How To Make A Diaper Cake

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Awesome Car Diaper Cake:

How to make a Diaper Cake

Amazing diaper car cake, looks like a vroom!! A plastic basket has been integrated to keep the car longer in shape and rest of components and part of the car have been using diapers, baby blankets and bibs! Feeders have been inserted to each side of the basket as head lights! Would be a great scene-stealer in entire baby shower party!! Interested in buying it? Order it here

Tree Stump Diaper Cake Diy

Option 1: Make your own unique diaper cake: form a half circle diaper cake around this tree stump plush toy. It is adorable!

Option 2: Create a cool tree stump out of diapers. Secure the tiers with dowels. Wrap a brown blanket around the stump. Put woodland plush toys on top of the cake and next to it.

How To Make Diaper Cakes: Step 2

If you can, get someone to help you with this step.

Cut a length of elastic to be a bit smaller in circumference than you want your tier to be. Tie the elastic ends together, to give you a super-large elastic band! This is what will hold the diapers in place.

Stand up as many diapers as you can on your cake base, and then surround with the elastic band. Now start packing in more diapers, and jostle them around to give a circular base.

If you want to pop in any gifts, just slot them into the layer and pack the nappies around them. You can see that I have added a packet of baby wipes to this layer, and they fit in so well as they are the same height as the diapers!

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Make Bottom Tier Of Diapers

Now the baby diaper cake making begins! Start combining the diaper together in a large round tier . For the bottom tier, I first made the middle section of the circle by putting together groups of three diapers rubber banded and then started making a large circle by pushing them all together.

I put one of the largest rubber bands around the grouping and continued just adding in individual rolled up diapers until it was a good size. I used approximately 48 diapers on the bottom tier.

Decorating With Ribbons And Small Gifts


Once all the nappies have been arranged, it’s time to decorate the cake. First, take a wide ribbon and cut it to the right length. Then place a ribbon around each tier so that the elastic bands are hidden. You can either pin the ribbons or tie them in a pretty bow. The homemade nappy cake looks particularly nice if you put two colour-coordinated ribbons on top of each other rather than just one. Make sure that the ribbon behind is wider than the one in front. Now you can decorate the cake with some small gifts.

Small stuffed animals or a bottle can be used as diaper cake toppers. If you want to personalise your nappy gift, you can write the baby’s name on some little flags and make your own cake topper using some string and paper straws.

The nappy cake can be changed into a castle diaper cake in just a few easy steps. Just add some nappy towers on the cake and you have a great castle for the little princess.

The nappy cake can be changed into a castle diaper cake in just a few easy steps. Just add some nappy towers on the cake and you have a great castle for the little princess.

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Funky Sailboat Diaper Cake:

Ever beautiful diaper cake inspiration, will fancy up the entire baby shower party atmosphere! This extra brilliant sailboat cake is filled with baby shampoos, soft stuffed toys and also with other worthy goodies! Prefer the custom material for overall decorations of it! Make it yours by ordering here

Decorating The Diaper Cake

  • 1Create the base for the cake out of cardboard. Place the cake on a piece of cardboard and outline it with a pencil. Remove the cake and cut the circle out of the cardboard.XResearch source
  • You could also place your cake on a decorative plastic tray or a cheap pizza pan.
  • 2Wrap a ribbon around each layer. Make sure that the rubber bands are covered. Cut the ribbon so that both ends overlap slightly. Secure the ribbon together by taping the two ends together.XResearch source
  • You can wrap more than one type of ribbon around the cake. Wrap each layer in a different type of ribbon or wrap a large ribbon around each with a thinner ribbon layered over the larger one.
  • 3Place decorative embellishments on the cake. Add fake flowers to the cake by sticking the stems between diapers. Stuff colorful pieces of tissue paper down the paper towel roll and add flowers coming out of the top. Go to your local craft store and see what decorations you can find. You can also add baby travel sized products for extra flair.XResearch source
  • 4You can wrap the diaper cake in cellophane or netting to help with transportation. Tie the netting together at the top with a bow, or add a stuffed animal to the tie for a “topper” to the cake.Advertisement
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    What You Will Need To Make A Diaper Cake:

    • Cardboard cake rounds: For a three-tiered cake, I used 8, 10 and 12.
    • Cardboard tubing or spent toilet paper rolls
    • Hot glue gun
    • Diapers a pack of 78 is just enough
    • Rubber bands
    • Ribbon in complementary colors to the event you are planning
    • Silk flowers
    • Adornments: I usually like to have a stuffed animal as a cake topper. Additionally, you can use pacifiers, baby wash cloths, teething rings, baby lotion or powder anything that fits in with your color scheme
    • Colorful construction paper and text pages from used books

    Diaper Cake Decorating Ideas:

    How to Make a Diaper Cake | Step By Step Tutorial

    One featured item for the top or side :

    • stuffed animal
    • toy
    • hand puppet wash cloth
    • bib with cute sayings or character
    • shoes look adorable perched on top

    Small items to spread throughout the cake that arent too heavy and can be applied with ribbons or stick directly between the diapers:

    • spoons
    • mittens
    • hats

    These cakes have become pretty common so maybe youve already seen these. One of our local baby second-hand stores even sells them now. Speaking of second-hand stores, they can be a great source for some of your items. Although some moms prefer to have all new items for their child, others are more flexible about what they consider using for their new little bundle of joy. Consider items that can of course be sterilized or washed that dont have stains etc. Many baby items are barely used when they go to a second-hand store. Think about shoes, bibs, wrist rattles, rattles and even some stuffed animals that can be washed.

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    How To Make An Adult Diaper Cake

    Diaper Cake Supplies

    adult diapers or incontinence padsrubber bandshot glue gun and glue stickslarge platechopsticksadult health items such as hemorrhoid cream, denture cleaner, arthritis cream, vitamins, pill reminders, and reading glasses


    Roll up a diaper and wrap with a rubber band. Repeat until all diapers or pads are wrapped up.Put 4 or 5 wrapped diapers together and secure with a rubber band.Keep adding diapers to form a cake layer.

    Create three layers for the cake.Glue the bottom layer of the cake to the plate. I used a plastic charger plate. Cardboard would also work.

    Place chopsticks in the center of the bottom layer.Carefully place the second layer of the cake on, making sure to have the chopsticks go in between diapers.Glue the layer into place.Place a chopstick into the second layer.Place the top layer on the cake and glue into place.Glue ribbon around each tier of the cake. I used wide ribbon to make sure I covered the rubber bands.Decorate with a second layer of ribbon if desired.Glue the adult health items into place.Add bows to complete the adult diaper cake.Michele loved her birthday gift. She joked that she will actually use these items now that she is old.

    What would you put on the Adult Diaper Cake you make? Who is it for?

    How To Make A Tutu Diaper Cake

    Feel free to duplicate this another 3 tiered tutu diaper cake, will surely impress all the baby shower party crowd. The cake may look intimidating to whip up but is fairly easy and quick to make with minimal crafting skills. First, roll up the diapers and make the 2-tiered diaper cakes. Wrap each layer in decorative ribbons and finish the top layer with custom accents or baby toys. Next, tie the colorful tulle lengths onto a piece of rope or string and then tie it around the bottom cake layer to make a tiered tulle diaper cake. The best gift for a baby girl baby shower.

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    Baby Shower Diaper Cake Topped With Silk Roses:

    Extra brilliant diaper cake idea for the upcoming baby shower! Prepare the 3 tier frame of the cake first using cardboard tube and round cardboard plates! Then simple add the rolled diapers to all 3 levels and secure them by circling tight a beautiful ribbon!! Silk roses just sit on each tier as dignifying accents! Full instructions here!

    Chopper Diaper Cake Ridden By A Panda:

    saltbox treasures: How to Make a Baby Diaper Cake

    Follow the step by step instructions if need this diaper chopper cake ridden by a panda toy, will make all the loving moms happy a lot!! A washcloth builds the handle which holds a bottle inside as a precious head light! As usual the wheels are made of diapers and have been secured with ribbon, circled beautifully! Full Tutorial Here

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    Diaper Cake Instructions For A 4th Tier:

    • Cut out a larger size base from cardboard
    • Hot glue a toilet paper roll to the center.
    • Align the diapers in circular layers around the toilet paper roll
    • Secure with clear tape all the way around
    • Hot glue the top of the toilet paper roll to the center of the base of the previously assembled 3 tier cake

    There you have it! A stunning 4 tier diaper cake base ready for decorating.

    Diaper Cupcakes For Baby Shower:

    Roll the diapers and just finish them up with an accent flower at the top and also with a beautiful ribbon wrap, beautiful cupcakes are ready to add to you baby shower party atmosphere!! Moms can load these cupcakes to custom stands for more fun, here is a great inspiration about it!!! Get full instructions from here!!

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    How To Make A Diaper Cake For Baby Showers

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    The next time you’re hosting a baby shower, create a baby shower centerpiece that doubles as a highly appreciated gift for the mom-to-be. Making a so-called diaper “cake” will take less time to put together than an edible cake, and it will stay fresh until the new baby arrives. You can also have as much fun decorating this cake as you would the edible variety. While cute baby animals are memorable stand-alone gifts, perching one on top of a diaper cake will look even cuter in the nursery.

    Follow this simple tutorial to make a diaper cake. Even if you’ve never turned on an oven in your life, you’ll find a diaper cake is as easy as pie.

    Beautiful Black & White Themed Chuck Taylor Diaper Cake:

    How To Make a Diaper Cake | Pampers Baby Shower Ideas

    Another cool diaper cake idea with gift over the top you have decided for a baby shower, rolled diapers give the 3 tiers of the cake and have been secured with blank and white lined ribbon after putting together in circular clusters!! Replace the Chuck Taylor shoes with any custom gift you have selected!!! Here is how to make it!!!

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    How To Make A Bassinet Diaper Cake: Diy Bassinet Cakes

    Learn how to make your very own bassinet diaper cakes with our how to make a baby bassinet diaper cake diy tutorial.


    ***EDITOR’S NOTE: Be sure to check out our baby diaper giveaway sets for a diapers gift set for that next shower. Otherwise, please enjoy this post!

    What is a bassinet diaper cake?

    Are they good for baby showers for both girls and boys?

    Is it hard to make one?

    A bassinet diaper cake is a type of diaper cake that is designed to look like a newborn babys bassinet. These diaper cakes are great for baby shower gifts and centerpieces, and they can be made for baby boys, baby girls, and gender-neutral baby showers as well.

    This type of diaper cake is a little more complicated than some of the others out there, but it isnt too hard to put one together. If you dont have prior diaper cake assembly experience, it may take a couple of hours if you do, you may be able to finish it in an hour or less.

    In this article, well walk you through the steps you need to take to complete a DIY baby bassinet diaper cake. Well also show you the equipment and materials youll need to have on hand before you begin this baby bassinet diaper cake project, so you can easily stock up.

    When you work through this guide, youll be able to create a beautiful and high-quality bassinet diaper cake youll want to show off to everyone at the next baby shower. Your gift is sure to become one of the most memorable when you give a bassinet cake to the mom-to-be.

    How To Make A Square Diaper Cake: Square Diaper Cakes

    Know how to make your very own square diaper cake for your next baby shower in our square diaper cake making guide.


    ***EDITOR’S NOTE: Be sure to check out our baby diaper giveaway sets for a diapers gift set for that next shower. Otherwise, please enjoy this post!

    What is a square diaper cake?

    Why is this a good option for a baby shower gift?

    Can you give this type of diaper cake for other events too?

    A square diaper cake is a twist on a diaper cake that features square tiers instead of round ones. This option is a more modern option with angles and lines that make it stand out among other possibilities. These diaper cakes are still made with diapers, but they have a different aesthetic appeal.

    Square diaper cakes are great gifts for baby showers. You might also choose to give one for a babys first birthday or for Christmas as well.

    In this article, well teach you how to make one of these types of diaper cakes and walk you through the steps required to complete this square diaper cake project.

    Read on to learn how to make a square diaper cake.

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