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New Orleans Doberge (dobash) Cake

Summer in New Orleans is hot. A simple, but nonetheless true statement. With temperatures over 90 and humidity that makes breathing feel like swimming, its hard to imagine doing anything but lounging beneath a blasting air conditioning vent and throwing back icy daiquiris. New Orleans culture, however, bows to no weather condition having survived hurricanes, heat waves, and erratic downpour, life always goes on in the Big Easy. Its no wonder that New Orleans most famous cake is one that, too, was created and adapted to withstand the outside world. What cake do we speak of? Why the doberge cake, of course.

With his inventive baking, Dobos was able to make one of the first cakes to be shipped around the world. He delivered his cakes for over two decades as it gained popularity across Europe and farther. After his retirement in 1906, Jozsef Dobos finally released the well-secreted recipe for his dobos torte to the Budapest Confectioners and Gingerbread Makers Chamber of Industry with the caveat that it must be made available to all who sought it.

But the ingredients werent the only thing Ledner changed about the Hungarian dessert in a city evolved from a French heritage, Ledner feared that her clients wouldnt respond well to an Eastern European delicacy. It was then that she decided to re-name the cake, trading dobostorta for doberge. She hoped that a more French sounding name would draw in patrons who already had an affinity for French pastries.

Secession And The Civil War

According to the 1860 census, 331,726 people were enslaved, nearly 47% of the state’s total population of 708,002. The strong economic interest of elite whites in maintaining the slave society contributed to Louisiana’s decision to secede from the Union on January 26, 1861. It followed other U.S. states in seceding after the election of as president of the United States. Louisiana’s secession was announced on January 26, 1861, and it became part of the .

The state was quickly defeated in the , a result of Union strategy to cut the Confederacy in two by controlling the . Federal troops captured New Orleans on April 25, 1862. Because a large part of the population had Union sympathies , the federal government took the unusual step of designating the areas of Louisiana under federal control as a state within the Union, with its own elected representatives to the U.S. Congress.

The Sweet Side Of New Orleans

Its no secret that one of New Orleanss biggest draws is the food. The Big Easy serves up an eclectic assortment of dishes with festive flair from seafood to Cajun-Creole cuisine and globally-inspired top-chef creations to downhome southern cooking. Not to be left out of this foodie frenzy are the sweets and treats that make even the harshest food critics melt with satisfaction.

Some of NOLAs classic desserts include things like bananas foster, bread pudding, and of course, the ever-popular beignets. Then, there are the pralines, Doberge cakes, and other tasty sweet bites that fill the counter of every downtown bakery and candy shop. But, like anything, some folks have created some downright incredible versions of these sinfully good desserts. Heres a look at where you can get some of the best sweet treats in NOLA!

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Culture And Contemporary Life

According to current travel guides, New Orleans is one of the top ten most-visited cities in the United States 10.1 million visitors came to New Orleans in 2004. Prior to Katrina, 265 hotels with 38,338 rooms operated in the Greater New Orleans Area. In May 2007, that had declined to some 140 hotels and motels with over 31,000 rooms.

A 2009 poll of “America’s Favorite Cities” ranked New Orleans first in ten categories, the most first-place rankings of the 30 cities included. According to the poll, New Orleans was the best U.S. city as a spring break destination and for “wild weekends”, stylish boutique hotels, cocktail hours, singles/bar scenes, live music/concerts and bands, antique and vintage shops, cafés/coffee bars, neighborhood restaurants, and . The city ranked second for: friendliness , -friendliness , hotels/inns, and ethnic food. However, the city placed near the bottom in cleanliness, safety and as a family destination.

The French Quarter , which was the colonial-era city and is bounded by the Mississippi River, Rampart Street, , and , contains popular hotels, bars and nightclubs. Notable tourist attractions in the Quarter include Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, the and . Also in the French Quarter is the old , a former branch of the which now operates as a museum, and , a museum and research center housing art and artifacts relating to the and the .

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Louisiana King Cake

Classic Doberge Cake – World Famous Bakery & King Cakes

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Where To Find The Best Doberge Cake In New Orleans

For a taste of the original Doberge Cake, head to Gambinos Bakery in nearby Metairie its the only place youll find it. You can also find some incredible Doberge at the Bakery Bar on Annunciation Street, which serves cakes created by Debbie Does Doberge that you can enjoy alongside a cocktail.

Whether you opt for chocolate, lemon, or a newly created flavor concoction, enjoying a slice of Doberge cake on a hot summer day in New Orleans is truly special. Grab your cake to-go and kick back in a swank room at the La Galerie Hotel now, hows that for something sweet?

Entertainment And Performing Arts

The New Orleans area is home to numerous annual celebrations. The most well known is , or . Carnival officially begins on the , also known in some Christian traditions as the “” of Christams. , the final and grandest day of traditional Catholic festivities, is the last Tuesday before the liturgical season of , which commences on .

The largest of the city’s many music festivals is the . Commonly referred to simply as “Jazz Fest”, it is one of the nation’s largest music festivals. The festival features a variety of music, including both native Louisiana and international artists. Along with Jazz Fest, New Orleans’ and the also feature local and international artists.

Other major festivals include , the French Quarter Festival, and the . The American playwright lived and wrote in New Orleans early in his career, and set his play, , there.

In 2002, Louisiana began offering tax incentives for film and television production. This has resulted in a substantial increase in activity and brought the nickname of “Hollywood South” for New Orleans. Films produced in and around the city include , , , , , , , , , and . In 2006, work began on the Louisiana Film & Television studio complex, based in the neighborhood. Louisiana began to offer similar tax incentives for music and theater productions in 2007, and some commentators began to refer to New Orleans as “Broadway South.”

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Where To Get The Best Doberge Cake

If you ever find yourself in The Big Easy, be sure to pick up a big slice of doberge cake to celebrate whatever occasion feels right.

The most famous New Orleanian rendition of this dessert has been made by Gambinos Bakery since 1946. Bakery Bar in the Lower Garden District offers a colorful doberge and king cake fusion. You can also enjoy a classic chocolate fudge doberge torte at Haydels Bakery.

Psst! Before you leave New Orleans, make sure to try other favorites, such as beignets, king cake and bourbon chocolate pecan pie.

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Ready To Make A Doberge Cake

King Cake Doberge?! How Bakery Bar combines two New Orleans favorites

If you like creating quick and easy cakes, then you might just want to buy your Doberge because this recipe tends to take a lot of time . But, if you love to don your bakers hat, then roll up your sleeves and get to work on this recipe adapted from Southern Living. The result will be well worth your efforts.

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Postcivil War To Mid20th Century

Following the American Civil War and emancipation of slaves, violence rose in the southern U.S. as the war was carried on by insurgent private and paramilitary groups. During the initial period afer the war, there was a massive rise in Black participation in terms of voting and . Louisiana saw the United States’ first and second Black governors with and , both taking the office after serving as Lieutenant Governors , with 125 Black members of the state legislature being elected during this time, while was elected to represent the state’s 6 Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Eventually former Confederates came to dominante the state legislature after the end of and federal occupation in the late 1870s, and black codes were implemented to regulate and increasinlgy restricted the right to vote. They refused to extend voting rights to African Americans who had been free before the war and had sometimes obtained education and property .

Following the and the the same year, the Fourteenth Amendment was passed that provided suffrage and full citizenship for freedmen. Congress passed the , establishing military districts for those states where conditions were considered the worst, including Louisiana. It was grouped with in what was administered as the .

Purchase By The United States

When the United States won its independence from Great Britain in 1783, one of its major concerns was having a European power on its western boundary, and the need for unrestricted access to the Mississippi River. As American settlers pushed west, they found that the provided a barrier to shipping goods eastward. The easiest way to ship produce was to use a to float it down the and Mississippi rivers to the port of New Orleans, where goods could be put on ocean-going vessels. The problem with this route was that the Spanish owned both sides of the Mississippi below .

Napoleon’s ambitions in Louisiana involved the creation of a new empire centered on the . By the terms of the of 1802, Great Britain returned control of the islands of and to the French. Napoleon looked upon Louisiana as a depot for these sugar islands, and as a buffer to U.S. settlement. In October 1801 he sent a large military force to take back Saint-Domingue, then under control of Toussaint Louverture after the When the army led by Napoleon’s brother-in-law Leclerc was defeated, Napoleon decided to sell Louisiana.

The Louisiana Territory, purchased for less than three cents an acre, doubled the size of the United States overnight, without a war or the loss of a single American life, and set a precedent for the purchase of territory. It opened the way for the eventual expansion of the United States across the continent to the Pacific Ocean.

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A Brief History Of Doberge

The doberge cake was invented by New Orleans baker Beulah Ledner in 1933 as a modification of the Hungarian Dobos torte. Ledner made the recipe her own by replacing the buttercream in the torte with a custard filling. She also iced the cakes with buttercream and a thin layer of fondant.

Tourist And Convention Business

Why The Doberge Cake Is a New Orleans Birthday Tradition ...

Tourism is a staple of the city’s economy. Perhaps more visible than any other sector, New Orleans’ tourist and convention industry is a $5.5 billion industry that accounts for 40 percent of city tax revenues. In 2004, the hospitality industry employed 85,000 people, making it the city’s top economic sector as measured by employment. New Orleans also hosts the World Cultural Economic Forum . The forum, held annually at the , is directed toward promoting cultural and economic development opportunities through the strategic convening of cultural ambassadors and leaders from around the world. The first WCEF took place in October 2008.

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Threat From Tropical Cyclones

pose a severe threat to the area, and the city is particularly at risk because of its low elevation, because it is surrounded by water from the north, east, and south and because of Louisiana’s sinking coast. According to the , New Orleans is the nation’s most vulnerable city to hurricanes. Indeed, portions of have been flooded by the , the ,, in 1956, in 1965, in 1998, Hurricanes and in 2005, in 2008, and in 2020 with the flooding in Betsy being significant and in a few neighborhoods severe, and that in Katrina being disastrous in the majority of the city.

On August 29, 2005, storm surge from Hurricane Katrina caused catastrophic failure of the levees, flooding 80% of the city. A report by the American Society of Civil Engineers says that “had the levees and floodwalls not failed and had the pump stations operated, nearly two-thirds of the deaths would not have occurred”.

New Orleans has always had to consider the risk of hurricanes, but the risks are dramatically greater today due to coastal erosion from human interference. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been estimated that Louisiana has lost 2,000 square miles of coast , which once protected New Orleans against storm surge. Following Hurricane Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers has instituted massive levee repair and hurricane protection measures to protect the city.

Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

New Orleans and its metropolitan area have historically been destinations for communities. In 2015, a survey determined New Orleans was one of the largest cities in the American South with a large LGBT population. Much of the LGBT New Orleans population live near the Central Business District, Mid-City, and Uptown many gay bars and night clubs are present in those areas.

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