How To Make A Homemade Cake From Scratch

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This Moist & Easy Pound Cake Can Be Made Into So Many Epic Desserts

Easy Homemade Vanilla Cake from Scratch: Vanilla Cake Recipe by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

BUT dont be misledthere is magic in the basics too. This pound cake recipe is the building block for a pretty epic strawberry shortcake. Macerated strawberries and whipped cream add extra moisture and sweetness that pairs beautifully with the dense crumb of traditional pound cake. Or imagine how INSANE French Toast would be made out of thin slices of this cake!? But, if you were able to ask my Grandpa, I think he would have taken a slice of this plain with his coffee over just about anything else.

Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

We had to start it off with a classic chocolate cake! This isnt just any old chocolate cake recipe though its a moist, delicious, and surprisingly easy cake with super simple ingredients.

And, its so tasty you can enjoy it without any toppings or frosting at all .

Were not lying when we say this is the best cream cheese pound cake youll ever try. Its moist, dense, soft, flavorful, and has a nice sweet crust thats so tasty!

With custom toppings like whipped cream or fruit, it gets even better. Plus, it freezes well too!

Easy Homemade Vanilla Cake

Homemade Vanilla Cakebest vanilla cake recipe

How to make Homemade Vanilla Cake recipe

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and flour a Bundt or regular cake pan.
  • Combine sugar and eggs in a mixing bowl and mix for 1 minute. Add in flour and vanilla, then mix on medium speed for 8 minutes.
  • Pour batter into cake pan and bake for 30-35 minutes, until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
  • Cool for 20-30 minutes, then invert onto a plate and cool completely. Serve with berries and cream or top with almond glaze, then berries.

How to make Simple Almond Glaze

  • Whisk all ingredients together and drizzle on cooled cake. Top with fresh berries, slice & enjoy!

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How To Make A Cake From Scratch

Have you graduated from boxed cake mix? Want to step up your cake-making game? Lucky for all of us, baking a cake from scratch is completely doable for the home baker. If you are just starting out, we have some great tips and just the right recipe for you! Classic yellow butter cake straight from your own oven whats better than that? Lets get started!

While there are infinite cake recipes, those that use the creaming method typically start the same way and use the same techniques. The exact directions may vary, but some of these key points are universal for nearly all cakes.

Classic Pound Cake With Only 4 Ingredients

How to Make a Vanilla Cake from Scratch

Pound Cake is one of those old fashioned cake recipes that will always have place on my dessert table. I have created all sorts of variations on pound cake like my Million Dollar Pound Cake which includes buttermilk to tenderize the crumb, and of course my Kentucky Butter Cake which is a MUST make!

But today were talking about traditional CLASSIC old-fashioned Pound Cake. This is a cake recipe that has been around for ages, and I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how to bake a homemade pound cake from scratchbecause I feel like we all need to know the classics! Once you know the basic recipes, you can build and adapt them to suit your tastes and creativity, which is when the real magic happens!

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Can This Simple White Cake Recipe Be Made Into Cupcakes

Can it ever!

  • You must use paper cupcake liners. Grease each cupcake liner with a non-stick spray if you are nervous about them sticking. I usually dont bother.
  • Fill each cupcake liner only full. Do not overfill or they will rise high and then fall flat!
  • Bake cupcakes at 325º F for 12-18 minutes.
  • Check for doneness by inserting a toothpick in the center. If the toothpick comes out clean, the cupcakes are done.

How To Make Classic White Cake From Scratch

1) Grease two pans and line with parchment. Whisk dry ingredients together in medium bowl, set aside.

2) Cream butter and sugar. Mix in eggs. Alternate adding dry ingredients and milk plus vanilla.

3) Pour batter into prepared pans. Bake as directed. Let cool.

4) Make your buttercream . Fill and frost cake.

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What Is The Difference Between White Cake And Vanilla Cake

How many types of white cake have you seen before? It turns out, there may be as many definitions of white cake as there are people baking white cake! This recipe produces the creamy homemade yellow you see in the pictures.

It is not the bright crayon-yellow of yellow cake mixes you buy in a box at the store, nor is it the bright white of many wedding cakes.

Some white cake recipe purists might be shaking their fists at me for adding the yolks to my white cake. By some definitions, a traditional white cake uses no egg yolks, and you are supposed to even beat the egg whites to get it SUPER DUPER fluffy and BRIGHT WHITE. . But guys, I tried it. Its just not as flavorful.

Were not baking a showy wedding cake here, were making a homemade white cake with a rich, creamy flavor and texture. Unless youre going for wedding-white, I say no to egg-whites only.

Whats The Difference Between Vanilla Cake And White Cake

Homemade 7up Pound Cake Recipe – From Scratch | Cooking With Carolyn

White cakes are most commonly served at weddings or used as the base of Funfetti cake to help the colorful sprinkles pop. Unlike most standard vanilla cake recipes, white cake is made with just the egg whites and not the egg yolks. This helps keep the cake pure white, because youve omitted the orange hue of the yolks. Some recipes also use shortening in place of or in addition to butter for an even whiter color, although our recipe sticks to butter to give the cake a richer flavor.

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White Cake Frosting Ingredients

Mmm, frosting. We are making a classic American buttercream.

  • Butter. You can use unsalted butter, but you may want to add another pinch of salt to the recipe. To soften butter, remove the butter from the wrapper and place it on a small plate. Put in the microwave for 30-40 seconds on power level one. Dont use full power! Your butter will melt!
  • Powdered sugar. Sift the powdered sugar if it looks extra clumpy
  • Heavy cream. *Feel free to use whole milk or whatever milk you have on hand. It wont be quite as thick and creamy but it will work.
  • Kosher salt. A flakey salt that absorbs moisture. To substitute table salt instead of kosher salt, use ½ table salt for every 1 teaspoons of kosher salt called for in the recipe.
  • Vanilla

What Is Classic White Cake

Although its not pure white, this Classic White Cake is a butter cake flavored with vanilla and very light in color. Its texture is on the lighter side and has a fine crumb. Some folks make white cakes with only egg whites but I prefer to use the whole egg for more depth of flavor and its also easier to make that way and theres no wasting of egg yolks.

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Vanilla Cake From Scratch Pro Tips

The most important things you can do to ensure a perfect bake are:

  • Buy fresh ingredients
  • Measure accurately.
  • Make sure your oven thermostat is accurate.
  • Its a fact. Most baking failures come down to these three things. Over time, ingredients lose their moisture and lifting power. And ovens often start running too hot or too cool.

    Buy an inexpensive oven thermometer to get an accurate read on your oven. Then adjust the temperature as needed.

    BONUS: Cakes taste best at room temperature. If you refrigerate your cake, make sure to set the cake out one hour before serving.

    Our Best Birthday Cake Recipe

    26 Classic Homemade Cakes from Scratch

    We love classic vanilla cake as a birthday cake because its such a crowd-pleaser.

    This particular birthday cake recipe is slathered with our Homemade Funfetti Frosting so its perfect for your special day!

    The vanilla cake is ultra moist, with a bold vanilla flavor. Therefore its important to use pure vanilla extract.

    It has a delicate crumb with small pores and is very tender and fluffy. Honestly, its about as perfect as a vanilla cake can be.

    Whether dressed up for elegant events or served sheet-pan casual, you will absolutely love this easy vanilla birthday cake recipe!

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    Tips To Making The Best Vanilla Cake:

    • Bring eggs and butter to room temperature. When all of the cake ingredients are roughly the same temperature everything mixes up so much better! Doing so will help get the moist crumbs everyone loves! Plus, youre less likely to overmix.
    • Theres a lot of science when it comes to baking. Follow the recipe closely!
    • Want a pure white cake that makes the best wedding cake? Use egg whites! Youll need to use 8 egg whites in this recipe, since 2 egg whites equals one egg. Vanilla extract also has a little bit of coloring, so you can switch it out for the clear baking version if youre wanting a perfectly white cake. Since it only adds a little bit of color, most of the time you wont notice it.
    • Let the cake layers completely cool before you begin assembling and icing the layer cake. Even a slightly warm cake will begin to melt the icing which will cause it to shift or collapse. To speed up the cooling time, pop the layers in the refrigerator or freezer!
    • Use ¾ teaspoons of baking soda to help give the cake layers a little more height. The baking powder reacts with the salt and the baking powder to help create a higher rise on your cake layers. Its an optional addition since there isnt much of a difference and the recipe already calls for baking powder and salt.

    Triple Chocolate Zucchini Cake

    Yes, you read that right. Triple chocolate. This cake doesnt mess around! Its a chocolate cake with chocolate chips AND a chocolate ganache topping. And then one secret ingredient: zucchini!

    Although the zucchini in this cake doesnt make it all that much healthier, its nice knowing theres at least a bit of vegetable in there Best of all, you cant even taste it so this is still very kid-friendly!

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    The Easiest Cake Mix To Make At Home

    This Homemade Vanilla Cake Mix is so easy to make and will store in your pantry for those days you want to put together a quick, delicious vanilla cake!

    Move over Betty Crocker Cake Mix All Things Mamma is comin for ya! Im about to show you how to make this easy homemade cake mix recipe that results in the best made-from-scratch cake!

    While this Homemade Cake Mix is perfect for a 13×9 cake, it can also be used anytime you have a recipe that calls for a recipe with cake mix cake mix cookies, cake mix peach cobbler dump cake, or even cake mix brownies.

    Seriously, its one of my favorite homemade mixes.

    Why Isn’t The Cake Fluffy And Moist

    How to Make the Easiest Chocolate Cake From Scratch ? ? | Easy & Quick Homemade Chocolate Cake

    There are a few reasons why this cake may come out drier and more cornbread-like than expected. First, it’s important that you bring the butter, eggs, and milk to room temperature before beginning the recipe. If they are too cold, the batter won’t form an emulsion and your cake won’t be light and fluffy. Then, make sure you don’t overmix the batter follow the recipe’s instructions for mixing times. Finally, an overbaked cake will be dry, so check it early. If your oven tends to run hot, consider using an oven thermometer to better monitor all of your baked goods.

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    Can You Cover This Vanilla Cake In Fondant

    The answer is yes! You can cover this cake in fondant as long as you dont frost it with cream cheese frosting. Cream cheese frosting doesnt do well next to fondant, it makes it weep and get soggy. After your cake is frosted and chilled with the final layer of buttercream you can cover it in fondant.

    Don’t Over Mix This Butter Pound Cake Loaf So It Stays Moist And Fluffy

    Once you’ve creamed together the butter and sugar, the rest of the recipe is easy.

    First you slowly beat in the eggs. Next, you alternate and add in the dry and liquid ingredients, being careful not to over mix. Basically, just stop mixing when everything has come together into a smooth batter.

    The hardest part about making this easy pound cake loaf is waiting for it to bake in the oven. It bakes for 55-60 minutes, so for that entire time, your kitchen will be filled with the most delicious sweet buttery scent, but you can’t take a bite of it yet.

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    Ingredients For The Pound Cake Recipe

    Before we can begin baking anything of course were going to need a list of ingredients for our cake.

    -2 Sticks of Unsalted Butter

    -1/2 Cup of Shortening

    -3 Cups of Granulated Sugar

    -3 Cups of All-Purpose Flour

    -1/2 Teaspoon of Baking Powder

    -1/2 Teaspoon of Salt

    -1 Cup of Whole Milk

    -1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Flavor

    This Easy Pound Cake Recipe Has Baking Powder Added To Give It More Rise

    How to Make a Vanilla Cake from Scratch

    And while traditional butter pound cake recipes don’t include any raising agents such as baking powder, I’ve added a bit of into this recipe. Why?

    First and foremost, this is an easy homemade pound cake recipe. Adding baking powder to a butter pound cake recipe makes it easier to make from scratch.

    Traditional pound cake recipes get all the rise and lift from perfectly creamed butter and sugar. It’s a delicate process which I describe in detail below.

    But to get your butter and sugar creamed spot on, there are so many factors that are hard to control in a home kitchen – temperature, bowl size, and timing, to name a few.

    Baking powder gives you wiggle room because it will help the easy pound cake rise.

    Cream the butter and sugar together the best you can, but don’t fret if you don’t have professional kitchen tools, your kitchen is too hot, or you get distracted halfway through baking this cake.

    Remember? This is an easy pound cake, so I give you the ingredients to make that true.

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