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How To Make Easy Bake Oven Mixes

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Making your own Easy Bake Oven mixes is super simple when you follow these instructions. I recommend these Ziploc Snack Bags, because theyre the perfect size to hold each mix. Label each with these simple Easy Bake Oven mix labels that are designed to print on standard Avery 5160 address labels. Of course, in a pinch, you could just print them on regular paper and tape them on.

NEW: By popular request, Ive added another set of printable labels for use with the Duncan Hines Signature Lemon Supreme, Orange Supreme, and Red Velvet cake mixes! These also work with the Avery 5160 address labels and can be downloaded here.


Setting Expectations For Easy Bake Oven Recipes

Before I share how to make your own refill mixes, I want to be VERY CLEAR about what you should expect from them. Gourmet cakes? NO. A budget-friendly mix that will allow your child to bake a perfectly edible and tasty cake all on his or her own? Yes!!!

Eggs and oil are not necessary to attain this goal. A little smear of frosting can up the tastiness factor, but Ive eaten many, MANY plain cakes with ZERO complaints. 🙂 Also, its important to keep in mind that this is a childs toy, not a calibrated oven. The baking time may need to be adjusted slightly to achieve desired results.

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With this goal in mind, my girls have been able to enjoy using their Easy Bake Oven whenever they want without emptying my wallet. Theyve been totally thrilled with these Easy Bake Oven mixes and have enjoyed hours upon hours of baking fun with them! And this is my intent in sharing these Easy Bake Oven recipes with you.

Smaller Cake Mixes & How To Adjust Cake Mix Recipes

October 2, 2019 by Rose Atwater

Over the years, as cake mixes have gotten smaller and prices have gotten bigger, I’ve gotten tons of question on this topic. As someone who bakes primarily with doctored cake mixes, I thought it would be great to share my thoughts on Smaller Cake Mixes & How to Adjust Cake Mix Recipes.

I have a question for you. Do you bake with cake mixes? If so, have you noticed that companies are putting out smaller cake mixes? At first it was Duncan Hines and now Pillsbury. I rarely buy Betty Crocker… I bet they’re smaller too.

If you’ve been hanging around here on Rose Bakes for more than 5 minutes, you know that almost all of my cake recipes start with a cake mix.

This is not something that bothers me at all… I admire those who bake totally from scratch, but the recipes I use work out great for tiered and carved cakes, they’re mostly easy to put together and my customers are always thrilled with the results… so why not?

But lately, I’ve been having a bit of trouble. You see, I’m a die-hard Pillsbury fan. With the exception of my favorite chocolate cake, I always recommend Pillsbury mixes for my recipes. But I do keep other brands on hand here and there and they’ve all changed!

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Who Carries Duncan Hines

FIND ONLINEWalmart. $1.00 In Stock. BUY.Target. $0.99Check Site for Availability. VIEW.Albertsons. $1.99Check Site for Availability. VIEW.Grocery. $1.00Check Site for Availability. VIEW.Safeway. $1.99Check Site for Availability. VIEW.Fresh. Check Site for Availability. VIEW.Instacart. See Website. VIEW.

Easy Bake Oven To Buy Or Not To Buy

Duncan Hines Devil

My oldest daughter turned 10 a few months ago that precarious age where shes on the cusp of leaving childish things behind but isnt quite ready to give it all up. Her Christmas wish list was an interesting take on this, filled with clothing, a Beats Pill, a Vera Bradley purse, earrings, etc but one item stood out:

An Easy Bake Oven.

I have to say I was torn Would she actually use it? Or was it just a total waste of money? I added an Easy Bake Ultimate Oven to my Amazon cart but continued to debate purchasing for days.

You see, we had one of these toys several years ago but it was promptly donated when my five kids quickly grew frustrated with how long it took to bake ONE teeny cake that was little more than a bite for each. But being the lone toy in a sea of preteen dreams, I finally decided: What could it hurt?

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And what do you know?! She has used it near daily since opening it Christmas morning. She loves to make special cakes for everyone in the family, and I love to watch quietly from afar, as she carefully stacks layers of various cake flavors, frosting each to perfection, and topping them off with her favorite rainbow sprinkles. Im so glad that I caved, because I would have missed out on so much joy.


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Duncan Hines Classic White Cake Mix In Bulk

Updated 14 Oct 2012 , 11:28amby Dani1081

I need 11 boxes of this cake mix but don’t want to spend close to $4 per box!!! Does anyone know a link where I can save $$ on DH in bulk? Or even if anyone knows stores I can order online?THank you!

Wow! Where do you live? I rarely buy DH, but I don’t think that it is over . I don’t know where to buy it in bulk though. Maybe Amazon? They have always been higher here than a grocery store.

It’s packed in 25 lb bags and sold through foodservice.Use google “duncan hines bulk” to get links to your local dealer. Then you will have to see what minimum purchase requirements are present.In Canada, buy the “premium white cake mix” from BulkBarn or “white cake mix with pudding” 20kg bag other Weston wholesale grocery stores. It is close enough to DH that you can use it straight.

Walmart sells them for 1.25 on the West Coast. I prefer Betty Crocker and she sells for 1.00 a box at Walmart.

DH White cake mix is 1.24 at Walmart and 1.25 at Target here in the midwest. You might check Sam’s Club or Costco for bulk if you don’t have time to order.

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What Is The Best Boxed Yellow Cake Mix

Heres the Yellow Cake Mix Thats Right for YouWhen youre not a frosting person: Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix, $1.50 at Jet.When you want a tall, tall cake: Duncan Hines Classic Yellow Cake Mix, $1.50 at Jet.When you want bakery level on a budget: Jiffy Golden Yellow Cake Mix, $12 for 12 boxes at Jet.More itemsMay 16, 2016

Dolly Parton Duncan Hines Launch Sweet Line Of Southern

The country star sprinkles her special brand of sugar in the food world.

Kourtnee Jackson


Kourtnee covers TV streaming and home entertainment news at CNET. She previously worked as an entertainment reporter at Showbiz Cheat Sheet where she wrote about film, television, music, and celebrities, and streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max.

Dolly Parton and Duncan Hines created a line of baking mixes.

Beloved singer and actor Dolly Parton is stepping into a sweet new venture. She’s already conquered music, authored books and is a generous philanthropist, but now she’s teamed with baking giant Duncan Hines to make cake.

With a dash of sugar, Southern charm and family history, Parton has launched a line of baking mixes. Within hours, Duncan Hines sold out of the limited-edition offering on its website, but the full batch of cake flavors and frostings is coming to stores in March.

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The company debuted Dolly Parton’s Baking Collection on Wednesday, featuring banana and coconut cake mixes, plain and chocolate buttercream frostings, recipe cards and a collectible tea towel with a spatula. The mixes and frostings will arrive at retailers nationwide in the spring and will be available to purchase for roughly $2 each . Anyone who missed out on the online sale will have to bring their own kitchen tools.

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How To Make Up For The Difference

Duncan Hines Signature Moist Deluxe Confetti Cake Mix 468g ...

If youre really concerned about the difference in your older recipes, heres a trick I use. I keep an extra box of yellow cake mix in a mason jar. When the difference matters, I use a scale and add a couple of ounces to the mix Im using. The yellow works with any flavor. And my desserts? They turn out as delicious as they always were.

We blind taste-tested the most common cake mix brands. Heres the one that came out on top.

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A Few Tips For Best Results

  • Measure the mixes precisely using the method described in the recipe. If you pack the mix into the measuring cup too densely, your cake will rise too high and stick to the top of the inside of your Easy Bake Oven.
  • Cooking spray is a MUST to get the cake to release from the pan easily. As I mentioned, I like this baking spray for effectiveness, as well as flavor. Be sure to check out this quick tip for applying cooking spray with less mess!
  • DO NOT pre-mix the cake batter while waiting for the Easy Bake Oven to preheat. This can also cause it to rise too high and stick to the inside of the oven. Mix it up after preparing your pan and place it in the oven right away.
  • For a fun change of pace, shake decorating sprinkles on top of the prepared batter once its spread in the cake pan. This creates a funfetti style cake without muddling the bright colors!

So there you have it 33 Easy Bake Oven refill mixes for under $4! I think these would be an awesome gift idea for any little girl that loves to bake with her Easy Bake Oven. Just package up the mixes with a can of the baking spray, frosting, and sprinkles. Toss in some super cute mini utensils, and youve got hours and hours of baking fun for well under $20 .

Is your child ready to graduate to baking with a real oven? These brownie mix cookies are perfect for kids to start out with! With just 3 ingredients, its an ideal recipe for beginner bakers

More Facts On Duncan Hines Cake Mixes

  • Certifications: Many of the Duncan Hines Cake Mixes are Certified Kosher Parve.
  • Dietary Notes: By ingredients, these Duncan Hines Cake Mixes are dairy-free / non-dairy, and most are also egg-free, nut-free, peanut-free, vegan, and vegetarian.*
  • For More Product Information: Visit the Duncan Hines website at

*Always read the ingredient and nutrition statement prior to consumption. Ingredients, processes, and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company or product. Contact the company to discuss their manufacturing processes if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. No food product can be guaranteed safe for every individuals needs. You should never rely on ingredient and allergen statements alone if dealing with a severe food allergy.

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