How Can I Send A Cake In The Mail

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Mailing Baked Goods Doesnt Have To Be Complicated

How to Ship a Cake
  • Cakes: Carrot cake, pound cake, and fruitcakes
  • Candy: peanut brittle, rock candy.
  • Wrapping cookies- Cookies can be placed back to back and wrapped securely in plastic wrap. Place a piece of wax paper in between the cookies to prevent sticking. Place each cookie pair in a separate plastic bag. Nestle the cookies securely in a container, ensuring they can not move around if shook. If the cookies are decorated wrap them individually.
  • Wrapping bars and candy- Bars and candy are best shipped in containers, used wax paper to separate the layers. A decorative tin container works well and will keep them protected.
  • Wrapping quick breads and cake- Wrap each slice in plastic wrap and place into a container. Make sure that they can not shift around if moved.

Best For Foodies: Goldbelly

  • Shipping times vary by bakeries’ locations

Goldbellys curated online marketplace is a hub of North Americas most notable culinary creations. The company says they believe in the power of food and its ability to bring comfort and connection. The marketplace features items like St-Viateurs bagels from Montreal, Pie Holes from Los Angeles, and a whole lot more gourmet and specialty items. When youre shopping for that iconic birthday cake for a foodie in your life, Goldbelly is the place to start.

The sitetheres also a smartphone appoffers cakes from many of Americas leading bakeries such as Ovenly, Carlos, Gambinos, Carousel, We Take the Cake, and Carolines. Many bakeries, such as Red Truck, sell online exclusively through Goldbelly.

Goldbelly facilitates the ordering and shipping process, in many cases with free shipping. A few shops do charge an extra shipping fee and you can pay for faster shipping. The prices of cakes vary a lot depending on the cake and shop. However, given that this is a specialty and gourmet service, it is not normally the cheapest option. Goldbellys selection is extensive with something for everyone, including vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and even paleo cakes.

The company ships to all 50 states but shipping times vary, as many bakeries only ship on certain days of the week.

Please Select Shipping Speed Accordingly For Your Order Otherwise We Will Need To Call You To Authorize Changing The Shipping Selection Before We Can Send It On Its Way ***

We want to share that UPS has communicated to all customers that there could be delays in shipping due to the large volume of packages they are delivering everywhere!

We cannot be responsible for UPS delays

thank you for understanding!

At this point, we have not seen delays happen very often

but we feel the need to disclose this just in the event it should happen.

Weve added the option to Ship Early on our order form! Our cakes are fine to arrive earlier than you plan to serve them. Simply hold it in the freezer until the day before serving.

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Igp Provides Same Day & Midnight Cake Delivery Service Across Indian Cities

How can I surprise my Brother with Online Birthday Cake sharp at Midnight?

Although there are plenty of gift options you can consider to surprise your dear ones with on their birthday. But, if you want to surprise them with their favourite eggless birthday cakes at midnight, it is definitely a highly failsafe idea, since cakes are one of the most perfect gift options. Interestingly, we, at IGP, offer same day delivery and midnight delivery on flowers and cakes. So, Hurry Up! Surprise your brother with his favourite cake on his birthday at midnight via IGP, and make him feel the depth of your love. Use our website to get the online cake delivery in Delhi, Cakes to Mumbai, Cakes to Pune, Cakes to Hyderabad, Cakes to Chennai, Cakes to Bangalore, Cake delivery in Gurgaon, etc. and have a lovely celebration.

A preplanned birthday bash is mainstream gives you a calmer when you are on an adrenaline rush with its prompt express deliveries of cakes, flowers and much more. On our website, you will find finger-licking birthday cakes and fresh flowers that will impress your loved one on birthday. The process of placing an order at IGP is hassle-free. Just select the best cakes and birthday flowers, add the recipient’s name, address, time to be delivered and place an order in simple steps. With timely delivery service, we will ensure that your gifts get delivered just when you want.

How To Prepare A Cake For Mailing

Best Way To Send A Cake In The Mail

Depending on the size and shape of your cake, you will take a different approach when preparing for shipping. Here are some rules of thumb for the most popular types of cake:

Layer cakes: Freeze your layer cake prior to shipping. Be careful shipping cakes with frosting soft frostings or too much frosting may not travel well, and you want to avoid the cake smushing in transit. Stiffer icing is preferable where possible. For best practices, wrap a protective cake collar around the cake to protect the sides, then wrap the cake carefully in plastic. Place small sticks in several places on the top and sides of the cake, putting a little distance between the wrap and the icing.

Bundt and pound cakes:Freeze and then carefully place plastic wrap around these cakes prior to shipping. The sturdy shape and texture of Bundt and pound cakes make them easier to wrap in plastic without peeling off the outer layer of the cake when the wrap is removed. Securely wrap in plastic wrap, then again in aluminum foil.If you ca’

Cheesecakes: Follow the guidelines above and be careful to protect the sides of the cake for shipping. You may also want to consider freezing individual slices and placing them in separate freezer bags for extra protection.

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The Sturdier Or Denser The Baked Good The Better

When it comes to cookies, its no surprise that hardier varieties travel the best. Gingerbread and thicker chocolate chip cookies are two examples of sturdier types, says Alex Rush, a co-founder who handles all things packaging and shipping. Additional recommendations include hard cookies, like shortbread and biscotti, and bars, such as brownies and blondies, according to the Kitchn.

Other softer cookies can potentially survive the trip, depending on how well theyre packaged, says Rush, but delicate cookies like sugar, pizzelles, or even thin and crisp chocolate chip cookies are likely to break in the mail, no matter how meticulous the packaging. Cookies with soft fillings also tend not to travel well, according to Jessica Vitak, who, with her family, bakes an average of 4,000 cookies of which approximately 1,000 are mailed out each holiday season. Vitak, an associate professor at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies, says that cookies with elements like caramel can be mailed, but they have to be packed carefully to avoid sticking to each other and causing a mess.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Though our cakes are perfect for celebrating in the moment, they also keep beautifully for up to 5 days after delivery. If you follow our comprehensive cake storage instructions, then that perfect online cake delivery need not be a one day only event. Order your cakes online from Cake Mail today for the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

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Reach The Heart Quickly With Delicious Cake Delivery Online Usa

Every celebration calls for a cake because cakes make the celebration more fun and memorable. Bonus everyone gets to eat a delicious and most favorite dessert. Be it wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, a cake is an integral part of all these and many more such occasions. Order cake delivery online USA from our online cake shop and enjoy a mouthwatering cake on your special day with your loved ones. There is nothing more enticing than having a cake and enjoying it with everyone you love.

You can choose from plethora of delicious and scrumptious cake options to delight your loved ones living far away from you. You can send cake online to your near and dear ones on their birthday and wish them a very happy birthday through this lovely edible surprise. To make this treat extra special you can also pair it with chocolate gift basket delivery and give your loved one double surprise. Flowers are also great gifts as they are associated with many feelings so you can also send birthday flowers online to your loved ones to convey birthday greetings to them.

Best For Food Sensitivities: Carolines Cakes

How to Ship a Cake [ Shipping cakes in the mail ] Ship Cakes

Caroline’s Cakes

  • Some options are limited

Among the many reasons Carolines Cakes stands out is its commitment to operating a nut-free bakery. Carolines employs strict measures to ensure no nuts can sneak in to spoil your birthday celebration. The bakery also has gluten-free options.

Carolines website offers a wide variety of cakes and other goodies, including 10 whimsical birthday cakes. Flavors include their famous seven-layer lemon cake, caramel cake, rainbow cake, and four-layer chocolate devils food cake. If you cant decide which flavor you want, check out the “half cakes” option, allowing you to combine two different flavors into one cake. Unfortunately, this option is not available in their signature birthday polka dot flavor.

Each round, nine-inch cake serves between 14 and 20 people and starts at $70, plus shipping. For an extra fee, there’s also an option to add 16 polka dot plates, tableware, and candles that spell out “happy birthday” to your order.

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Label The Outside Of The Box

In addition to an address label, its smart to create both Fragile and Keep Upright labels. Whether youre shipping perishables, or breakables, the right label can help ensure carriers keep your packages upright and in a safe transport position. Because the last thing anyone wants is an upside down cake on their doorstep! Keep your cake safe from the moment you put it in the box with any one of our Fragile and Keep Upright-themed labels.

But Its Still Worth It

Its been a hard year. The coming year will likely continue to be hard. For people like Vitak, who is immunocompromised, mailing cookies is a way to send a big hug to friends she hasnt seen in a long time.

In the end, I dont mind the costs of shipping cookies because I know how much my friends appreciate getting them, she says. It brings me such pleasure to know that these cookies are enjoyed by my friends and their families and that they look forward to December because of my familys cookies. This holiday tradition has been in her family for nearly 50 years. Now, more than ever, she intends to keep it alive.

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Sending Cake To Loved Ones Is A Great Pleasure

We miss our loved ones when they are away from us. It is felt more keenly when it is an important day in their lives and we just wish we were there. An efficient mechanism of choosing a gift cake, leaving instructions of special packaging, delivery date and time, created by 1800giftportal has made this online task extremely fast and enjoyable.

Our suggestions as per the occasion for sending the gift cake are our own small but unique contribution in making the moment memorable for you. Regardless of your location, if it is a city in Canada where you wish to send a cake on that special day, our portal has some of the easiest interfaces on the web.

A user-friendly system and satisfied customers in Canada and elsewhere, have made 1800giftportal the most trusted channel to send gifts worldwide.

Now you too can turn a loved ones birthday, or your parents anniversary, or a friends engagement, or your grandparents anniversary into a moment to cherish forever. Lovely designs and beautifully decorated cakes add the right amount of dash and zest to the occasion.

Can I send cake to Canada?

Yes, it is not only possible to do so, but it is very easy and quick to send cake as a gift to cities in Canada. In a few clicks of your keyboard or mouse button, you can browse the vast range of yummy cakes, lock your choice and sit back.

Is there cake delivery in Brampton Canada?

Which is the best online cake delivery medium?

Can I order a custom cake online?

Customer Service

Leave The Shipping Details To Us

Cake postcard tutorial

You can order a gourmet dessert delivery up to three weeks in advance from the current date. If you would like a date that is further out, please give us a call at

9012253. Simply select the day you would like your cakes to arrive, and well get them to you fresh and on time. We ship our cakes with FedEx 2-day or within most of Florida via FedEx Ground.

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Think Thoughtfully About The Type Of Baked Goods You Want To Send

The best baked goods to ship are the ones that can be wrapped individually, can ship as a whole, and are not prone to melting. Your best bet is any baked good that is sturdy like cookies, pound cakes, cupcakes , brownies, breads without yeast, muffins, and bars. Fortunately, these items can withstand a day or two without refrigeration.

How Should I Store My Cake

We recommend storing our cakes in the freezer immediately after the cake is received. All of our packaging is clearly labeled “It’s a Cake Y’all! Freeze upon arrival”. You may freeze and re-freeze all of our cakes for up to six months!Each cake contains a serving and storing instruction card inside the tin.

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Sealing And Labeling The Box

  • 1Use packing tape to seal off the edges of the bag and box. After using packing tape to seal off the insulation bag, tape up the box as well. Place the tape on each open edge of the box, creating a fully sealed cooler so no cold air is able to escape.XResearch source
  • Tape the top, bottom, and each edge of the box using packing tape.
  • Use multiple layers of the tape to create a secure seal.
  • 2Attach the address and shipping labels to the box. Either hand-write the address on the box to bring to the post office to pay for a shipping label, or do your shipping label online to make the process easier. If youâre printing out your shipping label with the address on it, tape the label on using packing tape.
  • Make sure the address and shipping barcode are clearly visible on the box.
  • 3Write âFragileâ on the box so postal workers know to handle it carefully. Once your box is all taped up and labeled, use a permanent marker to write âFragileâ on the top and sides of the box. You might also label which side is up so that postal workers know to handle the box carefully as well as which side to set it down on.XResearch source
  • If you have a sticker that says âFragile,â this would work as well.
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