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Heres What You Need To Know About The Whole Foods Chantilly Cake

A whole lotta Mini Cake orders! Bakery Behind the Scenes

When it comes to event planning, choosing the right cake is key. After all, the dessert not only sets the mood for the entire celebration, but its also essential to choose a cake that can accommodate all your guests and meet everyones dietary preferences.

Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cake comes in various sizes, from single slices to full sheet cakes, ranging from $3.99 per slice to $180 for a full-sheet cake. You can order a custom Chantilly cake from Whole Foods with personalized designs. Unfortunately, Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cakes are not gluten-free or vegan.

In this article, well take a look at Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cake sizes, prices, and how you can order a Chantilly cake for your wedding, birthday, or family dinner.

Breakfast of champions! Happy birthday!

Whole Foods PR

Can You Order Cakes At Whole Foods

Order your custom cake.


Similarly, it is asked, can you order cakes from Whole Foods?

Cake Menu. We‘ve got the perfect cake for any occasion! Pre-order from our Cake Menu or place a special order! We write in dark or white chocolate on any cake free of charge!

Similarly, what kind of cakes does Whole Foods have? Desserts & Cakes

  • 6 inch Tiramisu Cake. 6 inch Tiramisu Cake Serves 8. $22.99.
  • 8 inch Tiramisu Cake. 8 inch Tiramisu Cake Serves 10.
  • 6 inch Chocolate Eruption Cake. 6 inch Chocolate Eruption Cake Serves 8.
  • 8 inch Chocolate Eruption Cake. 8 inch Chocolate Eruption Cake Serves 10.
  • 6 inch Berry Chantilly Cake. 6 inch Berry Chantilly Cake Serves 8.

Then, how much are cakes from Whole Foods?

Whole Foods Bakery Prices

Whole Foods Wedding Cakes

The Whole Foods cakes menu contains alternatives for both small and medium weddings. A Chocolate Eruption cake is ideal for those who love chocolate, while a Berry Chantilly cake is great for those who like vanilla combined with fruits.

The best Whole Foods wedding cake for a larger wedding is a full sheet cake. It serves 64 guests and starts at $152.99. Furthermore, Whole Foods wedding cakes for half these participants are 16 x 24 and cost $89.99 to $99.99.

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Whole Foods Cake Prices Designs And Ordering Process

by | Jun 17, 2019 | O Z Cake Manufacturers |

Whole Foods cakes generally cost between $26.99 and $152.99 based on their size and shape. Famous for using natural ingredients, Whole Foods bakes cakes that are ideal for adult celebrations like birthdays, weddings, graduations, and more. Also, they have a wide variety of signature cakes with chic designs that you can choose from. The Whole Foods cake menu contains both round and sheet cakes in sizes that range from 6 to full sheet cakes. In this guide, we will talk about Whole Foods cake prices, designs, flavors, and ordering process.

Whole Foods Cake Designs

Character cakes from Whole Foods

There are plenty of wholesome cakes you can choose from when exploring this bakerys cake menu. For example, the signature Whole Foods bakery cakes below are just some of the options for your next special event. To explain, these Whole foods custom cakes can be both round and purchased in sizes of 6 or 8 inches, and sheet . They work for parties that range from 8 to 64 guests.

Whole Foods is not able to offer its customers cakes that contain copyrighted images such as Star Wars or Mickey Mouse, unless the person requesting the cake is the copyright owner. That said, you cannot order a character cake from Whole Foods.

The bakery is very transparent about the ingredients they use, so we have listed our findings from their official website below. You can also ask about the possibility of a Whole foods gluten-free cake at the bakery in your area.

Signature Whole Foods Cakes

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Are Marshmallows Vegetarian Or Vegan

The majority of marshmallows are not vegan, therefore the answer is no. The inclusion of gelatin is the major distinction between todays marshmallows and the marshmallows originally created by French confectioners. Gelatin is a gelling substance produced from the collagen found in the skin and bones of animals.

Order For Any Occasion

From boxed lunches to bakery cakes, we have everything you need for everyday gatherings. Our chef-crafted offerings are made with ingredients you can trust: We ban 100+ ingredients from all food that we sell, including hydrogenated fats, high-fructose corn syrup and sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose and saccharin.

While exact selection varies by store, here are items that may be available in your area.

  • Appetizers & Party Platters

  • Sushi

  • Beverages & Coffee

Order online at or by phone at 1.844.936.2428. All you need to do is place your order 24 hours in advance of pickup then leave the preparation to us!

Reserve your meal and schedule time for pickup in-store.

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How To Dress Up A Store

Its no secret here on the DIY Playbook that we do everything we can to avoid spending time in the kitchen unless were installing a new faucet or DIY-ing new backsplash. However, that doesnt mean we still dont love to entertain. And with any good party comes great food .

Dressing up a Store-Bought Naked Cake

Today we are sharing a SUPER easy trick to dress up a store-bought naked cake so that you dont spend a ton of time in the kitchen before the party. We promise this adorable cake will have your guests convinced its straight from a fancy bakery, but the real secret is that this cake takes less than 5 minutes to decorate after you pick it up from the store.

1. Buy a Naked Cake

Youll need a naked cake to start out with. We bought ours from Whole Foods for $10. They dont typically have these on display, but if you call them the day before and order a stacked cake without frosting, they will make you one no problem. You can imagine how awkward that phone call was when we called Whole Foods to order a naked cake. Technically thats what its called, but we advise ordering a stacked cake without frosting to avoid that awkwardness on the phone. < trust us!

This cake is the 5 cake for $10 but theres also an 8 cake for $20.

2. Use a Cute Cake Stand

3. Pick up Flowers and Greenery

While youre at the store picking up the cake, make sure you pick up an assortment of flowers and greenery. We chose pink flowers for this occasion but any flower/greenery combo could work!

How Much Are Whole Foods Cakes

EATING CAKES & CUPCAKES! Whole Foods Chocolate Strawberry Cake, Red Velvet Cake – Dessert Mukbang

**Im Mary, a baker from the East Coast who decided to follow her dreams and open up a bakery in the middle of the country. I started selling homemade cakes and desserts, and quickly realized that I could make a solid living out of baking. In the first year, I decided to try and turn my hobby into a business, and opened a store in my home town. Everything was going well for a while, but then the economy started souring, and many people began eating more out of convenience rather than a love of food. My business began to slowly deteriorate, and I decided to close up shop and move back East. That summer, I was lucky enough to find a position as a baker in a local restaurant, and I

Whole Foods Market has a baker and a mini-cake producer that sell at least one of every cake flavor imaginable. Is there a way to tell how much a cake is at Whole Foods Market? Well, Ill tell you how. Youll need to know how many people each bakery makes each day.

Bakery Prices at Whole Foods

Cake with chocolate buttercream $26.00

Isnt cake sold at Whole Foods?

For every event, we have the ideal cake! No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are used in the production of this product. Place a custom order or pre-purchase from our Cake Menu! We will write on any dessert for free in dark or white chocolate!

Apart from that, how much do vegan cakes cost at Whole Foods?

Is ice cream cake available at Whole Foods?

GOLNAZAR Chocolate Ice Cream Cake | Whole Foods Market

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How Can I Have Whole Foods Delivered To My Home

Services for Delivery

  • Shop at Whole Foods Market Friendship Heights as usual.
  • Let your cashier know you want delivery when you check out.
  • Fill out a delivery form, and your groceries will be delivered within a 4-hour window from the time of purchase, or later if desired.
  • Have a great remainder of your day!
  • Whole Foods Baby Shower Cake

    Baby showers are exciting, important occasions that should be marked with special cakes. Whole Foods cakes are the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one. With a double-layer quarter sheet cake at $40, a half sheet for $75, and a full sheet for $125, they are beautiful and affordable.

    Fresh fruit may be added to a quarter sheet cake for a total price of $50, a half sheet for $80, and a full sheet for $140. Though they may be customized, Whole Foods cakes for baby showers have designs from baby blocks, booties, and Minnie Mouse to safari animals and rubber ducks.

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    What To Buy And What To Skip At Whole Foods Bakery

    Once you start shopping at Whole Foods, it’s tough to switch back to anything else. This healthy, organic marketplace has everything from locally-sourced produce to a plethora of wines from all around the world. With its recent partnership with Amazon, Whole Foods has gradually become more accessible, attracting a whole new subset of shoppers. And though it likely isn’t the most nutritious section for your meal plan, nearly all Whole Foods have an on-site bakery.

    From fresh-out-of-the-oven breads to delicious cakes, there are plenty of good treats to graband, sadly, some to avoid. Here, we scoured through Yelp reviews to find the highest-rated bakery items, and those you should likely skip on your next trip.

    Holidays And Special Occasions

    Perfect sized smash cakes at Whole Foods

    Preparing for holiday party guests and other occasions either at work or home is made easier thanks to Whole Foods cakes. Making last minute purchases is possible by picking a ready-made cake in the bakery and asking the staff to write a name or message on the cake in icing. The Whole Foods holiday cake prices are low making them the perfect choice for anyone who needs a gourmet quality cake on a budget. Whole Foods bakery cakes can also be ordered the same day they are needed in the event of an emergency. Also, if you are hosting family members following vegan diets then Whole Foods cakes are the perfect holiday dessert option. Vegan chocolate or vanilla cakes are available for ordering along with vegan filling and icing.

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    Salted Caramel Macaron 6ct

    Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Offers are specific to store listed above and limited to in-store. Promotions, discounts, and offers available in stores may not be available for online orders. The information provided on this website, including special diets and nutritional information, is for reference purposes and not intended as medical or healthcare information or advice. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than shown on our website. You should not rely solely on the information presented here and you should always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. The information provided on this website should not be relied upon to make health-related decisions.

    How Can I Place A Cake Order At Costco

    Is it possible to order a cake via the internet? We ask that you place your order in the bakery at your local Costco warehouse, as we do not provide online cake ordering. Please bear in mind that youll need to fill out an order form and give our bakers two days noticeall of this is to guarantee that you receive precisely what you want!

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    Whole Foods Graduation Cake

    When you need a cake for your high school or college graduate, Whole Foods bakery offers many options. A full sheet cake with fresh fruit can feed a crowd of eighty and be the perfect sweet treat for a summer afternoon. Whole Foods cakes for grad parties are adorned with graduation caps and come in different patterns like animal print and camouflage.

    Its affordable to get a customized cake with an image of your grad on for just $5. Also, Whole Foods has themed graduation cakes like Key to Success, which is decorated with a monogrammed key and a beautiful silver plaque that reads You are the future. Sheet cakes range from $40-$125.

    A Bit About Whole Foods

    Whole Foods Vegan Dessert review

    Whole Foods was founded in Austin, Texas by four individuals who believed that the grocery industry was in great need of change. The very first Whole Foods store was opened in 1980 and, at the time, they only had nineteen members of staff for the store. From that humble beginning blossomed a hugely successful chain of stores that is still constantly expanding to this day. Whole Foods pride themselves on good quality, and they are constantly implementing new measurements to ensure that their quality is the highest it possibly can be. The brand is dedicated to providing shoppers with natural foods and a variety of top quality products, one of them being the gourmet cakes that they offer.

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    How To Order Whole Foods Cakes

    To order from Whole Foods, you must visit one of their 470 locations worldwide and place your request at their bakery or you can order by phone. To find a Whole Foods near you, use the store locator tool on the website, which will provide you with contact information, hours, and more.

    For example, here is the information for the Pittsburgh, PA store:

    Address: 5880 Centre Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15206Telephone: 412-441-7960Everyday Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. 10 p.m.

    Whole Foods Birthday Cakes

    Possibly the best aspect about Whole Foods cakes is that they can be easily tailored to the theme or purpose of your event. For example, Whole Foods birthday cakes for adults can be made from any one of the signature cakes listed above. In this situation, you should choose a Whole Foods birthday cake with the favorite flavor of the celebrated one.

    For instance, chocolate lovers will adore a Chocolate Decadence Cake or a New York Style Chocolate Cheesecake. Fruit fans will enjoy the New York Style Fruit Cheesecake or a Strawberry Chiffon Sheet Cake. Anyone of these choices starts at $26.99 for a 6-inch cake and range to $38.99 for an 8-inch one.

    Since you are ordering the cake to celebrate a birthday, you need to add some writing on the cake, which can be done in both dark and white chocolate at no extra charge.

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