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Creating The Perfect Photocake Is Not As Daunting As It May Seem

How to Print Edible Images and Put Them on Your Cake

If youve been following our recent blog posts and social media updates, youll have seen how an otherwise ordinary cake has been transformed into an amazing photocake using edible images.

Edible images are so easy to create and print and there are many interesting ways to use them.

So whether youve never made a photocake before or a long standing fan, heres our 3 step guide to using edible images, including a few hints and tips along the way.

Choose The Best Angle To Highlight Your Cake

There is no all-around best camera angle for your cake photography. The best angle is always the one that brings out the qualities of your subject.

What might work very well for one image, wont get you the best results for another.

Before you pick up your camera, consider the cake youre shooting. Decide which camera angle will bring out its best features and serve the story you want to tell.

In general, frosted cakes with layers look best shot straight. This way, you put emphasis on the layers and height of the cake. If the swirls of icing are the focus, a three-quarters shot might work nicely.

Overhead shots dont work as well. Unless you want to keep the focus on the top of the cake. Or you want to create a story where you have several other elements in the frame, like plates and utensils and perhaps a beverage. Flat lay cake shots are good for storytelling.

Questions About Icing Sheets

How soon can I receive my image?

Icing Images® offers two delivery options. Standard orders will be processed within 3 business days and require an additional 1-5 days for delivery, depending on your location.Rush orders will be processed immediately and you will receive your order by the third business day. Please remember to allow extra time for the delivery of your image. If Rush delivery by the third business day is not possible, depending on your location, Icing Images will contact you to discuss options.

Will my uploaded picture print exactly the way it looks on my computer?

The way you see your image on your computer monitor may vary slightly in the way our printer prints with the edible inks – there are so many computer/monitor brands and settings that an exact match is never possible. Also, taking a photo of an old paper photo for uploading can result in different printed colors depending on how your camera interprets the photo’s colors.

What kind of paper are the images printed on?

The images are printed on our Premium Icing Sheets, which are the highest quality icing sheets on the market. The icing sheet has a backing, similar to a sticker that you will remove before applying the image to your cake. The icing sheet is sealed in a plastic bag, and can last up to 6 months before use, without refrigeration.

How do I put the image sheet on the cake?

What kind of frosting should I use on my cake?

When should I apply the image sheet to my cake?

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Using Edible Icing Sheets

What are edible icing sheets?

Edible icing sheets are also called frosting sheets and they are used to put picture on a cake . This technique makes the picture look very authentic as it blends right into the surface of the cake.

Edible icing sheets are made of starch or sugar earlier on edible sheets were made mostly with rice hence the name rice paper. But nowadays a number of other ingredients have come into play the most predominant being sugar.

Edible icing sheets have plastic backing that help protect the sheet and also keep it pliable until you are ready to place it on the cake.

Edible Markers or Crayons

Edible markers or crayon come in handy in drawing picture on edible sheets. If you can draw free hand you have an advantage because all you need is the edible icing sheet and some edible markers. For those who cant draw free hand, you can print out the picture you want. Then place the edible icing sheet on it and trace with the edible marker or crayon. Then fill the pattern with icing of your choice.

When you go shopping for edible crayons ensure that they are made with nontoxic ingredients such as soy wax, beeswax or carnauba wax. Also check the process of manufacture to be sure that no toxic material was used.


Unlike all the other methods mentioned, this and maybe the airbrushing are not cheap. You would need a printer thats solely dedicated to edible ink, the edible ink itself and edible icing sheet.

Question About Creating My Image Or Design

How to Get Bright Red Buttercream Icing

How do I upload the pictures

Our customers who purchase printers and icing sheets can use our website to print on their sheets using a feature called iPrint. This is a simple step by step program that allows you to upload your images, select your sheet size, and optionally add text or other effects. You can create simple sheets, or if you want to get more elaborate we offer an iPrint tutorial that will explain more advanced features. You will use this feature to create your image when you submit your order, allowing you to see exactly how your printed sheet will look.

I see that I can also order colorful patterns, tell me about that?

In addition to uploading your own pictures, Icing Images® offers a feature called iDesigns, which allows you to select, scale, and print from almost 2000 repeatable patterns. While most of the patterns are decorative, we also offer full-page sports themes, for example a soccer field that you can print that can serve as the background for adding edible players or decorations on top. Just as with the iPrint feature, consult the easy to follow tutorial for complete instructions on using iDesigns.

Can I have different text on each small circle?

Sorry, text that you add using iPrint will be applied to all circles. If you want different text on each circle, you will have to add the text to the image itself using a photoshop-type graphics application first before uploading your image.

Can I just email you a picture?

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Use Fill And Bounce To Shape The Light

To get the most out of your light, you need to shape it.

A few diffusers and reflectors in different sizes are an important part of your food photography kit. You can buy a professional kit online. Or DIY one with a translucent white curtain and some pieces of black and white foam core.

A set of professional reflectors is a good investment. These are foldable discs that come with gold, silver, white, and black material. You can use them interchangeably, depending on your lighting scenario.

You can use the gold reflector to add warmth to your cake photos, while the silver can brighten it.

Diffusion softens the light and affects how much light hits your set-up. When working with strong sunlight, I like to use a very large diffuser. This keeps too much light from spilling onto my scene and creating any hard shadows.

You also need some tools to manage these shadows and direct the light to where you want it.

This is where the sheets of black and white foam core come in handy. Use them to reflect the light or create more shadows and contrast.

Place a reflector or piece of foam core opposite your light source. White will bounce back some of the light onto your scene. Black will fill in some of your shadows for greater contrast.

How Long Can You Keep Edible Images

You can keep edible images for as long as 6 months or even a year if they are properly stored in an airtight plastic bag. They must not be in contact with any form of moisture neither should they be left in contact with light. If these conditions are not met, the edible image would be damaged

Edible images are made of fragile materials so it is recommended that they be used immediately they are made.

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Whats The Difference Between Rice Paper And Icing Sheet

The difference between rice paper and icing sheet is in the material that they are made from. Rice paper which is also known as wafer paper is made of potato starch, water and oil while icing sheet also known as sugar or frosting sheet is made of thin layers of icing that is hard pressed onto a plastic backing.

Due to the materials that is used and the method of manufacture, icing sheet is thicker than rice paper. Icing sheet also has the capacity to produce high quality images in contrast to rice paper.

Most cake decorators prefer to use icing sheets because of its ease of use and the quality of edible image that it produces.

Can You Refrigerate A Cake With Edible Image

Edible Image Monster High Cake – How To With The Icing Artist

It is best not to refrigerate a cake with edible images. This is due to a number of reasons and they include the following:-

Humidity might affect the cake and make the cake to sweat thus impacting on the quality of the picture.

The quality and material of the edible image might not be compatible with refrigeration .

The type of icing used on the cake too, largely affects whether you can store the cake with the image or not.

In conclusion, we would recommend that you conduct a simple experiment with a cupcake and a small edible image. Factor in all these issues we mentioned and youll be sure to get what works for you.

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Tips On Removing Your Edible Photo From The Backing Sheet

The icing absorbs moisture from the air and it may need a little help if it doesn’t peel away easily from the backing, for example in summer months when it’s humid. This process is much faster in a room with heating or air conditioning as the air is drier. Try one of these methods if you’re having any problems:

  • Leave it for an hour or two out of its bag and check it every 30 minutes. Do not leave it overnight or let it dry out completely as it may become brittle and crack.
  • If the icing still does not come away easily, gently apply a hair dryer to the reverse for 30 seconds, LEAVE TO COOL for a few seconds then try again.
  • put it on a baking tray in a very cool oven for a couple of minutes, or a fan oven with the fan on but the heat off. LEAVE UNTIL COOL and try again.

You will get better results if you peel the backing away from the icing, rather than the other way round. If you have any difficulty, pull the backing sheet over the edge of a table or worktop .

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Can You Put Regular Pictures On A Cake Somehow

How to Get a Sharp Edge on Your Buttercream Frosted Cake ...

Updated 29 Jun 2010 , 9:29pmby luddroth

I am still quite new to cake decorating and I have someone that wants a picture of their daughter on the cake. I was wondering how to put photos on a cake? I do not have a way to put them on edible paper and was wondering if I could just attach them somehow? How do I do this? Any help would be appreciated!!!

I put photos on cakes by covering them with plastic wrap. I put the pic face down and pull the wrap tightly across the back and sometimes tape it. The only problem I ever have run into is having it wrinkle. Keep checking the face of the photo and adjust the wrap as needed, going horizntal and then vertical. I use to use the origianal photo, now I scan it and use the scanned pic. Never had any real problems. Just put an icing border around it.

Sure can!!! Have the picture printed, then cut it out leaving a bit of white space around it. Use laminating sheets which you can buy at Walmart. I actually found a roll of laminate for $5 at Walmart last year. I still have plenty left. Just make sure after you laminate you use your fingernail or thumbnail to “seal” around the edges. To put it on the cake, take a bit of buttercream icing and spread along the back of the laminated pic and attach to the cake. I just piped along the edges of the laminate to cover and help the pic stay down. This is what I did to the following cakes!

Sorry, here’s the other cake I had a laminated pic on.

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