monster Truck is made with light blue, gray, and black cardstock. The Heel is made with pink cardstock. The banner is placed on 100 inches of twine to give you plenty of twine to hang your banners. Great for parties, Decor, and photos! If you like this banner but want different colors I welcome custom orders just send me a conversation and I will work with you on a custom banner. Color options are in the photos. Other items that match this banner. Cake Topper https://www.etsy.com/listing/750259383/wheels-or-heels-gender-reveal-wheels-or Stickers https://www.etsy.com/listing/734197022/wheels-or-heels-wheels-or-heels-stickers Cupcake Toppers https://www.etsy.com/listing/739641688/wheels-or-heels-cupcake-toppers-wheels

Wheels Or Heels Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender reveal cake wheels or heels

Expecting a little one is such an exciting time that is made all the more thrilling with the announcement of the babys gender. Will you keep it a secret and be surprised along with everyone else? Or find out and surprise your friends and family? This Wheels or Heels gender reveal party theme is perfect for race fans, monster truck lovers, motocross junkies, and plain and simple gear heads! This isnt just a theme for daddy, there are lots of female car and truck fans too! I love when a gender reveal theme can express an interest of mom or dad.

Affiliate links are provided for your shopping convenience. By clicking and purchasing, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Please see my disclosure page for any questions. Thanks for supporting Halfpint Design so we can continue providing awesome party ideas!

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How Does A Gender Reveal Cake Reveal The Gender Of The Baby

If you plan to bake the cake yourself, the easiest and most common methods to create the reveal, are to:

  • create a layer of pink or blue frosting, separating the cake layers or
  • one of the cake layers can be colored pink or blue or
  • the baker cuts a hole into the center of the cake and fills it with either pink or blue candy.

If all this sounds strange to you, scroll down to see what I mean.

Race Cars Or Ruffles And Wheels Or Heels

These two themes are similar enough to share the spotlight. Checkered flags and monster trucks with an elegant twist.

This is a classy pregnancy announcement by race car driver Kyle Busch and his wife. Now this theme makes sense for them! Race cars or ruffles gender reveal party theme. Photo by Bailey Smith Photography found on Front Stretch.

Monster trucks and high heels are a hilarious combination if you ask me. Since I have actually combined both of those things before, I can relate! You can read about it in my Worst Valentine’s Date Ever post. Wheel or Heels banner from Ichabod’s Imagination on Etsy.

Themed wheels or heels pins, from Put On Your Party Cap on Etsy, make it easy to see what each guest thinks the baby will be.

We are now entering the country living category. This city girl was raised in the country and I can relate to ALL of them. Some of you city-slickers might not, but I bet your father could!

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