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Star Wars Death Star Cake Recipe


This amazing Star Wars Death Star cake looks super impressive but is easier to make than it looks! Make this fun cake the centrepiece of your Star Wars themed party food table!

I made this Death Star cake last summer for my Star Wars mad 7 year old, and today I’ve finally got around to sharing the recipe and step-by-step decorating instructions. I think this might be my favourite cake that I’ve ever made, and six months later, he’s still talking about it so I call that a massive win!

This is quite a mammoth recipe post, but despite the long list of instructions it’s actually a pretty easy cake to make, you just need a little time and patience!

I took inspiration for the decoration of this Star Wars themed cake from Cake Whiz’s amazing Easy Star Wars Cake and adapted the cake recipe from Veena Azmanov’s Sphere Cake Recipe for the chocolate cake inside.

Before I share the recipe, I must mention the cake light! I don’t know how long these have been around, but I discovered them when I was searching for cake inspiration last year and I just HAD to give them a go! They are little round LED lights that you can build into your cake creations and the ones I bought had the option to order little cups that you can sit them in, which made it really easy to position the light exactly where I wanted it in the cake.

I did my research and checked the correct colour of the Death Star Laser but you can of course use any colour you like.

Death By Chocolate Cake Assembly

For more information on how to make your first cake step by step, check out my how to make your first cake tutorial.

Step 1 After your cakes have cooled and chilled so they are easier to handle, cut off the domes with a serrated knife to level them.

Step 2 Place your first layer of cake on your cake board or on top of your cake platter and fill it with chocolate frosting. I like to go for about 1/4 of buttercream. Try and keep the frosting level with an offset spatula. Repeat with the next layer.

Step 3 Cover the entire cake in a thin coat of buttercream. This is called the crumb coat and will lock in those crumbs! Then freeze the cake for 20-30 minutes to set the buttercream.

Step 4 Apply the final layer of buttercream and smooth with a bench scraper or your offset spatula. Level off the top with your offset spatula.

Step 5 Send the cake back to the fridge for 15 minutes before you do the drip.

Step 6 Place your cooled ganache into a piping bag and snip off the tip. Dont make the hole too big. Drip one drip on the side of the chilled cake to make sure it doesnt drip too far. If it does, it might be too hot and need to cool before you do the drip.

Step 7 I used my leftover buttercream and ganache to make some swirls for the top of the cake with another piping bag and a 1M piping tip.

Substitutions & Swaps: Chocolate Cake Layers

While I love this death by chocolate cake just the way it is, I know some of you might not have all of these ingredients on hand.

Below are some swaps and substitutions that can be made in this recipe:

  • All Purpose Flour This recipe turns out best with all purpose flour. However, you can swap in a good gluten free flour blend if needed. Just be sure to stir the batter longer than normal to help give the cake proper structure, and let the batter sit for about 20 minutes before baking it if you opt to make a gluten free version.
  • Granulated Sugar I do not recommend reducing the amount of sugar or changing the type of sugar, as it will change the texture of the cake layers.
  • Dark Baking Cocoa I like to use the Hersheys brand of dark baking cocoa, but you can also use black cocoa. If you cant find dark cocoa powder or dont have any on hand, you can use regular unsweetened baking cocoa in its place.
  • Sour cream You can also use full fat yogurt, buttermilk, whole milk, or an alternative yogurt or milk .
  • Vegetable Oil Any flavorless oil can be used in this recipe. Canola, vegetable, or even sunflower oil would all work great. I dont recommend olive oil though, as it has a strong flavor and will change the taste of the cake.
  • Eggs This recipe uses 2 large eggs. If you have an egg allergy you can try using a vegan egg replacer.

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Star Wars Death Star Cake Galaxy Cake

Prep time: 4 hours

Serves: 12

Theres no better way to celebrate the fourth of May than with this Star Wars Death Star Cake as a Galaxy Cake, which not only looks incredibly good, but also tastes unbelievably good, because it is a delicious Oreo cake recipe. Moist chocolate cake layers with pieces of Oreo and a fresh Oreo cream cheese frosting. I explain step-by-step how to make this Star Wars theme cake yourself and the buttercream Galaxy cake design.

  • You can find even more impressions and videos of the Star Wars Cake Recipe on my !
  • Get inspired by more simple and quick cake recipes under the category Celebration & Creative Cakes

For May the Fourth Im launching a May the Fourth be with You Cake NFT collection. A handmade and unique Star Wars Death Star Cake inspired by the legendary Star Wars movies and a unique piece of art by coucoucake. A chocolate Death Star shoots on the galaxy cake, the effects are represented by the galaxy chocolate. Behind the galaxy look are moist chocolate Oreo cake layers with a delicious Oreo whipped cream cheese frosting. Next to owning this NFT art you can even recreate the cake by following this recipe!

Star Wars Cake DIY

Chocolate cake layers: for this Oreo cake recipe I went for a moist chocolate cake, which is not made with butter but with oil instead. This makes the cake batter very moist and then I added pieces of Oreo for a little crunch, this is definitely an easy Death Star cake recipe.

Star Wars Cake And Cupcake Ideas For Parties

Death Star cake

Star Wars birthday cake.

A Star Wars birthday is a very popular party theme among kids, as well as many adults. If you are hosting a party with this theme and are looking for birthday cake and cupcake ideas, you will find a lot of wonderful supplies and decorations here.

I am featuring a large selection of Star Wars birthday cake and cupcake supplies on this page including cupcake rings, cake kits, edible cake images, and Wilton cake pans.

There are also photos of many Star Wars cake and cupcake designs featured here, which will be a great source of inspiration for your birthday cake. You are certain to find a great idea for a cake for your next celebration!

Some of the ideas here include:

  • R2D2
  • Lego Star Wars
  • Clone Wars

You will also find other Star Wars party supplies here including officially licensed partyware, personalized party invitations, custom party favors, decorations, and more.

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For A More Civilized Age

Take a look at that nice-looking Death Star cake. Oh, its a cake? Yes, indeed, its a cake. And heres the most excellent part: its not that hard, according to the person who made it. Of course, this person might be a professional cake-maker, and thinks anything this elaborate is a piece of cake. Anyway, for more information on how to make this fine pastry, join us after the jump.

Cake Central has all the gory details, but here is a summary:

This Death Star Cake was such fun to make that you just wont know when to stop! It is made of Dark Chocolate Mud Cake and filled and covered in Dark Chocolate Ganache then grey Sugar-paste. Use two 8.5 or 9 metal kitchen bowls to bake the cakes.

You had me at Dark Chocolate Mud Cake, Cake Central. Look at this. Look at this.

That is your dark chocolate mud cake foundation right there, covered in ganache. Personally, Id be happy with just that, but Cake Central has further instructions on how to put the two halves together with dowels, cover the cake in sugar paste, and create the grey, paneled exterior. Here is a look at how it was set up:

And then, youll have a Death Star cake!

Easy Star Wars Cake Ideas

There is nothing like a homemade cake to bring the love.When you want to bake a cake for a Star Wars fan, and you are NOT a professional cake decorator, you need some good and easy Star Wars cake ideas that you can actually make at home!

We found them for you. I see so many cool cake ideas out there but honestly, many of them are way too hard and I certainly cant spend 48 actual hours creating a cake. Busy mom here!I needed recipes and designs that were actually something I could pull together. After a lot of searching I found that there are plenty of neat DIY cake designs and decorating ideas so I am sharing them with you as well.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to you and your family.

We are big Star Wars fans and even celebrate on May the 4th for Star Wars day. These are great cakes to make for that day or for birthday parties or any day you need to bring a bit of SW fun into your familys life.

Be sure to stop by our Star Wars cupcakes post as well for more design ideas you can try.

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+ Diy Star Wars Cake Ideas With Recipes

November 20, 2015 by David

Looking for DIY Star Wars Cake Ideas? Our list has the best Star Wars cakes that include a recipe AND instructions so that you can create them for a special birthday, celebration, or as an awesome surprise for the ultimate Star Wars fan!

If you are impatiently waiting for the 7th Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, to make its debut later this month, weve got something to keep you busy. Make a Star Wars cake! It doesnt have to be someones birthday to have a cool cake. Make a cake to enjoy after you see The Force Awakens or as dessert during a Star Wars marathon at your house. But, I bet, you dont even need a special event to have a Star Wars cake. Everyday is a day for these awesome cakes.

How To Make Star Wars Death Star Peanut Butter Cups

Death Star Cake – How to Make

Take your chosen chocolate and melt it in small microwave-safe bowls in the microwave or you can use the double boiler method on the stovetop as well. If using the microwave, use bursts of 30 seconds on high, then stir with a spoon, and then again for 30 seconds, etc. Until nice and melted.

TIP: If the chocolate isnt very runny, you can add a teaspoon or two of shortening or vegetable oil to thin it out.

There are a few methods for doing this. Try them all and see what you like the best.

Add some melted chocolate to the bottom halves of the Star Wars Death Star molds. Dont make it too thick, around 1/8th inch thick is great, although, I make it thicker sometimes. You can leave it like that, or also tilt them at an angle so the melted chocolate covers the walls of it. Or use a brush and paint the chocolate up the sides of the mold.

TIP:You can do the same thing with the top, although there is a hole, so you need to plug the hole with a little stopper or place a small piece of parchment paper there. Then add the chocolate and tilt it or paint it so it covers the whole inside.

Allow the chocolate to set, it is quickest to use the fridge for about 15 minutes, but candy melts or CandiQuik will set fairly quickly at room temperature as well.

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Easy Chocolate Buttercream Step

I love pairing this cake with easy chocolate buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream, or chocolate cream cheese frosting. Just add 1/4 cup sifted powdered sugar or 1/4 chocolate ganache and add it to my regular cream cheese frosting recipe.

Step 1 Add the pasteurized egg whites and powdered sugar into the bowl of your stand mixer. Mix on low for 30 seconds to combine.

Step 2 Add in your sifted cocoa powder, salt, and vanilla extract. Then bump the speed up to high.

Step 3 Start adding in your softened butter in small-ish chunks. About the size of a large marshmallow until you have added it all.

Step 4 Continue letting your buttercream whip on high until it is light and creamy and tastes like chocolate ice cream. This can take 10-15 minutes or more depending on the strength of your mixer or if your butter is cold. If it still tastes like butter, keep whipping!

Pro-tip If your butter is not mixing in, it might be too cold. Take out 1 cup of your buttercream mixture and microwave it for 15 30 seconds until its JUST melted. Not hot! Pour the mixture back into your mixing buttercream and it will help it come together.

Ganache Drip Step By Step

Step 1 Microwave your chocolate for 30 seconds to warm it up

Step 2 Heat your heavy cream until it just begins to simmer. Do not boil your cream or it will cause your drip to split. Learn more about making the perfect ganache drip here.

Step 3 Let your ganache cool to 90ºF before dripping. I usually make my drip right before I start frosting my cake. By the time I have done the crumb coat and the final coat of buttercream, the drip is ready to use.

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Light Saber Cake Ideas

A Star Wars lightsaber cake is a very popular design for this party theme. There are many ways in which you can create a lightsaber cake and even the novice baker will be able to pull this off. The basic instructions include baking a 9″ X 13″ cake then cutting the cake up into pieces. Once the cake is cut, arrange the pieces alongside each other to create the lightsaber. The cake is then frosted or covered in fondant. The lightsaber handle can be frosted or covered with a different colored fondant. You can add more details to the handle if you chose to.

The lightsaber cake image pictured here was provided courtesy of You, On a Cookie. This design is currently their most popular cake. The lightsaber is made of hard candy. A mold-making kit was purchased to help them create the shape. They even backlit the lightsaber by placing glow sticks behind it so that when the lights went out, the saber glowed! The finished lightsaber is then placed on a cake covered in fondant or buttercream and accented with personalized edible cake images.

Here is a tutorial from Crafter.

Smooth On A Thick Layer Of Frosting

Death Star

Add a thick layer of chocolate buttercream around the cake and smooth it using a bench scraper. This is a very forgiving cake design, so dont worry if the frosting isnt perfectly smooth!

Were going to cover it completely with mini chocolate chips, so no one will know what it looked like before.

Carefully press mini chocolate chips into the frosting on the sides and top of the cake until its completely covered.

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Substitutions & Swaps: Chocolate Buttercream

Below are some great swaps and substitutions that can be made in this recipe.

  • Unsalted Butter If you only have salted butter on hand you can use it in place of the unsalted butter. Just be sure to omit the salt that this frosting recipe calls for. You can also use vegan butter in its place!
  • Dark Cocoa Powder If you cant find dark cocoa powder or dont have any on hand, you can use regular unsweetened baking cocoa or add additional powdered sugar in its place.
  • Heavy Cream Whole milk or alternative milk can also be used to make the frosting.
  • Dark Chocolate You can use dark chocolate chips, baking chocolate, or good-quality chocolate bars to melt and add into the frosting. Alternatively, you can also use milk or semi-sweet chocolate if you have a strong preference.

Star Wars Death Star Peanut Butter Cups

Are you a Star Wars fan? I am a huge Star Wars fan. If you want a themed treat to make, make these amazing Star Wars Death Star Peanut Butter cups!

I am a sucker for homemade peanut butter cups. In my opinion, they are even better than store-bought and you can use whatever chocolate you like. Pick your favorite. I mean what can be better than peanut butter and chocolate? Well, I can think of one thing, Star Wars Death Star peanut butter cups, haha.

Star Wars Death Star peanut butter cups are so easy to make. If I can do it, you can do it. Lets get started!

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How To Make A Batman Cake

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Superheroes have never been more popular, and Batman is a fan favorite. The caped crusader is showing up in all sorts of forms, from movies to T-shirts to action figures. Fans in both kid and adult form may even want a Batman-themed birthday party, but ordering a custom cake can be pricy. Instead, why not bake your own?

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