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For Caramel Cake Its All About The Icing

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Baker Jo Stanford turns the stainless-steel mixing bowl upside-down and quickly spoons caramel frosting onto a waiting layer of yellow butter cake. The frosting still bubbles as it collects in the cakes center, ready to be spread, topped with another layer of cake, and frosted again.

Stanford moves effortlessly to assemble the layers before painting the stacked three-layer dessert with a final coat of frosting. A few minutes later, the cake is complete, ready to be wrapped and displayed for sale in the bakerys crowded cooler.

The caramel-colored beauty wont take up space for long. Its one of our top sellers, she says. Youll see it at nearly every Southern event.

Caramel cake from Frost Bake Shop in East Memphis.

Stanford, 72, has been making caramel cakes for Sugarees Bakery in New Albany, Mississippi, for 18 years, and she grew up eating the popular dessert in the early 1950s.

A friend of mine taught me how to make it, she says. Hers were beautiful and smooth on top. She would take a wet knife and smooth the frosting out. Thats what made the sides so straight. No cracks or creases.

Stanford keeps working as she talks, moving between a cast-iron skillet on the stove and a long metal table where she assembles the cakes. Over 20 layers of cake wait on the table, cooled and ready to be made into Sugarees signature dessert.

Stanford says boiling the sugar for the frosting in a cast-iron skillet is as old-fashioned as it gets.

Shop These Small Businesses To Get The Best Of Mississippi Shipped Right To Your Door

Shopping local is always important, but its even more crucial right now during the pandemic when so many businesses are trying to stay afloat. Whether your looking for some treats for yourself or gifts for the holidays, were sharing some of our favorite small businesses in our home state of Mississippi that will ship their goods to your door. Shop small but expect big satisfaction with these quality items from The Hospitality State!

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Reviews For Sugaree’s Bakery

I took a risk ordering a red velvet cake from an online bakery. I’m glad I did. This is the BEST red velvet I’ve ever had. it arrived frozen with dry ice. We left it I’m the fridge overnight to thaw, and then on the counter to bring it to room temperature. It was delicious, moist and tastes like old fashioned red velvet cake. I would definitely buy again.

Had their coconut cake via Goldbelly for Christmas dessert today and felt compelled to write a review. Im a baker myself and highly discerning of bakery cakes and it was unbelievable, 10/10. Moist with the perfect complementary frosting and plenty of coconut. Im looking forward to trying more cakes from them in the future. You wont be disappointed!

Sugaree’s Bakery is the most delightful bakery ever! So many treats to choose from. Fresh and decadent desserts await you as you “try” to make a choice! The staff is gracious and professional and always ready to help! Stop in and buy something to munch on or order online, or give a gift certificate to someone special. They have a kiosk at the front door to aid with Covid-19 protocol. Northeast MS has much to offer through this scrumptious small town bakery!!

Best 6 Bakeries Delivering Italian Cream Cake Nationwide


498learn more

Italian cream cake or sometimes called Italian wedding cake, is a unique combination of moist vanilla sponge cake, coconut, pecans and creamy whipped frosting.

It can be quite a task to make on your own, so if you would feel better leaving the baking to the pros, there are several excellent bakeries who specialize in authentic Italian cream cake that can help.

In A Rush?Best overall Expertly made Most WOW& AuthenticDifferentnutless alternative

Every bakery has a slightly different version of Italian cream cake, but they all offer delivery nationwide to almost any US doorstep.

See the best bakeries that deliver Italian cream cake in this epic roundup of the best of the best.

Iron chef Cat Cora is offering you the chance to try her special Italian cream cake whos recipe was passed down from her beloved Grandma.

This cake was so special that it was served at all types of events and celebrations, like anniversaries, weddings, funerals, baptisms and.of course birthdays.

Chef Cora remembers that her Grandma made, a moist, silky cake, with a frosting so luscious and creamy that you couldnt keep your fingers away from it no matter how hard you tried.

BUY: Check out more information about Chef Cat Cora and order your own Italian cream cake for delivery on her Gold Belly page here.

Soulfully Yours Bakery makes some really nice cakes.

  • 5-inch
  • 7-inch
  • 8-inch

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Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory

Yazoo, MS | mscheesestraws.comAddress: 741 E 8th Street

If youve never tried a cheese straw, you are missing out! Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory makes the yummiest crispy, savory, cheesy goodness, and theyll ship these little delicacies right to your home.

What to order: The Traditional Cheddar Cheese straws are the backbone of this business, using Moms tried and true recipe. Its one of the most satisfying snacks on the planet. For a treat more on the sweet side, check out the Lemon Straws. These cookie-like straws are lemony, buttery, sugary deliciousness!

The Brick & Mortar Experience

As you venture into the picturesque downtown of New Albany, Mississippi, you can already smell whiffs of sugar flowing through the air. Theyre coming from none other than the brick-and-mortar Sugarees Bakery.

As you reach to open the glass door, you may notice one small detail: the building used to be Gray Drug Company. The original door handle still bears the name of this 50 year occupant that preceded Sugarees.

This building is also on the National Register of Historic Places determined by the United States Department of the Interior serious history for a bakery building where heritage family cake recipes are baked daily.

Inside the bakery, Russell made a point to integrate vintage furniture and art that complement the high ceilings and exposed brick to add to the overall Southern charm of the building.

Russells love for the rock band, The Grateful Dead, inspired her to name the bakery after one of their songs, and she also adds the bands famous bear mascot as decor around her brick-and-mortar retail space.

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Sugarees Bakery 28 Photos & 29 Reviews Bakeries 110

Specialties: Sugarees Bakery is a small batch bakery in New Albany, Mississippi, dedicated to the preservation of our culinary heritage in the Deep South. Established in 1997. Since 1997, we have been recreating flavors of the past with our classic, Southern layer cakes. Focusing on depth of flavor, our aim is to make the richest, moistest homemade cakes available.

Sugarees: Here To Fulfill Your Every Sweet Need

Grateful Dead Sugaree 3 Levels

There is no shortage of wonderful bakeries in Mississippi. But if its yummy treats + added charm you are looking for, add Sugarees Bakery in New Albany to your list.

Heirloom. Quality. Memories. These are the words Mary Jennifer Russell uses to describe her classic Southern bakery, Sugarees, located in New Albany, Mississippi.

As you all know, sweets are an important part of every meal here in the South. Sugarees works hard to give their customers a truly authentic experience that will hopefully take them back in time to enjoying grandmas homemade desserts. Russell began her business out of her home in 1997 making simple family cake recipes, like caramel and coconut cake. She hoped people would be interested in buying them. Lucky for her, her business took off. Today, she distributes her cakes to delis, restaurants and individuals across the U.S. while also running her bakery storefront in New Albany.

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Made From Family Recipes In New Albany Mississippi

Every one of our cakes is made-from-scratch from family recipes that have been passed down for generations. We use the same traditional methods to make them and real, premium ingredients. It not only makes for a better cake, but it provides a connection to our past, one of family and community. This connection has now been passed on to you for you to enjoy, share and make your own memories.

For Pecan Pie Its All About The Souths Iconic Nuts

Is it pea-kan or pick-ahn?

To be honest, the age-old debate on pronunciation can easily be used to divide a map of the United States into different regions. In New England and the Eastern Seaboard, people say pea-kan, while in the Mid-South, most folks say pick-ahn.

Despite differences in pronunciation, pecans the only indigenous tree nut in America have a unifying quality, especially in the South: the iconic pecan pie. In fact, the dessert is so popular that National Pecan Pie Day is celebrated every July 12th, and in Texas, pecan pie is the states official dessert.

In Memphis, pecan pie surges in popularity during the holiday season. Last year, Frost Bake Shop sold 112 whole pecan pies and 536 mini pecan pies, the most sold of any kind of pie, says owner Kristi Kloos. Audrey Anderson, owner of The Pie Folks in Cordova, agrees. At her store, pecan is the third most popular pie, after pumpkin and chocolate, but between Thanksgiving and Christmas, pecan pie sales soar.

So, why all the fuss?

First, pecan pies taste delicious, Anderson says. Also, theres plenty of pecan trees, so thats a ready ingredient people can get to make a delicious pie. You dont have to buy it. You can go pick some pecans, crack them, and make a really good pie.

But the pies heartfelt pull, especially in November and December, remains in the South. Everybody likes pecan pie, but it is definitely more of a Southern thing, Anderson says.

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