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How To Make Cupcakes For Dogs

VEGAN DOG CAKE A Recipe For Dogs (and their humans)

Making these cupcakes is very easy and straight forward. Even if you dont have baking experience, you can successfully make this recipe for you puppy! So lets get to it!

Lets discuss how to make these dog cupcakes, as well as the ingredients that are needed for them. First, please take note that below, you will find discussion, expert tips, and answers to frequently asked questions about the recipe. The full printable recipe itself, with exact measurements and instructions, is found at the bottom of this page.


Ingredients used have been determined safe by the author for her dogs. If you have any question as to the safety of ingredients for YOUR dog, please check with your veterinarian.

Steps To Take

To make your pupcakes, begin by preheating your oven to 350 degrees. Then, in a large bowl, combine the flour and baking soda. In a separate bowl mix together sunflower oil, peanut butter, applesauce, and pumpkin puree. Once combined, mix in egg until incorporated well.

Spoon out your batter evenly between the muffin tins. You can fill them up to the top, because the batter is so dense, the cupcakes will not rise a ton. Also, you may want to smooth out the top of the batter in each tin with the back of a clean spoon to make them nice and rounded.

Lastly, top your pup cakes with a cute dog treat! Check out my easy, homemade dog treats that are made with very similar ingredients and are the perfect pup cake topper!

Expert Tips:

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Cake

If your dog loves to lick spoonfuls of peanut butter, this is the cake for them! Top it with dog beef jerky or a mini bone for decoration. If you add a candle for a photo op, make sure to remove it before your pup digs in. This recipe makes five mini bundt cakes.



  • Preheat oven to 350.
  • Mix together pumpkin puree, peanut butter, eggs and honey. Then stir in flour and baking powder.
  • Grease tins with coconut oil and fill with batter. Bake for 20-25 minutes until the center is firm.
  • Mix together yogurt and peanut butter. Once cake has cooled, frost and decorate with dog biscuits.
  • What Is A Dog Birthday Cake

    Exactly what it sounds like, a dog birthday cake is a cake you make for your dog. You can make this treat for their birthday, to celebrate the day you adopted them, for their half-birthday day, or just because you feel like spoiling your furry friend.

    Now, you might be wondering why you would want to make your own dog birthday cake instead of picking up a cake or cupcake for your dog from the store? Store-bought cakes are typically made for humans and dont take into consideration the many different foods that are harmful to dogs.

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    What Are Human Foods That Dogs Cannot Eat

    Even though this no-bake dog cake recipe is edible for dogs and humans, there are plenty of human foods that dogs cannot eat. Chocolates are the most common food that dogs should never eat. The darker and less sweet the type of chocolate is, the more poisonous it is than milk chocolate, one of the sweet kinds. Likewise, tea and coffee are harmful to dogs to eat because it contains caffeine. It leads to hyperactivity, elevated heart rate, tremors, and seizures.

    Also, raisins and grapes because it can lead to kidney failure. Limes and lemon are toxic for dogs, which results in gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. Never feed your dogs raw yeast dough since alcohol is produced when yeast cells are fermented. As a result, it can lead to alcohol poisoning. Avocados lead to breathing difficulties for dogs since there can be fluid accumulation in their lungs.

    By Step Instructions On How To Make Pumpkin Dog Cake Recipe

    Healthy Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

    For Pumpkin Dog Cake

    Preheat oven to 350°F. Then, grease two baking pans. Set aside.

    Step 2

    Grab a bowl and place flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon. Whisk until mixed. Set aside.

    Step 3

    Add pumpkin, peanut butter, applesauce, honey, and eggs in a mixing bowl. With the use of a hand mixer or a stand mixer, beat until fully combined.

    Step 4

    Set the mixer on low, and gradually add the flour mixture. Mix until fully blended.

    Step 5

    Prepare the two baking pans and distribute the batter evenly. Place in the oven and bake 35-40 minutes.

    Step 6

    Let it cool for 10 minutes once done. For it cool completely, place cakes in a cooling rack and turn them upside down.

    For the Frosting

    Step 1

    Whip the heavy cream in a mixing bowl, and then moderately add the peanut butter. Beat until stiff peak.

    Step 2

    Frost your cake with an off-set spatula it is best designed with dog-friendly ingredients like fruits or dog treats.

    Step 3

    Serve your pup and enjoy it!

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    Top 12 Dog Friendly Cake Recipes

    Top 12 Dog Friendly Cake Recipes

    This post is for you if youre searching for a great dog friendly cake recipe or if youre like me and forever googling whether certain foods are safe for dogs.

    These treats are not only delicious but they are also full of nutritious ingredients that your furry friend will love! Always give dogs human food in moderation though!

    It was also an excuse for me to draw a giant cupcake!

    Mini Dog Birthday Cake

    What better way to celebrate your pup’s special day than with this Mini Dog Birthday Cake?! Complete with peanut butter and cheese and over 87 five star ratings, it’s sure to please!

    This mini dog birthday cake is a huge hit, because dogs deserve cake on their birthday! My baby turns TWO todaylike, how? I figured she deserved a dog birthday cake this year. Though my personal favorite cake is my chocolate vegan birthday cake, it’s not exactly dog-friendly, so I figured I should make a separate recipe for Layla.

    I’m completely biased, but Layla is simply the best. She keeps me company all day every day while I work from home, she has an adorable underbite, she increases my daily step count thanks to having to walk her, and she brings so much joy into my life.

    Oh, and if your pup loves this recipe, be sure to check out my pumpkin dog cake, too, along with other dessert recipes.

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    This Easy Dog Cake Makes A 6

    Abby has turned into a rambunctious 2-year-old. Shes still her same old anxious self shes never far from me but she loves her ball and swimming. Shes become almost manic about swimming: the second she sees Jordan or Mel in their swimsuits shes following them around like theyre coated in whipped cream. If they happen to forget to bring her outside with them she throws herself against the door until I let her out. Its part hilarious and part annoying, ha!

    Since shes so small I let her have all the treats she wants. She doesnt eat much so birthday cake isnt something she needs to worry about consuming.

    Caring for a dog like Abby might be hard but I wouldnt trade it for the world. Whenever someone talks about getting a dog I always tell them its a lot of work but if you love them enough itll be worth it!

    If there is one thing Abby loves more than me, its her B-A-L-L. We usually only play ball outside because my aim is horrible Im good at knocking photos off the walls so we spend a lot of time outside whenever the weather is nice.

    Since we spend so much time outside I always treat Abby for fleas and ticks. PetArmor Plus just launched at PetSmart and is NOW available at PetSmart stores and on, which makes it so easy to purchase. I love taking Abby to PetSmart to see the other dogs and pick out new toys so I can grab my flea and tick protection while Im there.

    How To Store Dog Birthday Cake

    The BEST Dog Cake Recipe from Scratch! (Human-Friendly Too!)

    Even though Tilly doesnt seem to discriminate against fresh and stale food, youll want to keep your dog cake wrapped up or in a sealed container in the fridge to keep it fresh as long as possible. It should last for about a week in the fridge. You could also slice it into 8 pieces and freeze individually for a special treat when your dog is being an extra good girl or boy to prolong the birthday fun!

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    Looks So Real Humans Will Eat It

    After last years hilarious incident when my friends husband ate Dozers Birthday Cake because it looked so REAL , I decided I better play it safe this year and top it with dog biscuits!!!

    But actually, dog biscuit aside, these cupcakes are perfectly safe for humans to consume. They just taste rather.interesting!!!

    Dog Birthday Cake Faqs

    Is birthday cake bad for dogs?

    It depends on the cake. If you are making the cake for your dog you can control what ingredients go into the cake, keeping it as healthy and safe as possible for your dog.

    What treat can I give my dog for their birthday?

    You can give your dog a homemade birthday cake like the one Ive shared in this post. Some other treats you can give your dog on their birthday include homemade dog biscuits, pupcakes, or frozen peanut butter yogurt dog treats.

    What kind of cake can dogs eat?

    The best kind of cake for your dog is a homemade dog cake or one you pick up from a bakery that specializes in dog cakes. Some of the most common flavors of dog cakes include peanut butter, pumpkin, and sweet potato.

    Can I eat dog birthday cake?

    Yes! Every ingredient in this cake is safe for human consumption . This cake will not be as sweet as a traditional birthday cake so keep that in mind if you decide to dive in!

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    What Type Of Flour Is Appropriate For Dogs

    The non-grain flours are the most appropriate type of flours for dogs such as almond, coconut, lentil, potato, and chickpea because they are great for dogs sensitive to wheat. Barley, oat, whole wheat, sorghum, and buckwheat are fine flours since whole grain flours are less processed than white flours. The only type of flour that any pet owner should avoid using when baking their dogs a cake is white, all-purpose flour. It is bad for dogs due to it being a processed and low nutrient.

    Birthday Cake For Dogs

    Easy Dog

    Moving on to the recipes wed think of as cakes next. If youve ever make cakes for a weaning baby, these will look a little familiar. From our point of view theyre a bit like cake with the fun removed, but that makes them a much more friendly treat for your dog. They are almost invariably sweetened with honey, and frequently contain peanut putter to give a protein hit. Here are the best the web has to offer:

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    How To Make Party Cake

    • 1CAKE:Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Using a 6″ baking pan as a guide, cut 3 discs from wax paper, and place in bottom of three 6″ baking pans. Spray bottom and sides of pans with a non-stick flour spray.
    • 2In a food processor, add peeled and sliced bananas, and process until creamy.
    • 3In mixing bowl, cream together bananas and butter until nice and smooth.
    • 4Using lowest speed on mixer, add eggs and water, and thoroughly blend.
    • 5On lowest mixer speed, add dry ingredients, one cup at a time, and blend. Then, increase speed and beat for 2 minutes.
    • 6Distribute batter evenly among the 3 baking pans.
    • 7Bake at 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes, or until done. DO NOT OVER-BAKE!!!
    • 8Place pans on wire rack and cool for 5 minutes, then remove from pans and place back on the wire racks to completely cool.
    • 9FROSTING:Using a food processor, add peeled and sliced bananas and process until it reaches a creamy consistency.
    • 10Using a small bowl, add all ingredients and blend until smooth. If the icing seems a little too thin, add a little rice flour.
    • 11ASSEMBLE THE CAKE:Spread a little of the frosting on the plate, then place the 1st layer top side down, and spread the top with icing.
    • 12

    Dog Birthday Cake Recipe Without Peanut Butter

    Most dog safe birthday cakes feature peanut butter, but if one of the humans in your home has a nut allergy, you might prefer to leave it out. This Nut-Free Dog Birthday Cake from Life at Clover Hill is also really straightforward to make.

    It only uses eight ingredients, all of which are kitchen staples you probably already have.

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    Tips And Tricks For Pumpkin Dog Cake Recipe

    Consult your pets veterinarian to know if your dog is not allergic to the ingredients stated above. Beat the heavy cream until soft peak before adding the peanut butter. Make sure to adjust your dog cakes temperature and cooking time since they come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, if you make a single mini springform pan, it is suitable to utilize a toaster oven to bake it. It is more energy-efficient than using a full-sized oven.

    If you are using peanut butter and yogurt, avoid purchasing artificial sweeteners, especially xylitol. Even though it is okay for human consumption, it is extremely harmful to dogs because it is a sugar alcohol. Humans and dogs react differently to xylitol due to the pancreas present in humans and dogs, regulating blood sugar. If a dog were to consume it, the release of insulin would be so quick. It results in a dramatic drop in blood sugar levels that is known as hypoglycemia.

    Likewise, make sure the ingredients are 100% dog safe. If canned pumpkin puree is unavailable, you can substitute it for a plain pumpkin that is not spiced. Also, ensure the homemade pumpkin puree is not watery. Because of that, you may have to test the flour amount for an appropriate batter consistency.

    What To Put In A Dog Birthday Cake

    Dog Cake Recipe

    As you all probably know, Tilly is my favorite thing. So, we wanted to spoil Tilly rotten for her birthday with all of her favorite things. And if you know Tilly, you know her favorite foods are pumpkin, greek yogurt, and peanut butter . Naturally we landed on a peanut butter pumpkin cake held together with a Tilly approved peanut butter and greek yogurt frosting.

    Even though this cake is made with safe ingredients, youll still want to limit the amount of dog bday cake your puppy eats. This dog birthday cake recipe will make a small 6 inch cake, but we still wouldnt recommend giving the entire cake to your pup. We gave Tilly a small piece and she was more than happy.

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