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Little Confetti Love Monogrammed Vegan Leather Cake Topper

Making Wedding Cake Toppers

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This preppy cake topper is perfect for a country club reception or a seaside fete. Choose from white, black, tan, or navy vegan leather and a variety of foil stamp options to emboss your initialsit’s a personalized topper that looks like it came straight from the pages of a Ralph Lauren catalog.

Black Couple Wedding Cake Toppers To Personalize Your Cake

Looking for a wedding cake topper that looks like you and your spouse-to-be? Here are some of our favorite Black wedding cake toppers.

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Your wedding cake should be an extension of your personal style, and so should your cake topper. If youre looking for a topper featuring a likeness of you and your partner, well be honest, theres a real lack of diversity out there. We researched and found a variety of Black couple wedding cake toppers for you to browseand there certainly are creators on sites like Etsy who can design a custom topper for you. However, the lack of wedding cake toppers that feature BIPOC couples should be part of a bigger conversation about representation and inclusion in the wedding industryone that is ongoing here at WeddingWire. Couples of all skin tones should see themselves in all types of wedding products and accessoriescake toppers included.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Available On Etsy

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We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Your wedding cake adds the finishing touch to your nuptials. Why not top it off with something personalized that speaks to your style as a couple? After all, you’ve already gone to great lengths to throw a unique, true-to-you event. Plus, your wedding cake topper can be saved as a keepsake for years to come and way after that year-old preserved slice is gone.

Searching for ideas? What better place to shop than Etsy, the online marketplace full of amazing and one-of-a-kind finds? We scoured the site for unique wedding cake toppersfind our favorites below.

PS: Still need a unique wedding cake? Use our vendor marketplace to find bakers in your area, then reach out to your favorite with your visionincluding your topper vision. Together, you can design the perfect dessert that accommodates whatever decoration you desire.

The best kinds of unique wedding cake toppers are personalized wedding cake toppersand we’re obsessed with this one. Design a custom piece featuring you and your partner’s silhouettes plus, the silhouettes of your pets.Cake Topper Designer silhouette wedding cake topper, from $18,

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How Do You Choose A Wedding Cake Topper

The first step in choosing a wedding cake topper is picking one that represents you as a couple. While cake toppers arent as necessary as they once were, they still carry the same tradition of representing the newlyweds. Only these days, there are fewer figurines and more laser-etched custom designs, floral pieces, and even funny wedding cake toppers.

Secondly, the topper should literally top off the cake. The size of the topper is important relative to the size of the cake. It shouldnt be SO big that it overwhelms the cake and throws off the balance. It should elevate and complement the cakes design. Its always a good idea to let your baker know if you have one youd like to incorporate, as well.

Finally, a good question to ask yourself is this one: can it be re-used? Generally, this is a good question to keep in mind throughout all your wedding planning. But something like a wedding cake topper has the potential to move into the heirloom-worthy realm! Even if it cant be re-used right away, perhaps down the line it will come into play for another purpose.

Halloween Wedding Cake Topper $6995 On Etsy

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop ...

JW Caketops/Etsy

If you want your wedding to be a real monster mash, these Frankenstein figurines may be the way to go. This company also offers toppers that feature branches of the military, as well as different occupations and hobbies, so even if youre not into sweetly spooky, you might find just what youre looking for. It ships out within three days of ordering, too!Buy Now

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Adorable Cake Toppers Ideas For Desert Chic Wedding

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Another way to get unique wedding cake toppers for a bride and groom is to make them yourself. If you enjoy DIY, then you could take some time off to make your own design personalized. Crochet a red heart pillow design for your cake topper and display on sticks on your wedding day. You can also create a monogram on printable paper or etch out a design on corks for an unforgettable cake topper.

Add some personality and uniqueness to your big day with unique wedding cake toppers. Whether you are having a rustic, vintage, or classic wedding, the right wedding cake topper would add the perfect finish to your wedding cake.

Cake Topper Ideas With Birds

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Love birds are a great choice for wedding toppers. Considering what they signify and how cute they would look perched on a cake. Consider this if youre looking to have the best cake toppers ever. From a pair of birds perched on a branch to another of them snuggled in their nest. This would be the perfect accessory to add to a wedding cake, be it for a rustic, classic, or backyard wedding. You could also add a few miniature eggs around the topper to complete the picture.

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Movie Nods: Star Wars

Seller: Crafty Teacher Design

Price: $9+

Let out your fan status or nerdy side with a nod to your favorite movie. This Star Wars phrase is created in a subtle, stylish way that looks pretty but evokes a personalized giggle for everyone to enjoy. Its a great way to blend both humor and wedding-worthy sense.

Custom Dog Cake Toppers

How to Make a Pig Cake Topper for Wedding

by laurievalkoart

Unable to bring your beloved pooch to your wedding day, but dont want to leave her at home?

Get Laurie Valko to design a custom dog cake topper that resembles your K9. One of your best furry friends may not be present at the wedding. Perhaps the venue doesnt allow animals, or you ultimately decide that doggy daycare is the best option. Nonetheless, your guests will know the importance of your dog in your life.

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Awesome Cake Toppers From Etsy

A cake topper is a fun way to express your personality as a couple. Weve found 10 awesome cake toppers from Etsy that will inspire you to get creative!

This simple Cupids arrow cake topper from icing101 is a unique addition to any theme.

Your guests will definitely get a kick out of this love birds cake topper from ThePinkOwlDesigns.

Wedding Cake Toppers From Etsy

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A cake topper is a great place to get a little bit playful when planning a wedding. We scoured the pages of Etsy and handpicked 27 of our favorite finds, from classically beautiful to some very unique options . Click through for some wedding cake inspiration!

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How To Choose A Wedding Topper

Even though the traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers customized are not as popular as they once were, there are still a number of ways to pick a topper that represents you both as a couple. Modern wedding cake toppers are usually more stylish, personalized, and styled in the design and interests that are unique to the bride and groom. From customizable, ideas such as floral pieces, monograms, or even laser etched designs, too cute wedding cake toppers styled after the couples favorite pet or movie.

The size of the topper is also important in relation to the size of the cake. Like a crown on ahead, it should complete the cake, and not overwhelm it. Also, the topper should literally top off the cake. The size of the topper is important relative to the size of the cake. No matter the type of personalized cake toppers for wedding cakes you decide on, they should complement the cake in color, design, and proportion.

Buying Your Wedding Cake Topper

Items Similar To Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding cake toppers are indeed lovely and symbolic. Choosing the perfect cake topper for your wedding cake is easy as long as you know what you want and you know your options. Always make sure that your cake topper symbolizes the special bond between you and your partner. Whether you want to go simple, elegant, or unique, you should not forget that the cake topper is a piece of memory that will carry a lot of meaning for a lifetime. Let the wedding wishes cards flooding and keeps your personalities shining all throughout the event with the wedding cake topper.

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History Of Wedding Cake Toppers

The exact date when wedding cake toppers were first used is unknown but it can be safe to say that the wedding cake toppers history dates back to the late 19th century. Most historians would agree that the first appearance of wedding cake toppers was during the 1890s. Since cake toppers are eye-catching, its popularity has boomed at the turn of the century. It started being shown on mail-order catalogs in 1927 where designs and options are shared on a whole page. They eventually became part of the mainstream tradition in the 1950s. They were mainly used to represent the love and unity of a couple.

It is not sure how it all started with the wedding cake topper. It is a complete mystery but there is one account that shares its beginnings. The story revolves around a bakers daughter who is preparing for her marriage. The baker was asked by his daughter to create a symbol for the steadfast and unflinching love. This is to ensure that their love and promise to each other as a symbol for the world to see. After coming up with different ideas and carefully deliberating for each of them, the baker finally decided to create a unique combination of designs. He made a wedding cake and topped it with the lovely traditional figurine we have come to know.

Types Of Wedding Cake Toppers

While some opt for the traditional cake toppers, there are more and more couples who are staying away from the usual. Since it is an awesome way to express personality, couples use cake toppers catch the guests attention and express both individuality and duality. Whatever feeling the couples want their guests to feel during the wedding ceremony: happy, humorous, romantic, whimsical, or curious, they can be easily achieved with the help of the cake toppers.

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What Do You Do With A Wedding Cake Topper

Before the wedding, the cake topper should be given to the baker or the planner. The cake may need to be transported without the topper, depending on size, and added once your cake is in place. After the wedding, instruct your planner to give the topper to a parent or attendant for safe-keeping. You can display it somewhere in your home, stick it in a plant, or keeping it wrapped safely in a box of your wedding mementos.

Figurines As Wedding Cake Toppers


Traditional Wedding Figurines

The formal and traditional cake toppers have always been bride and groom figurines. The bride figurine typically wears the classic white dress while the groom wears the usual black tuxedo. Traditionally, these figurines are arranged side by side on the cake They may be facing each other or holding hands together. Some couple even uses their parents cake topper and keep it as a family heirloom. This adds more sentimental memories with the topper too.

Modern Figurine Toppers

This bride and groom figurine also has a modern version. Instead of featuring the usual and boring positions, the modern figurines feature the bride and groom doing different activities like dancing. They can also be wearing traditional and distinctive cultural clothing.

Some even opt for clothing that fits the imagery the topper is trying to portray. These figurines often represent the married couple. The figurines match the hair, wardrobe, age, gender, race, and ethnicity of the couple. There are even some manufacturers who make customized faces for the figurines to ensure it looks like a miniature version of the couple. Since there have been a lot of changes in society, there are also wedding cake toppers that are available for same-sex weddings. Although they feature uniqueness, they still come at a relatively inexpensive price.

Customized Wedding Cake Toppers

Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers

Quirky Figurine Toppers

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Adorable Personalized Cake Toppers For Your Wedding Cake

A selection of personalized wedding cake topper options from popular shops on Etsy! Choose your own wedding cake topper for your big day from our list.

I love Etsy. Ive said it 100 times and Ill keep on saying it. You can find literally anything on that site or someone who will make something custom for you. Its definitely become an addiction and I spend more time than Id care to admit perusing the offerings from different sellers. Thats probably why I was selected as an Etsy Tastemaker! *wink* PS you should totally check out all my fab Etsy finds on my Etsy Tastemaker page.

So I thought that I would share some of my favorite Etsy items each month to keep you inspired as you plan your wedding! This month I decided to check out the different options available for personalized wedding cake toppers, because Etsy is ripe with options yall!

I love when couples incorporate personal details into their day, and getting some custom cake toppers made is a great addition to your wedding day details! You could have a cake topper made in your likeness or made into something that both of you enjoy or are interested in. Take a gander at the cuteness I discovered while looking for personalized wedding cake toppers on Etsy:

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