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How To Get A Smooth Finish

How to make perfect cake pops!! | No cracks and 100% pass!!

Here are my tips for getting a smooth finish on your OREO cream cheese balls:

  • Have all your dipping supplies set out so that when youre chocolate is melted, you are ready to go. The key is to move quickly!
  • Make sure that your chocolate is melted and stirred until smooth. for more tips and tricks for melting chocolate.
  • Place your OREO cookie ball on a fork. Then dip into the chocolate or use a spoon to coat the ball.
  • Gently tap the fork on the side of the bowl to remove excess chocolate and create the smooth finish.
  • Use a toothpick to help push the ball onto the parchment paper. Draw a line around the base of the ball with the toothpick if there is extra chocolate. The chocolate will break off easier once hardened.

What Do You Use To Stick Cake Pops To Dry

If you need a quick holder for your cake pops, check your refrigerator to see if you have an egg carton that can be used. Pierce holes in an upside-down egg carton for an easy alternative. You can flip it upside-down and push a stick through each egg dome if you do. You can prop the sticks in the holes once youre finished.

How To Make Buttercream Frosting

Scroll down for the printable recipe below.

  • WHIP. Place the butter in a large mixing bowl and whip for about 1-2 minutes until creamy.
  • MIX. Slowly add in 2 cups of powdered sugar and mix until combined. Then pour in the vanilla and add 1 more cup of powdered sugar at a time and continue mixing. Depending on the consistency, you may want to add a few Tablespoons of cream to thin it out.
  • BEAT. Beat the buttercream for a few more minutes to give it a light and airy consistency. Then stir with a spatula and frost your dessert.
  • TIP: You can make different variations if preferred, like chocolate buttercream, strawberry buttercream or cinnamon buttercream frosting.

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    How To Keep The Cake Balls On The Stick

    The best way to prevent the cake balls from falling off the stick is by makingsure you added enough frosting to the cake balls and thinning out the candy coating. If the chocolate coating is too thick it will be heavy and way down on the cake balls.

    TIP: If you want to avoid using the stick, just make cake balls instead! I have an easy recipe for red velvet cake balls and no-bake oreo cake balls right here in my blog.

    Other Problems That May Arise

    Cake Pops Recipe

    Your cake ball falls off the stick in your candy coating> either your cake ball is too large OR you are spending too much time in your warm melts. Get in and get out!

    Oil is leaching out of the cake pop onto the stick> this is completely fine, and really only aesthetically displeasing. If it bothers you, use a cake that is less oily, and be sure not to use too much frosting. There is a lot of butter involved in frosting .

    Your candy coating is hardening too quickly> youve probably overheated your coating. Youre well on your way to scorching it, so be incredibly careful if you need to reheat it.

    I hope you feel well-versed in cake pops now and will try making my easy cake pops recipe yourself! And if youre looking for how to make vanilla cake pops, its as simple as swapping the chocolate cake pictured here for vanilla cake. Seriously simple!

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    Tips To Melt The Candy Melts

    Overheat When melting candy melts, be careful and make sure you do NOT overheat the candy coating. If this happens it will harden up too much.

    Thin it out In order to get a smooth candy coating that will ensure that your cake balls have a gorgeous outer shell you need to thin it out. You can mix in Crisco shortening, coconut oil, or EZ-thin dipping aid for a runnier consistency.

    Dip First Then Sprinkle And Glue On Details When Dry

    If you are using sprinkles, then sprinkle right after dipping. However, if you are adding details, then dip first, let dry, and then add the details using the melted candy as glue.

    You can also drizzle the cake pops with candy melts, as shown below, using a plastic bag or drizzle tool. Again, you may need to thin the candy melts with coconut oil or other candy melt thinner.

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    How To Decorate Cake Pops

    Some people choose to decorate their cake pops with just thick icing or chocolate, but you can make yours exciting by adding sprinkles, piped icing, sweets, edible stickers, or edible gold or silver spray.

    Candy melts are ideal for coating and decorating cake pops. Theyre often used in place of chocolate because theyre cheaper, often easier to work with and come in a range of colours.

    If you decide to coat your cake pops with chocolate instead, you can use fine baking chocolate such as . To stop the chocolate setting while its in the bowl keep it warm, or whisk in a drop of vegetable oil as its melting.

    When you dip the pops, use a deep bowl and fill it up with the coating so you dont need to tilt it.

    It really helps to know how youre decorating your treats before you start. For example, if youre adding sprinkles, pop them on before the coating sets or they wont stick. If youre piping icing on, make sure the coating has dried before you decorate.

    When you feel more confident molding the cake dough, you can begin to experiment with different shapes such as animals or characters.

    Why Is The Candy Coating Cracking

    How to Make Cake Pops | Easy Homemade Cake Pop Recipe

    The main culprit of a cracked cake pop coating is due to significant temperature differences in the cake balls. If the cake balls are too cold and the melted candy melt is too hot, the coating will crack as the hot mixture will cause the cake balls to expand and then contract. To prevent this from happening, make sure the coating isnt super hot when you dip your cake into it. Allow your coating to cool for a few minutes before dipping.

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    Always Use Stale Cake For Cake Pops

    Another personal preference of mine is to work with stale cake. Why? Stale cake is drier than freshly baked cake, and while this may be the last thing you want your slice of cake to be, this is the very thing you want your cake pop cake to be lots of room for soaking up frosting and increased ability to stick together!

    I have totally used freshly baked cake as well, and Ill make note in the step-by-step instructions on how to gauge your moistness level.

    Youll also need cake pop sticks .

    Here are, in my opinion, the best sticks for cake pops.

    You can find these in any craft store or store with a baking section . I prefer the longer sticks , but you may use shorter ones.

    What You Need To Make This Recipe

    Vanilla cake I use a box cake mix for these cake balls for convenience. However, if you have some leftover vanilla cake lying around, you can use that as well.

    Frosting you can use homemade frosting or store-bought frosting. I prefer homemade for the flavor, but sometimes convenience wins!

    Candy melts once melted and dipped, candy melts will set up with the same look and texture as chocolate. Its easier to use than chocolate, as you can skip tempering it. Careful not to scorch the melts, or theyll harden too quickly to work with.

    Sprinkles Buy your favorite from a store or follow my recipe on easy homemade sprinkles.

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    Birthday Cake Pops To Easily Share

    Looking for an individualized dessert thats easy to share? Make cake pops! Though cake pops had their heyday back in the early 2010s, this delicious dessert is still just as yummy and fun to make. Plus its easy to give everyone their own pop to keep things separated. Grab your apron and mixing bowls and lets get baking!

    The Secret To Getting Smooth Shiny Cake Pops Every Time

    What Ingredients Do You Need To Make Cake Pops ...

    December 11, 2020 ByWendy& filed under Cake Decorating Blog.

    No doubt about it, cake pops are fun. But while these bite-sized cakes on a stick can be a blast to eat, making them can turn into a not-so-fun affair, especially when those super-sweet morsels fall off the stick, crack, leak or are just plain lumpy.

    Were here to tell you theres a fix to all sorts of cake pop fails, and it starts with a nice, smooth finish. Well show you how.

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    Pipe Your Own Details

    Making your own shapes with the melted candy is a great way to decorate cake pops. Lay out wax paper and pipe candy melts into different shapes. You can even print templates to put under the wax paper as a guide.

    Pipe 2s for a 2nd birthday, 50s for an anniversary, or motorcycles for your childs birthday. Glue them on with melted candy. So many fun options.

    What Can I Send As A Cake Pop Bouquet

    As a broad category, you may choose to send balloons, flowers, gift baskets, plants, cookie bouquet, candy bouquet, bonsai tree, plush animal or a personalized gift item. First thing you want to decide is if you Cake Pop delivery USA is to impress the recipient or if it is to convey your sentiments of love, care, thanks or condolence.

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    How To Make Cake Pops: Step 3

    Keep mixing until you have a fudge-like texture. To see if its ready, squeeze a little of the mixture in your palm it shouldnt crumble and it should be pliable. If you add too much frosting, the mixture will be soggy, sticky and heavy and the cake pops will just fall off the stick when you try to dip them. Wrap the mixture in cling film and chill for at least 1 hour.

    How To Make Cake Pops

    How To Make Cake Pops!!

    Mix and roll. Crumble the cooled cake in a large bowl. Then add a few spoonfuls of frosting and use your hands to combine. The mixture should hold together if squeezed. If its still crumbly, add a little more frosting. Then scoop out the mixture with a medium cookie scoop and roll into a ball. Repeat until youve used all of the mixture.

    Add cake pop stick. Melt a few of the dark and white chocolate wafers in two separate bowls. Then dip the end of the cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and push that same end into the cake ball. The melted chocolate helps glue the stick to the cake ball. Once each ball has a stick, place them in the freezer to harden for about 20 minutes.

    Coat in chocolate. Melt the remaining dark and white chocolate in separate bowls. Dip the cake balls into the melted chocolate, making sure its fully coated. Gently tap the stick on the side of the dish to remove any excess chocolate.

    Add decorations. Add sprinkles or jimmies while the chocolate is still wet. If decorating with a chocolate drizzle, let the chocolate coating harden first, then drizzle more chocolate on top. Then let them set for about an hour before serving.

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    How To Make Cake Pops: Step 5

    Meanwhile, prepare your candy melts. Place the candy melts in a microwave-safe bowl and heat in the microwave on medium for 1 minute. Stir thoroughly. They may have just started to melt. Place back in the microwave and melt for a further 30 seconds.

    Stir again, making sure you scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl. Return to the microwave for a final 30 seconds, then give a final stir. Melted candy doesnt normally achieve the same silky, runny consistency as melted chocolate. To make it easier to work with, you can add 1-2tbsp vegetable oil per 400g bag of candy melts. Work enough oil into the candy to create a silky consistency.

    Vanilla Cake Pops From Scratch

    A ball of vanilla cake crumbs and frosting, with a white chocolate coating and topped with sprinkles… I am talking about none other than the cutest bite-sized treat — vanilla cake pops from scratch. These bites of heaven are thankfully actually so simple and easy to make, which makes them the perfect treat to serve at your next event.

    I have been spending the last month planning and preparing for my son, Kai’s, first birthday. Seriously, how are we even at this point right now? So I have been perfecting my cake pop recipe specifically for this party. After a few trial and errors, we have found the winner!

    This recipe will yield cake pops with the perfect ratio of cake crumbs to frosting. I challenge you to have just one!

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    Cookie Cutter Cake Pops

    If you want to get creative, then you can use cookie cutters to cut out different shapes of cake pops. For instance, you can make star-shaped and moon-shaped cake pops for a starry night-themed event.

    Start out with your cake and frosting combination and mix the two together until they come together completely. Line a baking pan with parchment paper and spread the mixture onto it evenly until it all lays down about half an inch thick.

    You can lay some plastic wrap on top of it and roll it out to get the mixture to an even thickness.

    Next, pop the pan in the fridge for half an hour, or until the frosting hardens. Once it is out, you can use your chosen cookie cutters and cut shapes out of the mixture. Add sticks into the shaped cake pops, dip those in ganache, and let them set.

    Be sure to use cutters that are at least an inch long or wide on their shortest side otherwise, the shapes may not really stand out. Of course, you can also add garnishes such as sprinkles or mini chocolate chips, depending on the theme.

    Knowing how to make cake pops without a mold is not rocket science, but as you can tell, there are still some things to keep in mind and methods which work better than others. Making cake pops using a mold might be efficient, but it wont be as yummy.

    Use An Ice Cream Scoop

    Always Add A Pinch Of Sweetness: Cake Pops

    You can make cake pops using a small ice cream scoop quite easily. Start by making the center of your cake pops by mixing baked cake with a tiny amount of frosting .

    Mash up the baked cake and frosting until it is well blended and holds its shape. Then, use a small ice cream scoop to portion the cake pops. Line up the cake pop scoops on a clean sheet tray or dish.

    Once you have scooped all the cake pop mix, use your hands to roll it into round balls. Make the balls as smooth as possible. If your hands get too warm, the frosting may start to melt, making it difficult to roll the balls.

    If this happens, take a break and rinse your hands under cold water, then continue rolling!

    After all the cake pop centers are niceand round, place a lollipop stick in each one and dip in the meltedchocolate of your choice. No cake pop mold needed!

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