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Q: I am making some baked goods to give as Christmas gifts to my co-workers and I am trying to find plain bakery boxes to wrap them up in.

Do you know of any good vendors I could get them from? All the places Ive found online require you buy a case of 250 boxes. I certainly dont need that many!

Sent by Molly

Editor: Molly, a few suggestions. First of all, go to JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels craft stores like those usually have a selection of bakery boxes in the cake decorating section. Also, Sur La Table has a selection of bakery boxes but they are usually pink.

Also, try PaperMart. They also sell in bulk, but usually you can get slightly smaller quantities, and sometimes the cost savings of buying a big order is worth it. Theres always next year! Or you could find someone to split an order with.

And finally, be sure to also check your local restaurant supply store, like GFS or another large supply retailer.

Readers, do you have suggestions for bakery boxes, or for any other packaging necessities for holiday treats and gifts?

Where To Buy Cake Boxes

Updated 8 Nov 2006 , 5:06amby CoutureCake

In an effort to seem more professional, I need to buy some cake boxes and have no idea where to buy them! Where to you guys buy yours? What’s a good price? What sizes are most important to have? Please help!*alicia*

the cheapest place around me is Hobby Lobby, but i think once I’m close to being done with those I’ll look online

I buy mine at pak-man.com. They are a local company for me and deliver to my door. I think they ship but you might be better off finding a place close or with free shipping. You could also check deco-pac.com.

If you use very many and have a Sams Club near you, they can be a great resource. They don’t have them on their shelves, but you can order them directly through their bakery. I just got a case of 25 of the 1/2 sheet clamshell type ones with the black plastic bottom and the clear plastic dome lid for under $17.00. I was paying almost $2 each for the cardboard ones at Hobby Lobby before that. If you prefer the cardboard ones, you can get cases of those at Sams bakery, too.

I have ordered mine from www.sugarcraft.com


Just went to sugarcraft and was so excited to find what I needed w/out having to buy 100 -200 boxes, but when I went to check out my $15 order had $24 shipping!! That’s insane! Anybody else out there with a suggestion?

Q& a: Where To Buy Cake/cupcake Boxes And Inserts

May 3, 2017 by Rose Atwater

It never fails that there are some questions I get over and over again. Usually it’s about how to price cakes , but I’m also often asked about where to buy cake/cupcake boxes. For instance, this morning I got this email from Rachel:

Hi Rose, do you know of a good website to order cupcake inserts and cake boxes?…

Since I’m asked often where to buy my cake boards and boxes, cupcake boxes, cupcake inserts , etc., I thought I’d tell you today!

I keep all of my boxes and boards and drums in my “cake shed.” I used to keep them in the house but my cake supplies were starting to take over my house. They still take up more room than they should, but I’ve moved a lot of my supplies out in the shed:

So, back to where I get them. I can’t guarantee that these are the cheapest on the web, but I have done some comparison shopping and I’m confident I’m getting a pretty good deal. Since I live way out in the country, I buy 99% of my supplies online .

So, this is a very quick post – but here you go:

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Where To Buy Cake Boxes Locally

Cake boxesThe pastry Chefs and Bakers must use a full variety of tools, boiling products, and packaging to absolute and sell their cakes and the pastries. After all of the boiling, icing, and the decorations are full, you desire to present your final packaged product to look striking yet be easy to put mutually. With our variety of the box styles, colors, shapes and sizes you have the choices to well all of your different sized pies and the cakes, also as your pastries. The custom cake boxes are individually designed to open a broad to permit your slight bakery products to be directly inserted into these boxes. Many attribute a window to show off your wonderfully ornamented cakes and the treats.

Enjoyable Colors GaloreWe sell our cake boxes in a lively pink, standard Kraft, white, blue, brown, black, and printed arid the right boxes. You can modify your bakery materials to outfit your business’s decoration and can choose cake box colors based off of specific events and the promotions you’re hosting.

Custom Donut Bakery BoxesWe present the custom bakery boxes for the baked goods to good donuts and the other smooth pastries. Our cake boxes are simple and speedy to put mutually and can grip orders of 6, 12, or 24 donuts. You can prefer between the simple dull white with the Kraft heart, or pink, twirl, white pinstripe, and the cafe-style boxes. Our custom cake boxes are ecological, compostable, and natural.

Where To Buy Cake/cupcake Boxes And Inserts

Personalized Online Cake Ordering with Local Bakeries ...

I buy my cake boards and cake drums most often from Country Kitchen Sweetart.

I also get lots of my other supplies from there . I usually order at least once a month and never small orders…. ha! I usually have my order in 3-4 days and they call me if there are any problems.

I currently buy my cupcake boxes and small cake and cookie boxes from BRP Box Shop or The Webstaurant Store. I also sometimes order cake boards from one of those places if I’m already placing an order. I really like the white boxes with windows and I think they’re called “lock and tab” boxes. They’re sturdy and pretty.

My absolutely favorite boxes are pink ones or green ones from BRP Box Shop but they are not the least expensive option. However, I’ve had clients tell me that they can’t see a pink box of cupcakes without thinking of me, so I feel like that’s sort of become my signature or a part of my brand.

I don’t use cupcake inserts as you can see above – I just buy boxes that hold exactly one dozen or two dozen cupcakes and put them in there side by side. I also have some square ones that hold 9 and 16 cupcakes.

Here’s the deal. The inserts were always a big fail for me. The cupcakes would still tip over and the cupcakes were difficult to get out of them if they didn’t tip over and well… I stopped trying. But if I did use them, I’d probably order them at BRPboxshop.com.

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Boxes For Cake Pops & Cookies

I also use similar boxes for cake pops:

and cookies:

PS. These boxes with the slightly fancier window were actually from BakeABox.com. I used to primarily order from them and I love their company, but they have a smaller variety of sizes, so I switched to BRP.

OH – and smash cakes. I use square boxes for smash cakes:

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Are Bakery Boxes Compostable

We offer a variety of eco-friendly bakery packaging supplies made from sustainable materials that are compostable. We offer cupcake containers, pastry and artisan bread bags, and deli paper to make your product stand out from the competition. In addition to compostable cups, we also offer a wide variety of other beverages and coffee cups.

What Is A Standard Cake Height

Decorated cake boxes

A homemade cake is usually made at a height of two inches, which is the most common height for cake pans of eight- and nine-inch rounds. In recent years, recipe developers and cookbook authors have increasingly called for slightly loftier pans, which can increase the quality of any recipe from basic to visibly grand.

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Boxes For Tiered Cakes

And then there’s OfficeMax.com or OfficeDepot.com. That’s where I order 10″x10″x10″ boxes and 12″x12″x10″ boxes and 14″x14″x14″ corrugated cardboard boxes for tiered cakes.

Here’s a pic of how I use those boxes when I transport cakes when I’m meeting customers who have to transport them on to their houses. I rarely deliver to anyone’s home – they pick them up or I meet them in my tiny town. They’re not fancy but they’re cheaper than “official” tiered cake boxes and they get the job done! You can read a whole post on how I package cakes in these boxes HERE.

I don’t box wedding cakes or any cakes that I’m delivering all the way to someone’s house. I just put them on non-skid material in the back of my Excursion. That big cake on the right was being delivered to a customer and I didn’t have a big enough box. Instead of boxing it, it’s sitting independently in the back of my truck on a non-skid mat . It arrived to it’s destination in perfect condition!

Here’s a wedding cake and groom’s cake I transported the same way :

So that’s it… where do YOU get cake and cupcake boxes and like supplies? Do you have a supplier that you just love?

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