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Here lies a crossroads at the end of any dinner: dessert or no dessert? On one hand, theres a special appeal to unbuckling the top of your jeans and digging into a sundae. On the other, theres appeal to leaving the dinner table without feeling like your stomach is going to explode all over the fine china. There is, however, a path less taken: dessert cocktails. Sweet as pie and easier to stomach, these cocktails let you have your cake and drink it too.

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Is Red Velvet too over-the-top complicated? Heres a lighter, simpler cocktail to satisfy your sweet tooth. Like the ice cream floats from childhood, this version will invoke memories while giving a boozy kick. Skip the cola and pour dry prosecco over ice cream and berries. Tip: Theres no need to stick to vanilla, strawberries and blueberries. This recipe can be adapted with seasonal ingredients and other ice cream flavors.

Uv Vodka Recipes And Best Cocktails To Make

UV Vodka takes the stress out of preparing cocktails. While other brands may rely on you already having a fully-stocked bar cart with all sorts of flavours and ingredients, the beauty of UV Vodka is in its simplicity. The easiest cocktails are made by simply mixing your UV of choice with a mixer of choice. Or, take it to the next level with more intricate recipes, enhanced by UVs base of vibrancy.

How To Drink Uv Vodka

Drinking UV Vodka is the sort of thing you should look at as a seriously fun challenge. There are no rules when it comes to vodka generally, thanks to this spirits neutral taste, colour and aroma. So the fun is up to you when it comes to drinking it.

And UV Vodka stands well above the rest when it comes to experimentation what other brands out there will encourage you to sip on Sriracha flavoured vodka? In fact, some of the best UV Vodka drinks you can make come from throwing caution to the wind and making good use of what you have in the fridge and the cupboard.

Eye up whichever bottles of UV youve got already and go wild with mixers, garnishes and glassware. The only rule is that there is no rule.

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The Vodka Brand With The Biggest Personality

Chilled and approachable: the friend of a friend that comes up to you at a house party and cheerfully pours you a drink, starts a conversation and intermingles you with everyone else nearby. Thats UV Vodka. Taking away the notion that spirits have to be aloof and inaccessible, UV Vodka is as colourful as it is affordable, encouraging you to sample its entire rainbow of shades, just because you can.

This USA-born brand might focus its spirits on the affordable end of the scale but that doesnt mean it waves goodbye to quality. It uses natural flavourings and a lengthy distillation process to ensure that each bottle is a delight to drink and admire.

Its quantity and quality hand in hand, far more likely to be enjoyed at a Friday night house party or friends cocktail making evening than it is sat around the fire on a cold, quiet Tuesday evening.

Each bottle of UV Vodka is distilled four times and filtered with activated carbon for a clean, refined taste before its flavoured. While you wouldnt typically choose this vodka for sipping on drinking on the rocks, the multi-distillation process means you wouldnt be too dissatisfied if you did choose to do so. And, each bottle from this brand would arguably look a lot more interesting on ice than the same old amber-coloured whiskies and brandies.

Have Your Cake And Drink It Too

UV White Cake Vodka 750ml

Some say cake is for birthdays. We say, why put a cap on the fun? Any moment is worth celebrating and UV Cake is the perfect party flavor. Enjoy a taste during anniversaries, surprise parties and Tuesdays.



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