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Are Caramel Rice Cakes Keto

Magic Pop snack – popping rice cakes in the Philippines

Quakers Caramel Rice Cakes are super-crunchy yet low in fat and calories!

Whats more, they are made with 5g of whole grain. That sure as hell seems like a healthy snack to me!

But what about keto?

Sadly, there is no place for caramel rice cakes on the keto diet.A single cake has more than 11g of carbs!

Even a plain rice cake with 7g of carbs is off-limits. And the caramel ones take the carb game to a whole new level!

Heres the nutrition label for Quakers Caramel rice cakes:

Out of the 11g of carbs, there is ZERO dietary fiber! Theres no way the keto gods would ever forgive you for eating this!

And even if they are made from brown rice , the added sugar compensates for the low G.I.

So that means you should look for other options to satisfy those crunch cravings on keto!

Though you may be able to fit them on a cyclical keto diet where you arent as strict in terms of carbs!

Caramel rice cakes make for an excellent snack for a low-calorie diet. Pair it with some cream cheese and you into the seventh heaven!

They go well with jello, peanut butter, turkey, mayo, and pretty much any topping you can think of.

Kims Magic Pop Low Carb Rice Cakes

Rice cakes were one of the hottest health-snacks in the 80s and 90s.

Back then, anyone trying to lose weight simply focused on calories! The rule of the thumb was to eat low-calorie and low-fat foods to get in better shape.

But today there is a huge variety of weight-loss diets including the LCHF or the keto diet.

And when companies adapt to the growing trends, innovations like low-carb rice cakes happen!

Kims Magic Pop is a crunchy, low-carb, multigrain snack that is keto-friendly in moderation.

You can enjoy a single cake in a day which will set you back by just 2-3 net carbs .

And the most shocking fact about these rice cakes is that they have just 15 calories per serving, whereas Quakers clocks at 50!

They also make terrific desserts! Top it with some all-natural peanut butter or sugar-free jello to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

In fact, they can even replace low-carb tortillas in a delicious open-face sandwich.

All you got to do is pick up Kims Magic Pop and choose a meat and a dressing!

For the protein, you can go with any keto-friendly meats like pork, bacon, chicken, fish, etc.

And the only toppings I ever have on my open sandwich are shredded cheese, sour cream, and avocado.

Honestly, there are countless ways you can experiment with these low-carb rice cakes!

Heres my number one tip: Put the toppings on the rice cakes just before serving, or else you risk losing all the crunch!

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Can You Eat Quaker Rice Cakes On Keto

Quaker rice cakes are a very trendy low-fat snacking options for the fitness enthusiasts!

They have a very wide range of 11 different flavors. And the best part about them is that they dont taste like freaking cardboard!

But dont mistake them to be keto-friendly!

Rice cakes are almost 100% carbs. It means theyll exhaust your daily carb quota without giving you the required fats, protein, or fiber.

Each flavor of Quakers rice cakes has 50 calories and 8-10 grams of net carbs.

While its a healthy low-calorie snack, the carbs can easily eat up half of your daily allowance.

So its safe to say that most rice crackers do not make it to the keto snack list.

But wait, before you make that long face and start cursing the keto diet, I have some good news!

There is one brand that heard our pain! They have come out with a low-carb version of rice cakes!

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Are Rice Cakes Keto

Rice cakes are surely one of the best low-fat snacks out there! But are rice cakes Keto?

They were the unbeatable champion of the weight-loss industry back in the 90s!

And the reason is pretty simple: Rice cakes are low-calorie and low-fat snacks made with puffed rice.

Even to this date, they enjoy huge popularity and are available in plenty of different flavors.

However, when it comes to keto, the general weight-loss principles are thrown out of the window!

As you might have guessed, rice cake is filthy rich in carbs! And it doesnt have much of the fats either.

In this article, well find out how rice cakes fit into the keto diet and also look at some promising alternatives!

Where Can I Purchase Kim’s Magic Pop


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“Magic Pop is a freshly popped grain snack that is a wholesome blend of wheat, brown rice and corn made with todays health-conscious consumers in mind. Youll love Kims Magic Pop because of the airy, crispy texture and the delicious, filling flavor!”

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About Kim’s Magic Pop Freshly Popped Rice Cakes

We are Kims Magic Pop.Established in 1998 and based out of the United States, Kims Magic Pop was founded by the Kim family – Mom, Dad and their son, Josh. At Kims Magic Pop, we hope to bring the best of Korean snacks to the entire world.We believe in creating a new culinary culture that embraces healthy living. It is our goal at Kims to bring this culture to everyone. Taste and embrace Kims Magic Pop!With Love, the Kims

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  • Nutrition For Kims Magic Pop Original Flavor

    Kim’s Magic Pop its Better than a rice cake!!

    The basic ingredients for Kims Magic Pop, Original Flavor are: wheat flour, rice flour, tapicoa starch, white corn flour, water, sugar, brown rice, rice powder, salt, soybean oil, natural flavor and stevia. Each pop is about the size of a tortilla, and it is a low calorie, low fat snack. One serving has 15 calories, 0 g total fat, 0 g protein, 0 g sugar, 4 g carbs and 20 mg sodium. This product is sometimes called a Deli Pop.

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    Kim’s Magic Pop Buying Guide

    Do you get stressed out thinking about shopping for low fat rice cakes? Are you confused to choose the best low fat rice cakes? Kim’s Magic Pop reviews are here to provide you with a better insight on the quality and performance of the grocery & gourmet food products.

    When purchasing a product, price is the consumer’s primary concern. At present, Kim’s Magic Pop has 11 products for sale. Kim’s Magic Pop products range in price from $8.99 to $54.99, and the average price of all the products is about $24.39.

    We found that most of the Kim’s Magic Pop products are manufactured by KIM’S DELI POP. The manufacturer provides Kim’s Magic Pop with a steady supply of products, and they have a good cooperative relationship with each other.

    You can purchase Kim’s Magic Pop products from the Amazon seller Kim’s Magic Pop, over the last 12 months, the seller has received honest feedback from 177 consumers, and the average rating is 4.65. The store has a good reputation so you can purchase from it with confidence.

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    Kim’s Magic Pop Freshly Popped Rice Cakes Features

    • THE ORIGINAL RICE CAKE: Theres more to the rice cake than sweet flavor, snackability and crunchiness. The rice cake is a versatile, healthy snack that Kims Magic Pop wants you to fall in love with all over again. Did we mention theyre super healthy too? Brace yourself. Theyre addicting.

    • THE POWER OF WHOLE, BROWN RICE: Brown rice is a staple of the Korean diet and has been largely popularized as a significant source of protein amongst vegans, nutritionists and the health conscious. For a good reason! Its packed with nutrients, low carb and loaded with protein. What more could you ask for?

    • KETO, VEGAN, LOW CAL: KETO KETO KETO. Rice cakes are 100% keto and vegan. With 15 calories per serving and a low carb count, you cant go wrong. Kims Magic Pop is 100% vegan too. At Kims, we strive to provide you with the nutrients you need, and to satisfy your strongest cravings.

    • PERFECT BREAD REPLACEMENT: Say goodbye to bread. Well, the carbs anyway. Kims Magic Pop is the perfect bread replacement. Use with toppings such as nut butters, jams and cheeses for a decadent treat. Or use as a replacement for chips and crackers as a lower calorie alternative. Perfect for dipping in hummus and salsa.

    • DELICIOUS KOREAN SNACK: Kims Magic Pop brings you a classic Korean popped rice snack. Long adored as a texture-rich, tasteful addition to any meal, rice cakes are a staple in any Korean supermarket. Healthy, delicious and low-calorie, theres a whole lot to love. We hope you enjoy!

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    Keto Rice Cake Substitute

    Most of the rice cakes sold today are filthy rich in carbs! And that is something the keto diet forbids!

    So what options do you have? How do you satisfy those crunch cravings without exhausting your carb budget?

    Luckily, I have some pretty good keto-friendly alternatives thatll make you forget the rice cakes!

    Other Kims Magic Pop Products

    Kims Mini Pops are smaller, bite-sized snacks they contain brown rice, wheat, corn, barley and black rice. Each mini pop has 5 calories each. Chocolate Deli Pops are regular sized multi-grain snack cakes covered in chocolate. They are the perfect low calorie dessert for a dieter. Each Chocolate Deli Pops has 50 calories. Flavors include: white chocolate, dark chocolate, green tea chocolate and strawberry chocolate.

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