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Gingerbread Man & Christmas Macaron Templates

Pre birthday preparation vlog/Mirror glazed cake at home/Chocolate mousse using just 2 ingredients

If you want to be a little more adventurous with your macaron baking this holiday season, try piping the macaron batter in these festive shapes. There are a variety of winter themed templates available for download once you to be a newsletter subscriber and receive the password to the member’s only area. Enjoy!

Where To Buy Matcha Powder

For those living in Japan, Matcha powder is extremely easy to find because it is a big part of the Japanese culture. It is consumed on a regular basis as a simple cup of tea or as part of their intricate tea ceremony rituals and it’s also used extensively in desserts. Here in North America, matcha flavoured foods aren’t as mainstream but it can be easier to find in cities with a large Asian population. If you plan to buy some matcha for yourself, it can usually be found in well stocked grocery stores selling Asian produce. Some specialty tea shops also sell matcha powder. Alternatively, Amazon offers a good selection to choose from, like this highly rated one with Japanese origin.

Lawsons Bakery Offers Amazing Pastries & breakfast To Match

We look forward to serving you!

Discover a hidden secret right here in the south bay area. You may not have known it but the best pastries are found in our own backyard of Morgan Hill. Pastries, cookies, desserts and more all made with the best ingredients and with loving passion.

Come visit us and enjoy a peaceful breakfast with a nice cup of coffee. Relax, kick your feet up and sample some delicious pastries before you fill your bag to go. We get just as excited as you when we watch you swallow your first bite of a newly discovered treat.

Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, tarts, brownies, muffins, special cakes, cream puffs, seasonal pies, assortment of cookies and so much more!

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Why Are Macarons So Expensive

Macarons are more expensive than the average sweet treat because of the costly ingredients and the time and expertise involved in making it. Almond flour and egg whites are the two main ingredients that make up a macaron. In relation to other flours, almond flour is several times more expensive. As for eggs, they are used in a variety of other baked goods but being that eggs make up a big part of the macaron , the costs do add up. In addition, the filling sandwiched in between the macaron cookies requires other costly ingredients like chocolate and sometimes exotic flavorings.

Besides the actual cost for the ingredients, a high level of expertise is required in making a macaron. Not every pastry chef hired in a regular bakery is trained to make this specialized treat. Even with a high level of training, there is always a chance that the notoriously hard-to-master macarons do not bake well. Special care and time has to be taken to make them and the costs of failed batches have to be accounted for in the overall production. For all the reasons given above, macarons, relative to its size, are usually priced higher than other pastries like cakes or ice cream.

Make Advance And Freeze For Busy Moms

Stuffed Cakes: November 2010

As a busy mom, I knew it would be too ambitious to make this cake the week of her birthday. I ended up making the cake in stages whenever I could find slivers of time at night after Bibi had gone to sleep. I was able to make the cake, the macarons and frosting all ahead of time and keep it in the freezer until I was ready to assemble it the day before her party.

I can’t believe how fast time has passed. Every parent says this and now I really understand that sentimental look on my aunt’s and uncle’s faces when they would reminisce on the fact that they knew me since I was ‘only this big’ while placing two open palms about a foot apart. Oh gosh, do I ever understand that same feeling now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I have while I prepared it all for my sweet and now not so little Bibi. XOXO,

An easy and nutritious no sugar added banana muffin made with whole grain Einkorn flour and oats. Make them in under 30-minutes for breakfast and freeze them to enjoy later.

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Colette Grand Cafe Menu

The tea list is a small one, with just 2-3 of the most popular teas for each category, respectively. Looking at it now, I find the list a bit too small and uninteresting but at the time, when I was busy catching up with my girlfriend, I did appreciate having less information to sift through.

I was pleasantly surprised by my baby-friendly afternoon tea experience at Colette Grand Cafe. In addition, I found the food selection, quality and ambiance to be a great overall value for afternoon tea in the heart of the city. It isn’t as trendy as some of the themed teas offered in the city right now but at the same time, not everyone is looking for that. I would recommend it for those who want a refined yet relaxed tea experience. It’s a lovely destination spot to enjoy a tea set or simply have a mid-afternoon break while shopping downtown. Until our next tea date. XOXO,

By Step For Cooking Adzuki Red Beans

Soak Adzuki beans in 3X the amount of water for a minimum of 1 hour or overnight. Rinse pre-soaked beans to rid of any impurities and throw away damaged beans

Place in medium sized pot. Add enough water to go past the beans by 2 inches. Using a medium-high heat, bring water to a boil, then reduce to low for a light simmer.

Let beans simmer until it becomes soft, about 30 minutes . The best way to test doneness is to taste it to see how soft it is. Pour cooked beans into a colander to drain water.

Add beans back into pot, add sugar and stir on low heat until the water has evaporated and a line can be drawn in the beans with a spatula without disappearing. Set aside to let cool.

Mash up half of the beans with a fork or pulverize in a food processor. Add it into the whipped cream along with the rest of the whole adzuki beans.

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So How Much Should I Charge For My Macarons

First off, for those who are taking orders I can’t stress enough the importance of a minimum order. Don’t think so much of how much you should charge per macaron but how much you should charge per order and you will need to set a minimum amount for this. I once had a request for 5 macarons, each one bearing the resemblance of a different animated character. GASP! I know, all you macaron bakers out there must be in shock. The time it would take to prepare all the different colored batters to pipe 5 different characters requiring 5 different templates… it’s doable but more as a passion project. Making only five would take so long that the price would be unjustifiable to a customer.

The moral of the story is to set a minimum quantity per color, per flavour, per design, per order. Per color because each new color will require the creation of a “new” batter and this takes time. In addition, each new color/batter adds another element of “risk” to the success of the macaron’s development. Per flavour because it requires time and supplies to create each new flavour. Per design because each new design requires a new template to be made. Per order because your time, supplies and ingredients should be accounted for. We’ll talk more about that below.

Should I Double Sift My Almond Flour

Behind The Scenes: Cake Decorating and Delivery | Sally Funakoshi

I usually only sift mine once. It’s so tedious that I don’t have the patience for any more than that and my macaron shells never turn out bumpy. If your sifter is fine enough and you seem to be getting good results from one sift, then by all means, save your time and your energy!

I use an open faced sifter or a fine mesh strainer like this one. These types of sifters make it so much easier to use a spoon to push the almond mixture through the mesh. I find the sifters with a lever very clumsy for use with almonds. The almonds that are not finely ground tend to clog up those systems and it’s hard to extract afterwards.

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Afternoon Tea For Large Groups

The space is comprised of 2 main dining rooms joined together in a L-shape. The outer room holds the bar and the bigger tables while the inner dining room features intimate booth seating and tables for smaller groups. It’s also well-lit with natural light pouring in from the windows along one side of the wall.

As you can see in the photo above, another patron also brought her child’s stroller inside the dining area. There’s ample space to push it around the tables and keep off to one side. The wide space is surprisingly very child-friendly and appears quite accommodating for larger groups.

Traditional Tea Sets In Vancouver

I appreciate that Colette’s afternoon tea set is served on a traditional 3 tier tray. Themed teas with their elaborate displays are exciting but there is also something very attractive about having tea with a classic setup like this. The mini-sized scones are served alongside house-made jams and creme fraiche that was a bit watery for my liking.

The savories consisted of a small croissant and some finger sandwiches. They were all of decent size and proved to be quite filling.

The dessert pieces were petite sized but I found it was just enough as some of them were on the sweeter side. There was only of each of the chocolate and white chocolate mousse.

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Almond Flour Vs Almond Meal Vs Blanched

Almond flour is one of the main ingredients in macarons. Anytime you read a macaron recipe, you will see that almond flour or almond meal will be required. The two are commonly used interchangeably. However, you still need to judge for yourself which one its referring to in context of the particular recipe you are using since almond flour can also mean a more finer ground almond vs. a coarser almond meal . There are also blanched and non-blanched almond flours/meals. Blanched almonds basically mean that the brown skin has been removed.

Welcome To Piece Of Cake

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Based in Atlanta, GA, Piece of Cake provides specially baked cakes and treats that are available for shipping around the country. Our custom baked cakes are made using fresh and wholesome ingredients and are created with skill and artistry. From brownies and cookies or the perfect strawberry cake, our bakery provides just the right items for celebratory moments or everyday treats..

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Can You Send A Birthday Cake To Someone

Yes, it’s easy to send a cake from From You Flowers to anyone almost anywhere. We have a wide variety of cakes to choose from as well. We have birthday cakes decorated in flowers as well as birthday cakes covered in rainbow sprinkles. We have a chocolate cake or a coconut cream cake if you’re looking for something more classic. If you’re looking to spice it up, you can order birthday cake pops for a more personalized treat.

Best Cakes For Delivery

There are so many different kinds of cakes to send to celebrate a birthday, retirement or graduation party. When you are far away we invite you to use our cake delivery service to order a delicious treat online for fast delivery to a home or business. To help you find the perfect cake gift, we have put together our list of the best cakes for delivery.

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  • Simple French Meringue Mushrooms – No Syrup Heating Required
  • No-Bake Gingerbread Spice Cheesecake Cups – Ready in One Hour
  • No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Cups

The fluffiest matcha swiss cake roll paired with a semi-sweet azuki bean cream. Heavenly Japanese style green tea dessert just like the ones at the shops.

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Coloring A Pink Cake Without Artificial Food Dyes

I knew from the beginning that Bibi needed a PINK cake. I mean, I have been telling her it’s her favorite color for the whole year now All kidding aside, she is definitely free to make up her own mind on what color she likes when she can talk. Until now, I will assume she loves pink.

I usually have no problems using artificial food coloring but since it’s for Bibi, I wanted to color the cake as naturally as possible. The pretty pink color comes comes from a dehydrated strawberry powder. It gives the buttercream a great true-to-taste strawberry flavor while coloring it a sweet rose pink at the same time.

Can I Send A Gift To A College Or University In Mountain View What About A Hotel Or Other Business Institutions

Yes. However, most colleges have their own protocol for receiving packages. We highly recommend contacting the place to which you wish to send the gift and find out information regarding their on-site mail process. Simply tell them you’re trying to send a perishable gift to someone there via UPS, and they will be able to tell you the exact address to which the package must be sent. Most colleges/hotels/businesses/bases will not give the UPS driver access to their grounds/facilities in order to search out a recipient directly, so the package must be received by a central location . Once received, the mailing center shall either deliver the package to your recipient or alert him/her of its arrival for pick-up. Additionally, many schools/businesses/bases can only be delivered to Monday-Friday, and do not allow for Saturday deliveries. Given the perishable nature of our products, it is always best to find out as much information as possible before ordering to ensure your gift is received in a timely manner . If shipping a package to a hotel in Mountain View, it is always recommended that you call the hotel directly AFTER the delivery is made , to ensure the package is delivered to the proper recipient .

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